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  1. Modelling the effects of heat loss and fuel/air mixing on turbulent combusion in gas turbine combustion systems

    Gövert, Simon

  2. Sand transport processes in the surf and swash zones

    Zanden, Joep van der

  3. More insight into the concept of apathy: a multidisciplinary depression management program has different effects on depressive symptoms and apathy in nursing homes

    Leontjevas, Ruslan; Teerenstra, Steven; Smalbrugge, Martin; Vernooij-Dassen, Myrra J.F.J.; Bohlmeijer, Ernst; Gerritsen, D.L.; Koopmans, Raymond T.C.M.
    Background: Apathy is common in nursing home (NH) residents and it overlaps with depression. This study examines the effects of a multidisciplinary depression program on apathy and depressive motivational and mood symptoms. Methods: Secondary analyses of a stepped-wedge cluster-randomized controlled trial were conducted with six measurements. Sixteen dementia NH units and 17 somatic units were enrolled. In the intervention condition, a program containing depression assessment procedures and multidisciplinary treatment (activating strategies, psychotherapy, and medication) was introduced. Usual care was provided in the control condition. Outcomes were assessed using the 10-item Apathy Evaluation Scale and the Cornell Scale for Depression in Dementia. Results: Intention-to-treat analyses showed...

  4. Zwitterionic poly(amido-amine) based nanogels

    Ekkelenkamp, Antonie Everhard

  5. Twintig jaar TIMSS : ontwikkelingen in leerlingprestaties in de exacte vakken in het basisonderwijs 1995-2015

    Meelissen, M.R.M.; Punter, R.A.

  6. A case study in experimental exploration: exploratory data selection at the Large Hadron Collider

    Karaca, Koray
    In this paper, I propose an account that accommodates the possibility of experimentation being exploratory in cases where the procedures necessary to plan and perform an experiment are dependent on the theoretical accounts of the phenomena under investigation. The present account suggests that experimental exploration requires the implementation of an exploratory procedure that serves to extend the range of possible outcomes of an experiment, thereby enabling it to pursue its objectives. Furthermore, I argue that the present account subsumes the notion of exploratory experimentation, which is often attributed in the relevant literature to the works of Friedrich Steinle and Richard...

  7. A social-technological epistemology of clinical decision-making as mediated by imaging

    Baalen, Sophie van; Carusi, Annamaria; Sabroe, Ian; Kiely, David G.
    In recent years there has been growing attention to the epistemology of clinical decision-making, but most studies have taken the individual physicians as the central object of analysis. In this paper we argue that knowing in current medical practice has an inherently social character and that imaging plays a mediating role in these practices. We have analyzed clinical decision-making within a medical expert team involved in diagnosis and treatment of patients with pulmonary hypertension (PH), a rare disease requiring multidisciplinary team involvement in diagnosis and management. Within our field study, we conducted observations, interviews, video tasks, and a panel discussion....

  8. Winning the competition for supplier resources: The role of preferential resource allocation from suppliers

    Pulles, Niels J.; Veldman, Jasper; Schiele, Holger
    Purpose This paper examines the competition between buying firms for the supplier’s competitive resources. The purpose of this paper is to examine how indirect capabilities – the ability to access external resources – can help in obtaining preferential resource allocation from suppliers. Design/methodology/approach Partial least squares structural equation modeling is used to analyze data of 163 buying firms that assess preferential resource allocation from suppliers. Findings Two indirect capabilities (a buying firm’s selection capability and relational capability) positively influence the firm’s competitive advantage. These relations are significantly mediated by preferential resource allocation of suppliers. The impact of preferential resource allocation appeared stronger for manufacturing firms...

  9. Lean-team effectiveness through leader values and members’ informing

    Dun, Desirée H.; Wilderom, Celeste P.M.
    Purpose Although empirical tests of effective lean-team leadership are scarce, leaders are often blamed when lean work-floor initiatives fail. In the present study, a lean-team leader’s work values are assumed to affect his or her team members’ behaviors and, through them, to attain team effectiveness. Specifically, two of Schwartz et al.’s (2012) values clusters (i.e. self-transcendence and conservation) are hypothesized to be linked to team members’ degree of information and idea sharing and, in turn, to lean-team effectiveness. The paper aims to report the examination of these hypotheses. Design/methodology/approach Survey responses (n=429) of both leaders and members of 25 lean-teams in services and...

  10. In-site study of the YH2-YH3+x transition during hydrogenation by GI-DAFS and HAXPEX

    Makhotkin, I.A.; Soroka, O.; Yakunin, S.N.; Nikolaev, K.; Hendrikx, S.P.; Lee, C.J.

  11. The European Union in International Organisations and Global Governance: Recent Developments by Christine Kaddous

    Wessel, R.A.

  12. Introduction: A Strategy for Overcoming the Definitional Struggle

    Fink, Matthias; Harms, Rainer; Möllering, Guido

  13. Avenir de la recherche scientifique en entrepreneuriat en Allemagne - Stratégies et principaux points thématiques

    Grichnik, Dietmar; Harms, Rainer
    La recherche en entrepreneuriat continue à évoluer. Ce champ de recherche qui va de l'interprétation de la nature du champ à la signification accordée à chaque thématique est soumis à des changements. Tenter de brosser un portrait de l'évolution de la recherche en entrepreneuriat en Allemagne s'avère intéressant, dans la mesure où cela permettrait de sélectionner des sujets prometteurs. Cette contribution vise à relever ce défi. À cet effet, nous avons interrogé les membres du « groupe de recherche sur la création d'entreprises », nous leur avons demandé d'apprécier l'importance de points centraux et de domaines thématiques particuliers. Ainsi, le...

  14. The traveling heads: multicenter brain imaging at 7 Tesla.

    Voelder, M.N.; Kraff, O.; Brenner, D.; Wollrab, A.; Weinbergen, O.; et al,; Norris, D.G.

  15. Normative industrial symbiotic networks - a position paper. Report University of Twente

    Yazdanpanah, V.; Yazan, D.; Zijm, W.H.M.

  16. Graded group responsibility: a power-based approach

    Yazdanpanah, Vahid; Dastani, Mehdi; Zijm, Henk

  17. Optimizing maintenance resource planning with outsourcing

    Sleptchenko, A.; Al Hanbali, A.M.; Zijm, W.H.M.

  18. Thermo-acoustic characterization of the burner-turbine interface in a can-annular combustor using CFD

    Farisco, Federica
    Thermo-acoustic instabilities in high power density gas turbine engines need to be understood to avoid unexpected shutdown events. This dissertation is focused on the combustor-turbine interaction for acoustic waves. The first part of the study is based on the acoustic reflection coefficient analysis, where the region of interest is located at the interface between the can-type combustion chamber and the first turbine stage. Simplified two-dimensional geometries and the corresponding three-dimensional engine alike turbine design have been investigated. The real engine case consists of a can-annular combustion chamber sector and the first vane section. Numerical simulation methods have been used and...

  19. Research partnerships between management researchers and university

    Zalewska-Kurek, K.; Janßen, B.; Harms, R.

  20. Inter-organizational network management - combining ego and whole network perspective

    Cap, J.P.; Blaich, E.; Kohl, H.; Raesfeld-Meijer, A.; Will, M.; Harms, R.

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