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  1. The Legal Measures against the Abuse of Separate Corporate Personality and Limited Liability by Corporate Groups: The scope of Chandler v Cape plc and Thompson v Renwick Group plc

    Ikuta, Daisuke
    While the scope of ‘veil lifting’ has been severely restricted in UK case law, two recent notable judgments, Chandler v Cape Plc and Thompson v Renwick Group Plc, have held that a parent company could owe tortious liability for the health and safety of its subsidiary’s employees. This article contends that the legal principle recognised in Chandler and Thompson could successfully prevent corporate group abuses of separate corporate personality and limited liability, when combined with ‘veil lifting’ and protection against misrepresentation in UK law. With reference to the theoretical justification of limited liability, there are three circumstances in which limited...

  2. The Recast European Insolvency Regulation: A Missed Opportunity for Restructuring Business in Europe

    Epeoglou, Maria-Thomais
    The purpose of this article is to critically revisit the European Insolvency Regulation on the occasion of its recasting, in Regulation (EU) 2015/848, which enters into force, for the most part, in June 2017. The article first considers the circumstances underlying the Regulation’s adoption, highlighting the fact that a new approach to business failure has been an indispensable part of the EU’s response to the financial crisis, thus placing business rescue on the agenda. An endeavour to examine provisions purportedly targeted at creating a business rescue-friendly culture follows, including an attempt at an early appraisal of whether this objective will...

  3. An Economic Analysis of the Liability of Credit Rating Agencies: A Positive Inquiry from a Kaldor-Hicks Efficiency Perspective

    Yee, Julius Sher Xern
    The liability of credit rating agencies (‘CRAs’) has been subject to critical debate since the global financial crisis of 2008. It has been well documented and argued that the rules governing such impositions have been traditionally framed by reactionary, post-crisis driven reforms which do not necessarily reflect, or capture, in economic terms, the consequentialist aspects of whether they are beneficial to the welfare of wider market participants. This article attempts to highlight, through economic analysis, some of these wider market repercussions, and will aim to do so by providing an analysis of liability rules from a Kaldor-Hicks efficiency perspective. It...

  4. Preface

    Viveros Montoya, Luis Felipe; Pavlopoulos, Niko; Crummey, Conor
    Preface to Volume 6, Issue 1 of the UCL Journal of Law and Jurisprudence.

  5. Multicenter, Phase III, Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Pravastatin Added to First-Line Standard Chemotherapy in Small-Cell Lung Cancer (LUNGSTAR).

    Seckl, MJ; Ottensmeier, CH; Cullen, M; Schmid, P; Ngai, Y; Muthukumar, D; Thompson, J; Harden, S; Middleton, G; Fife, KM; Crosse, B; Taylor, P; Nash, S; Hackshaw, A
    Purpose Treating small-cell lung cancer (SCLC) remains a therapeutic challenge. Experimental studies show that statins exert additive effects with agents, such as cisplatin, to impair tumor growth, and observational studies suggest that statins combined with anticancer therapies delay relapse and prolong life in several cancer types. To our knowledge, we report the first large, randomized, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial of a statin with standard-of-care for patients with cancer, specifically SCLC. Patients and Methods Patients with confirmed SCLC (limited or extensive disease) and performance status 0 to 3 were randomly assigned to receive daily pravastatin 40 mg or placebo, combined with up...

  6. Zoology: War of the Worms

    Telford, MJ; Copley, RR
    The phylogenetic affinities of Xenacoelomorpha - the phylum comprising Xenoturbella bocki and acoelomorph worms - are debated. Two recent studies conclude they represent the earliest branching bilaterally symmetrical animals, but additional tests may be needed to confirm this notion.

