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  1. Hijazi Architectural Object Library (HAOL)

    Baik, A; Boehm, J
    As with many historical buildings around the world, building façades are of special interest; moreover, the details of such windows, stonework, and ornaments give each historic building its individual character. Each object of these buildings must be classified in an architectural object library. Recently, a number of researches have been focusing on this topic in Europe and Canada. From this standpoint, the Hijazi Architectural Objects Library (HAOL) has reproduced Hijazi elements as 3D computer models, which are modelled using a Revit Family (RFA). The HAOL will be dependent on the image survey and point cloud data. The Hijazi Object such as Roshan and Mashrabiyah, become...

  2. Differences in stroke and ischemic heart disease mortality by occupation and industry among Japanese working-aged men

    Wada, K; Eguchi, H; Prieto-Merino, D
    Occupation- and industry-based risks for stroke and ischemic heart disease may vary among Japanese working-aged men. We examined the differences in mortality rates between stroke and ischemic heart disease by occupation and industry among employed Japanese men aged 25–59 years. In 2010, we obtained occupation- and industry-specific vital statistics data from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour, and Welfare dataset. We analyzed data for Japanese men who were aged 25–59 years in 2010, grouped in 5-year age intervals. We estimated the mortality rates of stroke and ischemic heart disease in each age group for occupation and industry categories as defined...

  3. Topological length of white matter connections 1 predicts their rate of 2 atrophy in premanifest Huntington’s disease

    Tabrizi, SJ; McColgan, P; Seunarine, K; Gregory, S; Razi, A; Papoutsi, M; Long, J; Mills, J; Johnson, E; Durr, A; Roos, R; Leavitt, B; Stout, J; Scahill, R; Clark, C; Rees, G; Track-On HD Investigators,

  4. Structural and Functional Brain Network Correlates of Depressive Symptoms in Premanifest Huntington’s Disease

    Tabrizi, SJ; McColgan, P; Gregory, S; Seunarine, K; Durr, A; Raymund, R; Leavitt, B; Scahill, R; Clark, C; Langbehn, D; Rees, G
    Depression is common in premanifest Huntington's disease (preHD) and results in significant morbidity. We sought to examine how variations in structural and functional brain networks relate to depressive symptoms in premanifest HD and healthy controls. Brain networks were constructed using diffusion tractography (70 preHD and 81 controls) and resting state fMRI (92 preHD and 94 controls) data. A sub-network associated with depression was identified in a data-driven fashion and network-based statistics was used to investigate which specific connections correlated with depression scores. A replication analysis was then performed using data from a separate study. Correlations between depressive symptoms with increased...

  5. Dietary restriction protects from age-associated DNA methylation and induces epigenetic reprogramming of lipid metabolism

    Hahn, O; Grönke, S; Stubbs, TM; Ficz, G; Hendrich, O; Krueger, F; Andrews, S; Zhang, Q; Wakelam, M; Beyer, A; Reik, W; Partridge, L
    BACKGROUND: Dietary restriction (DR), a reduction in food intake without malnutrition, increases most aspects of health during aging and extends lifespan in diverse species, including rodents. However, the mechanisms by which DR interacts with the aging process to improve health at old age are poorly understood. DNA methylation could play an important role in mediating the effects of DR because it is sensitive to the effects of nutrition and can affect gene expression memory over time. RESULTS: Here, we profile genome-wide changes in DNA methylation, gene expression and lipidomics in response to DR and aging in female mouse liver. DR is generally strongly protective against age-related...

  6. Genetic models of C9orf72: What is toxic?

    Moens, TG; Partridge, L; Isaacs, AM
    A hexanucleotide repeat expansion in the gene C9orf72 is the most common genetic cause of both amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and frontotemporal dementia. Pathogenesis may occur either due to loss of function of the C9orf72 gene, or a toxic gain of function, via the production of repetitive sense and antisense RNA and/or repetitive dipeptide repeat proteins. Recently, mouse knockouts have suggested that a loss of function of C9orf72 alone is insufficient to lead to neurodegeneration, whilst overexpression of hexanucleotide DNA is sufficient in a wide range of model systems. Additionally, models have now been created to attempt to study the effects of repetitive RNA and dipeptide proteins in isolation...

  7. The Practicalities of Assessing Freezing of Gait

    Barthel, C; Mallia, E; Debû, B; Bloem, BR; Ferraye, MU
    BACKGROUND: Freezing of gait (FOG) is a mysterious, complex and debilitating phenomenon in Parkinson’s disease. Adequate assessment is a pre-requisite for managing FOG, as well as for assigning participants in FOG research. The episodic nature of FOG, as well as its multiple clinical expressions make its assessment challenging. OBJECTIVE: To highlight the available assessment tools and to provide practical, experience-based recommendations for reliable assessment of FOG. METHODS: We reviewed FOG assessment from history taking, questionnaires, lab and home-based measurements and examined how these methods account for presence and severity of FOG, their limits and advantages. The practicalities for their use in clinical...

