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University of Twente Repository provides publications of UT scientific staff, in many cases full text and publicly available.

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1. Recent Updates to the Optical Propagation Code OPC - Slot, Peter J.M. van der

2. MINERVA, A New Code to Model Free-Electron Lasers - Freund, H.P.; Slot, Peter J.M. van der

3. Free Electron Laser Oscillator: Short Pulses, Mode Locking, Harmonic Generation and Tapering - Dattoli, G.; Sabia, E.; Biedron, S.G.; Milton, S.V.; Slot, P.J.M. van der; Petrillo, V.

4. Determination of cluster size, density and cluster mass fraction in a modulated argon cluster jet - Tao, Y.; Goh, S.J.; Slot, P.J.M. van der; Bastiaens, H.M.J.; Goor, F.A. van; Weide, E.T.A. van der; Hagmeijer, R.; Biedron, S.G.; Milton, S.V.; Danailov, M.B.; Herek, J.L.; Boller, K.J.

5. Cluster size and density re-distribution by a rod obstacle preparing for quasi-phase matching of high harmonic generation - Tao, Y.; Goh, S.J.; Slot, P.J.M. van der; Bastiaens, H.M.J.; Goor, F.A. van; Weide, E.T.A. van der; Hagmeijer, R.; Biedron, S.G.; Milton, S.V.; Danailov, M.B.; Herek, J.L.; Boller, K.J.

6. Quantum-secure authentication of a physical unclonable key - Goorden, S.A.; Horstmann, M.; Mosk, A.P.; Skoric, B.; Pinkse, P.W.H.
Authentication of persons and objects is a crucial aspect of security. We experimentally demonstrate quantumsecure authentication (QSA) of a classical multiplescattering key. The key is authenticated by illuminating it with a light pulse containing fewer photons than spatial degrees of freedom and verifying the spatial shape of the reflected light. Quantum-physical principles forbid an attacker to fully characterize the incident light pulse. Therefore, he cannot emulate the key by digitally constructing the expected optical response, even if all information about the key is publicly known. QSA uses a key that cannot be copied due to technological limitations and is quantum-secure against digital emulation. Moreover, QSA does not depend on secrecy of stored data, does...

7. Hydrogels By Supramolecular Crosslinking Of Terpyridine End Group Functionalized 8-arm Poly(Ethylene Glycol) - Wang, R.; Dijkstra, P.J.; Karperien, H.B.J.

8. Mechanical ventilation-induced intrathoracic pressure distribution and heart-lung interactions - Lansdorp, B.; Hofhuizen, C.; Lavieren, M.A. van; Swieten, H. van; Lemson, J.; Putten, M.J.A.M. van; Hoeven, J.G. van der; Pickkers, P.
OBJECTIVE: Mechanical ventilation causes cyclic changes in the heart's preload and afterload, thereby influencing the circulation. However, our understanding of the exact physiology of this cardiopulmonary interaction is limited. We aimed to thoroughly determine airway pressure distribution, how this is influenced by tidal volume and chest compliance, and its interaction with the circulation in humans during mechanical ventilation. DESIGN: Intervention study. SETTING: ICU of a university hospital. PATIENTS: Twenty mechanically ventilated patients following coronary artery bypass grafting surgery. INTERVENTION: Patients were monitored during controlled mechanical ventilation at tidal volumes of 4, 6, 8, and 10 mL/kg with normal and decreased chest compliance (by elastic...

9. Information note - Arnhold, Nina; Ziegele, Frank; Vossensteyn, Hans; Kivisto, Jussi; Weaver, Jason

10. Higher education financing in Latvia: analysis of strengths and weaknesses - Arnhold, Nina; Ziegele, Frank; Vossensteyn, Hans; Kivisto, Jussi; Weaver, Jason

11. Assessment of current funding model’s 'Strategic Fit' with higher education policy objectives - Arnhold, Nina; Ziegele, Frank; Vossensteyn, Hans; Kivisto, Jussi; Weaver, Jason

12. Higher education financing in Latvia: final report - Arnhold, Nina; Ziegele, Frank; Vossensteyn, Hans; Kivisto, Jussi; Weaver, Jason

