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Volume 14, Issue 7 (May, 1914)

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  1. Meetings of the Biological Club

    McAvoy, Blanche W.
    (109246 bytes; application/pdf) - 29-oct-2006

  2. The Iridales of Ohio

    Durrell, Lawrence W.
    (274513 bytes; application/pdf) - 29-oct-2006

  3. Egg-Laying of the Rice Weevil, Calandra Oryzae Linn

    Lathrop, Frank H.
    (506141 bytes; application/pdf) - 29-oct-2006

  4. Starch Reserve in Relation to the Production of Sugar, Flowers, Leaves, and Seed in Birch and Maple

    Brown, Forest B. H.
    (346571 bytes; application/pdf) - 29-oct-2006

  5. The Cheese Skipper (Piophila casci Linne) : 1. An Account of the Bionomics and the Structure of Dipterous Larvae Occuring in Human Foods with Particular Reference to those which have been Recorded

    Mote, Don C.
    (579204 bytes; application/pdf) - 29-oct-2006

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