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Deep Blue at the University of Michigan (72,870 recursos)
Deep Blue is the University of Michigan's permanent, safe, and accessible service for representing our rich intellectual community. Its primary goal is to provide access to the work that makes Michigan a leader in research, teaching, and creativity.

Ross School of Business - Independent Study Projects

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1. Assessing great leaders : strengths, weaknesses, and deep change in the lives of Napoleon, Benjamin Franklin, and Alexander the Great - Reid, Robbie

2. An Analysis of online comparison shopping - Wu, Hao

3. Diffusion of technological innovations - Wong, Daryl

4. Global entrepreneurial leadership growth - Wong, Andrew

5. Technology Transfers : factors affecting the successful transfer of technology - White, Michael E.

6. Customer satisfaction for the Ann Arbor Area Soccer Referee Association - White, Michael E.

7. Investment analysis, strategy, and intangibles that affect investing - Reid, Robbie

8. Gaia ventures business plan building blocks - Watson, John F.

9. Green marketing and Patagonia, Inc. - Waddington, Ryan

10. Health care systems overview : Puerto Rico and Argentina - Villegas, Rene

11. Market Campaigns : implications for Ford Motor Company - Vernon, Melissa

12. Bandwidth+ : an internet business plan - Tenenbaum, Raymond

13. The Tokyo stock exchange - TenBrink, Candace

14. Managing the expatriate cycle - Stafford, Jeffrey

15. The Roles of the board of directors under corporate governance systems - Soma, Ken Ichiro

16. E-delivery opportunities & challenges : a critical analysis of e-grocery business models - Sohmshetty, Raj

17. Investment option value drivers of the internet companies : in search of the intangible assets of the internet companies - Sohmshetty, Raj

18. Reflections on intergroup dialogue facilitation - Rapoport, Sabrina

19. On-line brokerages : marketing strategies and effectiveness, Ameritrade vs E*Trade - Slon, Martin

20. Global leadership program : summary of model area research - Singh, Raman

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