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  1. Retracted Publications: The Hidden World of Biomedical Literature

    Rosenzweig, Merle
    Retracting or withdrawing a published article from the biomedical literature carries a number of implications and may occasionally create a maelstrom of confusion that has the potential to last for a very long time. The stigma of retraction can haunt the author or authors throughout a lengthy career, even if the reason for the retraction is not due to scientific misconduct—plagiarism, false clams or fake data—but is caused simply by embarrassing, unintentional errors.

  2. Deal or No Deal? Evaluating Big Deals and Their Journals

    Blecic, Deborah D.; Wiberley, Stephen E. Jr.; Fiscella, Joan B.; Bahnmaier-Blaszczak, Sara; Lowery, Rebecca
    This paper presents methods to develop metrics that compare Big Deal journal packages and the journals within those packages. Deal-level metrics guide selection of a Big Deal for termination. Journal-level metrics guide selection of individual subscriptions from journals previously provided by a terminated deal. The paper argues that, while the proposed metrics provide helpful quantitative data for comparative analysis, selection of individual subscriptions must also involve informed judgment about a library’s subject coverage needs and alternative sources of access. The paper also discusses how replacing a Big Deal with a reduced number of individual subscriptions may affect the collections budget, use of other resources, and interlibrary loan.

  3. Patterns of Undergraduates' Use of Scholarly Databases in a Large Research University

    Mbabu, Loyd Gitari; Bertram, Albert; Varnum, Ken
    Authentication data was utilized to explore undergraduate usage of subscription electronic databases. These usage patterns were linked to the information literacy curriculum of the library. The data showed that out of the 26,208 enrolled undergraduate students, 42% of them accessed a scholarly database at least once in the course of the entire semester. Despite their higher levels of learning and expected sophistication in informa- tion seeking skills, juniors and seniors used databases proportionately less than freshmen and sophomores. The University Library conducts a variety of introductory seminars that introduce freshmen to databases in the Fall semester. There was no evidence...

  4. Hitting a Moving Target: Resource Access in a Mobile World

    Townsend, Whitney; Shannon, Carol

  5. 23 Things: Online Training for Social Media and Public Health

    Townsend, Whitney; Mayman, Gillian; Woody, Lorelei; Saylor, Kate; Allee, Nancy; Blumenthal, Jane

  6. The_Disability _Issues _Librarian

    Schnitzer, Anna Ercoli
    Autobiographical essay

  7. Validation of a Medline Search Instrument: Assessing Practice Based Learning Improvement in Residency Programs

    Rana, Gupreet; Bradley, Doreen; Hamstra, Stanley; Schumacher, Robert; Frohna, John; Haftel, Hilary; Lypson, Monica

  8. Enhancing Faculty Information Skills

    Bradley, Doreen; Rana, Gupreet; Redman, Patricia

  9. A Proposed Interdisciplinary Workflow to Identify Valuable Electronic Learning Resources

    Roubidoux, Marilyn; Rana, Gupreet; Weener, Deborah; Mangrulkar, Rajesh

  10. Global Connections: The Health Sciences Library's Role in Medical Campus Collaborations

    Rana, Gupreet; Moyer, Cheryl

  11. The Perceived Impact of Prior Research Experience in Global Health on Residency Choice and Career Decisions among US Interns

    Lypson, Monica; Moyer, Cheryl; Rana, Gupreet; Birnberg, Jonathon; Rominski, Sarah; Kolars, Joseph

  12. Leveraging Librarian Expertise to Support ACGME Competency Education

    Bradley, Doreen; Rana, Gupreet; Hamstra, Stanley; Lypson, Monica

  13. Defying Borders: The Library's Role in a Global University

    Rana, Gupreet

  14. Eight-module Information Skills Curriculum to Support ACGME Compeetencies

    Bradley, Doreen; Rana, Gupreet; Lypson, Monica; Hamstra, Stanley

  15. Transitioning to a 'Distant' Library

    MacEachern, Mark; Shannon, Carol

  16. Continuing Education Credit for Librarians and Learning Cytoscape

    Song, Jean; Brandenburg, Marci

  17. Research by the Numbers: Assessing the Performance of Three Products for Citation Analysis

    Conte, Marisa; Song, Jean; Townsend, Whitney

  18. The Bioinformationista: New Roles and Responsibilities for a Bioinformationist

    Song, Jean

  19. Open Access and Scholarly Publishing

    Hanley, Scott; Song, Jean

  20. The BIG: A Collaborative Librarian Group

    Song, Jean; Brandenburg, Marci; Conte, Marisa; Rosenzweig, Merle

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