  7. Clinical failure is more common in young children with acute otitis media who receive a short course of antibiotics compared with standard duration

    Venekamp, RP; Schilder, AGM

  8. Frank-Thomas Ott, Die zweite Philippica als Flugschrift in der späten Republik, Berlin – Boston (De Gruyter), 2013

    Manuwald, G

  9. The Relationship of Bilingualism Compared to Monolingualism to the Risk of Cognitive Decline or Dementia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis

    Mukadam, N; Sommerlad, A; Livingston, G
    BACKGROUND: Bilingualism may contribute to cognitive reserve, protect against cognitive decline, and delay the onset of dementia. OBJECTIVE: We systematically reviewed evidence about the effect of bilingualism on subsequent cognitive decline or dementia. METHODS: We searched electronic databases and references for longitudinal studies comparing cognitive decline in people who were bilingual with those who were monolingual and evaluated study quality. We conducted meta-analyses using random effects models to calculate pooled odds ratio of incident dementia. RESULTS: We included 13/1,156 eligible articles. Meta-analysis of prospective studies of the effects of bilingualism on future dementia gave a combined Odds Ratio of dementia...

  10. Does a child's language ability affect the correspondence between parent and teacher ratings of ADHD symptoms?

    Gooch, D; Maydew, H; Sears, C; Norbury, CF
    BACKGROUND: Rating scales are often used to identify children with potential Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD), yet there are frequently discrepancies between informants which may be moderated by child characteristics. The current study asked whether correspondence between parent and teacher ratings on the Strengths and Weakness of ADHD symptoms and Normal behaviour scale (SWAN) varied systematically with child language ability. METHOD: Parent and teacher SWAN questionnaires were returned for 200 children (aged 61-81 months); 106 had low language ability (LL) and 94 had typically developing language (TL). After exploring informant correspondence (using Pearson correlation) and the discrepancy between raters, we report inter-class correlation...

  11. Subthalamic nucleus beta and gamma activity is modulated depending on the level of imagined grip force

    Fischer, P; Pogosyan, A; Cheeran, B; Green, AL; Aziz, TZ; Hyam, J; Little, S; Foltynie, T; Limousin, P; Zrinzo, L; Hariz, M; Samuel, M; Ashkan, K; Brown, P; Tan, H
    Motor imagery involves cortical networks similar to those activated by real movements, but the extent to which the basal ganglia are recruited is not yet clear. Gamma and beta oscillations in the subthalamic nucleus (STN) vary with the effort of sustained muscle activity. We recorded local field potentials in Parkinson's disease patients and investigated if similar changes can be observed during imagined gripping at three different 'forces'. We found that beta activity decreased significantly only for imagined grips at the two stronger force levels. Additionally, gamma power significantly scaled with increasing imagined force. Thus, in combination, these two spectral features...

  12. Proteinase-3 (PR3) auto-antigen drives giant cell and granuloma formation in ANCA- associated vasculitis (AAV)

    Henderson, SR; Horsley, H; Todd, SK; Salama, AD

  13. Restablishment of Immune Tolerance in ANCA-Associated Vasculitis: Defining a cohort with sustained ANCA negativity and drug free clinical remission

    Oates, T; Florez-Barros, F; Zhao, M; Rutgers, B; Stegeman, C; Heeringa, P; Tesar, V; Little, M; Harper, L; Hruskova, Z; Chen, M; Sanders, J-S; Salama, AD

  14. A Steroid Free Maintenance Regime is an Effective and Safe Treatment Strategy in ANCA Associated Vasculitis And Glomerulonephritis

    Pepper, RJ; Moran, S; Kelly, D; Gopaluni, P; Jayne, D; Hamour, S; Burns, A; Little, MA; Salama, AD

  15. Reduced human transitional B cell T1/T2 ratio is associated with subsequent deterioration in renal allograft function

    Cherukuri, A; Salama, AD; Carter, CR; Landsittel, D; Arumugakani, G; Clark, B; Rothstein, DM; Baker, RJ
    Human transitional B cells express relatively high IL-10 and low TNF-α levels, which correlate with B regulatory activity in vitro. Herein, we aim to further define B regulatory phenotype and determine whether B regulatory activity can serve as a prognostic marker for renal allograft dysfunction (graft loss or 2-fold fall in estimated glomerular filtration rate). Transitional B cells can be divided into T1 and T2 subsets based on surface phenotype. T1 cells express a significantly higher ratio of IL-10 to TNF-α than T2 cells or other B subsets. When analyzed in 45 kidney transplant recipients at the time of late...

