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  1. Computer game-based mathematics education: Embedded faded worked examples facilitate knowledge acquisition

    Vrugte, Judith ter; Jong, Ton de; Vandercruysse, Sylke; Wouters, Pieter; Oostendorp, Herre van; Elen, Jan
    This study addresses the added value of faded worked examples in a computer game-based learning environment. The faded worked examples were introduced to encourage active selection and processing of domain content in the game. The content of the game was proportional reasoning and participants were 12- to 15-year-old students from prevocational education. The study compared two conditions in which students worked with the environment with faded worked examples (n = 49) or without worked examples (n = 44). The students who received the faded worked examples performed better on a posttest measuring their proportional reasoning skills, and this performance was...

  2. Measurement model choice influenced randomized controlled trial results

    Gorter, Rosalie; Fox, Jean-Paul; Apeldoorn, Adri; Twisk, Jos
    Objective In randomized controlled trials (RCTs), outcome variables are often patient-reported outcomes measured with questionnaires. Ideally, all available item information is used for score construction, which requires an item response theory (IRT) measurement model. However, in practice, the classical test theory measurement model (sum scores) is mostly used, and differences between response patterns leading to the same sum score are ignored. The enhanced differentiation between scores with IRT enables more precise estimation of individual trajectories over time and group effects. The objective of this study was to show the advantages of using IRT scores instead of sum scores when analyzing RCTs. Study...

  3. Employee participation, performance metrics, and job performance: A survey study based on self-determination theory

    Groen, Bianca A.C.; Wouters, Marc J.F.; Wilderom, Celeste P.M.
    Suitable and valid operational performance metrics are important means to translate an organization’s strategy into action. However, developing high-quality operational metrics is challenging because such metrics need the right degree of context specificity to be meaningful to the managers and employees who will use them. We investigated whether managers consider metrics that have been co-developed with operational employees to be of higher quality and, in turn, whether they use these metrics more—and whether this use is linked to greater employee job performance. On the basis of self-determination theory, we investigated if different uses of performance metrics have different effects. We...

  4. Crowdsourcing in Logistics: An Evaluation Scheme

    Klumpp, Matthias
    Crowdsourcing concepts are a major development in the context of social media and Industry 4.0 as well as a possible enabler for dynamic logistics processes and concepts. In the light of increasing sustainability, flexibility, and security expectations towards global supply chains, solutions for logistics based on crowdsourcing may be promising—but still the proof of concept is missing for logistics applications in practice. Combined with a theoretical framework for crowdsourcing in logistics, this contribution outlines two case studies for regarding e-mobility, knowledge management in logistics, as well as disaster applications. This could be a supportive approach in developing new business models...

  5. Logistics Dynamics and Demographic Change

    Klumpp, Matthias; Abidi, Hella; Bioly, Sascha; Buchkremer, Rüdiger; Sandhaus, Gregor
    Change and dynamics in logistics are interestingly driven at the same time by external as well as internal forces. This contribution outlines a big data literature review methodology to overview recognizable external changes and analyzes the interaction of one major trend—demographic change—further in order to allow for change management and adaption concepts for successful logistics. Therefore, this may be a first blueprint of how to analyze and react to specific trends in a holistic manner embedded into a context and environment of trends and changes. This may allow logistics dynamics concepts also to be possibly more sustainable in terms of...

  6. The importance of the technologically able social innovators and entrepreneurs: A US National Laboratory Perspective

    Chavez, Victor A.; Stinnett, Regan; Tierney, Robert; Walsh, Steven
    A country's National Innovation Policies (NIP) often center on military, energy or other national security missions. Yet many countries' NIPs have resulted in tremendous societal benefit through both planned and unplanned action not associated with these goals. Socially important technology product platforms often are developed at facilities that are part of National Innovation Systems. Yet the policies that govern Social Entrepreneurial Action (SEA) at these facilities are unclear. If there is not a place for SEA in these facilities for technology transfer practice then there is cause for concern. Here we add to the growing literature on SEA by utilizing the...

