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  1. Einführung in das slowenische Aktienrecht

    Knaus, Michael; Babuder Hummel, Kristina
    Series: Arbeitspapiere des Forschungsinstituts für mittel- und osteuropäisches Wirtschaftsrecht

  2. Value Creation by Toolkits for User Innovation and Design: The Case of the Watch Market

    Franke, Nikolaus; Piller, Frank
    This study analyzes the value created by so-called "toolkits for user innovation and design", a new method of integrating customers into new product development and design. Toolkits allow customers to create their own product, which in turn is produced by the manufacturer. In our study, we asked (1) if customers actually make use of the solution space offered by toolkits, and if so, (2) how much value the self-design actually creates. In our study, we used a relatively simple, design-focused toolkit for a set of four experiments with a total of 717 participants, 267 of whom actually created their own watches. The heterogeneity of the resulting design solutions...

  3. Entrepreneurial Intentions of Business Students: A Benchmarking Study

    Lüthje, Christian; Franke, Nikolaus
    It is widely accepted that the educational system of universities has to provide an academic environment that may serve as a catalysts for high-technology start-ups. The academic tradition of entrepreneurship in German-speaking countries is very short. Until recently, fostering innovations and new product development through entrepreneurship has not been regarded as a primary task of universities. However, perspectives have changed in this respect, and there have been numerous attempts to enhance the role of university graduates as founders of innovative businesses. In this paper, we compare the entrepreneurial intentions of students at two German-speaking universities (the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration and the University of Munich)...

  4. A model-based frequency constraint for mining associations from transaction data

    Hahsler, Michael
    In this paper we develop an alternative to minimum support which utilizes knowledge of the process which generates transaction data and allows for highly skewed frequency distributions. We apply a simple stochastic model (the NB model), which is known for its usefulness to describe item occurrences in transaction data, to develop a frequency constraint. This model-based frequency constraint is used together with a precision threshold to find individual support thresholds for groups of associations. We develop the notion of NB-frequent itemsets and present two mining algorithms which find all NB-frequent itemsets in a database. In experiments with publicly available transaction...

  5. Die Zahlstelle im Anwendungsbereich des EU-Quellensteuergesetzes

    Aigner, Dietmar; Gläser, Lars

  6. European co-ordination of long-term care benefits: the individual costs of migration between Bismarck and Belveridge systems. Illustrative case studies.

    Fischer, Timo
    The paper to be presented discusses the default in policy coordination or harmonisation in European Social Policy and the emerging private cost borne by migrating individuals. The different designs of national social security schemes imply administrative hurdles and incompatibilities. The latter may also discourage labour movements between EU - countries since migration could bring about a reduction or a loss of social security rights acquired on the basis of past employment and past contributions. The access to new benefits may be hampered as long as some national social security insurance programs demand a minimum coverage period as a prerequisite for...

  7. European portability rules for social security benefits and their effects on the national social security systems

    Reyes, Carlos

  8. Sozioökonomische Veränderungen in der Vienna Region 1971-2001. Ausgewählte Ergebnisse.

    Lengauer, Lukas

  9. Evolution of cooperation and discrimination in software development

    Eckert, Daniel; Janko, Wolfgang; Mitloehner, Hans
    Software development projects typically involve repeated interactions among several groups of people. This setting seems well suited for an analysis by means of the standard-model of the evolution of cooperation, the Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma. Computer simulations of a population of stochastic reactive strategies show that the existence of intergroup discrimination can be modeled endogeneously as a result of noise due to misperception of the opponent's move. (author's abstract)

  10. Do we really know that the EU´s Single Market Programme has fostered competition? Testing for a decrease in markup ratios in EU industries.

    Badinger, Harald
    Using a sample of 10 European countries and 17 industries covering the period 1981 to 1999, we test whether the EU's Single Market Programme had a significant procompetitive effect in terms of a reduction in firms' markups over marginal costs. In the framework of the markup estimation method suggested by Roeger (1995), we employ a panel approach for each of the sectors to test for both an instantaneous structural change between 1989 and 1993 as well as a continuous change in parameters using smooth transition analysis. The results do not indicate a pervasive pro-competitive effect of the Single Market. While...

  11. ICT revolution, globalization and informational lock-in

    Sanditov, Bulat
    We examine a model of social learning in networks following the lines of Bala and Goyal (1998, 2001). As a model of agents' behaviour we have chosen the model of informational cascades of Bikhchandani et al (1992). Similarly to Bala and Goyal we find that the higher the 'degree of integration' within the society is, the more likely it is that conformity of actions will arise. However, unlike their results our model suggests that in the presence of informational externalities globalisation of informational flows, expressed in the increasing density of communication channels in a network, may drive down the expected...

  12. Die Erstellung des Leitbildes für Corporate Social Responsibility der österreichischen Wirtschaft (CSR-Austria Leitbild). Process-review und lessons learned.

    Martinuzzi, Andre; Konrad, Astrid

  13. Life after crisis for capital and labor in the era of neoliberal globalization

    Onaran, Özlem
    The aim of this paper is to discuss the outcomes of neoliberal globalization from the perspective of labor in the developing countries, with a particular emphasis on the crises that followed the substantial liberalization in capital accounts in the 1990s. Although a lot has been said about the effects of capital account liberalization on the macroeconomic performance of the economies, less attention is paid to the different effects on labor vs. capital. This paper analyses the outcomes of neoliberal globalization for labor in nine developing countries, and focuses on the episodes of crisis as part of the general class struggle...

