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UCL University College London Eprints (347,923 recursos)
UCL Eprints collects the work of UCL researchers and makes it freely available over the web, helping the worldwide scholarly community to discover UCL research. Institutional repositories like UCL Eprints complement the traditional academic publishing and scholarly communications processes. They raise the visibility of research and help to maximise its impact. UCL researchers are encouraged to deposit a copy of each journal article, conference paper, working paper, and any other research output, in the UCL Eprints at the earliest opportunity, ensuring that their research reaches as wide an audience as possible.

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1. The utilization of non conventional water resources to subsidize insufficient water balances: Case study for Santorini Island, Greece - Konstantopoulou, F; Liu, S; Papageorgiou, LG; GIkas, P

2. Optimal planning of water and wastewater management infrastructure for insular areas: The role of water reuse. - Liu, S; Konstantopoulou, F; Papageorgiou, LG; Gikas, P

3. A model of maintaining product's minimum resale price under full information - Liu, S; Zhang, L; Xing, W

4. Sol-Gel Synthesis and Electrospraying of Biodegradable (P2O5)55-(CaO)30-(Na2O)15 Glass Nanospheres as a Transient Contrast Agent for Ultrasound Stem Cell Imaging. - Foroutan, F; Jokerst, JV; Gambhir, SS; Vermesh, O; Kim, H-W; Knowles, JC

5. Registration Exam Questions II - Bukhari, N; Elsaid, N
This companion text to Registration Exam Questions contains an additional 600+ questions on topics that are likely to be covered in the compulsory GPhC registration exam for pharmacists in the UK. It aims to help trainees with their ...

6. The Pre-Registration Interview - Bukhari, N
This book will take students through the whole application and interview procedure for their pre-registration year.

7. Registration Exam Questions III - Bukhari, N; Elsaid, N
This third volume of Registration Exam Questions boasts over 480 open and closed book questions to help you fully prepare for the GPhC registration exam.

8. Registration Exam Questions - Bukhari, N
Written by a former question writer for the Society Registration exam, Registration Exam Questions aims to help trainees with their revision by providing a comprehensive list of open- and closed-book questions on topics that are likely to ...

9. Registration Exam Questions IV - Bukhari, N
Registration Exam Questions IV helps pharmacy trainees to revise for their GPhC registration assessment with a comprehensive bank of open and closed book questions on a range of topics likely to be covered in the exam.

10. The transition from primary to secondary school in mainstream education for children with autism spectrum disorder. - Mandy, W; Murin, M; Baykaner, O; Staunton, S; Hellriegel, J; Anderson, S; Skuse, D
The transition from primary to secondary education (hereafter 'school transition') is a major ecological shift that poses considerable social, emotional, academic and organisational challenges. It is commonly assumed that this school transition is especially difficult for children with autism spectrum disorder, but that idea is mainly based on anecdotal evidence and requires systematic investigation. We describe change and continuity for children with autism spectrum disorder (N = 28, mean age = 11.29 years, mean full-scale IQ = 87.86) transitioning in mainstream education from primary to secondary school. Levels of psychopathology, adaptive functioning and peer victimisation were measured by parent, self and teacher report in the last year...

11. Imaging endpoints for clinical trials in Alzheimer's disease. - Cash, DM; Rohrer, JD; Ryan, NS; Ourselin, S; Fox, NC
As the need to develop a successful disease-modifying treatment for Alzheimer's disease (AD) becomes more urgent, imaging is increasingly used in therapeutic trials. We provide an overview of how the different imaging modalities are used in AD studies and the current regulatory guidelines for their use in clinical trials as endpoints. We review the current literature for results of imaging endpoints of efficacy and safety in published clinical trials. We start with trials in mild to moderate AD, where imaging (largely magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)) has long played a role in inclusion and exclusion criteria; more recently, MRI has been...

12. Diferenciación sociodemográfica del espacio urbano de la ciudad de México - Aguilar, AG; Mateos, P
The aim of this analysis is to establish a socio-demographic differentiation for Mexico City using a methodology that presents two main contributions: first, it applies a geo-demographic typology based on life styles or socioeconomic levels taken from geo-marketing databases; and second, it uses highly disaggregated census information at block levels that has only been applied in very few studies. Six clusters and several segregation indices were calculated. Conclusions show that Mexico City has features of the traditional residential segregation model with elite groups highly concentrated in specific zone, while other socio-demographic groups such as the middle and working classes present...

