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WSU CORE at OhioLINK Digital Resource Commons (6,890 recursos)
CORE is Wright State's institutional repository. It is a web-based system that captures, preserves, organizes, and distributes the scholarly and historical material of Wright State University. CORE is an important tool in advancing scholarly communication, open access, and to preserve the historical legacy of Wright State University

Wright State University Alternative Student Newspaper Collection (87) Founding and Fulfillment: 1964-1984, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio (24)
Wright State University Libraries Access Newsletter (57) Anne Tabachnick: A Memorial Exhibition (1927-1995) (3)
At Risked Science Technology Abstraction (8) Assembled (2)
Committed to Print (9) David Gloman and Richard Raiselis: Landscapes (7)
Changing Rhythms: Works by Leland Bell, 1950's-1991 (4) At Risk Educational Programs (4)
Bill Harding: Exhibition, Research, Performance (4) Dayton Contemporary Dance Company Performance (2)
Dennis Oppenheim (1) Mini University Program (6)
Installation Views (8) Sculpture Studio Workshop (6)
Family Portraits (12) Geometry in the 80's (13)
Jaar, Slaughter, MLK (7) John Baldessari (2)
Out of Belfast (4) Paintings by Sangram Majumdar and Louis Finkelstein: The Late Pastels, 1990-1999 (6)
Nancy Morgan Barnes and Katherine Schneider (11) Terry Allen's Ohio (2)
The Casts Project (4) The 7th International Shoebox Sculpture Exhibition (13)
The Democratic Print (3) The Global Matrix (6)
The Patrimony Corrupted: Artwork Concerning the Reconsideration of the Role of Men (12) TODT: Womb Wars (2)
Toward an Interconnectedness of All Things (16) Tracing Vision: Modern Drawings from the Ceseri Collection and the Georgia Museum of Art (2)
Trucks: Paintings by Dan Rice (13) Video 2000: Cultural and Personal Identity in the Video Cyber-Age (12)
Views of the Art Gallery (4) Words and Numbers WSUMS S. Cooper (1)
With a View Toward the Public: Dayton's Alternative Spaces Residency Program, 1977-1983 (6) Zeuxis: Serial Thinking and The Still Life Project (4)
Perry Hoberman: Faraday's Garden (1) Photography in the 1990's (4)
Petah Coyne: Fairy Tales (12) ReDefining the Object (16)
Robert Berlind Paintings 1982-1996 (4) Prints from Presses (4)
Science/Technology/Abstraction: Art at the End of the Decade (7) Permanent Collection 1987 (4)
Permanent Collection 1988 (2) Permanent Collection 1989 (20)
Wright State Faculty Exhibition 1985 (2) Wright State Faculty Exhibition 1997 (2)
Wright Brothers Collection (2,294) Sue Polanka Portfolio (144)
Boonshoft School of Medicine Oral History Project (95) Following the Footsteps of the Wright Brothers: Their Sites and Stories Symposium Papers (12)
Women's Center Reports (4) Papers and Presentations (23)
Student Projects (7) Andrew S. Iddings Wright Brothers Homecoming Celebration Collection (303)
Annual Conferences (8) Dayton-Wright Airplane Company Collection (436)
2008 Annual Conference (22) Wright State University Retirees Association Oral History Project (41)
Stephen Foster Portfolio (20) Faculty Papers and Presentations (4)
BITs and PCs Newsletter (314) Cold War Aerospace Technology Oral Histories (35)
Rain (20) Harold W. Shaw Collection (14)
Wright State University-Miami Valley College of Nursing and Health Oral History Project (61) Chemistry Posters and Presentations (8)
Harvard-Boston Aero Meet Collection (218) Charles Taylor Portfolio (2)
The Right Flier Newsletter (73) 16 Projects / 4 Artists (2)
Accumulated Vision: Extended Boundaries (2) John Baldessari (2)
Quintessence: The Alternative Spaces Residency Program (8) Stephen Antonakos: Room for Wright State (2)
Terry Allen's "OHIO" (2) With a View Toward the Public (2)
Words & #s (2) Annual Awards Ceremony (2)
Lest We Forget (48) Montgomery County Probate Court (2)
Ross A. McFarland Collection in Aerospace Medicine and Human Factors Engineering (2) National Military Home of Dayton, Ohio (72)
Faculty Papers and Presentations (6) Faculty Papers and Presentations (4)
Wright State University Academic Course Catalogs (57) TEST BY ADMIN -- temporary collection (3)
Instructional Guides & Lesson Plans (125) Miami Military Institute (238)
College of Education and Human Services Annual Reports (12) Wright State University Student Fact Books (65)
Rare Medical Books (4) Research Celebration 2010 (144)
Research Celebration 2011 (131) Nursing and Health Posters and Presentations (15)
Medical Posters and Presentations (3) Undergraduate Research Award (2)
RSS & Subscription example (3) Montgomery County, Ohio Probate Court Cases (776)
harvest test (8) Subscription Test (1)
2010 Medical Student Research Symposium (1) 2011 Medical Student Research Symposium (1)
In Maine (1) Student Projects Directed by Marjorie McLellan, Ph. D. (67)
Department of History Student Projects (66) The City Influence (1)
Family Portraits (1) College of Education and Human Services Student Projects (1)
Margaret Smell Diary (1) Theatre, Dance, and Motion Pictures Papers and Presentations (4)
School of Professional Psychology Papers and Presentations (10) Computer Science and Computer Engineering Papers and Presentations (7)
Medical History Articles, and Presentations (1) Abe J. Bassett Portfolio (5)
Student Research Directed by Audrey E. McGowin, Ph.D. (7) Dayton Family Album (1)
McCarthy Family Photograph Album (1) Patterson Family Papers (107)
Maureen Barry Portfolio (3) Annual Conference Programs (53)
Charles Wald Collection (41) Ohio Government Documents (2)
Instructional Guides and Lesson Plans (8) Research Celebration 2012 (122)
Edward A. Korn Collection (109) 1913 Flood Survivors Oral Histories (7)
Wallace Family Papers (49) 2012 Medical Student Research Symposium (1)


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