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University of Twente Publications (54,724 recursos)
University of Twente Repository provides publications of UT scientific staff, in many cases full text and publicly available.

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1. Conflict and environment in North Lebanon: vulnerability and resilience from a multi-disciplinary perspective - Molen, Irna van der; Stel, Nora

2. De handel in omgebouwde gas- en alarmwapens: vanuit een criminaliteitskundig perspectief - Vries, M.S. de

3. Netherlands Yearbook of International Law 2014: Between pragmatism and predictability: temporariness in international law - Ambrus, Mónika; Wessel, Ramses A.

4. 技術の道徳化: 事物の道徳性を理解し設計する - Verbeek, P.P.C.C.

5. Design for maintenance: guidelines to enhance maintainability, reliability and supportability of industrial products - Mulder, Wienik; Blok, Jeroen; Hoekstra, Sipke; Kokkeler, Frans

6. Postphenomenological Investigations: Essays on Human-Technology Relations
Postphenomenological Investigations: Essays on Human–Technology Relations provides an introduction to the school of thought called postphenomenology and showcases projects at the cutting edge of this perspective. Postphenomenology presents a unique blend of insights from the philosophical traditions of phenomenology and American pragmatism, and applies them to studies of user relations to technologies. These studies provide deep descriptions of the ways technologies transform our abilities, augment our experience, and shape the world around us. This book proceeds with a preface by Don Ihde, postphenomenology’s founder, and a detailed review of the main ideas of this perspective by the editors Robert Rosenberger...

7. Recidive tijdens en na behandeling in FPC de Rooyse Wissel: Een terugblik op 10 jaren behandeling - Tonnaer, F.; Chakhssi, F.; Schmitz, R.; Verwaaijen, A.A.G.

8. Geometric and quantum aspects of integrable systems : proceedings of the Eighth Scheveningen Conference, Scheveningen, The Netherlands, August 16-21, 1992

9. Book of abstracts: NRC-days 2014, October 2-3, University of Twente, Enschede - Augustijn, D.C.M.; Warmink, J.J.

10. Bedrijfsopleidingen in Nederland - Wognum, A.A.M.

11. Theory and practices on innovating for sustainable development - Krozer, Yoram
This book explains how income growth and better environmental qualities go hand in hand, and reviews the drivers and barriers to sustainable innovation on the basis of real-life cases. It discusses why innovation-based income growth reduces environmental impacts and how the huge global markets for sustainable innovation are currently hampered by protectionist policies. Subsequently, diverse sustainable innovators are presented in ascending order of the complexity of interactions between innovators and stakeholders. In this context, innovating consumers who create communities of peers in solar powered mobility are examined in the first case. It also focuses on regional tacit inventors, who spur...

12. Huygens file server and storage architecture - Bosch, Peter; Mullender, Sape; Stabell-Kulo, Tage
The Huygens file server is a high-performance file server which is able to deliver multi-media data in a timely manner while also providing clients with ordinary “Unix” like file I/O. The file server integrates client machines, file servers and tertiary storage servers in the same storage architecture. The client’s view on the storage system is a very large file system, while in practice it is built out of a hierarchy of storage devices with a single site semantics protocol.

13. De elektronische steentijd - Drukker, J.W.

14. De revolutie die in haar eigen staart beet : hoe de economische geschiedenis onze ideee͏̈n over economische groei veranderde - Drukker, J.W.

15. More playful user interfaces: interfaces that invite social and physical interaction
This book covers the latest advances in playful user interfaces – interfaces that invite social and physical interaction. These new developments include the use of audio, visual, tactile and physiological sensors to monitor, provide feedback and anticipate the behavior of human users. The decreasing cost of sensor and actuator technology makes it possible to integrate physical behavior information in human-computer interactions. This leads to many new entertainment and game applications that allow or require social and physical interaction in sensor- and actuator-equipped smart environments. The topics discussed include: human-nature interaction, human-animal interaction and the interaction with tangibles that are naturally...

16. Feed-forward neural networks - Annema, Anne-Johan

17. De factor gedrag : Enabling Technology Programme Gedrag en Innovatie 2011-2014

18. Classic writings on instructional technology
This paper describes the selection process of 17 articles for inclusion in the book, "Classic Writings on Instructional Technology." The book brings together original "classic" educational technology articles into one volume to document the history of the field through its literature. It is also an attempt to make available articles that traditionally have been difficult to obtain. The final selection of articles, all considered the "core" of the literature and all published in the United States, represents a combination of the compilers' personal favorites, the votes of professional colleagues, and the input of students who will be the intended audience....

19. European Conference on Educational Research, University of Twente (Enschede, The Netherlands, June 22-25, 1992) : book of summaries (3 Vols.)
Three volumes present, in three chapters each, summaries of the papers delivered at the June 1992 European Conference on Educational Research. In 1992 the annual Dutch Educational Research Association conference became international. The 9 themes of the conference, arranged in 9 chapters, and the number of papers presented for each theme are as follows: (1) educational organization and management, 21 papers and 3 symposia; (2) curriculum, 30 papers and 6 symposia; (3) learning and instruction, 46 papers, 6 poster sessions, and 7 symposia; (4) educational technology, 46 papers, 6 poster sessions, and 2 symposia; (5) research methods and evaluation research...

20. Modelleren van gebruiksmogelijkheden (use cases) - Gazendam, H.W.M.

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