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1. Improving the design and operation of an integrated emergency post via simulation - Borgman, N.J.; Mes, M.R.K.; Vliegen, I.M.H.; Hans, E.W.
In the Netherlands, patients with an acute care demand after office hours often wrongly choose to visit the emergency department (ED), while they could have visited the general practitioners’ post (GPP). This may lead to overcrowding and increased costs. In this paper, we focus on an Integrated Emergency Post (IEP) at a Dutch hospital, where the ED and the GPP have been merged into a single point of access for patients. To find the optimal process design for this new IEP, we use computer simulation incorporating patient preferences. We define many potential interventions, and compare these by categorizing and grouping...

2. Clinical outcome following second-generation drug-eluting stent use for off-label versus on-label indications: Insights from the two-year outcome of the TWENTE trial - Sen, H.; Lam, M.K.; Tandjung, K.; Basalus, M.W.Z.; Man, F.H.A.F. de; Louwerenburg, J.H.W.; Stoel, M.G.; Houwelingen, G.K. van; Löwik, M.M.; Linssen, G.C.M.; Said, S.A.M.; Nienhuis, M.B.; Verhorst, P.M.J.; Palen, J. van der; Birgelen, C. von
Aims: Drug-eluting stents (DES) were first used on-label - in simple patients with low clinical risk and easily accessible lesions. Currently, DES are increasingly used off-label - in complex patients undergoing percutaneous coronary interventions (PCI) with historically higher event risk. Therefore, our aim was to investigate whether patients with off-label indications for DES use had similar outcomes compared to patients who were treated for on-label indications only. Methods and results: We analysed two-year follow-up data of 1,387 TWENTE trial patients, treated with second-generation everolimus-eluting XIENCE V or zotarolimus-eluting Resolute stents, and compared off-label vs. on-label DES use with regard to...

3. Veiligheidszorg in Amsterdam - Meershoek, G.; Poot, Chr. de

4. Politie in Verandering : een gedateerd idee van politieorganisatie - Meershoek, A.J.J.

5. Over de bestrijding van politiële discriminatie. Kanttekening bij de beschuldiging van etnisch profileren - Meershoek, A.J.J.

6. Targeting the victims of human trafficking for sexual exploitation in the Netherlands: An empirical framework of entrapment - Oostinga, M.S.D.; Ioannou, M.

7. Bejegening van getraumatiseerde slachtoffers van mensenhandel ten behoeve van coherente of consistente verklaringen. Een internationaal verkennende studie - Klerx-van Mierlo, F.; Youngs, D.; Oostinga, M.S.D.; Mergaerts, L.; VanDale, D.; Velden, P. van der
Eén van de omstandigheden die waarheidsvinding bij rechtszaken in verband met mensenhandel in de weg kan staan is dat er sprake is van geheugenproblemen. De vraag is of de bewijskracht van getuigenverklaringen van slachtoffers van mensenhandel kan worden verbeterd. Hiertoe wordt nagegaan in welke situaties en bij welke personen zich een vergelijkbare problematiek voordoet en hoe daar – ten behoeve van een succesvolle rechtsgang - mee wordt omgegaan. Dit biedt mogelijk aanknopingspunten voor de (strafrechtelijke) aanpak van mensenhandel. Het algemene doel van dit onderzoek is 'Inzicht bieden in de wijze waarop (mogelijke) de bewijskracht van getuigenverklaringen van slachtoffers van mensenhandel met...

8. Governing fluids: Hydrometers in Dutch Empire, 1780-1830 - Weber, Andreas

9. Making money circulate: Chemistry and ‘governance’ in the career of coins in the early 19h-century Dutch empire - Weber, Andreas
The governance of the early nineteenth century Dutch empire in Southeast Asia heavily relied on the circulation of coins. However, making circulation work was never an easy endeavour. By zooming in the richly documented activities of J. Goldberg (1763‐1828), C.G.C. Reinwardt (1773‐1854), and W.A.A. Poelman (1758‐1835), this paper examines how government functionaries, chemists and assayers struggled to ascribe value and authority over coins in an imperial environment. In particular the in‐depth analysis of a minting site in Surabaya in the eastern part of the island Java, offers a fascinating view on the historical complexity of material management in which practical chemical expertise played pivotal role. Taken together...

10. The mediated design of post-war Nordic mobility and tourism: an introduction - Albert de la Bruhèze, Adri
Did Nordic countries, linked by linguistic and long-term cultural, historical and commercial ties, develop a specific Nordic mode of mobility and tourism? To introduce and contextualise the articles in this issue that deal with this question, this article claims that this issue can be investigated fruitfully by focusing on the linkages between national and transnational developments, and by focusing on the actions and interactions of national and transnational (institutional) actors who spoke and acted on behalf of consumers and tourists

11. Nano-images as hybrid monsters - Ruivenkamp, Martin; Rip, Arie
This chapter discusses the role of images in nanotechnology. Nanotechnology includes an array of scientific and engineering fields in which researchers observe and manipulate materials at or near the nanometer scale (one billionth of a meter). The very idea of visualizing nanoscale phenomena is controversial, as such phenomena are far smaller than a wavelength of light; nevertheless, nanoimages are ubiquitous in research articles, press releases, and other displays of nanoscale phenomena. This chapter shows how such images often take a hybrid form, freely combining elements of traditional scientific representation with speculative portrayals that showcase promised and imagined possibilities. Three emerging...

