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2008-09 Mershon Center Faculty Spotlight

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  1. Faculty Spotlight 2008-09

    Becker, Cathy
    The Mershon Center provides support for faculty to focus on research related to international security. The selected faculty come from departments across The Ohio State University, with many holding endowed chairs.

  2. Faculty Spotlight 2008-09 Alexander Wendt

    Wendt, Alexander
    Alexander Wendt is the Ralph D. Mershon Professor of International Security at the Mershon Center. His research interests include international relations theory, global governance, political and social theory, and the philosophy of social science. Wendt is one of the most cited international relations scholars today. Based on a survey by the College of William and Mary of 2,000 international relations faculty, Foreign Policy named him the third-most influential scholar in the field over the past 20 years.

  3. Faculty Spotlight 2008-09 Randall Schweller

    Schweller, Randall
    Randall Schweller is Professor of Political Science at The Ohio State University. His research focuses on theories of world politics and international security.

  4. Faculty Spotlight 2008-09 Pamela Paxton

    Paxton, Pamela
    Pamela Paxton is an Associate Professor of Sociology and Political Science and Associate Dean in the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences. Her current areas of research include women in politics, social networks, and social capital.

  5. Faculty Spotlight 2008-09 Geoffrey Parker

    Parker, Geoffrey
    Geoffrey Parker is Andreas Dorpalen Professor of History at The Ohio State University, as well as an associate of the Mershon Center for International Security Studies. Parker is author or editor of 36 books, almost 100 articles, and almost 200 book reviews on the social, political, and military history of early modern Europe. He is perhaps best known for his scholarship on Philip II of Spain, including a biography (translated into five languages), The Grand Strategy of Philip II (Yale, 1998), and The Spanish Armada (Manchester, 2001).

  6. Faculty Spotlight 2008-09 John Mueller

    Mueller, John
    John Mueller is Woody Hayes Chair of National Security Studies at the Mershon Center for International Security Studies and Professor of Political Science at The Ohio State University. His interests include international politics, foreign policy, defense policy, public opinion, democratization, economic history, post-Communism, and terrorism.

  7. Faculty Spotlight 2008-09 Robert McMahon

    McMahon, Robert
    Robert McMahon is Ralph D. Mershon Professor of History. A leading historian of American diplomatic history, he is author of several books on U.S. foreign relations, including The Cold War: A Very Short Introduction, The Limits of Empire: The United States and Southeast Asia since World War II, and The Cold War on the Periphery: The United States, India, and Pakistan.

  8. Faculty Spotlight 2008-09 Peter Mansoor

    Mansoor, Peter
    Peter Mansoor is the Raymond E. Mason Jr. Chair in Military History, a joint appointment between the Mershon Center for International Security Studies and the Department of History. His research interests include modern U.S. military history, World War II, the Iraq War, and counterinsurgency warfare.

  9. Faculty Spotlight 2008-09 Sean Kay

    Kay, Sean
    Sean Kay is Professor of Politics and Government and Chair of International Studies at Ohio Wesleyan University. He specializes in international politics, international security, international organizations, and U.S. foreign and defense policy. Kay is also a non-resident fellow at the Eisenhower Institute in Washington, D.C., specializing in international security.

  10. Faculty Spotlight 2008-09 Theodore Hopf

    Hopf, Theodore
    Theodore Hopf is Associate Professor of Political Science at The Ohio State University and a research associate at the Mershon Center. His interests include international relations theory, identity, qualitative methodology, and the former Soviet space.

  11. Faculty Spotlight 2008-09 Richard Herrmann

    Herrmann, Richard
    Richard Herrmann is director of the Mershon Center for International Security Studies. Since 2002, he has led the center's efforts to attract a world-class faculty, establish its reputation as a leader in security studies, and offer special opportunities to enhance the student experience. Herrmann specializes in international relations, security and conflict studies, political psychology, and politics in the Middle East and Russia. He has written on the role of perception and imagery in foreign policy and the importance of nationalism and identity politics. He is the author or editor of three books and more than 40 articles in such journals as American Political Science Review, International Organization, International Security, and...

  12. Faculty Spotlight 2008-09 Carole Fink

    Fink, Carole
    Carole Fink is Humanities Distinguished Professor of History and an associate of the Mershon Center. She is author or editor of 12 books and more than 50 articles, chapters and monographs on European international history and historiography.

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