  7. Early career burnout among Dutch nurses: A process captured in a Rasch model

    Vos, Jan Alexander de; Brouwers, Andre; Schoot, Tineke; Pat-El, Ron; Verboon, Peter; Näring, Gerard
    This study investigates burnout among Dutch nursing graduates as a process by testing a sequential-developmental model. A sample of 237 respondents was recruited from a population of Dutch early career nurses. Burnout was measured with the Dutch version of the Maslach Burnout Inventory Human Services Survey (MBI-HSS, Maslach & Jackson, 1981; Schaufeli & van Dierendonck, 2000). First, the dimensionality was tested with confirmatory factor analysis. A resulting one-dimensional model with exhaustion and depersonalisation was then analysed using a Rasch rating scale measurement model. Rasch analysis showed that these data adhered well to a sequential-developmental model. Burnout among early career nurses...

  8. Bridging the Gap Between Revealed and Stated Preferences in Flood-prone Housing Markets

    Koning, Koen de; Filatova, Tatiana; Bin, Okmyung

  9. Increased environmental sensitivity in high mathematics performance

    Schwabe, I.; Boomsma, D.I.; Berg, S.M. van den
    Results of international comparisons of students in studies such as PISA (Program for International Student Assessment) and TIMSS (Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study) are often taken to indicate that mathematical education in Dutch schools is not appropriate for mathematically talented students. However, there has been no empirical study yet that investigated this hypothesis. If indeed, Dutch students with a genetic predisposition for high mathematical ability are not nurtured to their full potential, their mathematics performance should be more affected by environmental factors than that of children with a genetic predisposition for low mathematical ability. In behaviour genetics such...

  10. Institutional determinants of power sector reform in Pakistan

    Ullah, Kafait; Arentsen, Maarten J.; Lovett, Jon C.
    The electricity supply sector in Pakistan has performed poorly in recent years. Reforms were introduced in the mid-1990s to improve the sector, but progressed slowly with no significant impacts on pre-reform performance. This study uses new institutional economics as a theoretical basis to elucidate reasons for the failure of power sector reforms in Pakistan to make improvements. Interviews with 23 experts using Q-methodology generated 215 statements that were used as a Q concourse. Of these, 51 statements were selected for the Q sample and ranked by 34 respondents depending on their importance. Analysis revealed four important discourses on the determinants...

  11. The value of participatory development to support antimicrobial stewardship with a clinical decision support system

    Beerlage-de Jong, Nienke; Wentzel, Jobke; Hendrix, Ron; Gemert-Pijnen, Lisette van
    Background Current clinical decision support systems (CDSSs) for antimicrobial stewardship programs (ASPs) are guideline- or expert-driven. They are focused on (clinical) content, not on supporting real-time workflow. Thus, CDSSs fail to optimally support prudent antimicrobial prescribing in daily practice. Our aim was to demonstrate why and how participatory development (involving end-users and other stakeholders) can contribute to the success of CDSSs in ASPs. Methods A mixed-methods approach was applied, combining scenario-based prototype evaluations (to support verbalization of work processes and out-of-the-box thinking) among 6 medical resident physicians with an online questionnaire (to cross-reference findings of the prototype evaluations) among 54 Dutch physicians. Results The prototype...

  12. Supervisor's HEXACO personality traits and subordinate perceptions of abusive supervision

    Breevaart, Kimberley; Vries, Reinout E. de
    Abusive supervision is detrimental to both subordinates and organizations. Knowledge about individual differences in personality related to abusive supervision may improve personnel selection and potentially reduce the harmful effects of this type of leadership. Using the HEXACO personality framework, we hypothesized that subordinates perceive leaders high on Agreeableness and Honesty-Humility as less abusive. In a sample of 107 unique supervisor-subordinate dyads that filled out the online questionnaire, we found that both Agreeableness and Honesty-Humility were negatively related to subordinate perceptions of abusive supervision. Our findings contribute to our understanding of the origins of abusive supervision and hopefully stimulate future research...