12. Book review "Strauss, Dieter (2011): Der grüne Baron. Georg Heinrich von Langsdorff, der Humboldt Brasiliens, und seine Expedition von Rio de Janeiro zum Amazonas 1822-1829" - Weber, A.

13. Book review "Schönitzer, Klaus (2011): Ein Leben für die Zoologie. Die Reisen und Forschungen des Johan Baptist Ritter von Spix" - Weber, A.

14. Bitter fruits of accumulation: The case of Caspar Georg Carl Reinwardt (1773–1854) - Weber, Andreas
This essay analyses the career of the German chemist and government functionary Caspar Georg Carl Reinwardt (1773–1854) through the layered lens of governance and management. By conceptualizing governance as the historical result of the interaction between locally situated accumulation and management projects and the ‘metropolitan’ assessment of their value, it uses Reinwardt’s experiences to shed fresh light on the idiosyncrasies through which Europe and Southeast Asia were linked in the early nineteenth century. The discussion of three closely related episodes (the management of the botanical garden at Buitenzorg, the complexity of inquiries in the field and the failure of Reinwardt’s...

15. Isosorbide dinitrate ointment vs botulinum toxin A (Dysport®) as the primary treatment for chronic anal fissure: a randomized multicentre study - Berkel, A.E.M.; Rosman, C.; Koop, R.; Duijvendijk, P. van; Palen, J. van der; Klaase, J.M.
Aim Nitric oxide donors, such as isosorbide dinitrate ointment (ISDN), are considered as first-choice agents in the treatment of chronic anal fissure. Injection with botulinum toxin A in the internal anal sphincter is often used as a second-line therapy, although it may give better results and fewer side effects than nitric oxide donors. The aim of this randomized clinical trial was to investigate whether botulinum toxin A (Dysport®) is more effective than ISDN in the primary treatment of chronic anal fissure. Method From April 2005 until October 2009, 60 patients (32 men) with a median age of 42 (25–82) years were randomized to...

16. How age and sex affect the erythrocyte sedimentation rate and C-reactive protein in early rheumatoid arthritis - Siemons, L.; Klooster, P.M. ten; Vonkeman, H.E.; Riel, P.L.C.M. van; Glas, C.A.W.; Laar, M.A.F.J. van de
BACKGROUND: The erythrocyte sedimentation rate (ESR) and C-reactive protein (CRP) are two commonly used measures of inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). As current RA treatment guidelines strongly emphasize early and aggressive treatment aiming at fast remission, optimal measurement of inflammation becomes increasingly important. Dependencies with age, sex, and body mass index have been shown for both inflammatory markers, yet it remains unclear which inflammatory marker is affected least by these effects in patients with early RA. METHODS: Baseline data from 589 patients from the DREAM registry were used for analyses. Associations between the inflammatory markers and age, sex, and BMI were...

17. Impact of omission of surgery on survival of older patients with breast cancer - Glas, N.A. de; Jonker, J.M.; Bastiaannet, E.; Craen, A.J.M. de; Velde, C.J.H. van de; Siesling, S.; Liefers, G.-J.; Portielje, J.E.A.; Hamaker, M.E.
Background Older patients with breast cancer are often not treated in accordance with guidelines. With the emergence of endocrine therapy, omission of surgery can be considered in some patients. The aim of this population-based study was to investigate time trends in surgical treatment between 1995 and 2011, and to evaluate the effects of omitting surgery on overall and relative survival in older patients with resectable breast cancer. Methods Patients aged 75 years and older with stage I–III breast cancer diagnosed between 1995 and 2011 were selected from the Netherlands Cancer Registry. Time trends of all treatment modalities were evaluated using linear regression models. Changes...

18. Introduction: Business Diplomacy - Kesteleyn, Jennifer; Riordan, Shaun; Ruël, Huub

19. Genuair® in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease: a novel, user-friendly, multidose, dry-powder inhaler - Palen, Job van der
Inhaled corticosteroids and bronchodilators, which are pivotal to the management of respiratory diseases, are delivered by numerous devices, including pressurized metered-dose inhalers and dry-powder inhalers. However, patient adherence to these medications is suboptimal and incorrect inhaler technique is endemic, meaning that insufficient drug quantities are frequently delivered to the lungs. Genuair® (Almirall SA, Spain) is a novel, breath-actuated, multidose dry-powder inhaler designed to achieve reliable and effective delivery of inhaled medicines – including aclidinium bromide – to patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. In addition to describing Genuair’s design, which incorporates multiple feedback mechanisms in order to confirm effective medication...

20. Collaborative Curriculum Design to Increase Science Teaching Self-Efficacy: A Case Study - Velthuis, Chantal; Fisser, Petra; Pieters, Jules
The purpose of this study was to establish whether participation in a teacher design team (TDT) is an effective way to increase the science teaching self-efficacy of primary school teachers who vary in their levels of experience and interest in science. A TDT is a group of at least 2 teachers from the same or related subjects working together to (re)design and enact (a part of) their common curriculum (A. Handelzalts, 2009). This study considers the context of a primary school in The Netherlands. Three forms of data were collected to obtain more in-depth data about the value of working...

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