  8. Genome-wide analyses identify common variants associated with macular telangiectasia type 2

    Scerri, TS; Quaglieri, A; Cai, C; Zernant, J; Matsunami, N; Baird, L; Scheppke, L; Bonelli, R; Yannuzzi, LA; Friedlander, M; MacTel Project Consortium, .; Egan, CA; Fruttiger, M; Leppert, M; Allikmets, R; Bahlo, M
    Idiopathic juxtafoveal retinal telangiectasis type 2 (macular telangiectasia type 2; MacTel) is a rare neurovascular degenerative retinal disease. To identify genetic susceptibility loci for MacTel, we performed a genome-wide association study (GWAS) with 476 cases and 1,733 controls of European ancestry. Genome-wide significant associations (P < 5 × 10−8) were identified at three independent loci (rs73171800 at 5q14.3, P = 7.74 × 10−17; rs715 at 2q34, P = 9.97 × 10−14; rs477992 at 1p12, P = 2.60 × 10−12) and then replicated (P < 0.01) in an independent cohort of 172 cases and 1,134 controls. The 5q14.3 locus is known...

  9. Management of people with intermediate-stage hepatocellular carcinoma: an attempted network meta-analysis (Review)

    Roccarina, D; Majumdar, A; Thorburn, D; Davidson, BR; Tsochatzis, E; Gurusamy, KS
    BACKGROUND: There is significant uncertainty in the treatment of intermediate-stage hepatocellular carcinoma which is defined by the Barcelona Clinic Liver Cancer (BCLC) as hepatocellular carcinoma stage B with large, multi-nodular, Child-Pugh status A to B, performance status 0 to 2, and without vascular occlusion or extrahepatic disease. OBJECTIVES: To assess the comparative benefits and harms of different interventions used in the treatment of intermediate-stage hepatocellular carcinoma (BCLC stage B) through a network meta-analysis and to generate rankings of the available interventions according to their safety and efficacy. However, we found only one comparison. Therefore, we did not perform the network...

  10. Non-selective beta-blockers are not associated with increased mortality in cirrhotic patients with ascites

    Onali, S; Kalafateli, M; Majumdar, A; Westbrook, R; O'Beirne, J; Leandro, G; Patch, D; Tsochatzis, EA
    BACKGROUND & AIMS: Controversy exists on the impact of non-selective beta-blockers (NSBBs) on survival in patients with ascites. We assessed whether NSBB treatment affects survival in a cohort of 316 consecutive patients with ascites undergoing evaluation for liver transplantation. METHODS: Consecutive patients with cirrhosis and ascites assessed for liver transplantation between 2011-2014 were retrospectively evaluated. Cox regression and competing risk analysis were performed to identify predictors of survival. RESULTS: 316 patients were evaluated: males 229 (73%), mean age 54 years, median follow-up: 7 months. Refractory ascites was diagnosed in 124 (39%) patients. Patients receiving NSBBs (n=128, 40.5%) had a higher...

  11. Pharmacological interventions for acute hepatitis C infection: an attempted network meta-analysis

    Kalafateli, M; Buzzetti, E; Thorburn, D; Davidson, BR; Tsochatzis, E; Gurusamy, KS
    BACKGROUND: Hepatitis C virus (HCV) is a single-stranded RNA (ribonucleic acid) virus that has the potential to cause inflammation of the liver. The traditional definition of acute HCV infection is the first six months following infection with the virus. Another commonly used definition of acute HCV infection is the absence of HCV antibody and subsequent seroconversion (presence of HCV antibody in a person who was previously negative for HCV antibody). Approximately 40% to 95% of people with acute HCV infection develop chronic HCV infection, that is, have persistent HCV RNA in their blood. In 2010, an estimated 160 million people...

  12. Current and future treatment options in non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH)

    Lazaridis, N; Tsochatzis, E
    INTRODUCTION: Non-alcoholic steatohepatitis (NASH) is a chronic liver disease that can progress to cirrhosis and hepatocellular carcinoma. Diagnosis of NASH requires a liver biopsy and is defined as presence of hepatic steatosis, ballooning and lobular inflammation with or without fibrosis. Although NASH is the most common cause of liver disease in the west world and among the top three indications for liver transplantation, there are no universally accepted pharmacological therapies and therapeutic advances have been slow. AREAS COVERED: Current evidence about lifestyle interventions, bariatric surgery and pharmacotherapy is reviewed. Dietary recommendations and lifestyle interventions have shown promising results but are...