13. Rheology of cubic blue phases - Henrich, O; Stratford, K; Coveney, PV; Cates, ME; Marenduzzo, D

14. Unstable periodic orbits in weak turbulence - Fazendeiro, L; Boghosian, BM; Coveney, PV; Laett, J

15. Field testing phase of the development of individual Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (iCST) for dementia - Yates, LA; Orgeta, V; Leung, P; Spector, A; Orrell, M

16. Implications of polygenic risk-stratified screening for prostate cancer on overdiagnosis. - Pashayan, N; Duffy, SW; Neal, DE; Hamdy, FC; Donovan, JL; Martin, RM; Harrington, P; Benlloch, S; Amin Al Olama, A; Shah, M; Kote-Jarai, Z; Easton, DF; Eeles, R; Pharoah, PD
Purpose:This study aimed to quantify the probability of overdiagnosis of prostate cancer by polygenic risk.Methods:We calculated the polygenic risk score based on 66 known prostate cancer susceptibility variants for 17,012 men aged 50-69 years (9,404 men identified with prostate cancer and 7,608 with no cancer) derived from three UK-based ongoing studies. We derived the probabilities of overdiagnosis by quartiles of polygenic risk considering that the observed prevalence of screen-detected prostate cancer is a combination of underlying incidence, mean sojourn time (MST), test sensitivity, and overdiagnosis.Results:Polygenic risk quartiles 1 to 4 comprised 9, 18, 25, and 48% of the cases, respectively....

17. Plasma IL-5 concentration and subclinical carotid atherosclerosis. - Silveira, A; McLeod, O; Strawbridge, RJ; Gertow, K; Sennblad, B; Baldassarre, D; Veglia, F; Deleskog, A; Persson, J; Leander, K; Gigante, B; Kauhanen, J; Rauramaa, R; Smit, AJ; Mannarino, E; Giral, P; Gustafsson, S; Söderberg, S; Öhrvik, J; Humphries, SE; Tremoli, E; de Faire, U; Hamsten, A
Genetic variants robustly associated with coronary artery disease were reported in the vicinity of the interleukin (IL)-5 locus, and animal studies suggested a protective role for IL-5 in atherosclerosis. Therefore, we set this work to explore IL-5 as a plasma biomarker for early subclinical atherosclerosis, as determined by measures of baseline severity and change over time of carotid intima-media thickness (cIMT).

18. Flexible composition and execution of large scale applications on distributed e-infrastructures - Zasada, SJ; Chang, DCW; Haidar, AN; Coveney, PV

19. Ventral striatal dopamine reflects behavioral and neural signatures of model-based control during sequential decision making. - Deserno, L; Huys, QJ; Boehme, R; Buchert, R; Heinze, HJ; Grace, AA; Dolan, RJ; Heinz, A; Schlagenhauf, F
Dual system theories suggest that behavioral control is parsed between a deliberative "model-based" and a more reflexive "model-free" system. A balance of control exerted by these systems is thought to be related to dopamine neurotransmission. However, in the absence of direct measures of human dopamine, it remains unknown whether this reflects a quantitative relation with dopamine either in the striatum or other brain areas. Using a sequential decision task performed during functional magnetic resonance imaging, combined with striatal measures of dopamine using [(18)F]DOPA positron emission tomography, we show that higher presynaptic ventral striatal dopamine levels were associated with a behavioral...

20. Prediction of a potential high-pressure structure of FeSiO3 - Cohen, RE; Lin, Y
We predict a candidate high-temperature, high-pressure structure of FeSiO3 with space-group symmetry Cmmm by applying an evolutionary algorithm within density functional theory (DFT)+U that we call post-perovskite II (PPv-II). An exhaustive search found no other competitive candidate structures with ABO3 composition. We compared the x-ray diffraction pattern of FeSiO3 PPv-II with experimental results of the recently reported “H phase” of (Fe,Mg)SiO3. The intensities and positions of two main x-ray diffraction peaks of PPv-II FeSiO3 compare well with those of the H phase. We also calculated the static equation of state, the enthalpy, and the bulk modulus of the PPv-II phase...

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