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  1. Fallen

    Westerside, Andrew; Lawrence, Conan; Wilde, Mark; Baynton, Rachel
    Part of the Performance-as-Commemoration project, this practice-as-research performance took place on the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme (1 July, 2016) at the Judge's Lodgings in Lincoln, and was later broadcast on BBC Radio Lincolnshire and BBC iPlayer. The performance is a response to the following research questions: How can live performance 'commemorate' rather than 'memorialise' or 're-enact' significant historical events? How can music and the musical archive commemorate loss? Are there any unperformed compositions/arrangements of music from composers who fought and fell at the Somme?
    (audio/mpeg) - 17-mar-2018

  2. Laced

    Morrad, Annie
    Asked to provide a music piece and score for Andrew Bracey's film Lace Works for the Lace Archive in Nottingham.
    (audio/x-wav) - 16-mar-2018

  3. Beholder halfway #25: beyond unwanted sound with Marie Thompson

    Rekret, Paul; Thompson, Marie
    On this month's episode I discuss the recent book Beyond Unwanted Sound: Noise, Affect and Aesthetic Moralism with its author, Marie Thompson. We discuss different conceptions of 'noise', as anti-music or the cacophony of industrial society, competing theories of noise and Marie's powerful argument that noise is neither inherently bothersome nor transgressive. We end by discussing some of the musicians and sound artists that Marie argues transcend the dominant morality by which noise is related to.
    - 16-mar-2018

  4. Work and the social science imagination

    Winn, Joss; Saunders, Gary; Keeble, Richard
    In this third Social Science Centre podcast, Richard Lance Keeble discusses with fellow SSC scholars Gary Saunders and Joss Winn, ways in which C. Wright Mills’ The Sociological Imagination can help people reflect critically on their own experience of work. They focus on how the writing of Kathi Weeks can help us explore the nature of capitalist work and then discuss possible ways to alleviate the central role of work in our lives: a reduction in working hours and a guaranteed, unconditional basic income.
    (audio/mpeg) - 28-feb-2018

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