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  1. Adolescent cannabis use, change in neurocognitive function, and high-school graduation: A longitudinal study from early adolescence to young adulthood.

    Castellanos-Ryan, N; Pingault, JB; Parent, S; Vitaro, F; Tremblay, RE; Séguin, JR
    The main objective of this prospective longitudinal study was to investigate bidirectional associations between adolescent cannabis use (CU) and neurocognitive performance in a community sample of 294 young men from ages 13 to 20 years. The results showed that in early adolescence, and prior to initiation to CU, poor short-term and working memory, but high verbal IQ, were associated with earlier age of onset of CU. In turn, age of CU onset and CU frequency across adolescence were associated with (a) specific neurocognitive decline in verbal IQ and executive function tasks tapping trial and error learning and reward processing by...

  2. Childhood trajectories of inattention-hyperactivity and academic achievement at 12 years

    Salla, J; Michel, G; Pingault, JB; Lacourse, E; Paquin, S; Galéra, C; Falissard, B; Boivin, M; Tremblay, RE; Côté, SM
    Few prospective studies spanning early childhood to early adolescence have examined separately the contribution of inattention and hyperactivity to academic achievement. The aim of the present study was to investigate whether the developmental trajectories of inattention and hyperactivity symptoms during early and middle childhood are independently associated with academic achievement at age 12 years. The independent associations between inattention and hyperactivity trajectories during early and middle childhood and academic performance at age 12 years were examined in a population-based longitudinal birth cohort (n = 2120). In adjusted analyses, high early childhood inattention trajectories were associated with teacher-rated academic performance in reading, writing and mathematics...

  3. Large-scale DFT Calculations with the CONQUEST Code

    Miyazaki, T; Bowler, DR; Gillan, MJ; Otsuka, T; Ohno, T

  4. Quantitative analysis of fetal facial morphology using 3D ultrasound and statistical shape modelling: a feasibility study.

    Dall'Asta, A; Schievano, S; Bruse, JL; Paramasivam, G; Kaihura, CT; Dunaway, D; Lees, CC
    BACKGROUND: The antenatal detection of facial dysmorphism using three-dimensional ultrasound may raise the suspicion of an underlying genetic conditions but infrequently leads to a definitive antenatal diagnosis. Despite advances in array and non invasive prenatal testing, not all genetic conditions can be ascertained from such testing. OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to investigate the feasibility of quantitative assessment of fetal face features using prenatal three-dimensional ultrasound volumes and statistical shape modelling. STUDY DESIGN: Thirteen normal and seven abnormal stored three-dimensional ultrasound fetal face volumes were analysed, at a median gestation of 29(+4) weeks (25(+0) - 36(+1)). The 20...

  5. Detecting Clinically Meaningful Shape Clusters in Medical Image Data: Metrics Analysis for Hierarchical Clustering applied to Healthy and Pathological Aortic Arches.

    Bruse, JL; Zuluaga, MA; Khushnood, A; McLeod, K; Ntsinjana, HN; Hsia, TY; Sermesant, M; Pennec, X; Taylor, AM; Schievano, S
    OBJECTIVE: Today's growing medical image databases call for novel processing tools to structure the bulk of data and extract clinically relevant information. Unsupervised hierarchical clustering may reveal clusters within anatomical shape data of patient populations as required for modern Precision Medicine strategies. Few studies have applied hierarchical clustering techniques to three-dimensional patient shape data and results depend heavily on the chosen clustering distance metrics and linkage functions. In this study, we sought to assess clustering classification performance of various distance/linkage combinations and of different types of input data to obtain clinically meaningful shape clusters. METHODS: We present a processing pipeline...

  6. Piloting the Use of Patient-Specific Cardiac Models as a Novel Tool to Facilitate Communication During Cinical Consultations.

    Biglino, G; Koniordou, D; Gasparini, M; Capelli, C; Leaver, LK; Khambadkone, S; Schievano, S; Taylor, AM; Wray, J
    This pilot study aimed to assess the impact of using patient-specific three-dimensional (3D) models of congenital heart disease (CHD) during consultations with adolescent patients. Adolescent CHD patients (n = 20, age 15-18 years, 15 male) were asked to complete two questionnaires during a cardiology transition clinic at a specialist centre. The first questionnaire was completed just before routine consultation with the cardiologist, the second just after the consultation. During the consultation, each patient was presented with a 3D full heart model realised from their medical imaging data. The model was used by the cardiologist to point to main features of the CHD. Outcome...

