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1. Order and control in the environment: Exploring the effects on undesired behaviour and the importance of locus of control - Jansen, Anja M.; Giebels, Ellen; Rompay, Thomas J.L. van; Austrup, Sebastian; Junger, Marianne
Purpose This study aimed at gaining more insight into the combined influence of environmental factors and personal vulnerability to environmental cues on cheating behaviour in a task-related indoor setting. We propose that a disorderly environment increases cheating as it implicitly signals that undesirable behaviours are common. Camera presence is expected to buffer these effects. We included locus of control (LOC) as a personality variable, as we expected individuals with an external LOC to be more susceptible by environmental cues. Methods Seventy-six students participated in a 2 (orderly vs. disorderly environment) × 2 (camera vs. no camera present) experiment with cheating as the main...

2. Searching for Social Sustainability: The Case of the Shrinking City of Heerlen, The Netherlands - Rocak, Maja; Hospers, Gert-Jan; Reverda, Nol
Shrinkage is a relevant phenomenon for many cities and this trend is predicted to continue in the future. Although urban shrinkage is well recognized in academic discourse, little research has been undertaken on its social aspects. This paper explores the concept of social capital in the context of urban shrinkage and elaborates on how it contributes to social sustainability in shrinking cities. After defining the concepts, we identify resources, empowerment, and participation as key indicators of social capital in the context of urban shrinkage. The paper analyzes these indicators in the shrinking, old industrial city of Heerlen, the Netherlands, based...

3. Newcomers to Social Categories: Longitudinal Predictors and Consequences of Ingroup Identification - Veelen, Ruth van; Eisenbeiss, Kerstin Karen; Otten, Sabine
In the present article, we propose a dynamic model of the longitudinal predictors and consequences of ingroup identification among newcomers to a social category. We hypothesize a shift in the relative importance of intragroup affiliation as compared with intergroup differentiation for ingroup identification. Two longitudinal studies confirm the theoretical model assessing cross-sectional and longitudinal relationships between ingroup identification and interpersonal attraction, self-prototypicality, and ingroup favoritism at three measurement points during the first 4 months of group membership in two different social categories. Results demonstrate that in the initial phases of group membership, ingroup identification is mainly determined by intragroup affiliation...

4. Goals, Trust, Participation, and Feedback: Linking Internal Management With Performance Outcomes - Favero, Nathan; Meier, Kenneth J.; O'Toole, Laurence J.
Much recent work in the study of public administration has emphasized new challenges and relatively unusual aspects of management. However, it is likely that the core features of traditional public administration play a crucial role, particularly regarding the delivery of performance. The most venerable of these aspects of public management have to do with “internal” management. We focus here on a cluster of key, intertwined management practices: setting challenging but feasible goals, building trust through credible commitments, encouraging employee participation, and providing feedback. We examine the relationship between such internal management at the mid-level, as perceived by subordinates rather than...

5. Delivery drones: coming to the sky near you? Congressional research service - Legal sidebar, May 6, 2016 - Heerkens, Hans

6. The Diffusion of Strikes: A Dyadic Analysis of Economic Sectors in the Netherlands, 1995–2007 - Jansen, Giedo; Sluiter, Roderick; Akkerman, Agnes
This study examines the extent to which strikes diffuse across sectors and to what extent this diffusion of strikes can be explained by similarities and interdependencies between sectors. For this purpose, the authors examine a unique temporally disaggregated and dyadic database on strikes in Dutch sectors during the 1995–2007 period. Based on a series of discrete-time event-history models, their study clearly supports the relevance of intersectoral interdependencies to understanding when strikes in one sector are followed by strikes in other sectors. Sector-to-sector labor mobility has a significant and positive impact on the diffusion of strikes across sectors

7. Loose Ties or Strong Bonds? The Effect of a Commissioner's Nationality and Partisanship on Voting in the Council - Killermann, Kira
This article studies the consequences of the increased appointment of political Commissioners for the legislative process. Based on the principal–agent relation between the Council and the Commission, it is hypothesized that governments sharing national and partisan ties with the Commissioner responsible for a legislative proposal are less likely to cast a negative vote. Analysing 687 contested legislative proposals voted upon between 1999 and 2014, it is found that a Member State is indeed less likely to vote against a proposal by the Commissioner from that Member State. Likewise, if the responsible Commissioner is a member of the same European Party...

