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  1. Framework for strategic wind farm site prioritisation based on modelled wolf reproduction habitat in Croatia

    Passoni, G; Rowcliffe, M; Whiteman, A; Huber, D; Kusak, J

  2. Entry to Study Expectations of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Postgraduate Taught Students

    Morgan, M; Direito, I
    There is extensive knowledge of learning and teaching behaviour and practice at undergraduate level, but limited, albeit increasing, of postgraduate taught study. The Postgraduate Experience Project (PEP) was one of 20 projects funded by the Higher Education Funding Council for England to explore ways of widening participation at postgraduate master's level. It was the largest consortium comprising of 11 universities across the UK (9 English, 1 Scottish and 1 Welsh). PEP assessed STEM postgraduate masters students’ learning and teaching experiences and expectations through an online survey during Induction period (Entry to Study survey). The survey explored students’ experiences of previous...

  3. Reply to letter by Angelo Zamban De Mattos

    Maurice, J; Pinzani, M; Tsochatzis, E; Westbrook, RH

  4. The effects and side-effects of the EU emissions trading scheme

    Laing, T; Sato, M; Grubb, M; Comberti, C
    As many countries, regions, cities, and states implement emissions trading policies to limit CO2 emissions, they turn to the European Union's experience with its emissions trading scheme since 2005. As a prominent example of a regional carbon pricing policy, it has attracted significant attention from scholars interested in evaluating the effectiveness and impacts of emissions trading. Among the key difficulties faced by researchers is isolating the effect of the EU ETS on industry operation, investment, and pricing decisions from other dominant factors such as the financial crisis, and establishing credible counterfactual scenarios against this backdrop. This article reviews the evidence,...

  5. The influence of motorised traffic on pedestrian flows and behaviour - new insights from bus stop data

    Anciaes, PR; Jones, P
    This paper assesses the influence of motorised traffic on pedestrian mobility in an area in London surrounded by major roads. Pavement and crossing flows obtained by a video survey are analysed in comparison with data on bus stop usage. The flows along the busiest road are lower than it would be expected given the location of the road along the walking routes to bus stops. The propensity to cross the road (overall and informally) correlates negatively with traffic levels, especially in roads with medium traffic speeds. The hypothesis that local residents avoid crossing the road away from designated facilities is...

  6. Touch: A resource for making meaning

    Bezemer, J; Kress, G
    In this article we attempt to provide some ways of thinking about touch. Our aim is to develop new insights into 'touch', as well as in meaning making and communication more generally, by bringing into 'explicitness' meanings which, at present, are referred to by labels such as 'implicit', 'tacit' or 'embodied'. We wish to show that this discussion needs to happen, and it needs to become more precise before we can attempt to settle various issues in connection with touch, such as the implicatoins of touch-screens and other touch-technologies. The frame for our discussion is social semiotics. Taking examples from...

  7. Changes in serum osmotic pressure following haemodialysis treatments lead to changes in bioimpedance spectroscopy estimates of lean and adipose tissue.

    Antonelou, M; El-Kateb, S; Davies, N; Davenport, A
    Haemodialysis (HD) patients are at risk of sarcopenia. Newer bioimpedance devices (BIS) using a three-compartmental body composition model, separate extracellular water overhydration from normo-hydrated lean tissue mass (LTM) and adipose tissue mass (ATM). During HD hydration status changes, along with changes in electrolytes and solutes, and may alter body composition measurements. As such, we measured BIS and serum osmotic pressure (sOP) pre- and post dialysis in 43 patients. There were no significant changes in LTM (39.5±15.1 vs 39.3±15.2 kg) or sOP (33.2±8.3 vs 35.9±9.7 mm Hg). Higher post-dialysis sOP was associated with a greater percentage fall in LTM (r=0.43, P=0.08) and increase in...