  7. Confronting surface hopping molecular dynamics with Marcus theory for a molecular donor-acceptor system

    Spencer, J; Scalfi, L; Carof, A; Blumberger, J

  8. Obesity in Children with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia in the Minnesota Cohort: Importance of Adjusting Body Mass Index for Height-Age.

    Sarafoglou, K; Forlenza, GP; Addo, OY; Kyllo, J; Lteif, A; Hindmarsh, PC; Petryk, A; Gonzalez-Bolanos, MT; Miller, BS; Thomas, W
    OBJECTIVES: To evaluate obesity and overweight in children with congenital adrenal hyperplasia (CAH), and associations with glucocorticoids, fludrocortisone and disease control. Adjusting body mass index for-height-age (BMIHA ) percentile is proposed to correct misclassification of obese/overweight status in CAH children with advanced bone age and tall-for-age stature. DESIGN: Longitudinal. PATIENTS: 194 children with CAH seen from 1970-2013: 124 salt-wasting (SW); 70 simple-virilizing (SV); 102 females. MEASUREMENTS: BMI endpoints were overweight (85-94%tile) and obese (≥95%tile). RESULTS: Approximately 50% of the children had at least one BMI measurement ≥95%tile and about 70% had at least one ≥85%tile. Using BMIHA percentiles, obesity incidence...

  9. Expression of Kv3.1b potassium channel is widespread in macaque motor cortex pyramidal cells: A histological comparison between rat and macaque.

    Soares, D; Goldrick, I; Lemon, RN; Kraskov, A; Greensmith, L; Kalmar, B
    There are substantial differences across species in the organisation and function of the motor pathways. These differences extend to basic electrophysiological properties. Thus, in rat motor cortex, pyramidal cells have long duration action potentials, while in the macaque, some pyramidal neurons exhibit short duration 'thin' spikes. These differences may be related to the expression of the fast potassium channel Kv3.1b, which in rat interneurons is associated with generation of thin spikes. Rat pyramidal cells typically lack these channels, while there are reports that they are present in macaque pyramids. Here we made a systematic, quantitative comparison of the expression of...

  10. Movement monitoring at home and during study visits identifies sources of variability in 6MWT performance in Duchenne muscular dystrophy

    Servais, L; Grelet, M; Seferian, A; Gasnier, E; Gargaun, E; Straub, V; Mercuri, E; Voit, T; Laforet, G; Dorveau, E; Vissiere, D; Muntoni, F

  11. Genetic landscapes in neuromuscular disorders: The influence of next-generation sequencing analysis

    Neri, M; Scotton, C; Gualandi, F; Wirth, B; Schols, L; Klockgether, T; Lochmuller, H; Muntoni, F; D'Amico, A; Bertini, E; Pane, M; Mercuri, E; Ferlini, A

  12. Association study of exome variants in the NF-kappa B and TGF beta pathways identifies CD40 as a modifier of Duchenne muscular dystrophy

    Bello, L; Flanigan, KM; Weiss, RB; Spitali, P; Aartsma-Rus, A; Muntoni, F; Pegoraro, E; Gordish-Dressman, H; McDonald, CM; Hoffman, EP

  13. A single neonatal delivery of an exon 2 directed AAV9.U7snRNA vector results in long-term dystrophin expression that prevents pathologic features in the Dup2 mouse

    Wein, N; Simmons, T; Gumienny, F; Yurkoski, J; Huang, N; Muntoni, F; Flanigan, K

  14. A Human Neural Crest Stem Cell-Derived Dopaminergic Neuronal Model Recapitulates Biochemical Abnormalities in GBA1 Mutation Carriers.

    Yang, SY; Beavan, M; Chau, KY; Taanman, JW; Schapira, AH
    Numerically the most important risk factor for the development of Parkinson's disease (PD) is the presence of mutations in the glucocerebrosidase GBA1 gene. In vitro and in vivo studies show that GBA1 mutations reduce glucocerebrosidase (GCase) activity and are associated with increased α-synuclein levels, reflecting similar changes seen in idiopathic PD brain. We have developed a neural crest stem cell-derived dopaminergic neuronal model that recapitulates biochemical abnormalities in GBA1 mutation-associated PD. Cells showed reduced GCase protein and activity, impaired macroautophagy, and increased α-synuclein levels. Advantages of this approach include easy access to stem cells, no requirement to reprogram, and retention of the...

