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UCL Eprints collects the work of UCL researchers and makes it freely available over the web, helping the worldwide scholarly community to discover UCL research. Institutional repositories like UCL Eprints complement the traditional academic publishing and scholarly communications processes. They raise the visibility of research and help to maximise its impact. UCL researchers are encouraged to deposit a copy of each journal article, conference paper, working paper, and any other research output, in the UCL Eprints at the earliest opportunity, ensuring that their research reaches as wide an audience as possible.

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1. Can smartphones support inclusion for autism in mainstream? - Mintz, J
Purpose: The "Helping Autism Diagnosed Navigate and Develop Socially" (HANDS) project developed a suite of mobile apps for smartphones, which support children with Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) with social and life skills functioning - areas of ability which tend to be impaired in this population. The apps were field tested in four special schools. The purpose of this paper is to report on an exploratory investigation of the potential use of this and similar technology to support the inclusion of children with ASD in mainstream secondary schools. Design/methodology/approach: A series of technology familiarization sessions and follow up focus groups were...

2. Additional key factors mediating the use of a mobile technology tool designed to develop social and life skills in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders: Evaluation of the 2nd HANDS prototype - Mintz, J
Of late there has been growing interest in the potential of technology to support children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) with social and life skills. There has also been a burgeoning interest in the potential use of mobile technology in the classroom and in the use of such technology to support children with ASD. Building on these developments, the HANDS project has developed a mobile cognitive support application for smartphones, based on the principles of persuasive technology design, which supports children with ASD with social and life skills functioning-areas of ability which tend to be impaired in this population. Based...

3. The fourth phase of the radiative transfer model intercomparison (RAMI) exercise: Actual canopy scenarios and conformity testing - Widlowski, J-L; Mio, C; Disney, M; Adams, J; Andredakis, I; Atzberger, C; Brennan, J; Busetto, L; Chelle, M; Ceccherini, G; Colombo, R; Cote, J-F; Eenmaee, A; Essery, R; Gastellu-Etchegorry, J-P; Gobron, N; Grau, E; Haverd, V; Homolova, L; Huang, H; Hunt, L; Kobayashi, H; Koetz, B; Kuusk, A; Kuusk, J; Lang, M; Lewis, PE; Lovell, JL; Malenovsky, Z; Meroni, M; Morsdorf, F; Mottus, M; Ni-Meister, W; Pinty, B; Rautiainen, M; Schlerf, M; Somers, B; Stuckens, J; Verstraete, MM; Yang, W; Zhao, F; Zenone, T

4. The state of hepatitis B and C in Europe: report from the hepatitis B and C summit conference - Hatzakis, A; Wait, S; Bruix, J; Buti, M; Carballo, M; Cavaleri, M; Colombo, M; Delarocque-Astagneau, E; Dusheiko, G; Esmat, G; Esteban, R; Goldberg, D; Gore, C; Lok, ASF; Manns, M; Marcellin, P; Papatheodoridis, G; Peterle, A; Prati, D; Piorkowsky, N; Rizzetto, M; Roudot-Thoraval, F; Soriano, V; Thomas, HC; Thursz, M; Valla, D; van Damme, P; Veldhuijzen, IK; Wedemeyer, H; Wiessing, L; Zanetti, AR; Janssen, HLA
Worldwide, the hepatitis B virus (HBV) and the hepatitis C virus (HCV) cause, respectively, 600 000 and 350 000 deaths each year. Viral hepatitis is the leading cause of cirrhosis and liver cancer, which in turn ranks as the third cause of cancer death worldwide. Within the WHO European region, approximately 14 million people are chronically infected with HBV, and nine million people are chronically infected with HCV. Lack of reliable epidemiological data on HBV and HCV is one of the biggest hurdles to advancing policy. Risk groups such as migrants and injecting drug users (IDU) tend to be under-represented...

5. Is there any value to hepatitis B virus genotype analysis? - Tanwar, S; Dusheiko, G
Hepatitis B may cause a varying spectrum of diseases ranging from an asymptomatic or mild anicteric acute illness, to severe or fulminant hepatitis. Similarly, the outcome of chronic hepatitis B is variable. Viral factors associated with outcome of chronic hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection include hepatitis B e antigen status, HBV DNA, genotype, and HBV variants. HBV genotypes and subgenotypes have been associated with differences in clinical and virological characteristics, indicating that they may play a role in the virus-host relationship. A total of ten hepatitis B virus genotypes have been defined with a distinct geographical distribution. Hitherto, genotypes A,...

6. Different time scales in plasmonically enhanced high-order harmonic generation - Zagoya, C; Bonner, M; Chomet, H; Slade, E; Faria, CFDM
We investigate high-order harmonic generation in inhomogeneous media for reduced dimensionality models. We perform a phase-space analysis, in which we identify specific features caused by the field inhomogeneity. We compute high-order harmonic spectra using the numerical solution of the time-dependent Schr\"odinger equation, and provide an interpretation in terms of classical electron trajectories. We show that the dynamics of the system can be described by the interplay of high-frequency and slow-frequency oscillations, which are given by Mathieu's equations. The latter oscillations lead to an increase in the cutoff energy, and, for small values of the inhomogeneity parameter, take place over many...