  13. A life cycle assessment of distributed energy production from organic waste: two case studies in Europe

    Evangelisti, S; Clift, R; Tagliaferri, C; Lettieri, P
    By means of the life cycle assessment methodology, the purpose of this study is to assess the environmental impact when biomethane from organic waste produced at residential level is used to supply energy to a group of dwellings in the distributed generation paradigm. Three different Combined Heat and Power systems, such as fuel cells, Stirling engine and micro gas turbine, installed at household level are assessed in two different settings: one in Northern Europe (UK) and one in Southern Europe (Italy). Different operating strategies are investigated for each technology. Moreover, marginal electricity production technologies are analysed to assess their influence...

  14. Circulating gamma-glutamyl transferase and development of specific breast cancer subtypes: findings from the Apolipoprotein Mortality Risk (AMORIS) cohort

    Shackshaft, L; Van Hemelrijck, M; Garmo, H; Malmström, H; Lambe, M; Hammar, N; Walldius, G; Jungner, I; Wulaningsih, W
    BACKGROUND: Different etiological pathways may precede development of specific breast cancer subtypes and impact prevention or treatment strategies. We investigated the association between gamma-glutamyl transferase (GGT) and development of specific breast cancer subtypes based on oestrogen receptor (ER), progesterone receptor (PR) and HER2 status. METHODS: We included 231,283 cancer-free women in a Swedish cohort. Associations between GGT and breast cancer subtypes were investigated with nested case-control and case-case analyses. We used logistic regression models to assess serum GGT in relation to breast cancer subtype, based on individual and combined receptor status. RESULTS: Positive associations were found between serum GGT and...

  15. Viva Hobsbawm!

    Drinot, P

  16. Highly elastomeric poly(3-hydroxyoctanoate) based natural polymer composite for enhanced keratinocyte regeneration

    Rai, R; Roether, JA; Knowles, JC; Mordan, N; Salih, V; Locke, IC; Gordge, MP; McCormick, A; Mohn, D; Stark, WJ; Keshavarz, T; Boccaccini, AR; Roy, I
    A novel nanocomposite material combining the biocompatible, elastomeric, natural, biodegradable homopolymer poly(3-hydroxyoctanoate) (P(3HO)) with hemostatic and antibacterial bioactive glass nanoparticles (n-BG) was developed as a matrix for skin related applications. P(3HO) is a unique member of the family of natural polyhydroxyalkanoate biopolymers. The P(3HO)/n-BG composite films were fabricated using the solvent casting method. Microstructural studies revealed n-BG particles both embedded in the matrix and deposited on the surface, which introduced nanotopography and increased its hydrophilicity. The composite exhibited an increase in the Young’s modulus when compared to the control, yet maintained flexible elastomeric properties. These changes in the surface topography...

  17. Mitochondrial Function and Cell Size: An Allometric Relationship

    Miettinen, TP; Björklund, M
    Allometric scaling of metabolic rate results in lower total mitochondrial oxygen consumption with increasing organismal size. This is considered a universal law in biology. Here, we discuss how allometric laws impose size-dependent limits to mitochondrial activity at the cellular level. This cell-size-dependent mitochondrial metabolic activity results in nonlinear scaling of metabolism in proliferating cells, which can explain size homeostasis. The allometry in mitochondrial activity can be controlled through mitochondrial fusion and fission machinery, suggesting that mitochondrial connectivity can bypass transport limitations, the presumed biophysical basis for allometry. As physical size affects cellular functionality, cell-size-dependent metabolism becomes directly relevant for development,...

  18. Acquiring variation in an artificial language: children and adults are sensitive to socially conditioned linguistic variation

    Samara, A; Smith, K; Brown, H; Wonnacott, EA

  19. Sense of agency in the human brain

    Haggard, P
    In adult life, people normally know what they are doing. This experience of controlling one's own actions and, through them, the course of events in the outside world is called 'sense of agency'. It forms a central feature of human experience; however, the brain mechanisms that produce the sense of agency have only recently begun to be investigated systematically. This recent progress has been driven by the development of better measures of the experience of agency, improved design of cognitive and behavioural experiments, and a growing understanding of the brain circuits that generate this distinctive but elusive experience. The sense...

  20. Corrigendum: Perceptual learning to discriminate the intensity and spatial location of nociceptive stimuli

    Mancini, F; Dolgilevica, K; Steckelmacher, J; Haggard, P; Friston, K; Iannetti, GD
    The original version of this Article contained an error in the spelling of the author Karina Dolgilevica, which was incorrectly given as Karina Dolgevica. This error has now been corrected in the HTML and PDF versions of this Article.

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