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1. Exploring the antecedents of preferential customer treatment by suppliers: a mixed methods approach - Hüttinger, Lisa; Schiele, Holger; Schröer, Dennis
Purpose – This paper aims to understand the factors that influence a supplier’s choice to treat selected customers more preferentially than others. Suppliers often lack the resources to treat all their customers equally, instead having to make choices to treat some customers as preferred. Empirical evidence indicates that preferential treatment by suppliers provides substantial benefits for the purchasing firm. Design/methodology/approach – This study applies a mixed-methods approach. First, a qualitative analysis of a sample of buyers from an automotive manufacturer was conducted. In the second step, the findings were triangulated via a quantitative survey among key account managers of the...

2. Metacognitive scaffolding during collaborative learning: a promising combination - Molenaar, Inge; Sleegers, Peter; Boxtel, Carla van
This article explores the effect of computerized scaffolding with different scaffolds (structuring vs. problematizing) on intra-group metacognitive interaction. In this study, we investigate 4 types of intra-group social metacognitive activities; namely ignored, accepted, shared and co-constructed metacognitive activities in 18 triads (6 control groups; no scaffolds and 12 experimental groups; 6 structuring scaffolds and 6 problematizing scaffolds).We found that groups receiving scaffolding showed significantly more intra-group interactions in which the group members co-construct social metacognitive activities. Groups receiving problematizing scaffolds showed significantly less ignored and more co-constructed social metacognitive interaction compared to groups receiving structuring scaffolds. These findings indicate that scaffolding positively influenced the group members’ intra-group social metacognitive interaction....

3. Antecedents of network capability and their effects on innovation performance: an empirical test of hi-tech firms in China - Fang, Gang; Ma, Xiang Yuan; Ren, Liqin; Zhou, Qing
A firm’s competitive advantage can come not only from internal resources but also from inter-firm innovation networks. This paper shows that network capabilities (i.e., network visioning capability, network constructing capability, network operating capability and network centring capability) are special skills that enable values residing in network resources. Based on a sample of 211 Chinese hi-tech firms and by applying structural equation modelling, network capabilities are found to have a positive relationship with innovation performance. Four antecedents of network capabilities – IT maturity, openness of culture, the management system involved and experience with network activities – are also identified in the research and empirically tested. The results of this...

4. Fundamentals and applications of fast micro-drop impact - Visser, Claas Willem

5. Water for animal products: a blind spot in water policy - Hoekstra, Arjen Y.
We know from land, energy and climate studies that the livestock sector plays a substantial role in deforestation, biodiversity loss and climate change. More recently it has become clear that livestock also significantly contributes to humanity’s water footprint, water pollution and water scarcity. Jalava et al (Environ. Res. Lett. 9 074016) show that considerable water savings can be achieved by reducing the fraction of animal products in our diet. The findings are in line with a few earlier studies on water use in relation to diets. As yet, this insight has not been taken forward in national water policies, which...

6. Government–Opposition Dynamics during the Economic Crisis in Greece - Gemenis, Kostas; Nezi, Roula
This contribution examines the turbulent period of 2010–12 when Greece became the first European Union member state to accept the International Monetary Fund/European Union bailout package, which had significant electoral consequences. The May 2012 election was characterised by unprecedented electoral volatility and a reshuffling of the party system. An understanding of this development is sought by focusing on the relationship between government and opposition parties in terms of their MPs' legislative voting behaviour on key economic bills in the aforementioned period. It is observed that although the economic crisis seems to have decreased the importance of the traditional left–right dimension,...

7. Methodological Challenges in the Analysis of Voting Advice Application Generated Data - Mendez, Fernando; Gemenis, Kostas; Djouvas, Constantinos
Voting advice applications (VAA) have become an increasingly popular feature of electoral campaigns. VAAs are online tools that use survey techniques to measure the degree to which the policy preferences of citizens match those of political parties or candidates. In some cases, such as The Netherlands, VAA's can attract millions of respondents providing an incredibly rich source of mass public opinion data. As a result political scientists have begun to exploit such datasets and this is fuelling a burgeoning literature on the topic. To date, however, there has been surprisingly little research on the cleaning techniques used to filter out...