  14. Sponsoringstrategien von Wiener Unternehmen unter besonderer Berücksichtigung von Gender-Aspekten

    Allhutter, Doris; Hanappi-Egger, Edeltraud
    Im Zuge der Veränderungen im Hochschulbereich wird die Akquisition von Drittmitteln für Universitäten und Universitätsinstitute immer wichtiger, wobei zunehmend auf eine mögliche Kooperation mit privatwirtschaftlichen Unternehmen im Rahmen von Sponsoringverträgen verwiesen wird. Die vorliegende Studie stellt eine detaillierte Auseinandersetzung mit den Sponsoringstrategien von ausgewählten Wiener Unternehmen mit dem Fokus Wissenschafts-Sponsoring dar und bezieht insbesondere die Frage nach dem Potenzial gender-bezogener Sponsoringprojekte mit ein. In der Auseinandersetzung mit Sponsoring wurden im Rahmen des Projekts zwei Ebenen sowohl theoretisch als auch empirisch behandelt. Erstens wurden die Grundlagen und Rahmenbedingungen der unterschiedlichen Sponsoringarten dargestellt und es wurde untersucht, welche konkreten Beweggründe und Operationalisierungsmechanismen...

  15. Sectoral and aggegrate technology shocks. Is there a relationship?

    Hoelzl, Werner; Reinstaller, Andreas
    We analyze sector specific shocks in productivity and demand in 19 manufacturing sectors of the Austrian economy. Based on a structural vector autoregressive (SVAR) model with long run restrictions developed by Gali (1999) we extract technology and non-technology shocks from sectoral and aggregate data and study their patterns and relationship by means of a principal components analysis. We find a close association of sectoral and macroeconomic non-technology shocks but only a very weak association for technology shocks. Impulse-response analysis indicates that for almost all manufacturing sectors and the Austrian economy productivity growth rates experience an immediate increase to positive technology...

  16. Entwicklungsforschung als Beitrag zu einer anderen Welt

    Novy, Andreas
    This article analyses research on development (Entwicklungsforschung) as a new discipline for understanding world development as an integral process. It starts by describing the crisis of social science as the crisis of the enlightenment project and of rationality. The dialectics of enlightenment consists in a modernisation project that optimises the means of intervention in society, neglecting rational deliberation on its ends. Today, social sciences who do not subordinate itself to the cash nexus are being marginalized by liberal reforms aiming at the privatisation of knowledge. An alternative and integrated social science has to overcome disciplinary boundaries as proposed by interdisciplinary...

  17. Rechtliche Grundlagen des Bologna-Prozesses und der Lissabon-Strategie. Europaweite Vereinheitlichung der Studienstrukturen und Maßnahmen zur Erleichterung der Anerkennung von Diplomen.

    Seifert, Michaela
    Die Modernisierung der Europäischen Bildungsstrukturen stellt ein zentrales Anliegen des mittlerweile 40 Staaten umfassenden Bologna-Prozesses und der von den europäischen Staats- und Regierungschefs in Lissabon formulierten Strategie dar. Ziel ist es, bis zum Jahre 2010 einen europäischen Hochschulraum zu schaffen und die Mobilität der Studierenden zu verbessern. Dies soll nicht zuletzt durch die Schaffung eines zweigliedrigen Studiums und einheitlicher akademischer Abschlüsse - dem Bakkalaureus und dem darauf aufbauenden Master - innerhalb Europas erreicht werden. Im Zuge der aktuellen Debatte drängt sich jedoch die Frage nach der Rechtsverbindlichkeit der hochschulpolitischen Erklärungen des Bologna- Prozesses sowie der im Rahmen der Lissabon-Strategie erlassenen...

  18. Implementing a class of structural change tests: An econometric computing approach

    Zeileis, Achim
    The implementation of a recently suggested class of structural change tests, which test for parameter instability in general parametric models, in the R language for statistical computing is described: Focus is given to the question how the conceptual tools can be translated into computational tools that reflect the properties and flexiblity of the underlying econometric metholody while being numerically reliable and easy to use. More precisely, the class of generalized M-fluctuation tests (Zeileis & Hornik, 2003) is implemented in the package strucchange providing easily extensible functions for computing empirical fluctuation processes and automatic tabulation of critical values for a functional...

  19. "Kerneuropa" - ein aktuelles Schlagwort und seine Bedeutung

    Schneider, Heinrich
    Als die Regierungskonferenz über einen Verfassungsvertrag für die Europäische Union im Spätherbst 2003 zu scheitern drohte und auch der Europäische Rat am 12. und 13. Dezember 2003 außerstande war, unvereinbare mitgliedstaatliche Positionen zu überbrücken, brachten Spitzenpolitiker, vor allem aus Deutschland und Frankreich, das "Kerneuropa"-Projekt ins Spiel: Sollten sich die 15 oder 25 EU-Mitgliedstaaten nicht auf einen im wesentlichen dem Konventsentwurf entsprechenden Verfassungsvertrag einigen, dann würde eine "Pioniergruppe" von integrationswilligen Mitgliedstaaten mit neuen Vertiefungsschritten vorangehen. Diese Botschaft fand unterschiedliche Resonanz; in vielen Mitgliedstaten überwog das kritische Echo. Was ist vom "Projekt Kern-Europa" zu halten? Dieser Beitrag zeigt auf, daß schon der...

  20. Balanced scorecards with SAP strategic enterprise management

    Prosser, Alexander; Auer, Josef; Kellermann, Sarah
    Balanced Scorecards have developed into a main management tool for analysing the inter-dependencies between the functional areas of a business organisation. Using SAP^TM Strategic Enterprise Management this book serves as a companion to a practical lecture on how to implement a Balanced Scorecard in an IT system. Students create the underlying Data Warehouse structures, define the key figures and their inter-dependencies, build the Scorecard system and analyse it in a realistic case study. A host of free, Web-based materials may be used in conjunction with this book, available at The material includes transparencies for classroom use and a case...

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