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University of Twente Publications (46,678 recursos)
University of Twente Repository provides publications of UT scientific staff, in many cases full text and publicly available.

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1. Kundenwert als Baustein zum Unternehmenswert - Henseler, Jörg; Hoffmann, Thorsten

2. The Water Footprint of Modern Consumer Society - Hoekstra, Arjen Y.
Water is not only used in the domestic context, but also in agriculture and industry in the production of commercial goods, from food to paper. The water footprint is an indicator of freshwater use that looks at both direct and indirect use of water by a consumer or producer. The water footprint of an individual, community or business is defined as the total volume of freshwater that is used to produce the goods and services consumed by the individual or community or produced by the business. This book shows how the water footprint concept can be used to quantify and...

3. The Envisioning Use Workshop - Bijl-Brouwer, Mieke van der; Boess, Stella; Harkema, Christelle

4. Working for policy - Colebatch, Hal; Hoppe, Robert; Noordegraaf, Mirko
Though democratic government calls for well-designed and implemented policy, there is surprisingly little expert guidance available for policy makers and politicians. Working for Policy fills that gap, addressing the nature of policy work and offering necessary guidance. The contributors bring together academic and experiential knowledge in their analysis and evaluation of what modern policy makers do in given situations and of how such actions contribute to the policy process. This unique book demonstrates how scholars can help to ensure that policy makers can acquire the skills and knowledge required in governing complex modern societies.

5. Proceedings of the 29th meeting of the International research group on Wear of Engineering Materials - Masen, M.A.; Schipper, D.J.

6. Bioenergy and water - Dallemand, J.F.; Gerbens-Leenes, P.W.

7. Design through Exploration - the REPAR project - Terken, J.; Martens, J.B.; Voort, M.C. van der

8. The water footprint of modern consumer society - Hoekstra, A.Y.

9. Grease Lubrication in Rolling Bearings - Lugt, P.M.

10. Biomimicry for coastal eco-cities: towards a carbon neutral Dover, UK - Deshpande, A.; Goh, A.L.; Goossens, A.J.M.; Javdani, S.
In 2004, the 30-year update to the 1972 report ‘The Limits to Growth’ has reiterated the Malthusian proposition that current industrial practices could lead to a sudden and uncontrollable decline in population and industrial capacity. Today, rising sea levels, biological extinction rates and soil degradation all point towards the world being in a state of overshoot. The most vulnerable cities are those on coastlines, which face flooding risks. As such, it is imperative that coastal cities develop into coastal eco-cities, which aim to reduce environmental impact, improve human well-being and life, and stimulate growth through a harmonious relation between the...

11. Playful User Interfaces: Interfaces that Invite Social and Physical Interaction
This book is about user interfaces to applications that can be considered as ‘playful’. The interfaces to such applications should be ‘playful’ as well. The application should be fun, and interacting with such an application should, of course, be fun as well. Maybe more. Why not expect that the interface is persuasive, engaging, challenging and aims at helping to provide the user with fun, trying to keep the user motivated, not frustrated or bored, or, in terms of ‘flow theory’, in a state where there is a balance between skills and challenges? Obviously, we can introduce playful interfaces to boring...

12. Patronen van staken: onstaan, verloop en verspreiding van arbeidsconflicten - Akkerman, Agnes; Born, Marieke; Jansen, Giedo; Lehr, Alex; Sluiter, Roderick
Zes wetenschappelijke artikelen over de verspreiding van stakingen en de verklaring daarvan zijn samengebracht in deze publicatie. Op drie verschillende niveaus is onderzoek gedaan: op sectorniveau, bij onderhandelaars en onder werknemers. Zo levert Patronen van staken een belangrijke bijdrage aan de kennis over arbeidsconflicten.

13. International research collaboration, research team performance, and scientific & technological capabilities in Colombia---a bottom-up perspective - Ordonez-Matamoros, Gonzalo

14. Catalysing European competitiveness in a globalising world: Panel report of FP7-ICT interim evaluation - Arnold, Erik

15. Training Module: Geoinformatics Applications in Chemical Risk Management - Sengupta, A.; Bandyopadhyay, D.; Paul, N.; Nair, S.; Gupta, A.K.

16. Solutions for SMART flood control : excursion Reeuwijk 9 July 2013 - Cundill, S.L.; Hack, H.R.G.K.

17. Constructing a cadastral database using colonial cadastral maps and satellite imagery : an Indian perspective - Sengupta, A.; Bandyopadhyay, D.; Lemmen, C.H.J.; Veen, A. van der

18. STEMMUS : Simultaneous Transfer of Engery, Mass and Momentum in Unsaturated Soil : ITC-WRS Report - Zeng, Y.; Su, Z.

19. Evaluation of Tekes: final report - Veen, Geert van der; Arnold, Erik; Boekholt, Patries; Deuten, Jasper; Horvath, Andrej; Stern, Peter; Stroyan, James

20. Evaluation of the Academy of Finland - Arnold, Erik; Luukkonen, Terttu; Boekholt, Patries; Nooijen, Anke; Javorka, Zsuzsa; Zuijdam, Frank

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