8. Valuable verities on vitamin D - Jansen, Tim L.; Rasker, Johannes J.

9. Improving teacher education in the Netherlands: data team as learning team? - Bolhuis, E.D.; Schildkamp, K.; Voogt, J.M.
Using data in a professional learning community is a promising form of professional development. In this study, we followed a data team of teacher educators, who systematically tried to improve the education of student teachers (by decreasing first year drop-out). By conducting a single case study, we investigated the data team participants' learning in depth. We analysed the team's conversations and investigated the role of the data coach. The results of our observations and interviews showed that the conversations in the data team (1) provided a context for learning; (2) were relevant and slowly reached a higher level of inquiry...

10. Exploring how individuals complete the choice tasks in a discrete choice experiment: an interview study - Veldwijk, Jorien; Determann, Domino; Lambooij, Mattijs S.; Til, Janine A. van; Korfage, Ida J.; Bekker-Grob, Esther W. de; Wit, G. Ardine de
Background To be able to make valid inferences on stated preference data from a Discrete Choice Experiment (DCE) it is essential that researchers know if participants were actively involved, understood and interpreted the provided information correctly and whether they used complex decision strategies to make their choices and thereby acted in accordance with the continuity axiom. Methods During structured interviews, we explored how 70 participants evaluated and completed four discrete choice tasks aloud. Hereafter, additional questions were asked to further explore if participants understood the information that was provided to them and whether they used complex decision strategies (continuity axiom) when making their...

11. Reducing Microvascular Dysfunction in Revascularized Patients with ST-Elevation Myocardial Infarction by Off-Target Properties of Ticagrelor versus Prasugrel. Rationale and Design of the REDUCE-MVI Study - Janssens, Gladys N.; Leeuwen, Maarten A.H. van; Hoeven, Nina W. van der; Waard, Guus A. de; Nijveldt, Robin; Diletti, Roberto; Zijlstra, Felix; Birgelen, Clemens von; Escaned, Javier; Valgimigli, Marco; Royen, Niels van
Microvascular injury is present in a large proportion of patients with ST-elevation myocardial infarction (STEMI) despite successful revascularization. Ticagrelor potentially mitigates this process by exerting additional adenosine-mediated effects. This study aims to determine whether ticagrelor is associated with a better microvascular function compared to prasugrel as maintenance therapy after STEMI. A total of 110 patients presenting with STEMI and additional intermediate stenosis in another coronary artery will be studied after successful percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI) of the infarct-related artery. Patients will be randomized to treatment with ticagrelor or prasugrel for 1 year. FFR-guided PCI of the non-infarct-related artery will be...

12. The psychology of electoral mobilization: a subtle priming experiment - Nyhuis, Martin; Gosselt, Jordy F.; Rosema, Martin
In this paper we test the idea that citizens can be stimulated to vote in an election via subtle psychological processes, which have little or nothing to do with the act of voting as such. More specifically, we argue that presenting voters with stimuli that induce an active mood will increase their tendency to vote. We conducted an experiment to test our ideas. Participants were subtly primed by giving them a campaign leaflet that contained a word puzzle, which included words that are associated with either action or inaction. The results indicate that subtly primed participants in the action condition...

13. TPACK in teacher education: are we preparing teachers to use technology for early literacy? - Voogt, Joke; McKenney, Susan
This study examines if and how five teacher education institutes are helping students to develop the technological pedagogical content knowledge needed to effectively use technology for early literacy. Focus group discussions were held with teacher educators in which their responses to expert recommendations were probed. Findings indicate that, currently, very little attention is specifically given to the knowledge that teachers need to foster early literacy through the use of technology. This is due to multiple factors, including the conviction that many new technologies (e.g. tablets) are not used much in schools. Additionally, teacher educators themselves struggle with effective use of...

14. Exploring Fatigue Trajectories in Early Symptomatic Knee and Hip Osteoarthritis: 6-year Results from the CHECK Study. - Botterman, J.; Bode, C.; Siemons, L.; Laar, M.A.F.J. van de; Dekker, J.

15. Analysis of inertial choice behavior based expected and experienced savings from a real-world route choice experiment. - Vreeswijk, J.D.; Rakha, H.; Berkum, E.C. van; Arem, B. van

16. Unreliability effects in public transport modelling. - Oort, N. van; Brands, T.; Romph, E. de; Flores, J.A.

17. Liveable streets in Hanoi: A principal component analysis. - Sanders, P.; Zuidgeest, M.H.P.; Geurs, K.T.

18. The sustainability of a single activity, production process or product. - Hoekstra, Arjen Y.

19. Programmable two-photon quantum interference in 10^3 channels in opaque scattering media - Wolterink, T.A.W.; Uppu, R.; Ctistis, G.; Vos, W.L.; Boller, K-J.; Pinkse, P.W.H.

20. Are current ICER thresholds outdated? Valuing medicines in the era of personalized healthcare - Carrera, Pricivel M.; IJzerman, Maarten J.

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