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Volume 30, Issue 4 (July, 1930)

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  1. Back Matter

  2. Plasmodiophora Lewisii, Nov. Sp.

    Jones, Philip M.
    Author Institution: University of Minnesota

  3. Third Layer of Amoeba vs. Trichoysts of Paramecium

    Jones, Philip M.
    Author Institution: University of Minnesota

  4. Supplement to Catalogue of Type Fossils in the Geological Museum at the Ohio State University

    Stewart, Grace Anne
    Author Institution: Department of Geology, Ohio State University

  5. Principles of Plant Taxonomy. IX.

    Schaffner, John H.

  6. The Influence of Climate on Human Organism as Evidenced by the Death Rate from Certain Diseases, and by Conception Rate

    Mills, C. A.
    Author Institution: From the Department of Internal Medicine, University of Cincinnati

  7. Internal Anatomy of Euryurus Erythropygus (Brandt) (Diplopoda)

    Miley, Hugh H.

  8. Primary Non-Disjunction in Drosophila Hydei

    Spencer, Warren P.
    Author Institution: College of Wooster

  9. The Laws of Motion Under Constant Power

    Taylor, Lloyd W.
    Author Institution: Oberlin College

  10. A Record of Post-Glacial Climate in Northern Ohio

    Sears, Paul Bigelow

  11. Front Matter

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