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1. Motives to mentor: Self-focused, protégé-focused, relationship-focused, organization-focused, and unfocused motives - Janssen, Suzanne; Vuuren, Mark van; Jong, Menno D.T. de
This study examines the motives mentors have for providing developmental support to their protégés. Based on qualitative interviews with 20 informal mentors, we show five broad categories of mentor motives: self-focused motives (based on individual reasons), protégé-focused motives (directed at the protégé), relationship-focused motives (directed at the relationship between the mentor and the protégé), organization-focused motives (benefiting the organization), and unfocused motives (mentoring as the result of unconscious information processing). Furthermore, based on self-determination theory, we show five subcategories of self-focused motives, ranging from extrinsic motivations to intrinsic motivations. Implications of the findings and suggestions for future research are presented

2. Investigation of process induced warpage for pultrusion of a rectangular hollow profile - Baran, Ismet; Hattel, Jesper H.; Akkerman, Remko
A novel thermo-chemical–mechanical analysis of the pultrusion process is presented. A process simulation is performed for an industrially pultruded rectangular hollow profile containing both unidirectional (UD) roving and continuous filament mat (CFM) layers. The reinforcements are impregnated with a commercial polyester resin mixture (Atlac 382). The reactivity of the resin is obtained from gel tests performed by the pultruder. The cure kinetics parameters are estimated from a fitting procedure against the measured temperature. The cure hardening instantaneous linear elastic (CHILE) model is adopted for the evolution of the resin elastic modulus using the temperature-dependent elastic response provided by the resin...

3. Present it like it is here: Creating local presence to improve online product experiences - Verhagen, Tibert; Vonkeman, Charlotte; Feldberg, Frans; Verhagen, Plon W.
Advanced online product presentation technologies such as virtual mirrors enable consumers to experience products like they are actually present with them in the real world. This study is one of the first to address the mechanism underlying this phenomenon. Inspired by literature on media technology the concept of local presence is put forward and applied to the online consumer behavior domain. A key objective of this paper is to examine whether local presence adds to our understanding of how emerging product presentation formats influence online product experiences. To this end, a laboratory experiment (N = 366) was conducted with product...

4. Clusters of supernova stars in knowledge-based spaces: Value creation through cooperation - Kourtit, K.; Nijkamp, P.; Vught, F.A. van
The process of value creation out of the acquisition, transfer and exploitation of scientific knowledge has become a major challenge for developed economies. Knowledge institutions like universities and R&D centres are important actors in this context. This paper offers a novel contribution to the assessment of the regional-economic importance of local and regional knowledge centres in the Eastern part of the Netherlands (provinces Gelderland and Overijssel) by exploring the potential benefits of supra-regional synergy that may arise through an alliance of three important distinct regional knowledge clusters (a 'supernova star'), viz. the technology valley, the food valley and the health...

5. Cost minimization in the intensive care unit: the added value of procalcitonin - Kip, M.M.A.; Kusters, G.C.M.; Steuten, L.M.G.

6. Decreasing time to diagnosis in patients with acute chest pain - Kip, M.M.A.; Steuten, L.M.G.; Kusters, G.C.M.

7. Turbulent sediment fluxes along migrating sand dunes - Naqshband, S.; Ribberink, J.S.; Hurther, D.; Hulscher, S.J.M.H.

8. A Systematic Review to Identify the Use of Preference Elicitation Methods in Healthcare Decision Making - Weernink, Marieke G.M.; Janus, Sarah I.M.; Til, Janine A. van; Raisch, Dennis W.; Manen, Jeannette G. van; IJzerman, Maarten J.
Introduction Preference elicitation methods help to increase patient-centred medical decision making (MDM) by measuring benefit and value. Preferences can be applied in decisions regarding reimbursement, including health technology assessment (HTA); market access, including benefit–risk assessment (BRA); and clinical care. These three decision contexts have different requirements for use and elicitation of preferences. Objectives This systematic review identified studies using preference elicitation methods and summarized methodological and practical characteristics within the requirements of the three contexts. Methods The search terms included those related to MDM and patient preferences. Only articles with original data from quantitative preference elicitation methods were included. Results The selected articles (n...

9. Experimental validation of a lap-type joint AC loss model with an ITER correction coil conductor joint - Rolando, G.; Hansheng, F.; Hongwei, L.; Lin, W.; Wu, W.; Foussat, A.; Illiin, Y.; Libeyre, P.; Nijhuis, A.

10. Intra-wire resistance, AC loss and strain dependence of critical current in MgB2 wires with and without cold high-pressure densification - Zhou, C.; Gao, P.; Krooshoop, H.J.G.; Dhallé, M.M.J.; Sumption, M.D.; Rindfleisch, M.; Tomsic, M.; Küllich, M.; Senatore, C.; Nijhuis, A.

11. Simulations of Twin-Box Joints for ITER PF Coils - Illiin, Y.; Rolando, G.; Nijhuis, A.; Simon, F.; Lim, B.S.; Mitchell, N.; Turck, B.

12. Temperature and current margin of ITER Central Solenoid conductor designs during a 15 MA plasma scenario - Rolando, G.; Devred, A.; Nijhuis, A.

13. Minimizing coupling loss by selection of twist pitch lengths in multi-stage cable-in-conduit conductors - Rolando, G.; Devred, A.; Nijhuis, A.

14. International round robin test for mechanical properties of REBCO superconductive tapes at room temperature - Osamura, K.; Shin, H.S.; Weiss, K.; Nyilas, A.; Nijhuis, A.; Yamamoto, K.; Machiya, S.; Nishijima, G.

15. Current transfer length in multifilamentary superconducting NbTi and Nb3Sn strands; experiments and models - Zhou, Chao; Dhallé, M.M.J.; Kate, H.H.J. ten; Nijhuis, A.

16. Parkinson's disease in the spotlight: unraveling nanoscale α-Synuclein oligomers using ultrasensitive single-molecule spectroscopy - Zijlstra, Niels

17. Unravelling self-management for patients with COPD: long-term effects of the COPE-II study - Zwerink, Marlies

18. Explicit computation of dynamic bed form roughness for operational flood modelling using a time-lag approach - Warmink, J.J.

19. River dune predictions: Comparison between a parameterized dune model and a cellular automation dune model - Seuren, J.M.; Duin, O.J.M. van; Warmink, J.J.; Knaapen, M.A.F.; Hulscher, S.J.M.H.

20. Challenges in the design of the Virtual River serious game - Haan, R.J. den; Voort, M.C. van der; Hulscher, S.J.M.H.

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