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UCL Eprints collects the work of UCL researchers and makes it freely available over the web, helping the worldwide scholarly community to discover UCL research. Institutional repositories like UCL Eprints complement the traditional academic publishing and scholarly communications processes. They raise the visibility of research and help to maximise its impact. UCL researchers are encouraged to deposit a copy of each journal article, conference paper, working paper, and any other research output, in the UCL Eprints at the earliest opportunity, ensuring that their research reaches as wide an audience as possible.

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1. Study of the $\vec{p}d \to n\{pp\}_{s}$ charge-exchange reaction using a polarised deuterium target - Gou, B; Mchedlishvili, D; Bagdasarian, Z; Barsov, S; Chiladze, D; Dymov, S; Engels, R; Gaisser, M; Gebel, R; Grigoryev, K; Hartmann, M; Kacharava, A; Khoukaz, A; Kulessa, P; Kulikov, A; Lehrach, A; Li, Z; Lomidze, N; Lorentz, B; Macharashvili, G; Merzliakov, S; Mielke, M; Mikirtychyants, M; Mikirtychyants, S; Nioradze, M; Ohm, H; Prasuhn, D; Rathmann, F; Serdyuk, V; Seyfarth, H; Shmakova, V; Ströher, H; Tabidze, M; Trusov, S; Tsirkov, D; Uzikov, Y; Valdau, Y; Wang, T; Weidemann, C; Wilkin, C; Yuan, X
The vector and tensor analysing powers, $A_y$ and $A_{yy}$, of the $\vec{p}d \to n\{pp\}_{s}$ charge-exchange reaction have been measured at a beam energy of 600 MeV at the COSY-ANKE facility by using an unpolarised proton beam incident on an internal storage cell target filled with polarised deuterium gas. The low energy recoiling protons were measured in a pair of silicon tracking telescopes placed on either side of the target. Putting a cut of 3 MeV on the diproton excitation energy ensured that the two protons were dominantly in the $^{1}S_{0}$ state, here denoted by $\{pp\}_{s}$. The polarisation of the deuterium...

2. Staging of osteonecrosis of the jaw requires computed tomography for accurate definition of the extent of bony disease - Bedogni, A; Fedele, S; Bedogni, G; Scoletta, M; Arduino, P; Favia, G; Petruzzi, M; Colella, G; D'Amato, S; Agrillo, A; Ungari, C; Bettini, G; Saia, G; Di Fede, O; Campisi, G; Oteri, G; Fusco, V; Gabriele, M; Ottolenghi, L; Valsecchi, S; Porter, S; Fung Polly, P-L
Management of osteonecrosis of the jaw associated with antiresorptive agents is challenging, and outcomes are unpredictable. The severity of disease is the main guide to management, and can help to predict prognosis. Most available staging systems for osteonecrosis, including the widely-used American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons (AAOMS) system, classify severity on the basis of clinical and radiographic findings. However, clinical inspection and radiography are limited in their ability to identify the extent of necrotic bone disease compared with computed tomography (CT). We have organised a large multicentre retrospective study (known as MISSION) to investigate the agreement between the...

3. Hyperfine Stark effect of shallow donors in silicon - Pica, G; Wolfowicz, G; Urdampilleta, M; Thewalt, MLW; Riemann, H; Abrosimov, NV; Becker, P; Pohl, HJ; Morton, JJL; Bhatt, RN; Lyon, SA; Lovett, BW
We present a complete theoretical treatment of Stark effects in doped silicon, whose predictions are supported by experimental measurements. A multi-valley effective mass theory, dealing non-perturbatively with valley-orbit interactions induced by a donor-dependent central cell potential, allows us to obtain a very reliable picture of the donor wave function within a relatively simple framework. Variational optimization of the 1s donor binding energies calculated with a new trial wave function, in a pseudopotential with two fitting parameters, allows an accurate match of the experimentally determined donor energy levels, while the correct limiting behavior for the electronic density, both close to and...

4. Optimising beamformer regions of interest analysis. - Oswal, A; Litvak, V; Brown, P; Woolrich, M; Barnes, G
Beamforming is a spatial filtering based source reconstruction method for EEG and MEG that allows the estimation of neuronal activity at a particular location within the brain. The computation of the location specific filter depends solely on an estimate of the data covariance matrix and on the forward model. Increasing the number of M/EEG sensors, increases the quantity of data required for accurate covariance matrix estimation. Often however we have a prior hypothesis about the site of, or the signal of interest. Here we show how this prior specification, in combination with optimal estimations of data dimensionality, can give enhanced...

