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  1. Tackling wicked problems in infection prevention and control: a guideline for co-creation with stakeholders

    Woezik, A.F.G. van; Braakman-Jansen, L.M.A.; Kulyk, O.; Siemons, L.; Gemert-Pijnen, J.E.W.C. van

  2. From the printer: Potential of three-dimensional printing for orthopaedic applications

    Mok, S.; Nizak, R.; Fu, A.; Ho, K.K.; Qin, L.; Saris, D.B.F.; Chan, K.; Malda, J.

  3. Phantom study quantifying the depth performance of a handheld

    Pouw, J.J.; Bastiaan, D.M.C.; Klaase, Joost M.; Haken, B. ten

  4. Single Pulse Electrical Stimulation to identify epileptogenic cortex: Clinical information obtained from early evoked responses

    Valentin, A.; Mouthaan, B.E.; Klooster, M.A. van 't; Keizer, D.; Hebbink, G.J.; Leijten, F.S.; Ferrier, C.H.; Putten, M.J.A.M. van; Zijlmans, M.; Huiskamp, G.J.

  5. Continuous EEG Monitoring for Early Detection of Delayed Cerebral Ischemia in Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: A Pilot Study

    Rots, M.L.; Putten, M.J.A.M. van; Hoedemaekers, C.W.E.; Horn, J.

  6. EEG Monitoring in Cerebral Ischemia: Basic Concepts and Clinical Applications.

    Putten, M.J.A.M. van; Hofmeijer, J.

  7. Waar het hart vol van is

    Passier, Robert

  8. Go with the flow: humane stamcellen in vasculair onderzoek

    Mummery, Christine

  9. Complement Deposition on Nanoparticles Can Modulate Immune Responses by Macrophage and T cells

    Pondman, K.M.; Tsolaki, A.G.; Paudyal, B.; Shamji, M.H.; Switzer, A.; Pathan, A.A.; Abozaid, S.M.; Haken, B. ten; Stenbeck, G.; Sim, R.B.; Kishore, U.D.

  10. Design of a novel, hybrid decentralized, distributed, modular architecture for manufacturing systems

    Essers, Maarten Sebastiaan

  11. On best practices, governance reform and travelling medicine shows

    Jongbloed, Ben

  12. Higher education governance in the Netherlands: from a Janus-head to a Trimurti

    Boer, Harry de; Vught, Frans van

  13. Quantum optics of lossy asymmetric beam splitters

    Uppu, R.; Wolterink, T.A.W.; Tentrup, T.B.H.; Pinkse, P.W.H.

  14. Role of heat accumulation in the multi-shot damage of silicon irradiated with femtosecond XUV pulses at a 1 Mhz repetition rate

    Sobierajski, R.; Jacyna, I.; Dluzewski, P.; Klepka, M.; Klinger, D.; Pelka, J.B.; Burian, T.; Hajkova, V.; Juha, L.; Saksl, K.; Vozda, V.; Makhotkin, I.A.; Louis, E.; Faatz, B.; Tiedtke, K.; Toleikis, S.; Enkisch, H.; Hermann, M.; Strobel, S.; Loch, R.A.; Chalupsky, J.

  15. Who Am I? A Life Story Intervention for Persons With Intellectual Disability and Psychiatric Problems

    Westerhof, Gerben J.; Beernink, Janny; Sools, Anneke
    This article describes an innovative intervention based on narrative and life review therapy that is tailored to people with intellectual disability (ID) and psychiatric problems. The current study provides a first evaluation of the intervention. A symptom checklist (SCL-90) was used in a pre- and post-follow-up design, and a qualitative evaluation of the intervention was carried out with 25 participants. Results showed large changes in psychiatric symptoms, in particular on depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and interpersonal sensitivity. Participants were mainly positive in their general explicit evaluations of the therapy as well as on personal learning points, intervention-specific, group-related, and therapist-related...

  16. Monitoring of beach surface properties with remote sensing

    Hoonhout, B.; Vries, S. de; Baart, F.; Thiel de Vries, J.S.M. van; Weerd, A.J. van der; Wijnberg, K.M.

  17. Compression molding of chopped woven thermoplastic composite flakes

    Abdul Rasheed, Mohammed Iqbal
    Continuous fiber reinforced composites with high-performance thermoplastic polymer matrices have an enormous potential in terms of performance, production rate, cost efficiency and recyclability. The use of this relatively new class of materials by the aerospace and automotive industry has been growing steadily during the last decade. However, the use of continuous reinforcements limit the complexity of the shape of the end products, as defects such as wrinkles can form during processing. Moreover, a significant amount of process waste is generated, which lowers the efficiency of the conventional production processes involving a prepreg cutting stage and/or final trimming stages. The overall efficiency...

  18. Molecular monolayers for doping silicon: from doping dose control to device applications

    Ye, Liang
    The evolution of the semiconductor industry calls for new techniques to address the challenges arising from the downscaling trend known as Moore’s law, which has brought electronic devices into the nano-regime. Monolayer doping (MLD) is an interesting alternative for the currently mostly employed ion implantation to introduce a dopant into silicon. The MLD technique is capable of forming ultra-shallow doping without causing crystal damage to the substrate. It is also capable of doping non-planar surfaces. In this thesis, we have addressed a variety of conceptual novelties to MLD. We demonstrated the tuning down of the doping level using the mixed-monolayer doping concept and...

  19. Soft ceramics for high temperature lubrication: graphite-free lubricants for hot and warm forging of steel

    Gonzalez Rodriguez, Pablo
    The main research focus of this thesis is on the development of the next generation of solid lubricants for high temperature forming of steel. These lubricants are based on ceramic nanoparticles which are more resistant to temperature and oxidation than traditional lubricants. Nowadays, the most common products are aqueous suspensions of graphite, molybdenum disulfide or polytetrafluoroethylene (TeflonTM). Nevertheless, some problems are associated to their use, for instance pitting corrosion on the steel surface caused by partial decomposition of the lubricants at high temperature, and, more in general, a dirty working environment. Advanced inorganic solid lubricants were developed to overcome these problems....

  20. The external dimensions of the EU area of freedom, security and justice: a constitutional perspective

    Matera, Claudio
    During the past decade in particular the external relations of the EU have not just concerned the classic areas of international cooperation (‘external action’) of the EU such as trade (Article 205 TFEU), development cooperation (Article 208 TFEU) and foreign security and defence policy (Title V TEU), but have also concerned the sensitive policy terrains covered by the Area of Freedom Security and Justice (hereinafter AFSJ) inter alia related to external border controls, asylum, immigration and the prevention and combating of crime. The purpose of this dissertation was analyse the externalisation of the AFSJ from a constitutional perspective, i.e. by...

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