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1. Understanding employees' professional development: the joint influence of individual and situational factors - Rijn, Monique Bernadette van

2. Soot formation in ultra-rich turbulent combustion of natural gas at elevated pressure - Woolderink, Marc Hendrikus Franciscus

3. The Effectiveness of Media Ratings in Five Empirical Studies - Gosselt, Jordy F.
To protect children and adolescents against and inform parents about harmful media content, media ratings show whether a media product's content is harmful for minors below a given age. In this research project, we performed a series of studies into the effectiveness of media ratings in the Netherlands. We especially focused on the moment at which industry meets the public (the transaction moment) and placed special emphasis on the degree of compliance with the applicable rules (does the media industry comply with media ratings?). Based on a literature study and document analysis, several parameters for effectiveness were identified. These were...

4. Increasing advertising power via written scent references - Fenko, A.; Breulmann, S.; Bialkova, S.E.

5. A study in pink: What determines the success of gender-specific advertising? - Fenko, A.; Drost, W.

6. The influence of context and nutrition information on healthful food choices in a restaurant - Fenko, A.; Faasen, I.W.J.

7. Human resource management and firm innovativeness in a European context: Advancing our understanding of the relationship (Introduction to the thematic issue) - Ruel, H.J.M.; Bondarouk, T.V.; Florén, H.; Rundquist, J.
This paper introduces the papers included in the thematic issue on Human Resource Management (HRM) and firm innovativeness in a European context. Furthermore it presents the results of a literature review on human resource management and firm innovativeness. The literature shows that the positive relationship between HRM and firm innovativeness has been confirmed. However, the explanation for how this relationship works is not equivocal/unified. Empirical studies have investigated the role of strategic HRM, specific HRM systems and HRM practices. For strategic HRM, the empirical support is still limited, while for HRM systems considerable work confirms the positive influence of commitment-based...

8. HRM and innovation: Themes, contingencies and directions for future research - Florén, H.; Rundquist, J.; Schuler, R.S.; Bondarouk, T.V.; Ruel, H.J.M.
The purposes of this special issue were to connect Human Resource Management (HRM) research and innovation research and to contribute towards a better understanding of how HRM can be deployed to support organisations in their innovation efforts. In this commentary, we review the results from the five articles in this special issue in general and offer suggestions for future research from these five contributions. We do this by pinpointing a number of themes, contingencies, measurement challenges and ideas on working with other research areas that might be useful in future research on the relationship between HRM and innovation

9. Affecting innovation through HRM: the role of creative capital - Veenendaal, A.A.R.; Velzen, M.J.T. van; Looise, Jan Kees
This paper provides a new and integrated approach to understanding, through creative capital, the relationship between human resource management (HRM) and innovation. The conceptual framework presented, building on insights from social capital research and the field of regional economic development, offers a new view on how organisations improve their innovation performance through managing human resources. We advance the idea that the relationship between innovation performance and HRM is path-dependent, influenced by human capital, social capital and creative capital. The creative capital concerns the openness of organisations to the diversity of knowledge, skills, attitudes and other characteristics available to it. The...

10. Shared services - standardization, formalization, and control: a structured literature review - Bondarouk, Tanya; Friebe, Christina-Maria

11. Value creation by transactional shared service centers: mapping capabilities - Maatman, M.M.; Bondarouk, Tanya

12. Structuring shared services: realizing SSC benefits through end-users' usage of an HR portal - Meijerink, J.G.; Kattelaar, Joost ten; Ehrenhard, Michel

13. Interorganizational shared services: creating value across organizational boundaries - Fenema, Paul C. van; Keers, Bianca; Zijm, Henk

14. Present or Play, Some First Evidence on the Effect on Behaviour of Serious Gaming - Dijk, T. van; Spil, A.A.M.; Burg, S. van der; Wenzler, I.; Dalmolen, S.

15. Shared Services as a New Organizational Form - Bondarouk, Tanya
Organizations increasingly establish Shared Service Centers, either for transactional (administrative) or transformational (organizational change) purposes. Their popularity originates from a combination of efficiency gains and an increase in service quality, without giving up control of the organizational and technical arrangements. The belief is that shared services should maximize the advantages of centralized and decentralized delivery of business functions. The volume deals with sample questions, including: What do shared service models involve? What are the structural arrangements between shared services and the organizations? Which business processes can and/or should be shared? What are the structural differences between shared services in different...

16. A case study of cost-efficient staffing under annualized hours - Veen, Egbert van der; Hans, Erwin W.; Veltman, Bart; Berrevoets, Leo M.; Berden, Hubert J.J.M.
We propose a mathematical programming formulation that incorporates annualized hours and shows to be very flexible with regard to modeling various contract types. The objective of our model is to minimize salary cost, thereby covering workforce demand, and using annualized hours. Our model is able to address various business questions regarding tactical workforce planning problems, e.g., with regard to annualized hours, subcontracting, and vacation planning. In a case study for a Dutch hospital two of these business questions are addressed, and we demonstrate that applying annualized hours potentially saves up to 5.2% in personnel wages annually

17. Do patients trust their physician? the role of attachment style in the patient-physician relationship within one year after a cancer diagnosis - Holwerda, N.; Sanderman, R.; Pool, G.; Hinnen, C.; Langendijk, J.A.; Bemelman, W.A.; Hagedoorn, M.; Sprangers, M.A.G.

18. The Patient Simple Clinical Colitis Activity Index (P-SCCAI) can detect ulcerative colitis (UC) disease activity in remission: A comparison of the P-SCCAI with clinician-based SCCAI and biological markers - Bennebroek Evertsz, F.; Nieuwkerk, P.T.; Stokkers, P.C.F.; Ponsioen, C.Y.; Bockting, C.L.H.; Sanderman, R.; Sprangers, M.A.G.

19. Teleradiology in general practice in Ameland: A cost-benefit analysis [Teleradiologie in de huisartsenpraktijk op Ameland: Een kosten-batenana lyse] - Jacobs, J.J.W.M.; Jacobs, J.P.A.M.; Wiersma, D.; Sanderman, R.

20. Screening for depression and diabetes-related distress in a diabetes outpatient clinic - Fleer, J.; Toyote, K.A.; Keers, J.C.; Links, T.P.; Sanderman, R.; Coyne, J.C.; Schroevers, M.J.

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