  8. STAT3 dependent expression of full length stem cell factor transcript maintains systemic sclerosis lung fibroblast phenotypes via autocrine c-kit signalling

    Abdi, BA; Lopez, H; Karrar, S; Martin, G; Shiwen, X; Denton, C; Abraham, D; Stratton, R
    BACKGROUND: Systemic sclerosis (SSc) is an autoimmune disease characterised by progressive fibrosis of the skin and internal organs, most notably the lung. Migration of an activated population of fibroblasts through involved tissue leads to spread of the lesions. In this study, novel patterned collagen substrates were used to study the migration of SSc and control cells. The importance of PDGF and serum as a stimulus to migration is confirmed, and stem cell factor (SCF, c-Kit ligand) is also identified as a driving factor in this process and therapeutic target. Here autocrine effects of SCF on SSc lung fibroblast motility are...

  9. A free energy study of carbon clusters on Ir(111): Precursors to graphene growth

    Tetlow, H; Ford, IJ; Kantorovich, L
    It is widely accepted that the nucleation of graphene on transition metals is related to the formation of carbon clusters of various sizes and shapes on the surface. Assuming a low concentration of carbon atoms on a crystal surface, we derive a thermodynamic expression for the grand potential of the cluster of N carbon atoms, relative to a single carbon atom on the surface (the cluster work of formation). This is derived taking into account both the energetic and entropic contributions, including structural and rotational components, and is explicitly dependent on the temperature. Then, using ab initio density functional theory,...

  10. Bespoke affinity ligands for the purification of therapeutic proteins

    Khoury, GE; Khogeer, B; Chen, C; Ng, KT; Jacob, SI; Lowe, CR
    This article provides an overview of the current challenges and trends in bioprocessing, with a focus on recent advances in the affinity purification of the principal classes of biotherapeutics, including monoclonal antibodies, glycoproteins, vaccines and erythropoietin. Affinity chromatography is usually applied during large-scale protein purification; it involves affinity ligands of biological or synthetic origin. The high productivity that is currently achieved during upstream processing is placing an increasing burden on the downstream production phase which suffers from limited capacities. Consequently, while genetic engineering is helping to increase the stability and capacity of natural ligands, in silico approaches combined with combinatorial...

  11. Nature talk in an Appalachian newspaper: What environmental discourse analysis reveals about efforts to address exurbanization and climate change

    Burke, B; Welch-Devine, M; Gustafson, JS
    As the people of Southern Appalachia confront the challenges of climate change and exurban development, their foundational beliefs about the environment and human-environment relations will significantly shape the types of individual and collective action that they imagine and pursue. In this paper, we use critical discourse analysis of an influential small-town newspaper to understand how the environment is being represented publicly and consider how these representations might affect local environmental politics and efforts to mitigate or adapt to climate change and exurban sprawl. We find that the environment is generally represented as an amenity to be enjoyed rather than a subject...

  12. Maps and contradictions: Urban political ecology and cartographic expertise in southern Appalachia

    Gustafson, JS
    Commissioned by the State legislature after a succession of deadly and damaging landslides and decades of exurban growth on steep mountain slopes, the North Carolina Geological Survey produced a series of landslide hazard maps detailing for the public landslide prone areas of Macon County, North Carolina, USA. While widely supported at the state and local levels in 2005, by 2011, the mapping program was defunded in the state’s budget and the maps were highly politically criticized in Macon County. Even today, the maps remain unused in any legal capacity and are unknown to many residents of the region. Empirically, this...

  13. The making of a landslide: legibility and expertise in exurban southern Appalachia

    Gustafson, JS
    This article explores the changing legibility of the 2004 deadly Peeks Creek landslide in mountainous, historically rural, and rapidly urbanizing Macon County, North Carolina. The event is interesting because local media and other residents made it legible as flood, drawing on local historical experience of flooding. Months and years later, however, many of the same residents made Peeks Creek legible as a landslide. In other words, this event was not always explicitly considered a landslide, but instead had to become one. The article first argues that notions of legibility ought to be more thoroughly considered in urban political ecology scholarship....