  15. Inference of Gene Flow in the Process of Speciation: An Efficient Maximum-Likelihood Method for the Isolation-with-Initial-Migration Model.

    Costa, RJ; Wilkinson-Herbots, H
    The isolation-with-migration (IM) model is commonly used to make inferences about gene flow during speciation, using polymorphism data. However, Becquet and Przeworski (2009) report that the parameter estimates obtained by fitting the IM model are very sensitive to the model's assumptions, including the assumption of constant gene flow until the present. This paper is concerned with the isolation-with-initial-migration (IIM) model, which drops precisely this assumption. In the IIM model, one ancestral population divides into two descendant subpopulations, between which there is an initial period of gene flow and a subsequent period of isolation. We derive a very fast method of...

  16. Agricultural activities and the incidence of Parkinson's disease in the general French population.

    Kab, S; Spinosi, J; Chaperon, L; Dugravot, A; Singh-Manoux, A; Moisan, F; Elbaz, A
    Most studies on pesticides and Parkinson's disease (PD) focused on occupational exposure in farmers. Whether non-occupational exposure is associated with PD has been little explored. We investigated the association between agricultural characteristics and PD incidence in a French nationwide ecologic study. We hypothesized that persons living in regions with agricultural activities involving more intensive pesticide use would be at higher risk. We identified incident PD cases from French National Health Insurance databases (2010-2012). The proportion of land dedicated to 18 types of agricultural activities was defined at the canton of residence level. We examined the association between agricultural activities and...

  17. Healthy obesity and risk of accelerated functional decline and disability.

    Bell, JA; Sabia, S; Singh-Manoux, A; Hamer, M; Kivimäki, M
    BACKGROUND/OBJECTIVES: Some obese adults have a normal metabolic profile and are considered 'healthy', but whether they experience faster ageing than healthy normal-weight adults is unknown. We compared decline in physical function, worsening of bodily pain, and likelihood of future mobility limitation and disability between these groups. SUBJECTS/METHODS: This was a population-based observational study using repeated measures over 2 decades (Whitehall II cohort data). Normal-weight (body mass index (BMI) 18.5-24.9 kg/m(2)), overweight (25.0-29.9 kg/m(2)), and obese (⩾30.0 kg/m(2)) adults were considered metabolically healthy if they had 0 or 1 of 5 risk factors (hypertension, low high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, high triacylglycerol, high blood glucose, and...

  18. Nasal juvenile angiofibroma: Current perspectives with emphasis on management.

    López, F; Triantafyllou, A; Snyderman, CH; Hunt, JL; Suárez, C; Lund, VJ; Strojan, P; Saba, NF; Nixon, IJ; Devaney, KO; Alobid, I; Bernal-Sprekelsen, M; Hanna, EY; Rinaldo, A; Ferlito, A
    Juvenile angiofibroma is an uncommon, benign, locally aggressive vascular tumor. It is found almost exclusively in young men. Common presenting symptoms include nasal obstruction and epistaxis. More advanced tumors may present with facial swelling and visual or neurological disturbances. The evaluation of patients with juvenile angiofibroma relies on diagnostic imaging. Preoperative biopsy is not recommended. The mainstay of treatment is resection combined with preoperative embolization. Endoscopic surgery is the approach of choice in early stages, whereas, in advanced stages, open or endoscopic approaches are feasible in expert hands. Postoperative radiotherapy (RT) or stereotactic radiosurgery seem valuable in long-term control of...

  19. Implications of Renewable Electricity Policy in UK Low Carbon Scenarios-Insights from 2 Region UK MARKAL Model

    Anandarajah, G

  20. Prostate-specific antigen vs. magnetic resonance imaging parameters for assessing oncological outcomes after high intensity-focused ultrasound focal therapy for localized prostate cancer

    Dickinson, L; Ahmed, HU; Hindley, RG; McCartan, N; Freeman, A; Allen, C; Emberton, M; Kirkham, AP

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