  16. Monitoring summer indoor overheating in the London housing stock

    Pathan, A; Mavrogianni, A; Summerfield, A; Oreszczyn, T; Davies, M
    In light of current climate change projections in recent years, there has been an increasing interest in the assessment of indoor overheating in domestic environments in previously heating-dominated climates. This paper presents a monitoring study of overheating in 122 London dwellings during the summers of 2009 and 2010. Dry Bulb Temperature and Relative Humidity in the main living and sleeping area were monitored at 10 min intervals. The ASHRAE Standard 55 adaptive thermal comfort method was applied, which uses outdoor temperature to derive the optimum indoor comfort temperature. It was found that 29% of all living rooms and 31% of...

  17. Causal Inference via Algebraic Geometry: Feasibility Tests for Functional Causal Structures with Two Binary Observed Variables

    Lee, CM; Spekkens, RW
    We provide a scheme for inferring causal relations from uncontrolled statistical data based on tools from computational algebraic geometry, in particular, the computation of Groebner bases. We focus on causal structures containing just two observed variables, each of which is binary. We consider the consequences of imposing different restrictions on the number and cardinality of latent variables and of assuming different functional dependences of the observed variables on the latent ones (in particular, the noise need not be additive). We provide an inductive scheme for classifying functional causal structures into distinct observational equivalence classes. For each observational equivalence class, we...

  18. Human predisposition to cognitive impairment and its relation with environmental exposure to potentially toxic elements

    Cabral Pinto, MMS; Marinho-Reis, AP; Almeida, A; Ordens, CM; Silva, MMVG; Freitas, S; Simões, MR; Moreira, PI; Dinis, PA; Diniz, ML; Ferreira da Silva, EA; Condesso de Melo, MT
    New lines of evidence suggest that less than 10% of neurodegenerative diseases have a strict genetic aetiology and other factors may be prevalent. Environmental exposures to potentially toxic elements appear to be a risk factor for Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and sclerosis diseases. This study proposes a multidisciplinary approach combining neurosciences, psychology and environmental sciences while integrating socio-economic, neuropsychological, environmental and health data. We present the preliminary results of a neuropsychological assessment carried out in elderly residents of the industrial city of Estarreja. A battery of cognitive tests and a personal questionnaire were administered to the participants. Multivariate analysis and multiple linear...

  19. 331 models and grand unification: From minimal SU(5) to minimal SU(6)

    Deppisch, FF; Hati, C; Patra, S; Sarkar, U; Valle, JWF
    We consider the possibility of grand unification of the SU(3)c ⊗ SU(3)L ⊗ U(1)X model in an SU(6) gauge unification group. Two possibilities arise. Unlike other conventional grand unified theories, in SU(6) one can embed the 331 model as a subgroup such that different multiplets appear with different multiplicities. Such a scenario may emerge from the flux breaking of the unified group in an E(6) F-theory GUT. This provides new ways of achieving gauge coupling unification in 331 models while providing the radiative origin of neutrino masses. Alternatively, a sequential variant of the SU(3)c ⊗ SU(3)L ⊗ U(1)X model can fit within a minimal SU(6) grand...

  20. Type 2 diabetes mellitus in people with severe mental illness: inequalities by ethnicity and age. Cross-sectional analysis of 588 408 records from the UK

    Das-Munshi, J; Ashworth, M; Dewey, ME; Gaughran, F; Hull, S; Morgan, C; Nazroo, J; Petersen, I; Schofield, P; Stewart, R; Thornicroft, G; Prince, MJ
    AIMS: To investigate whether the association of severe mental illness with Type 2 diabetes varies by ethnicity and age. METHODS: We conducted a cross-sectional analysis of data from an ethnically diverse sample of 588 408 individuals aged ≥18 years, registered to 98% of general practices (primary care) in London, UK. The outcome of interest was prevalent Type 2 diabetes. RESULTS: Relative to people without severe mental illness, the relative risk of Type 2 diabetes in people with severe mental illness was greatest in the youngest age groups. In the white British group the relative risks were 9.99 (95% CI 5.34,...

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