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1. Cartilage repair in an osteochondral defect in a rabbit model - Barron, V.; Merghani, K.; Nandakumar, A.; Blitterswijk, C.A. van; Habibovic, P.; Shaw, G.; Coleman, C.; Hayes, J.; Moroni, L.; Barry, F.; Murphy, M.
Despite the fact that mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) offer clinical potential for osteoarthritis applications, retaining sufficient numbers of functional MSC at the site of injury for optimal repair still continues to be a major challenge. One method of overcoming this limitation is to create an artificial extracellular matrix or scaffold to hold the cells in place. Previous research suggests that biomaterials possessing an elastic modulus between 2-50MPa are suitable for functional cartilage repair. To this end, the main aim of this study was to examine the effect of scaffold mechanical properties on cartilage repair in a rabbit model in vivo.

2. Learning between projects: More than sending messages in bottles - Hartmann, Andreas; Dorée, André
Although learning from projects has gained much importance in research and practice, progress in understanding and improving inter-project learning appears to be slight. We argue that the adoption of a sender/receiver approach limits the learning effectiveness in project-based organisations. Drawing upon the notion of learning as a social activity embedded in an organisational context, we develop the argument that learning from projects takes place within projects rooted in the historical, organisational and cultural context of previous and current projects. We underpin our argument with results from a multiple-case study on learning in construction organisations. We show that learning cannot be...

3. Providing care to a child with cancer: a longitudinal study on the course, predictors, and impact of caregiving stress during the first year after diagnosis - Suikers, Esther; Tissing, Wim J.E.; Brinksma, Aeltsje; Roodbol, Petrie F.; Kamps, Willem A.; Stewart, Roy E.; Sanderman, Robbert; Fleer, Joke
Objective This study investigated the course, predictors, and impact of caregiving stress on the functioning of primary caregivers of children with cancer during the first year after a child's cancer diagnosis. Methods Primary caregivers (N = 95, 100% mother, 86% response rate) of consecutive newly diagnosed paediatric cancer patients (0–18 years) completed measures of caregiving stress, depressive symptoms, anxiety, and self-reported health at diagnosis, and 3, 6, and 12 months thereafter. Results Results indicated a significant decrease in caregiving stress (especially during the first 3 months after diagnosis). Caregiving stress was predicted by single marital status and the ill child being the mother's only child. Multilevel analyses, controlled for socio-demographic...

4. Urban shrinkage in the EU - Hospers, Gert-Jan

5. The development and initial validation of the narrative foreclosure scale - Bohlmeijer, Ernst T.; Westerhof, Gerben J.; Lamers, Sanne M.A.
Objectives: As people grow older, identity development in later life becomes a more and more relevant topic. Studying processes that hinder or promote identity development in later life is of importance. Within this broader field, there has been a growing interest in narrative foreclosure. Our goal was to develop a short, reliable and easy–to-use instrument measuring narrative foreclosure and to validate this instrument in two samples.Methods: The narrative foreclosure scale (NFS) was validated in two studies with a sample of middle-aged adults (n = 319) and a sample with older adults (n = 174). Several analyses were conducted to assess...

6. A socio-material perspective on temporal work: practice breakdowns during strategic upheaval - Loohuis, Raymond; Ehrenhard, Michel

7. A socio-material approach to business relationship development: breakdowns as a change-oriented process - Loohuis, R.P.A.; Raesfeld, A.M. von; Groen, A.J.

8. Responses When the Earth Trembles: The Impact of Community Awareness Campaigns on Protective Behavior - Okazaki, Shintaro; Benavent-Climent, Amadeo; Navarro, Angeles; Henseler, Jörg
With a social marketing perspective, this study explores community disaster preparedness, by considering appropriate sources of information about disaster severity, the ways community members process information, and how social marketing programs might improve people's ability to protect themselves against natural disasters. With a foundation in the persuasion knowledge model and a scenario-based approach, this research applies a latent moderated structural equation model to data collected in southern Spain. Consumers first develop persuasion knowledge about a social marketing campaign by performing a threat appraisal, then engage in information seeking, which drives persuasion coping, before activating protective behavior. Systematic processing attenuates the...

9. Using customer contact centres as relationship marketing instruments - Aa, Zanna van der; Bloemer, Josée; Henseler, Jörg
This article investigates whether, to what extent and how customer contact centres influence customer–firm relationships through customer contact centre quality. The proposed model compiles direct and indirect effects of this form of quality on focal relationship marketing constructs, including customer satisfaction, trust, affective commitment and customer loyalty. A survey of 1,589 customers of three service firms in different industries provides a test of the model. The results indicate that customer contact centre quality is a relational instrument with a positive, direct influence on relationship quality. Its substantial positive effect on customer loyalty is indirect, mediated by relationship quality

10. Consistent and asymptotically normal PLS estimators for linear structural equations - Dijkstra, Theo K.; Henseler, Jörg
A vital extension to partial least squares (PLS) path modeling is introduced: consistency. While maintaining all the strengths of PLS, the consistent version provides two key improvements. Path coefficients, parameters of simultaneous equations, construct correlations, and indicator loadings are estimated consistently. The global goodness-of-fit of the structural model can also now be assessed, which makes PLS suitable for confirmatory research. A Monte Carlo simulation illustrates the new approach and compares it with covariance-based structural equation modeling

11. Symposium Platform Product & Service Design - Eger, A.O.

12. Twintig Jaar Pruduct: een Terugblik - Eger, A.O.

13. Leesvoer: Overal Robots - Eger, A.O.

14. Boeiende bijeenkomsten: Material Design, R60 en Product - Eger, A.O.

15. The Delft Innovation Method - Eger, A.O.

16. Onderzoek naar Betekenisgeving bij het Ontwerpen van een Dienstauto - Eger, A.O.; Zhou, F.; Zhu, Y.

17. Coronary artery dominance and the risk of adverse clinical events following percutaneous coronary intervention: insights from the prospective, randomised TWENTE trial - See more at: http://www.pcronline.com/eurointervention/ahead_of_print/201402-11/#sthash.kxZS1BZM.dpuf - Lam, M.K.; Tandjung, K.; Sen, H.; Basalus, M.; Houwelingen, G. van; Stoel, M.; Louwerenburg, J.; Linssen, G.; Said, S.; Nienhuis, M.; Man, F.; Palen, J. van der; Birgelen, C. von
Aims: To investigate the prognostic value of coronary dominance for various adverse clinical events following the implantation of drug-eluting stents.Methods and results: We assessed two-year follow-up data of 1,387 patients from the randomised TWENTE trial. Based on the origin of the posterior descending coronary artery, coronary circulation was categorised into left and non-left dominance (i.e., right and balanced). Target vessel-related myocardial infarction (MI) was defined according to the updated Academic Research Consortium (ARC) definition (2x upper reference limit of creatine kinase [CK], confirmed by CK-MB elevation), and periprocedural MI (PMI) as MI ≤48 hours following PCI. One hundred and thirty-six...

18. Uncovering the origin of ambiguity in nature-inclusive flood infrastructure projects - Hoek, R.E. van den; Mulder, J.P.M.; Hoekstra, A.Y.

19. Stakeholder expectation and satisfaction in road maintenance - Hietbrink, M.; Hartmann, A.; Dewulf, G.P.M.R.

20. Return-to-work for cancer survivors: budget impact and incentive structure for implementation in several EU-countries - Mewes, J.C.; Steuten, L.M.G.; Groeneveld, I.; Frings-Dresen, M.H.; IJzerman, M.J.; Harten, W.H. van

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