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UCL Eprints collects the work of UCL researchers and makes it freely available over the web, helping the worldwide scholarly community to discover UCL research. Institutional repositories like UCL Eprints complement the traditional academic publishing and scholarly communications processes. They raise the visibility of research and help to maximise its impact. UCL researchers are encouraged to deposit a copy of each journal article, conference paper, working paper, and any other research output, in the UCL Eprints at the earliest opportunity, ensuring that their research reaches as wide an audience as possible.

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1. The 'Postmodern Mindset' or Critical Pluralism? Architectural Doctoral Research Today - Campkin, B

2. Nano Metallic-Oxides as Antimicrobials for Implant Coatings - Memarzadeh, K; Vargas, M; Huang, J; Fan, J; Allaker, RP

3. $rec.titulo - Brennan, PV

4. The group as a teaching instrument - Vizard, E

5. Emerging personality disorder - Child Psychology and Psychiatry frameworks for practice - Vizard, E

6. Clinical evaluation of the cutaneous phototoxicity with Amphinex® Induced Photochemical Internalization of Bleomycin in phase I Clinical Trial (Poster presentation) - Sultan, AAS
Introduction Photochemical internalization (PCI) is a technology which involves releasing therapeutic molecules into the cell cytosol using a subtoxic photochemical treatment with the photosensitiser TPCS2a (AmphinexTM). Skin photosensitivity is considered one of the major side effects after administration of photosensitisers e.g. in photodynamic therapy (PDT). We present the skin photosensitivity results from a phase I clinical trial with TPCS2a in patients with solid tumours, mainly advanced head and neck cancer. Material and Methods 19 patients were administered with TPCS2a intravenously at different doses (0.25, 0.5, 1 and 1.5 mg/kg) 4 days before treatment of tumours with red laser light. Bleomycin,...

7. The First in Human Clinical application of Photochemical Internalization for Local Cancer Treatment (Oral presentation) - Sultan, AAS

8. Tumour Selectivity of TPCS2a based bleomycin photochemical Internalisation in hamster cheek Squamous Cell Carcinoma. (Poster presentation) - Sultan, AAS

9. ‘Just like talking to someone about like shit in your life and stuff, and like they help you’: hopes and expectations for therapy among depressed adolescents - Midgley, N; Holmes, J; Parkinson, S; Stapley, E; Eatough, V; Target, M

10. Case report: passive transfer of hepatitis B antibodies from intravenous immunoglobulin - Parker, S; Gil, E; Hewitt, P; Ward, K; Reyal, Y; Wilson, S; Manson, J
Background: Prior to initiating immunosuppressive therapy in the treatment of autoimmune inflammatory conditions, it is a requirement to screen for certain viral serology, including hepatitis B (HBV). A positive result may indicate the need for antiviral therapy, or contraindicate immunosuppression all together. An accurate interpretation of serological markers is therefore imperative in order to treat patients appropriately. We present a case of passive anti-HBV antibody transfer following intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIg) infusion, in which misinterpretation of serology results almost led to inappropriate treatment with antiviral therapy and the withholding of immunosuppressive agents. This phenomenon has been previously reported, but awareness remains...

11. At the crossroads of anthropology and epidemiology: Current research in cultural psychiatry in the UK - Dein, S; Bhui, KS
Cultural psychiatry research in the UK comprises a broad range of diverse methodologies, academic disciplines, and subject areas. Methodologies range from epidemiological to anthropological/ethnographic to health services research; mixed methods research is becoming increasingly popular, as are public health and health promotional topics. After briefly outlining the history of cultural psychiatry in the UK we will discuss contemporary research. Prominent themes include: the epidemiology of schizophrenia among Africans/Afro-Caribbeans, migration and mental health, racism and mental health, cultural identity, pathways to care, explanatory models of mental illness, cultural competence, and the subjective experiences of healthcare provision among specific ethnic groups such...

12. The influence of surface functionalisation on the electrical properties and thermal stability of nanodiamonds - Welch, J; Li, P; Chaudhary, A; Edgington, R; Jackman, RB
Detonation nanodiamond (ND) has recently emerged as a useful new class of diamond material. However, to date there has been little investigation of the electrical properties of this material. Due to the nanoscale dimensions, the surface functionalisation of the individual ND is of particular importance to the characteristics of ND films. Here, methods for the effective hydrogen and oxygen termination of ND are developed and verified using Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy. Next, the influence of the surface functionalisation on the electrical properties is investigated using impedance spectroscopy at a range of temperatures in an attempt to discover the onset of...

13. Ionization of the Venusian atmosphere from Solar and Galactic Cosmic Rays - Nordheim, T; Dartnell, LR; Desorgher, L; Coates, AJ; Jones, GH
The atmospheres of the terrestrial planets are exposed to solar and galactic cosmic rays, the most energetic of which are capable of affecting deep atmospheric layers through extensive nuclear and electromagnetic particle cascades. In the Venusian atmosphere, cosmic rays are expected to be the dominant ionization source below ~100 km altitude. While previous studies have considered the effect of cosmic ray ionization using approximate transport methods, we have for the first time performed full 3D Monte Carlo modelling of cosmic ray interaction with the Venusian atmosphere, including the contribution of high-Z cosmic ray ions (Z=1-28). Our predictions are similar to...

14. Intentional inhibition of actions in humans - Misirlisoy, E
A crucial component of human behavioural flexibility is the capacity to inhibit actions at the last moment before action execution. This behavioural inhibition is often not an immediate reaction to external stimuli, but rather an endogenous ‘free’ decision. Knowledge about such ‘intentional inhibition’ is currently limited, with most research focused on stimulus-driven inhibition. This thesis will examine intentional inhibition, using several different experimental approaches. The behavioural experiments reported in the initial chapters found that intentional inhibition directly alters sensory processing during decision-making. In addition, there were unique effects of prior event sequences on subsequent decisions to either act or inhibit....

15. Novel lentiviral vectors with mutated reverse transcriptase for mRNA delivery of TALE nucleases. - Mock, U; Riecken, K; Berdien, B; Qasim, W; Chan, E; Cathomen, T; Fehse, B
TAL-effector nucleases (TALENs) are attractive tools for sequence-specific genome modifications, but their delivery still remains problematic. It is well known that the presence of multiple sequence repeats in TALEN genes hampers the use of lentiviral vectors. We report that lentiviral vectors readily package full-length vector mRNAs encoding TALENs, but recombination during reverse transcription prevents successful delivery. We reasoned that preventing reverse transcription of lentiviral-vector RNA would allow transfer of TALENs as mRNA. We demonstrate that lentiviral particles containing genetically inactivated reverse transcriptase (RT) mediated efficient transduction of cultured cells and supported transient transgene expression. For proof-of-principle, we transferred CCR5- and...

16. Building Local Governance: Participation and Elite Capture in Slum-upgrading in Kenya - Rigon, A

17. Ceramic biomaterials for tissue engineering - Huang, J; Best, SM
The second edition of Tissue Engineering Using Ceramics and Polymers comprehensively reviews the latest advances in this area rapidly evolving area of biomaterials science. Part one considers the biomaterials used for tissue engineering.

18. Biomechanical and biochemical compatibility in innovative biomaterials - Huang, J; Guo, X
Part four provides information on the regulation of medical devices in the European Union, Japan and China, and the book concludes with part five, a review of histopathology principles for biocompatibility and performance studies.

19. Article and method of surface treatment of an article - Huang, J; Li, X; Edirisinghe, MJ; Esat, M; Bonfield, W


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