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University of Twente Repository provides publications of UT scientific staff, in many cases full text and publicly available.

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1. Bejegening van getraumatiseerde slachtoffers van mensenhandel ten behoeve van coherente of consistente verklaringen. Een internationaal verkennende studie - Klerx-van Mierlo, F.; Youngs, D.; Oostinga, M.S.D.; Mergaerts, L.; VanDale, D.; Velden, P. van der
Eén van de omstandigheden die waarheidsvinding bij rechtszaken in verband met mensenhandel in de weg kan staan is dat er sprake is van geheugenproblemen. De vraag is of de bewijskracht van getuigenverklaringen van slachtoffers van mensenhandel kan worden verbeterd. Hiertoe wordt nagegaan in welke situaties en bij welke personen zich een vergelijkbare problematiek voordoet en hoe daar – ten behoeve van een succesvolle rechtsgang - mee wordt omgegaan. Dit biedt mogelijk aanknopingspunten voor de (strafrechtelijke) aanpak van mensenhandel. Het algemene doel van dit onderzoek is 'Inzicht bieden in de wijze waarop (mogelijke) de bewijskracht van getuigenverklaringen van slachtoffers van mensenhandel met...

2. The evolution of the internet in the business sector: web 1.0 to web 3.0 - Isaias, Pedro; Kommers, Piet; Issa, Tomayess
Efficiency and Efficacy are crucial to the success of national and international business operations today. With this in mind, businesses are continuously searching for the information and communication technologies that will improve job productivity and performance and enhance communications, collaboration, cooperation, and connection between employees, employers, and stakeholders. The Evolution of the Internet in the Business Sector: Web 1.0 to Web 3.0 takes a historical look at the policy, implementation, management, and governance of productivity enhancing technologies. This work shares best practices with public and private universities, IS developers and researchers, education managers, and business and web professionals interested in implementing...

3. EU external relations law : text, cases and materials - Van Vooren, Bart; Wessel, Ramses A.
This major new textbook for students in European law uses a text, cases and materials approach to explore the law, politics, policy and practice of EU external relations, and navigates the complex questions at the interface of these areas. The subject is explored by explaining major constitutional principles, and elaborating upon them in policy-specific chapters ranging from common commercial policy and development policy over CFSP/CSDP and AFSJ to energy and enlargement policy. Specific attention is given to the relationship between European integration, the role of law, and the EU as an effective international actor. Designed for easy navigation, chapters include...

4. De vormgeving van sociale (wijk)teams: inrichting, organisatie en vraagstukken - Oude Vrielink, Mirjan; Kolk, H. van der; Klok, Pieter-Jan

5. Football business: how markets are breaking the beautiful game - Burg, Tsjalle van der
In Football business Tsjalle van der Burg shows how the economics of football have developed and been corrupted. In a series of engaging stories he uncovers the mysteries of football finance. Van der Burg explains why if the 2013 English Premiership champions, Manchester United, had played their 1960 equivalent, Burnley, United would have won 158–1; why Feyenoord should be called Royal Feyenoord, and why politicians and media executives party while the fans walk alone. How did the fans become so marginal to the business of the clubs? The public face of football’s finance is the exponential rise of players’ wages,...

6. De wankele democratie: heeft de democratie haar beste tijd gehad? - Thomassen, Jacques; Ham, Carolien van; Andeweg, Rudy
Wankelt de Nederlandse democratie? Er gaat geen dag voorbij of er wordt wel ergens in de media verwezen naar het dalende vertrouwen van burgers in politici, politieke partijen en regering. De economische crisis en de steeds meer onder druk staande Europese samenwerking hebben de problemen alleen nog maar verergerd. Weinigen vertrouwen erop dat de politiek in staat is de juiste oplossingen te bieden. Men zou denken dat de democratie haar beste tijd gehad heeft. Maar klopt dit beeld wel? Wenden burgers zich inderdaad af van de representatieve democratie, of is dit slechts een mythe? Aan de hand van onderzoek vanaf de...

