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University of Twente Publications (52,047 recursos)
University of Twente Repository provides publications of UT scientific staff, in many cases full text and publicly available.

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1. Modelleren van gebruiksmogelijkheden (use cases) - Gazendam, H.W.M.

2. Inleiding modelleren in de bestuurlijke informatiekunde - Gazendam, H.W.M.; Sibum, S.

3. Healthcare robots: ethics, design and implementation - Wynsberghe, A. van
This study deals with an underexplored area of the emerging technologies debate: robotics in the healthcare setting. The author explores the role of care and develops a value-sensitive ethical framework for the eventual employment of care robots. Highlighting the range of positive and negative aspects associated with the initiative to design and use care robots, it draws out essential content as a guide to future design both reinforcing this study’s contemporary relevance, and giving weight to its prescriptions. The book speaks to, and is meant to be read by, a range of disciplines from science and engineering to philosophers and...

4. Managing Population Decline in Europe's Urban and Rural Areas - Hospers, Gert-Jan; Reverda, Nol

5. Well-Being in Contemporary Society - Søraker, Johnny H.; Rijt, Jan-Willem van der; Boer, Jelle de; Wong, Pak-Hang; Brey, Philip

6. Social media in strategic management - Olivas-Lujan, Miguel R.; Bondarouk, Tanya

7. Cross-chain collaboration in the fast moving consumer goods supply chain - Kok, Ton de; Dalen, Jan van; Hillegersberg, Jos van

8. Individueel roosteren in de ploeg - Goudswaard, Anneke; Groen, Sam; Leede, J. de; Vos, Peter

9. Tissue Engineering, 2nd edition - Boer, J. de

10. Trans-diagnostische factoren, theorie & praktijk - Heycop ten Ham, Bas van; Hulsbergen, Monique; Bohlmeijer, Ernst

11. Met de beste bedoelingen. WAO 1975-1999: trends, onderzoek en beleid - Veen, R.J. van der; Aarts, L.; Jong, P. de

12. Direct and Large-Eddy Simulation IX
Representing turbulence by a small number of quantities, such as intensity and length scale, for example, is appropriate and efficient in many engineering situations. Resolving most of or even all turbulent motion by means of Large-Eddy Simulation (LES) or Direct Numerical Simulation (DNS), respectively, provides much more information but is computationally very demanding. Recent years have witnessed an ever-increasing availability of computer power so that the approach can now be applied by many researchers. Indeed, a minimum number of operations, determined by the grid size and the required time steps, needs to be executed to obtain sound separation of length...

13. The pharmaceutical landscape: industry-technology-diagnostics-instrumentation-drug delivery a new form of roadmapping - Walsh, S.T.; Tierney, R.; Giasolli, R.; Tolfree, D.

14. Proceedings of the First Biennial Conference SPSP 2007

15. ICT in het Amerikaanse hoger onderwijs: stand van zaken en trends tijdens de conferentie EDUCAUSE ‘99

16. The Colors of Care: Design & Emotion 2014, 9th International Conference, Colombia

17. Pilot Linked Open Data Nederland, Deel 1 - Het managementoverzicht

18. Pilot Linked Open Data Nederland, Deel 2 - De verdieping

19. Software Technologies - 8th International Joint Conference, ICSOFT 2013 : revised selected papers
The present book includes extended and revised versions of a set of selected papers from the 8th International Joint Conference on Software Technologies (ICSOFT 2013), which was co-organized by the Reykjavik University (RU) and sponsored by the Institute for Systems and Technologies of Information, Control and Communication (INSTICC). The purpose of ICSOFT – since 2013 designated as the International Joint Conference on Software Technologies – is to bring together researchers, engineers, and practitioners working in areas that are related to software engineering and applications. ICSOFT is composed of two co-located conferences, namely ICSOFT-PT, which specializes in new software paradigm trends, and...

20. Economie, duurzaam en sociaaldemocratie: grondstoffenstromen, productiesystemen en instituties - Krozer, Yoram; Giessen, Ronald van

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