13. Intensive care unit depth of sleep: Proof of concept of a simple electroencephalography index in the non-sedated - Reinke, L.; Hoeven, J.H. van der; Putten, M.J.A.M. van; Dieperink, W.; Tulleken, J.E.
Abstract INTRODUCTION: Intensive care unit (ICU) patients are known to experience severely disturbed sleep, with possible detrimental effects on short- and long- term outcomes. Investigation into the exact causes and effects of disturbed sleep has been hampered by cumbersome and time consuming methods of measuring and staging sleep. We introduce a novel method for ICU depth of sleep analysis, the ICU depth of sleep index (IDOS index), using single channel electroencephalography (EEG) and apply it to outpatient recordings. A proof of concept is shown in non-sedated ICU patients. METHODS: Polysomnographic (PSG) recordings of five ICU patients and 15 healthy outpatients were analyzed...

14. Views and beliefs of social studies teachers on citizenship education: a comparative study of the Netherlands, Bulgaria and Croatia - Jeliazkova, Margarita

15. A neural mass model based on single cell dynamics to model pathophysiology - Zandt, Bas-Jan; Visser, S.; Putten, M.J.A.M. van; Haken, B. ten
Abstract Neural mass models are successful in modeling brain rhythms as observed in macroscopic measurements such as the electroencephalogram (EEG). While the synaptic current is explicitly modeled in current models, the single cell electrophysiology is not taken into account. To allow for investigations of the effects of channel pathologies, channel blockers and ion concentrations on macroscopic activity, we formulate neural mass equations explicitly incorporating the single cell dynamics by using a bottom-up approach. The mean and variance of the firing rate and synaptic input distributions are modeled. The firing rate curve (F(I)-curve) is used as link between the single cell and macroscopic...

16. High levels of procoagulant factors mediate the association between free thyroxine and the risk of venous thrombosis: the MEGA study - Debeij, J.; Zaane, B.; Dekkers, O.M.; Doggen, C.J.M.; Smit, J.W.A.; Zanten, A.P. van; Brandjes, D.P.M.; Büller, H.R.; Gerdes, V.E.A.; Rosendaal, F.R.; Cannegieter, S.C.
Background Thyroid hormone affects the coagulation system, but its effect on clinical disease is not clear. We determined the associations of levels of free thyroxine (FT4), thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) and anti-thyroid peroxidase antibodies (antiTPO) with levels of coagulation factors and the risk of venous thrombosis. Methods In a large population based case–control study (Multiple Environmental and Genetic Assessment of risk factors for venous thrombosis study) on the etiology of venous thrombosis, we determined the levels of FT4, TSH, antiTPO, factor FII, FVII, FVIII, FIX, FX, von Willebrand factor (VWF), antithrombin, protein C, protein S and fibrinogen in 2177 cases and 2826 controls. Results High levels...

17. Social science teachers on citizenship education: a comparative study of three European countries - Jeliazkova, Margarita
This paper presents a comparison of high school teachers’ views on citizenship education in three European countries – the Netherlands, Bulgaria, and Croatia. In all these countries, citizenship is an important part of school curriculum. The teachers need to find ways to deal with the everyday dilemmas of teaching a concept so highly loaded with diverse political meanings. What kind of citizens would they educate? How would they find a balance between neutrality and indoctrination? These and other questions were posed to over 60 teachers in the three countries in interviews using Q‐methodology, a combination of quantitative and qualitative techniques. In...

18. Putting impact into context: the Janus face of the public value of arts and humanities research - Benneworth, Paul
This article provides an overview to the Forum on the Public Value of Arts and Humanities Research which follows it. The author argues that the current gloom in the arts and humanities as a result of the increasing pressure for societal utility does not recognise the complete picture. A growing number of scholars are seeking to understand how the social life of arts and humanities knowledge operates and how it flows into and has impact on society. Seven articles provide a variety of insights into understanding and mapping this ‘social life of knowledge’, and provide a glimmer of hope for...

19. Moeten hoogbegaafde leerlingen ondersteund worden tijdens onderzoekend leren? - Eysink, T.H.S.; Gersen, L.

20. Critical thinking about complex political problems - Jeliazkova, Margarita

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