8. Gemeentelijke aanpak laagfrequent geluid Project ter versterking van de aanpak van laagfrequent geluid door gemeenten. Deelproject: Inventarisatie van ervaringen en behoeften van burgers voor de communicatie bij de aanpak van hindermeldingen van laagfrequent geluid. - Reen, W.; Gutteling, J.M.; Hooiring, G.; Breukelaar, H.; de Meer, G.

9. Welbevindentherapie - Meulenbeek, P.A.M.

10. Morphodynamics of river dunes: suspended sediment transport along mobile dunes and dune development towards upper stage plane bed - Naqshband, Suleyman

11. Defect formation in single layer graphene under extreme ultraviolet irradiation - Gao, A.; Zoethout, E.; Sturm, J.M.; Lee, C.J.; Bijkerk, F.

12. Systematic review of existential anxiety instruments. - Bruggen, V. van; Vos, J.; Westerhof, G.J.; Bohlmeijer, E.; Glas, G.

13. Cross-cultural deception detection - Taylor, P; Larner, S.; Conchie, S M; Van der Zee, S.

14. Language style matching and confessions in police interrogations - Richardson, Beth H.; Taylor, P; Snook, Brent; Conchie, S M; Bennell, Craig

15. Bron- en Kanaalkeuze van bedrijven: een kwantitatief onderzoek naar hoe bedrijven antwoorden zoeken op belastingvragen - Boer, Y.J.P. van den

16. The link between the cognitive structure to improve mathematics education - Weerd, A.J. van der; Hekker, M.; Verhoef, N.C.

17. Unfavourable predictive factors in older women with clinically favourable breast cancer - Kiderlen, M.; Gruiter, L.J. de; Bastiaannet, E.; Witteveen, A.; Craen, A.J.; Velde, C.J. van de; Liefers, G.-J.; Siesling, S.

18. Two-temperature model for pulsed-laser-induced subsurface modifications in Si - Verburg, P.C.; Römer, G.R.B.E.; Huis in 't Veld, A.J.
We investigated the laser–material interaction during the production of laser-induced subsurface modifications in silicon with a numerical model. Such modifications are of interest for subsurface wafer dicing. To predict the shape of these modifications, a two-temperature model and an optical model were combined. We compared the model results with experimental data obtained by focusing laser pulses in the bulk of silicon wafers using a microscope objective. This comparison revealed a good agreement between the simulations and the experimental results. A parameter study was performed to investigate the effect of the laser wavelength, pulse duration and pulse energy on the formation...

19. The Psychological Inflexibility in Pain Scale (PIPS): Exploration of psychometric properties in a heterogeneous chronic pain sample - Trompetter, Hester R.; Bohlmeijer, Ernst T.; Baalen, Bianca van; Kleen, Marco; Köke, Albere; Reneman, Michiel; Schreurs, Karlein M.G.
Psychological flexibility receives increasing attention as the overarching process in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). This study investigates the psychometric properties of the Psychological Inflexibility in Pain Scale (PIPS), measuring “avoidance” and “cognitive fusion” with pain, in a heterogeneous clinical sample of 428 chronic pain patients from four rehabilitation centers. Furthermore, the relationship between the PIPS and mindfulness (Five Facet Mindfulness Questionnaire, FFMQ) as a theoretically related measure within ACT is explored. Confirmatory factor analyses replicated acceptable/good model fit and internal consistencies. In a subsample from two rehabilitation centers (n = 237), the PIPS showed moderate to high relationships with...

20. Technology alternatives towards low-cost and high-speed interconnect manufacturing - Roozeboom, F.; Kniknie, B.; Lankhorst, A.M.; Winands, G.; Poodt, P.; Dingemans, G.; Keuning, W.; Kessels, W.M.M.; Bullema, J.E.; Bressers, P.M.M.C.; Oosterhuis, G.; Mueller, M.; Huis in 't Veld, A.J.

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