  14. Plausible Shading Decomposition For Layered Photo Retouching

    Innamorati, C; Ritschel, T; Weyrich, T; Mitra, NJ
    Photographers routinely compose multiple manipulated photos of the same scene (layers) into a single image, which is better than any individual photo could be alone. Similarly, 3D artists set up rendering systems to produce layered images to contain only individual aspects of the light transport, which are composed into the final result in post-production. Regrettably, both approaches either take considerable time to capture, or remain limited to synthetic scenes. In this paper, we suggest a system to allow decomposing a single image into a plausible shading decomposition (PSD) that approximates effects such as shadow, diffuse illumination, albedo, and specular shading....

  15. Moreton and EUV Waves Associated with an X1.0 Flare and CME Ejection

    Francile, C; Lopez, FM; Cremades, H; Mandrini, CH; Luoni, ML; Long, DM
    A Moreton wave was detected in active region (AR) 12017 on 29 March 2014 with very high cadence with the H-Alpha Solar Telescope for Argentina (HASTA) in association with an X1.0 flare (SOL2014-03-29T17:48). Several other phenomena took place in connection with this event, such as low-coronal waves and a coronal mass ejection (CME). We analyze the association between the Moreton wave and the EUV signatures observed with the Atmospheric Imaging Assembly onboard the Solar Dynamics Observatory. These include their low-coronal surface-imprint, and the signatures of the full wave and shock dome propagating outward in the corona. We also study their...

  16. Exosomes and Cardiovascular Protection

    Davidson, SM; Takov, K; Yellon, DM
    Most, if not all, cells of the cardiovascular system secrete small, lipid bilayer vesicles called exosomes. Despite technical challenges in their purification and analysis, exosomes from various sources have been shown to be powerfully cardioprotective. Indeed, it is possible that much of the so-called "paracrine" benefit in cardiovascular function obtained by stem cell therapy can be replicated by the injection of exosomes produced by stem cells. However, exosomes purified from plasma appear to be just as capable of activating cardioprotective pathways. We discuss the potential roles of endogenous exosomes in the cardiovascular system, how this is perturbed in cardiovascular disease,...

  17. Economic Specialisation, Resource Variability, and the Origins of Intensive Agriculture in Eastern Africa

    Davies, MIJ
    In Eastern Africa contrasting ecological zones within relatively short distances encourage economic specialisations which are reliant upon one another. Connections between different economic groups are facilitated by a variety of institutionalised networks that encourage the movement of both goods and people across boundaries. The role of livestock as essential capital ensures a strong impetus to increase agricultural production for exchange while, at the same time, the need to acquire livestock through ties to the pastoral community ensures that certain agriculturalists are confined to relatively limited areas at the margins of pastoral zones. In contrast to traditional models of agricultural development, the shift to intensive techniques may not...

  18. Wage Posting and Business Cycles

    Moscarini, G; Postel-Vinay, F
    The canonical framework of Burdett and Mortensen (1998) derives wage dispersion as the unique equilibrium outcome in a stationary environment with meeting frictions and random search. Firms derive monopsony power from search frictions and commit to wage offers. Workers earn rents: wages are not compressed to the opportunity cost of work, owing to the ability of employed workers to receive additional offers and quit directly from one job into another, without experiencing unemployment. In previous work (Moscarini and Postel-Vinay 2016), we explored the implications of this job ladder for the aggregate dynamics of unemployment, wages, and the firm size distribution...

  19. Quality Matters: Diversity and the Digital Humanities in 2016

    Earhart, A; Gil, A; Risam, R; Bordalejo, B; Galina, I; Hughes, L; Terras, MM

  20. Museum Digitization Practices Across Russia: Survey and Web Site Exploration Results

    Kizhner, I; Terras, MM; Rumyantsev, M

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