5. Modulation of alpha and gamma oscillations related to retrospectively orienting attention within working memory - Poch, C; Campo, P; Barnes, GR
Selective attention mechanisms allow us to focus on information that is relevant to the current behavior and, equally important, ignore irrelevant information. An influential model proposes that oscillatory neural activity in the alpha band serves as an active functional inhibitory mechanism. Recent studies have shown that, in the same way that attention can be selectively oriented to bias sensory processing in favor of relevant stimuli in perceptual tasks, it is also possible to retrospectively orient attention to internal representations held in working memory. However, these studies have not explored the associated oscillatory phenomena. In the current study, we analysed the...

6. Delphi definition of the EADC-ADNI Harmonized Protocol for hippocampal segmentation on magnetic resonance - Boccardi, M; Bocchetta, M; Corbetta, G; Ganzola, R; Redolfi, A; Tolomeo, D; Frisoni, GB; Apostolova, LG; Barnes, J; Bartzokis, G; DeCarli, C; deToledo-Morrell, L; Firbank, M; Gerritsen, L; Henneman, W; Killiany, RJ; Malykhin, N; Pasqualetti, P; Pruessner, JC; Robitaille, N; Duchesne, S; Soininen, H; Wang, L; Watson, C; Wolf, H; Duvernoy, H; Jack Jr, CR
Background: This study aimed to have international experts converge on a harmonized definition of whole hippocampus boundaries and segmentation procedures, to define standard operating procedures for magnetic resonance (MR)-based manual hippocampal segmentation. Methods: The panel received a questionnaire regarding whole hippocampus boundaries and segmentation procedures. Quantitative information was supplied to allow evidence-based answers. A recursive and anonymous Delphi procedure was used to achieve convergence. Significance of agreement among panelists was assessed by exact probability on Fisher's and binomial tests. Results: Agreement was significant on the inclusion of alveus/fimbria (P = .021), whole hippocampal tail (P = .013), medial border of the body according to...

7. Polyarticular septic arthritis in an 11-year-old child - Campanilho-Marques, R; Brogan, PA; Eleftheriou, D; Novelli, V
A child with polyarthritis is always a diagnostic challenge for the treating physician. Polyarthritis can be a clinical manifestation of diverse disease processes, and the differential diagnosis is understandably very broad. We present a case of polyarticular septic arthritis, which is osteomyelitis complicated, caused by Streptococcus pyogenes identified by 16S polymerase chain reaction (PCR) in a healthy child, with previous synovial fluid cultures negative. This case underlines the importance of early aggressive therapy and the role of PCR/16S ribosomal bacterial DNA amplification to detect the causative microorganisms in septic arthritis when cultures remain negative. © 2014 Clinical Rheumatology.

Objectives: To undertake a cross-cultural adaptation and validation of the educational needs assessment tool (ENAT) into Portuguese. Methods: The first phase of this research (cross-cultural adaptation) utilised a well-established translation method comprising five sequential steps: forward-translation, synthesis of translations, back-translation, expert committee and field-testing of the adapted version. The second phase involved collecting data from 123 patients and subjecting them to Rasch analysis for validity testing including cross-cultural invariance. Results: The translation and field-testing phase went smoothly giving rise to minor adjustments in the phrasing of some items. The preliminary analysis of the 39 items, revealed some deviations from the...

9. Anti-tumor necrosis factor and new bone formation in ankylosing spondylitis: the controversy continues. - Machado, P

10. Validation of the educational needs assessment tool as a generic instrument for rheumatic diseases in seven European countries. - Ndosi, M; Bremander, A; Hamnes, B; Horton, M; Kukkurainen, ML; Machado, P; Marques, A; Meesters, J; Stamm, TA; Tennant, A; de la Torre-Aboki, J; Vliet Vlieland, TP; Zangi, HA; Hill, J
To validate the educational needs assessment tool (ENAT) as a generic tool for assessing the educational needs of patients with rheumatic diseases in European Countries.

