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141. Reducing sexually transmitted infections among gay men - Reply - Stephenson, JM; Noar, SM; Zimmerman, RS; Bonell, C; Imrie, J; Cowan, FM; Wanigaratne, S; Billington, AJP; Copas, AJ

142. Heart rate and perceived muscle pain responses to a functional walking test in McArdle disease - Buckley, JP; Quinlivan, RM; Sim, J; Eston, RG; Short, DS
The aim of this study was to assess a 12-min self-paced walking test in patients with McArdle disease. Twenty patients (44.7 ±11 years; 11 female) performed the walking test where walking speed, distance walked, heart rate (HR) and perceived muscle pain (Borg CR10 scale) were measured. Median (interquartile range) distance walked was 890 m (470-935). From 1 to 6 min, median walking speed decreased (from 75.0 to 71.4 m{bullet operator}min) while muscle pain and %HR reserve increased (from 0.3 to 3.0 and 37% to 48%, respectively). From 7 to 12 min, walking speed increased to 74.2 m{bullet operator}min, muscle pain...

143. Ataluren treatment of patients with nonsense mutation dystrophinopathy. - Bushby, K; Finkel, R; Wong, B; Barohn, R; Campbell, C; Comi, GP; Connolly, AM; Day, JW; Flanigan, KM; Goemans, N; Jones, KJ; Mercuri, E; Quinlivan, R; Renfroe, JB; Russman, B; Ryan, MM; Tulinius, M; Voit, T; Moore, SA; Sweeney, HL; Abresch, RT; Coleman, KL; Eagle, M; Florence, J; Gappmaier, E; Glanzman, AM; Henricson, E; Barth, J; Elfring, GL; Reha, A; Spiegel, RJ; O'Donnell, MW; Peltz, SW; McDonald, CM; PTC124-GD-007-DMD Study Group,
Background: Dystrophinopathy is a rare, severe muscle disorder, and nonsense mutations are found in 13% of cases. Ataluren was developed to enable ribosomal readthrough of premature stop codons in nonsense mutation (nm) genetic disorders. Methods: Randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study; males ≥5 years with nm-dystrophinopathy received study drug orally 3 times daily, ataluren 10, 10, 20 mg/kg (N=57), ataluren 20, 20, 40 mg/kg (N=60), or placebo (N=57) for 48 weeks. The primary endpoint was change in 6-minute walk distance (6MWD) at Week 48. Results: Ataluren was generally well tolerated. The primary endpoint favored ataluren 10, 10, 20 mg/kg vs placebo; the...

144. P04. 6 Detection of spikes in EEG recordings using features derived from ICA - De Lucia, M; Fritschy, J; Dayan, P; Holder, D

145. Should exact electrode positions be used in inverse dipole modelling of the EEG (IDMEEG)? - Holder, DS; Penny, Z; Knott, S; Binnie, CD

146. Strontium potently inhibits mineralisation in bone-forming primary rat osteoblast cultures and reduces numbers of osteoclasts in mouse marrow cultures. - Wornham, DP; Hajjawi, MO; Orriss, IR; Arnett, TR
The basic mechanisms by which strontium ranelate acts on bone are still unclear. We show that an important action of strontium salts is to block calcification in cultures of osteoblasts, the bone-forming cells. These results suggest that strontium treatment could have previously overlooked effects on bone.

147. The relationship between labour market categories and alcohol use trajectories in midlife - Colell, E; Bell, S; Britton, A
Background and aims Studies on the role of labour market position and change in alcohol use during midlife are scarce and their results are inconclusive mainly due to their failure to define comprehensive and distinct labour market groups and the short periods of time studied. In this study we used different activity categories for men and women to examine alcohol use trajectories in midlife covering a period of 17 years. Methods Using data from four sweeps of the National Child Development Study covering ages 33–50 (N=9960), we used multilevel growth models to study the association between labour market categories and longitudinal...

148. Fieldwork for Healthcare: Case Studies Investigating Human Factors in Computing Systems - Furniss,; O'Kane,; Randell, R; Taneva, S; Mentis, H; Blandford, AE
Performing fieldwork in healthcare settings is significantly different from fieldwork in other do- mains and it presents unique challenges to researchers. Whilst results are reported in research papers, the details of how to actually perform these fieldwork studies are not. This is the first of two volumes designed as a collective graduate guidebook for conducting fieldwork in healthcare. This volume brings together the experiences of established researchers who do fieldwork in clinical and non-clinical settings, focusing on how people interact with healthcare technology, in the form of case studies. These case studies are all personal, reflective accounts of challenges faced...

