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  1. Balancing acts: how healthcare professionals and teams working with people with intellectual disabilities make sense of solution-focused work

    Lohuis, Anne Marie

  2. Reconstructing nurses' relationships with older patients

    Swauger, Kelly Jean

  3. Controlling the intensity of light in large areas at the interfaces of a scattering medium

    Ojambati, O.S.; Hosmer-Quint, J.T.; Gorter, K.J.; Mosk, A.P.; Vos, W.L.

  4. Children's responses to violence: resisting misunderstanding

    Bonnah, Shelly Ann

  5. Early economic evaluation of technologies for emerging interventions to personalize breast cancer treatment

    Miquel Cases, Anna

  6. Policy learning through strategic intelligence

    Padilla, Pierre

  7. When slacktivism matters: on the organization and outcomes of online protests targeting firms

    Broek, Tijs Adriaan van den

  8. Cancelling disorder-induced localization in nanophotonic cavity arrays

    Sokolov, S.; Lian, J.; Yuce, E.; Combrie, S.; Rossi, A. de; Mosk, A.P.
    Weakly coupled high-Q nanophotonic cavities are building blocks of slow-light waveguides and other nanophotonic devices. Their functionality critically depends on tuning as resonance frequencies should stay within the bandwidth of the device. Unavoidable disorder leads to random frequency shifts which cause localization of the light in single cavities. We present a new method to finely tune individual resonances of light in a system of coupled nanocavities. We use holographic laser-induced heating and address thermal crosstalk between nanocavities using a response matrix approach. As a main result we observe a simultaneous anticrossing of 3 nanophotonic resonances, which were initially split by...

  9. Quick Scan Universitaire Bestuursbenoemingen in Europa: een internationaal vergelijkende verkenning

    Vossensteyn, Hans; Kolster, Renze; Boer, Harry de; Jongbloed, Ben

  10. Quality and Certification Report

    Vollenbroek, W.B.; Vries, S.A. de

  11. Evaluatie Leernetwerk Wijklink

    Vollenbroek, W.B.; Gellevij, M.R.M.

  12. Rapport arbeidsmarktbeleid & armoedebeleid (1996-2016)

    Vollenbroek, Wouter; Vries, Sjoerd de

  13. Kwaliteitszorgmethodiek Netwerk ICW2020

    Vollenbroek, W.B.; Vries, S.A. de

  14. Interaction Patterns in Web-based Knowledge Communities: Two-Mode Network Approach

    Vollenbroek, Wouter; Vries, Sjoerd de
    The importance of web-based knowledge communities (WKCs) in the 'network society' is growing. This trend is seen in many disciplines, like education, government, finance and other profit- and non-profit organisations. There is a need for understanding the development of these online communities in order to steer it and to affect the impact it has. In this research, we aimed to identify interaction patterns in these communities to visualize and understand community developments, and show the relevance of WKCs for the development of learning education. We conducted a content analysis and a network analysis on big social data to identify the...

  15. Professional Communities of Practice: We Need Them, But How to Develop Them Successfully?

    Vollenbroek, Wouter; Wetterling, Joachim; Vries, Sjoerd de
    The Dutch education system is in a gradual transformation from standardised curriculum driven education to personalised education. Drivers are new media developments, future job transformations, recognizing the relevance of 21st century skills, and more. Dutch teachers increasingly acknowledge the continuous need for professional development, innovativeness, and continuous development of education in general. Therefore teachers and policy-makers increasingly unite in professional communities of practice (PCoP) in which the individual development and the development of the community is leading. In the PCoP, a group of educators meet each other on a regular basis to share expertise, and work collaboratively to improve teaching...

  16. Diffusion tensor imaging of the hippocampus predicts the risk of dementia; the RUN DMC study

    Uden, I.W.M. van; Tuladhar, A.; Holst, H.M. van der; Leijsen, E.M.C. van; Norden, A.G.W. van; Laat, K.F. de; Rutten-Jacobs, L.C.A.; Norris, D.G.; et, al.

  17. Structural network connectivity and cognition in cerebral small vessel disease

    Tuladhar, A.; Dijk, E.; Zwiers, M.P.; Norden, A.G.W. van; Laat, K.F. de; Shumskaya, E.; Norris, D.G.; Leeuw, Frank-Erik de

  18. Three-Dimensional Bioprinting and Its Potential in the Field of Articular Cartilage Regeneration

    Mouser, Vivian H.M.; Levato, Riccardo; Bonassar, Lawrence J.; Lima, Darryl D. D'; Klein, Travis J.; Saris, D.B.F.; Zenobi-Wong, M.; Gawlitta, D.; Malda, J.

  19. Allogeneic Mesenchymal Stem Cells Stimulate Cartilage Regeneration and Are Safe for Single-Stage Cartilage Repair in Humans upon Mixture with Recycled Autologous Chondrons

    Windt, Tommy S. de; Vonk, Lucienne A.; Slaper-Cortenbach, Ineke C.M.; Broek, Marcel P. H den; Nizak, R.; Rijen, Mattie H.P. van; Weger, Roel A. de; Dhert, Wouter J.A.; Saris, D.B.F.

  20. Thermoresponsive Semi-IPN Hydrogel Microfibers from Continuous Fluidic Processing with High Elasticity and Fast Actuation

    Liu, Yan; Zhang, Kaihuan; Ma, Jinghong; Vancso, G. Julius
    Hydrogels with rapid and strong response to external stimuli and possessing high elasticity and strength have been considered as platform materials for numerous applications, e.g., in biomaterials engineering. Thermoresponsive hydrogels based on semi-interpenetrating polymer networks (semi-IPN) featuring N-isopropylacrylamide with copolymers of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-hydroxyethyl methacrylate) p(NIPAM-HEMA) chains are prepared and described. The copolymer was characterized by FTIR, NMR, and GPC. The semi-IPN structured hydrogel and its responsive properties were evaluated by dynamic mechanical measurements, SEM, DSC, equilibrium swelling ratio, and dynamic deswelling tests. The results illustrate that the semi-IPN structured hydrogels possess rapid response and high elasticity compared to conventional pNIPAM hydrogels....

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