  13. Values and behaviors of effective lean managers: Mixed-methods exploratory research

    Dun, Desirée H. van; Hicks, Jeff N.; Wilderom, Celeste P.M.
    Lean Management is a managerial approach focused on enhancing customer value through the elimination of non-value adding steps from work processes. Lean Management is also enjoying a resurgence, largely because its ‘do more with less’ philosophy is particularly well-suited for the austere conditions of a 'Great Recession' recovery. Despite this resurgence with practitioners, however, academic research of Lean Management, in particular research on the leadership of lean initiatives, remains limited. In this study, we identify a constellation of lean values and behaviors of effective lean managers, based on extant research and the views of expert practitioners, and a field study...

  14. What my body tells me about your experience: ‘My side’ empathy formulations in ADHD coaching sessions

    Versteeg, Wytske; Molder, Hedwig te
    We explore how coaches in a Dutch ADHD coaching center present their own bodily sensations as indicative of their client's inner state, an interactional strategy defined here as ‘my side’ empathy formulations. We argue that this type of formulation is a strategy employed by coaches to negotiate the meaning of their clients’ experience, and to circumvent the ensuing epistemic dilemmas. ADHD coaches in this center present their clients’ complaints not as an unavoidable consequence of Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), but as the result of unproductive routines or thought processes. This conceptualization is at odds with the expectations of clients looking...

  15. Both positive mental health and psychopathology should be monitored in psychotherapy: Confirmation for the dual-factor model in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

    Trompetter, H.R.; Lamers, S.M.A.; Westerhof, G.J.; Fledderus, M.; Bohlmeijer, E.T.
    The dual-factor model of mental health suggests that enhancing positive mental health and alleviating psychopathology do not automatically go hand-in-hand. This study investigates the relationship between the effectiveness on depression/anxiety symptoms and positive mental health of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). It draws on RCT data (n = 250) of a self-help ACT. Patients’ depression/anxiety symptoms and positive mental health were completed at baseline, at post-intervention after nine weeks, and at follow-up after five months. Percentage of unique variance of depression/anxiety symptoms explained by positive mental health (and vice versa), and the degree of classificatory agreement between improvements in positive...

  16. Ohmic Contacts to 2D Semiconductors through van der Waals Bonding

    Farmanbar, M.; Brocks, G.

  17. Modifying self-assembly and species separation in three-dimensional systems of shape-anisotropic particles

    Windows-Yule, C.R.; Scheper, B.J.; Otter, W.K. den; Parker, D.J.; Thornton, A.R.

  18. cRGD-functionalized reduction-sensitive shell-sheddable biodegradable micelles mediate enhanced doxorubicin delivery to human glioma xenografts in vivo

    Zhu, Y.; Zhang, Jian; Meng, F.; Deng, C.; Cheng, R.; Feijen, J.; Zhong, Z.

  19. Anticipatory Freight Selection in Intermodal Long-haul Round-trips

    Pérez Rivera, Arturo E.; Mes, Martijn R.K.
    We consider the planning problem faced by Logistic Service Providers (LSPs) transporting freights periodically, using long-haul round-trips. In each round-trip, freights are delivered and picked up at different locations within one region. Freights have time-windows and become known gradually over time. Using probabilistic knowledge about future freights, the LSP’s objective is to minimize costs over a multi-period horizon. We propose a look-ahead planning method using Approximate Dynamic Programming. Experiments show that our approach reduces costs up to 25.5% compared to a single-period optimization approach. We provide managerial insights for several intermodal long-haul round-trips settings and provide directions for further research.

  20. Selecting parts fpr addotove manufacturing in service logistics

    Knofius, N.; Heijden, M.C. van der; Zijm, W.H.M.

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