7. The EDSS-Plus, an improved endpoint for disability progression in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis. - Cadavid, D; Cohen, JA; Freedman, MS; Goldman, MD; Hartung, HP; Havrdova, E; Jeffery, D; Kapoor, R; Miller, A; Sellebjerg, F; Kinch, D; Lee, S; Shang, S; Mikol, D
BACKGROUND: The Expanded Disability Status Scale (EDSS) has wide scientific and regulatory precedent but limited ability to detect clinically relevant disability progression in secondary progressive multiple sclerosis (SPMS) patients, partly due to a lack of meaningful measurement of short-distance ambulatory and upper-extremity function. OBJECTIVE: To present a rationale for a composite endpoint adding the timed 25-foot walk (T25FW) and 9-Hole Peg Test (9HPT) to EDSS for SPMS disability progression assessment. METHODS: Using the International Multiple Sclerosis Secondary Progressive Avonex Clinical Trial (IMPACT) placebo arm (n = 215) data, we analyzed disability progression using a novel progression endpoint, "EDSS-Plus," defined as progression on...

8. Letters to the editor - Elliott, AJ; Davis, A; Wilkins, M

9. Emotional valence, sense of agency and responsibility: A study using intentional binding. - Christensen, JF; Yoshie, M; Di Costa, S; Haggard, P
We investigated how the emotional valence of an action outcome influences the experience of control, in an intentional binding experiment. Voluntary actions were followed by emotionally positive or negative human vocalisations, or by neutral tones. We used mental chronometry to measure a retrospective component of sense of agency (SoA), triggered by the occurrence of the action outcome, and a prospective component, driven by the expectation that the outcome will occur. Positive outcomes enhanced the retrospective component of SoA, but only when both occurrence and the valence of the outcome were unexpected. When the valence of outcomes was blocked - and...

10. Inverted U-Shaped Relation Between the Risk of Sudden Cardiac Death and Maximal Left Ventricular Wall Thickness in Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. - O'Mahony, C; Jichi, F; Monserrat, L; Ortiz-Genga, M; Anastasakis, A; Rapezzi, C; Biagini, E; Gimeno, JR; Limongelli, G; McKenna, WJ; Omar, RZ; Elliott, PM; Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy Outcomes Investigators*,
BACKGROUND: Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy is associated with sudden cardiac death (SCD). Some studies have shown an association between risk of sudden death and left ventricular maximal wall thickness (MWT), but there are few data in patients with extreme hypertrophy. The aim of this study was to determine the relation between MWT and the risk of SCD. METHODS AND RESULTS: This is a multicenter, retrospective, longitudinal cohort study of 3673 adult (≥16 years) patients, previously used to develop and validate a risk prediction model for SCD (HCM Risk-SCD [hypertrophic cardiomyopathy risk-SCD]). There was an inverted U-shaped relation between MWT and the estimated...

11. Genetic testing for inheritable cardiac channelopathies. - Szepesváry, E; Kaski, JP
Cardiac channelopathies are linked to an increased risk of ventricular arrhythmia and sudden death. This article reviews the clinical characteristics and genetic basis of common cardiac ion-channel diseases, highlights some genotype-phenotype correlations, and summarizes genetic testing for inheritable cardiac channelopathies.

12. Study of the photocatalytic activity of Pt-modified commercial for hydrogen production in the presence of common organic sacrificial agents - Melián, EP; López, CR; Santiago, DE; Quesada-Cabrera, R; Méndez, JAO; Rodríguez, JMD; Díaz, OG
© 2016 2016 Elsevier B.V. All rights reserved. A detailed study is undertaken of the photocatalytic activity in hydrogen production of the commercialphotocatalyst Kronos vlp7000 (KR) surface-modified with photodeposited platinum particles (2.1 wt%Pt). The influence of different photocatalytic variables is studied: photocatalyst loading, suspension pHvalue and the nature and concentration of the sacrificial agent used. Optimum pH was found to be neutralor slightly acidic. The catalyst loading, which ranged between 0.5 and 2 g L?1, had little effect on hydrogenproduction. In general, the results for the tested sacrificial agents in terms of hydrogen production wereas follows (in descending order):methanol >...

13. FEASIBILITY AND UPTAKE OF ENHANCED SMOKING CESSATION SERVICES WITHIN AMBULATORY HIV CARE - Kyriacou, C; Stewart, N; Melville, A; Brown, J; Edwards, K; Lloyd, R; Johnson, M; Flint, J; Rodger, A; Lipman, M

14. Software for Tomographic Image Reconstruction - Thielemans, KFJJ; Tsoumpas, C
STIR is Open Source software for use in tomographic imaging. Its aim is to provide a Multi-Platform Object-Oriented framework for all data manipulations in tomographic imaging. Currently, the emphasis is on (iterative) image reconstruction in PET and SPECT, but other application areas and imaging modalities can and might be added.