11. Spondyloarthritis: Is it time to replace BASDAI with ASDAS? - Machado, P; Landewé, R

12. Ankylosing spondylitis patients with and without psoriasis do not differ in disease phenotype. - Machado, P; Landewé, R; Braun, J; Baraliakos, X; Hermann, KG; Hsu, B; Baker, D; van der Heijde, D

13. A FRAX model for the estimation of osteoporotic fracture probability in Portugal. - Marques, A; Mota, A; Canhão, H; Romeu, JC; Machado, P; Ruano, A; Barbosa, AP; Dias, AA; Silva, D; Araújo, D; Simões, E; Aguas, F; Rosendo, I; Silva, I; Crespo, J; Alves, JD; Costa, L; Mascarenhas, M; Lourenço, Ó; Ferreira, PL; Lucas, R; Roque, R; Branco, JC; Tavares, V; Johansson, H; Kanis, J; Pereira da Silva, JA
The objective of this study was to develop a Portuguese version of the World Health Organization fracture risk assessment tool (FRAX®).

14. MRI inflammation and its relation with measures of clinical disease activity and different treatment responses in patients with ankylosing spondylitis treated with a tumour necrosis factor inhibitor. - Machado, P; Landewé, RB; Braun, J; Baraliakos, X; Hermann, KG; Hsu, B; Baker, D; van der Heijde, D
To investigate the relationship between MRI inflammation and measures of clinical disease activity as well as treatment responses in patients with ankylosing spondylitis (AS) treated with a tumour necrosis factor inhibitor.

15. [Characterization of patients with ankylosing spondylitis in hidrokinesitherapy - a multidimensional assessment]. - Januário, F; Almeida, J; Serra, S; Amaral, C; Machado, P; Rodrigues, LA
Clinical, functional and working characterization of an Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS) group of patients that perform hydrotherapy regularly in a physical and rehabilitation department. Assessment of the benefit of hydrotherapy in symptom relief, function and consumption of analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs).

16. Who are the young professionals working in the field of rheumatology in Europe and what are their needs? An EMEUNET (EMerging EUlar NETwork) survey. - Gaujoux-Viala, C; Knevel, R; Mandl, P; Nagy, G; Frank, M; Machado, P; Hatemi, G; Buch, MH; Aletaha, D; Gossec, L; EMEUNET working group,

17. Smokers in early axial spondyloarthritis have earlier disease onset, more disease activity, inflammation and damage, and poorer function and health-related quality of life: results from the DESIR cohort. - Chung, HY; Machado, P; van der Heijde, D; D'Agostino, MA; Dougados, M
To investigate the association of smoking with various clinical, functional and imaging outcomes in patients with early axial spondyloarthritis (SpA).

18. MRI inflammation at the vertebral unit only marginally predicts new syndesmophyte formation: a multilevel analysis in patients with ankylosing spondylitis. - van der Heijde, D; Machado, P; Braun, J; Hermann, KG; Baraliakos, X; Hsu, B; Baker, D; Landewé, R
To investigate the relationship between MRI inflammation at the vertebral unit and the formation and growth of syndesmophytes at the same vertebral unit.

19. 2011 Portuguese recommendations for the use of biological therapies in patients with psoriatic arthritis. - Machado, P; Bogas, M; Ribeiro, A; Costa, J; Neto, A; Sepriano, A; Raposo, A; Cravo, AR; Vilar, A; Furtado, C; Ambrósio, C; Miguel, C; Vaz, C; Catita, C; Nour, D; Araújo, D; Vieira-Sousa, E; Teixeira, F; Brandão, F; Canhão, H; Cordeiro, I; Gonçalves, I; Ferreira, J; Fonseca, JE; da Silva, JA; Romeu, J; Ferreira, J; Costa, L; Maurício, L; Cunha-Miranda, L; Parente, M; Coutinho, M; Cruz, M; Oliveira, M; Salvador, MJ; Santos, MJ; Pinto, P; Valente, P; Abreu, P; Roque, R; Ramiro, S; Capela, S; Las, V; Barcelos, A; Portuguese Society of Rheumatology,
To develop recommendations for the treatment of psoriatic arthritis (PsA) with biological therapies, endorsed by the Portuguese Society of Rheumatology.

20. [Recommendations of the Portuguese Society of Rheumatology: a contribution towards improving the quality of health care]. - Machado, P; Santos, MJ; Fonseca, JE

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