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  1. Trade and Empire in Early Nineteenth Century Southeast Asia. Gillian Maclaine and his Business Network, written by Knight, G. Roger

    Weber, Andreas

  2. Of Whales and Dinosaur. The Story of Singapore’s Natural History Museum, written by Kevin Y.L. Tan

    Weber, Andreas

  3. review of Humanizing the web change and social innovation

    Gemert-Pijnen, J.E.W.C. van

  4. Michael Hauskeller: Sex and the Posthuman Condition

    Miller, Lantz Flemming
    This new book from Michael Hauskeller explores the currently marketed or projected sex/love products that exhibit some trait of so-called “posthumanistic” theory or design. These products are so designated because of their intention to fuse high technologies, including robotics and computing, with the human user. The author offers several arguments for why the theory behind these products leads to inconsistencies. The book uses a unique approach to philosophical argument by enmeshing the argument’s major points in a concomitant discussion of pieces from world literature pertaining to posthumanism. The method is compelling, heightened by great world authorial insights that rarely find...

  5. Book reviews

    Roberts, Lissa

  6. Book reviews

    Salerno, Carlo S.

  7. Book reviews

    Kaulisch, Marc

  8. Book reviews

    Boer, Harry de

  9. Book reviews

    Westerheijden, Don F.

  10. Book reviews

    Tauritz Bakker, Lara

  11. Book reviews

    Tauritz Bakker, Lara

  12. Book reviews

    Disco, Cornelis

  13. Book reviews

    Disco, Cornelis

  14. Book reviews

    Disco, Nil

  15. Book reviews

    Disco, Cornelis

  16. Boekbesprekingen: Prescribing perfection

    Disco, Cornelis

  17. Boekbesprekingen

    Dijksterhuis, Fokko Jan

  18. Arbeidsverhoudingen van de toekomst: hoe zien ze er uit en hoe geven we ze vorm?

    Looise, Jan Kees

  19. Creatieve voorstellen voor vernieuwing Nederlandse arbeidsverhoudingen

    Looise, Jan Kees

  20. Essay review

    Roberts, Lissa

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