15. Management of carotid near-occlusion and acute carotid occlusion. - Fisch, L; Brown, MM
As a stenosis becomes more severe, blood flow through it increases in velocity to maintain volume, flow and pressure. But there is a critical point beyond which further increase in stenosis no longer allows sufficient blood to pass through to maintain volumetric flow, and the carotid artery beyond the stenosis begins to decrease in diameter. This is the near occlusion. To maintain a sufficient blood flow in affected area, there is a progressive recruitment of collaterals followed by an activation of cerebral autoregulation with dilatation of resistance vessels. When this process fails to maintain normal cerebral blood flow, oxygen extraction...

16. The membrane attack complex, perforin and cholesterol-dependent cytolysin superfamily of pore-forming proteins. - Lukoyanova, N; Hoogenboom, BW; Saibil, HR
The membrane attack complex and perforin proteins (MACPFs) and bacterial cholesterol-dependent cytolysins (CDCs) are two branches of a large and diverse superfamily of pore-forming proteins that function in immunity and pathogenesis. During pore formation, soluble monomers assemble into large transmembrane pores through conformational transitions that involve extrusion and refolding of two α-helical regions into transmembrane β-hairpins. These transitions entail a dramatic refolding of the protein structure, and the resulting assemblies create large holes in cellular membranes, but they do not use any external source of energy. Structures of the membrane-bound assemblies are required to mechanistically understand and modulate these processes....

17. Meal patterns across ten European countries - results from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) calibration study. - Huseinovic, E; Winkvist, A; Slimani, N; Park, MK; Freisling, H; Boeing, H; Buckland, G; Schwingshackl, L; Weiderpass, E; Rostgaard-Hansen, AL; Tjønneland, A; Affret, A; Boutron-Ruault, MC; Fagherazzi, G; Katzke, V; Kühn, T; Naska, A; Orfanos, P; Trichopoulou, A; Pala, V; Palli, D; Ricceri, F; Santucci de Magistris, M; Tumino, R; Engeset, D; Enget, T; Skeie, G; Barricarte, A; Bonet, CB; Chirlaque, MD; Amiano, P; Quirós, JR; Sánchez, MJ; Dias, JA; Drake, I; Wennberg, M; Boer, J; Ocké, MC; Verschuren, W; Lassale, C; Perez-Cornago, A; Riboli, E; Ward, H; Forslund, HB
OBJECTIVE: To characterize meal patterns across ten European countries participating in the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC) calibration study. DESIGN: Cross-sectional study utilizing dietary data collected through a standardized 24 h diet recall during 1995-2000. Eleven predefined intake occasions across a 24 h period were assessed during the interview. In the present descriptive report, meal patterns were analysed in terms of daily number of intake occasions, the proportion reporting each intake occasion and the energy contributions from each intake occasion. SETTING: Twenty-seven centres across ten European countries. SUBJECTS: Women (64 %) and men (36 %) aged 35-74...

18. Prediction models for cardiovascular disease risk in the general population: systematic review. - Damen, JA; Hooft, L; Schuit, E; Debray, TP; Collins, GS; Tzoulaki, I; Lassale, CM; Siontis, GC; Chiocchia, V; Roberts, C; Schlüssel, MM; Gerry, S; Black, JA; Heus, P; van der Schouw, YT; Peelen, LM; Moons, KG
OBJECTIVE:  To provide an overview of prediction models for risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) in the general population. DESIGN:  Systematic review. DATA SOURCES:  Medline and Embase until June 2013. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA FOR STUDY SELECTION:  Studies describing the development or external validation of a multivariable model for predicting CVD risk in the general population. RESULTS:  9965 references were screened, of which 212 articles were included in the review, describing the development of 363 prediction models and 473 external validations. Most models were developed in Europe (n=167, 46%), predicted risk of fatal or non-fatal coronary heart disease (n=118, 33%) over a 10...

19. Skeletal scintigraphy in carcinoma of the breast--a ten year retrospective study of 389 patients. - Ahmed, A; Glynne-Jones, R; Ell, PJ
To evaluate the incidence of a positive bone scan at presentation in women with primary breast cancer, 389 consecutive 99Tcm bone scans over a ten-year period (1978-87) were retrospectively and blindly reviewed by a single observer. The study comprised all women clinically staged I-III (UICC criteria) and irradiated with radical intent in the Professorial Unit of Radiotherapy at this institution. The initial scan was performed within six weeks of primary surgery, and was judged to show metastatic disease in only 24/389 (6%) overall. The incidence of a positive scan increased with stage from 2/80 (2.5%), and 9/226 (4%) to 13/83...

20. A 99Tcm-labelled radiotracer for the investigation of cerebral vascular disease. - Ell, PJ; Hocknell, JM; Jarritt, PH; Cullum, I; Lui, D; Campos-Costa, D; Nowotnik, DP; Pickett, RD; Canning, LR; Neirinckx, RD
The first clinical data is given on 99Tcm-hexamethylpropyleneamine oxime (HM-PAO) in normal subjects and patients with established stroke. Regional cerebral blood flow maps (rCBF) have been recorded and displayed in tomographic mode with this new radiopharmaceutical. Good images were obtained, comparable to those achieved with 123I-isopropylamphetamine (IMP).

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