7. Metropool Ruhr: kleine atlas van het nieuwe Ruhrgebied. Vierde, volledig nieuwe editie - Hospers, Gert-Jan; Timmerman, Peter; Wetterau, Burkhard

8. Zee en land: de kracht van kustregio's - Hospers, Gert-Jan

9. The management of protected witnesses: A behavioral perspective. - Beune, K.; Giebels, E.

10. Size and local democracy - Denters, Bas; Goldsmith, Michael; Ladner, Andreas; Mouritzen, Poul Erik; Rose, Lawrence E.
How large should local governments be, and what are the implications of changing the scale of local governments for the quality of local democracy? These questions have stood at the centre of debates among scholars and public sector reformers alike from antiquity to the present. This monograph offers the first systematic cross-national investigation of these questions using empirical evidence gathered specifically for this purpose. Results provide insights that offer important touchstones for reform activities and academic research efforts in many countries

11. Cyclostationarity: Theory and Methods - Chaari, Fakher; Leskow, Jacek; Napolitano, Antonio; Sanchez Ramirez, Andrea

12. Multicultural awareness and technology in higher education: global perspectives - Issa, Tomayess; Isaias, Pedro; Kommers, Piet A.M.
This book encompasses information on the effects of international students' exchanges in higher education through e-learning technologies, providing the latest teaching and learning methods, technologies, and approaches in the higher education sector worldwide

13. Perspectives on Social Media: A Yearbook - Kommers, Piet; Isaias, Pedro; Issa, Tomayess
Perspectives on Social Media presents the most current research on the effectiveness of social media across sectors. Progress in finding better applications for social media relies on the difficult task of integrating media technologies into fields such as engineering, marketing, health, learning, art, tourism, and the service industry. This book is based on cutting-edge creative work among top international researchers and renowned designers and provides readers with a preview of the most visionary outcomes in the field of social media. Some of the major topics that the book discusses are: New social media design ; Sense of community in web...

14. Digital skills: unlocking the information society - Dijk, Jan A.G.M. van; Deursen, Alexander J.A.M. van
Digital Skills systematically discusses the skills or literacies needed in the use of digital media, primarily computers and the Internet. Following the work of van Dijk's The Deepening Divide: Inequality in the Information Society, it uses conceptual analysis and empirical observations to show what digital skills are, how they are distributed, how skill inequalities develop, and how these inequalities can be remedied by designers, educators, policymakers, and different types of Internet users

15. The Social Dynamics of Innovation Networks - Rutten, Roel; Benneworth, Paul; Irawati, Dessy; Boekema, Frans
The social dynamics of innovation networks captures the important role of trust, social capital, institutions and norms and values in the creation of knowledge in innovation networks. In doing so, this book connects to a long-standing debate on the socio-spatial context of innovation in economic geography, which is usually referred to as the Territorial Models of Innovation (TIMs) literature. This present volume breaks with the TIM literature in several important ways. In the first place, this book emphasizes the role of individual agency because individuals and their networks are increasingly recognized as the principal agents of knowledge creation. Secondly, this volume...

16. Kundenwert als Baustein zum Unternehmenswert - Henseler, Jörg; Hoffmann, Thorsten

17. The Water Footprint of Modern Consumer Society - Hoekstra, Arjen Y.
Water is not only used in the domestic context, but also in agriculture and industry in the production of commercial goods, from food to paper. The water footprint is an indicator of freshwater use that looks at both direct and indirect use of water by a consumer or producer. The water footprint of an individual, community or business is defined as the total volume of freshwater that is used to produce the goods and services consumed by the individual or community or produced by the business. This book shows how the water footprint concept can be used to quantify and...

18. The Envisioning Use Workshop - Bijl-Brouwer, Mieke van der; Boess, Stella; Harkema, Christelle

19. Working for policy - Colebatch, Hal; Hoppe, Robert; Noordegraaf, Mirko
Though democratic government calls for well-designed and implemented policy, there is surprisingly little expert guidance available for policy makers and politicians. Working for Policy fills that gap, addressing the nature of policy work and offering necessary guidance. The contributors bring together academic and experiential knowledge in their analysis and evaluation of what modern policy makers do in given situations and of how such actions contribute to the policy process. This unique book demonstrates how scholars can help to ensure that policy makers can acquire the skills and knowledge required in governing complex modern societies.

20. Proceedings of the 29th meeting of the International research group on Wear of Engineering Materials - Masen, M.A.; Schipper, D.J.

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