149. MUTATIONS IN GRIN2B IN WEST SYNDROME AND INTELLECTUAL DISABILITY WITH CHILDHOOD-ONSET FOCAL EPILEPSY - Lemke, JR; Hendrickx, R; Geider, K; Bodo, L; Schwake, M; Harvey, RJ; James, VM; Pepler, A; Steiner, I; Hoertnagel, K; Neidhardt, J; Ruf, S; Wolff, M; Bartholdi, D; Caraballo, R; Platzer, K; Suls, A; De Jonghe, P; Biskup, S; Weckhuysen, S

150. Analysis of t(9;17)(q33.2;q25.3) chromosomal breakpoint regions and genetic association reveals novel candidate genes for bipolar disorder. - Rajkumar, AP; Christensen, JH; Mattheisen, M; Jacobsen, I; Bache, I; Pallesen, J; Grove, J; Qvist, P; McQuillin, A; Gurling, HM; Tümer, Z; Mors, O; Børglum, AD
Breakpoints of chromosomal abnormalities facilitate identification of novel candidate genes for psychiatric disorders. Genome-wide significant evidence supports the linkage between chromosome 17q25.3 and bipolar disorder (BD). Co-segregation of translocation t(9;17)(q33.2;q25.3) with psychiatric disorders has been reported. We aimed to narrow down these chromosomal breakpoint regions and to investigate the associations between single nucleotide polymorphisms within these regions and BD as well as schizophrenia (SZ) in large genome-wide association study samples.

151. Mechanism of substorm current wedge formation: THEMIS observations - Yao, ZH; Pu, ZY; Fu, SY; Angelopoulos, V; Kubyshkina, M; Xing, X; Lyons, L; Nishimura, Y; Xie, L; Wang, XG; Xiao, CJ; Cao, X; Liu, J; Zhang, H; Nowada, M; Zong, QG; Guo, RL; Zhong, J; Li, JX
[1] This paper presents THEMIS measurements of two substorm events to show how the substorm current wedge (SCW) is generated. In the late growth phase when an earthward flow burst in the near-Earth magnetotail brakes and is diverted azimuthally, pressure gradients in the X- and Y-directions are observed to increase in the pileup and diverting regions of the flow. The enhanced pressure gradient in the Y-direction is dawnward (duskward) on the dawnside (duskside) where a clockwise (counter-clockwise) vortex forms. This dawn-dusk pressure gradient drives downward (upward) field-aligned current (FAC) on the dawnside (duskside) of the flow, which, when combined with...

152. Dendritic cells, monocytes and macrophages: a unified nomenclature based on ontogeny. - Guilliams, M; Ginhoux, F; Jakubzick, C; Naik, SH; Onai, N; Schraml, BU; Segura, E; Tussiwand, R; Yona, S
The mononuclear phagocyte system (MPS) has historically been categorized into monocytes, dendritic cells and macrophages on the basis of functional and phenotypical characteristics. However, considering that these characteristics are often overlapping, the distinction between and classification of these cell types has been challenging. In this Opinion article, we propose a unified nomenclature for the MPS. We suggest that these cells can be classified primarily by their ontogeny and secondarily by their location, function and phenotype. We believe that this system permits a more robust classification during both steady-state and inflammatory conditions, with the benefit of spanning different tissues and across...

153. Evaluation of the two-photon absorption characteristics of GaSb/GaAs quantum rings - Wagener, MC; Carrington, PJ; Botha, JR; Krier, A

154. Feasibility of electrical impedance tomography in haemorrhagic stroke treatment using adaptive mesh - Tehrani, JN; Jin, C; Van Schaik, A; McEwan, A; Anderson, C; Holder, D
EIT has been proposed for acute stroke differentiation, specifically to determine the type of stroke, either ischaemia (clot) or haemorrhage (bleed) to allow the rapid use of clot-busting drugs in the former (Romsauerova et al 2006). This addresses an important medical need, although there is little treatment offered in the case of haemorrhage. Also the demands on EIT are high with usually no availability to take a 'before' measurement, ruling out time difference imaging. Recently a new treatment option for haemorrhage has been proposed and is being studied in international randomised controlled trial: the early reduction of elevated blood pressure...

155. Measurement of electrical current density distribution in a simple head phantom with magnetic resonance imaging. - Gamba, HR; Bayford, R; Holder, D
Knowledge of the influence of the human skull on the electrical current (d.c.) distribution within the brain tissue could prove useful in measuring impedance changes inside the human head. These changes can be related to physiological functions. The studies presented in this paper examine the current density distribution in a simple phantom consisting of a saline filled tank (to simulate scalp and brain) and a ring made of dental grade plaster of Paris (to simulate the human skull). Images of the distribution of the d.c. density of the phantom with and without the plaster of Paris ring were produced using...

156. Electrical impedance tomography (EIT) imaging of cortical spreading depression in the anaesthetized rabbit - Boone, K; Lewis, A; Holder, DS

157. Electrical Impedance Tomography of brain function : Its potential advantages for imaging epileptic activity - Holder, D

158. Tele-EEG in epilepsy: review and initial experience with software to enable EEG review over a telephone link. - Holder, D; Cameron, J; Binnie, C

159. Frequency-difference EIT (fdEIT) using weighted difference and equivalent homogeneous admittivity: validation by simulation and tank experiment - Jun, SC; Kuen, J; Lee, J; Woo, EJ; Holder, D; Seo, JK

160. Physiological Measurement-Volume 22 Number 1 February 2001-Biomedical applications of electrical impedance tomography-CLINICAL APPLICATIONS-Electrical impedance tomography of human brain - Tidswell, AT; Gibson, A; Bayford, RH; Holder, DS


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