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University of Twente Repository provides publications of UT scientific staff, in many cases full text and publicly available.

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1. Antibioticaresistentie aangepakt met eHealth - Wentzel, M.J.

2. Land administration and post - conflict state building : powerpoint - Todorovski, D.

3. Building an information system and using it too : the importance of boundary work in enhancing transboundary information sharing : powerpoint - Chandran, R.

4. Ethnocomputing: Towards Ethnically Fairer Computer Science - Tedre, M.; Kommers, P.A.M.; Sutinen, E.

5. Evaluation of the contribution of the raw materials used in paper production to global warming - Petraru, M.; Ghinea, C.; Bressers, J.T.A.; Gavrilescu, M.

6. Environmental and economic evaluation of management systems for municipal solid waste - Ghinea, C.; Petraru, M.; Bressers, J.T.A.; Gavrilescu, M.

7. Linking the Value Assessment of Oil and Gas Firms to Ambidexterity Theory Using a Mixture of Normal Distributions - Casault, Sébastien; Groen, Aard J.; Linton, Jonathan D.
Oil and gas exploration and production firms have return profiles that are not easily explained by current financial theory – the variation in their market returns is non-Gaussian. In this paper, the nature and underlying reason for these significant deviations from expected behavior are considered. Understanding these differences in financial market behavior is important for a wide range of reasons, including: assessing investments, investor relations, decisions to raise capital, assessment of firm and management performance. We show that using a “thicker tailed” mixture of two normal distributions offers a significantly more accurate model than the traditionally Gaussian approach in describing...

8. Teacher Professional Development in Teams: A higher education review study - Gast, Inken; Schildkamp, Kim; Veen, Jan van der

9. Practicing oeconomy during the second half of the long eighteenth century: an introduction - Roberts, Lissa
This essay introduces a special issue on oeconomy during the second half of the long eighteenth century. In addition to summarizing the four contributions to the issue, it argues in favor of replacing common reference to ‘the economy’ with reference to the terminology, practices and ‘imaginaries’ which shaped both historical actors’ experiences and the history they made. Beginning with the proposition that ‘the economy’ was actually an invention which was introduced in the 1930s–1950s, this essay explores the various contextually framed ways in which oeconomy was practiced during the second half of the long eighteenth century. As part of the...

10. Geometries of space. Seventeenth-century Dutch mathematics and the visualization of distance - Dijksterhuis, Fokko Jan

11. Reviewed Work: Das Kosmoskop: Karten und ihre Benutzer in der Pflanzengeographie des 19. Jahrhunderts by Nils Güttler - Weber, Andreas

12. Bespreking van: Emery Roe, Making the most of mess: Reliability and policy in today’s management challenges, Durham/London: Duke University Press 2013 - Hoppe, Rob

13. Bespreking van: Emery Roe, Making the most of mess: Reliability and policy in today’s management challenges, Durham/London: Duke University Press 2013 - Hoppe, Rob

14. An imaginary of trust: Managing Coins in the Java in the early nineteenth century - Weber, A.

15. Healthcare service quality: what really matters to the female patient? - Shafei, Ingy; Walburg, Jan Auke; Taher, Ahmed F.
Purpose – This paper aims to develop a model that encompasses the constructs and sub-constructs consumers use in evaluating healthcare service quality (HSQ) in Egypt. Design/methodology/approach – Factor analysis was performed on 40 variables to identify the constructs. Ordinal logistic regression was also used to identify the sub-constructs and examine the effect of each sub-construct on patients’ overall perception of service quality. Findings – Factor analysis confirmed an eight-construct framework: hospital premises and employees; doctor medical service; nursing medical service; diagnostic medical service; admission; discharge; rooms and housekeeping; and meals. Ordinal logistic regression established 17 sub-constructs – physician reliability; physician assurance; physician interaction;...

16. Optimizing cell viability in dropletbased cell deposition - Hendriks, J.; Visser, C.W.; Henke, S.J.; Leijten, J.C.H.; Saris, D.B.F.; Sun, C.; Lohse, D.; Karperien, H.B.J.

17. Transforming Healthcare Delivery: Integrating Dynamic Simulation Modelling and Big Data in Health Economics and Outcomes Research - Marshall, Deborah A.; Burgos-Liz, Lina; Pasupathy, Kalyan S.; Padula, William V.; IJzerman, Maarten J.; Wong, Peter K.; Higashi, Mitchell K.; Engbers, Jordan; Wiebe, Samuel; Crown, William; Osgood, Nathaniel D.
In the era of the Information Age and personalized medicine, healthcare delivery systems need to be efficient and patient-centred. The health system must be responsive to individual patient choices and preferences about their care, while considering the system consequences. While dynamic simulation modelling (DSM) and big data share characteristics, they present distinct and complementary value in healthcare. Big data and DSM are synergistic—big data offer support to enhance the application of dynamic models, but DSM also can greatly enhance the value conferred by big data. Big data can inform patient-centred care with its high velocity, volume, and variety (the three...

18. Direct Cell–Cell Contact with Chondrocytes Is a Key Mechanism in Multipotent Mesenchymal Stromal Cell-Mediated Chondrogenesis - Windt, Tommy S. de; Saris, D.B.F.; Slaper-Cortenbach, Ineke C.M.; van Rijen, Mattie H.P.; Creemers, Laura B.; Gawlitta, D.; Weger, Roel A. de; Dhert, W.J.A.; Vonk, Lucienne A.

19. The effect of a tribo-modified surface layer on friction in elastomer contacts - Mokhtari, Milad
Friction between rubber and a counter surface has interested many researchers because of its huge practical importance. Rubber components are applied in various industrial applications such as tires, rubber seals, wiper blades, conveyor belts and syringes. The friction between a rubber surface in contact with a rigid surface is still not fully understood. The complexity lies partially in the viscoelastic nature of elastomers next to various parameters such as roughness, contact pressure and sliding velocity. In addition, several complex phenomena occur at the interface between rubber and the rough rigid body in contact, which can significantly influence the tribological behavior...

20. Organically-modified ceramic membranes for solvent nanofiltration: fabrication and transport studies - Tanardi, Cheryl Raditya
Solvent resistant nanofiltration (SRNF) is a useful tool for separations in organic media, such as the removal of impurities from used solvents, recycling of solvents or the recovery of products from reaction mixtures in chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries. For these kinds of applications, continuous exposure towards organic solvents is expected, giving a need for a robust membrane. Membrane preparation by means of grafting of organic molecules inside the pores of ceramic membranes offers the possibility to tune the membrane pore size and surface wettability or functionality. This thesis deals with the preparation of NF membranes through organic grafting of porous...

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