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  1. Sequential therapy of anti-Nogo-A antibody treatment and treadmill training leads to cumulative improvements after spinal cord injury in rats

    Chen, K; Marsh, BC; Cowan, M; Al'Joboori, YD; Gigout, S; Smith, CC; Messenger, N; Gamper, N; Schwab, ME; Ichiyama, RM
    Intense training is the most clinically successful treatment modality following incomplete spinal cord injuries (SCIs). With the advent of plasticity enhancing treatments, understanding how treatments might interact when delivered in combination becomes critical. Here, we investigated a rational approach to sequentially combine treadmill locomotor training with antibody mediated suppression of the fiber growth inhibitory protein Nogo-A. Following a large but incomplete thoracic lesion, rats were immediately treated with either anti-Nogo-A or control antibody (2 weeks) and then either left untrained or step-trained starting 3 weeks after injury for 8 weeks. It was found that sequentially combined therapy improved step consistency...

  2. Grey and white matter abnormalities in treated HIV-disease and their relationship to cognitive function

    Underwood, J; Cole, JH; Caan, M; De Francesco, D; Leech, R; van Zoest, RA; Su, T; Geurtsen, GJ; Schmand, BA; Portegies, P; Prins, M; Wit, FWNM; Sabin, CA; Majoie, C; Reiss, P; Winston, A; Sharp, DJ; Co-morBidity in Relation to Aids (COBRA) Collaboration, .
    BACKGROUND: Long-term comorbidities such as cognitive impairment remain prevalent in otherwise effectively treated people-living-with-HIV. We investigate the relationship between cognitive impairment and brain structure in successfully treated patients using multi-modal neuroimaging from the Co-morBidity in Relation to AIDS (COBRA) cohort. METHODS: Cognitive function, brain tissue volumes and white matter microstructure were assessed in 134 HIV-positive patients and 79 controls. All patients had suppressed plasma HIV RNA at cohort entry. In addition to comprehensive voxelwise analyses of volumetric and diffusion tensor imaging, we used an unsupervised machine learning approach to combine cognitive, diffusion and volumetric data, taking advantage of the complementary...

  3. Association of Adherence to a Healthy Diet with Cognitive Decline in European and American Older Adults: A Meta-Analysis within the CHANCES Consortium

    Berendsen, AAM; Kang, JH; van de Rest, O; Jankovic, N; Kampman, E; Kiefte-de Jong, JC; Franco, OH; Ikram, MA; Pikhart, H; Nilsson, LM; Brenner, H; Boffetta, P; Rafnsson, SB; Gustafson, D; Kyrozis, A; Trichopoulou, A; Feskens, EJM; Grodstein, F; de Groot, LCPGM
    Aim: To examine the association between a healthy diet, assessed by the Healthy Diet Indicator (HDI), and cognitive decline in older adults. Methods: Data from 21,837 participants aged ≥55 years from 3 cohorts (Survey in Europe on Nutrition and the Elderly, a Concerted Action [SENECA], Rotterdam Study [RS], Nurses' Health Study [NHS]) were analyzed. HDI scores were based on intakes of saturated fatty acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, mono- and disaccharides, protein, cholesterol, fruits and vegetables, and fiber. The Telephone Interview for Cognitive Status in NHS and Mini-Mental State Examination in RS and SENECA were used to assess cognitive function from...

  4. Preparation of Total RNA from Fission Yeast

    Bähler, J; Wise, JA
    Treatment with hot phenol breaks open fission yeast cells and begins to strip away bound proteins from RNA. Deproteinization is completed by multiple extractions with chloroform/isoamyl alcohol and separation of the aqueous and organic phases using MaXtract gel, an inert material that acts as a physical barrier between the phases. The final step is concentration of the RNA by ethanol precipitation. The protocol can be used to prepare RNA from several cultures grown in parallel, but it is important not to process too many samples at once because delays can be detrimental to RNA quality. A reasonable number of samples...

  5. Schizosaccharomyces pombe Polysome Profile Analysis and RNA Purification

    Wolf, DA; Bähler, J; Wise, JA
    Polysome profile analysis is widely used by investigators studying the mechanism and regulation of translation. The method described here uses high-velocity centrifugation of whole cell extracts on linear sucrose gradients to separate 40S and 60S ribosomal subunits from 80S monosomes and polysomes. Cycloheximide is included in the lysis buffer to “freeze” polysomes by blocking translation. After centrifugation, the gradient is fractionated and RNA (and/or protein) is prepared from each fraction for subsequent analysis of individual species using northern or western blots. The entire RNA population in each fraction can be analyzed by hybridization to microarrays or by high-throughput RNA sequencing,...

  6. Body: New Art from the UK

    Young, CSR; Coupland, D; Ledwith, C; Grenville, B
    Mixed media. This catalogue contains essays by Bruce Grenville and Douglas Coupland; artists' biographies by Colin Ledwith; forewords by Kathleen S. Bartels, Peter Chenery and Brett Rogers. Co-published by Vancouver Art Gallery and the British Council, this catalogue has been published to accompany a British Council exhibition touring to five venues throughout Canada. This exhibition explores new contemporary works by 14 influential artists whose principal focus is the human body. Emerging in the 1990s, the aggressive, in-your-face attitude of these artists united the forces of British youth culture, mass marketing and high art.

  7. Consideration

    Young, CSR
    Part of PERFORMA 05, the the first biennial of visual art performance in New York City. PERFORMA presents Consideration, London-based artist Carey Young’s first solo exhibition in the US. It features a series of legally-enforceable contracts between artist and viewer and is hosted by Paula Cooper Gallery, New York. Created in conjunction with a legal team, the text, video and performative works entice the viewer into agreements that explore notions of individual autonomy, freedom of speech and the social contract. Engaging participants in a series of contractual relationships, Young dissects the viewer’s experience of the exhibition, from accepting the exhibition...

  8. From 60 to 7: The Politics of the 'Private'

    Young, CSR

  9. No, Future

    Young, CSR

  10. The Dotted Line

    Young, CSR
    Curated by Colby Chamberlain, winner of the Fall 2007 Lori Ledis Award for Curatorial Initiative What are the aesthetics of administration? The Dotted Line presented work that assumes the form of official documents ubiquitous to everyday life. Artists in this exhibition were Art Hijack Past (Trong Nguyen and Elana Rubinfeld), Kate Bingaman-Burt, Stephanie Brooks, Eric Doeringer, Patrick Killoran, Jill Magid, Ed McGowin, Filip Noterdaeme (The Homeless Museum), Michael Rakowitz, and Carey Young. The work investigated the absurdities inherent to bureaucratic procedures, as well as the emotional content that is often obscured by institutional language.

  11. British Art Show 6

    Young, CSR
    The selection concentrated on artists who have made a significant contribution to British art over the past five years. The British Art Show 6 is organised by the Hayward Gallery as part of its Hayward Gallery Touring programme. The tour began at Baltic, Gateshead and continued to Manchester, Nottingham and Bristol. Artist List: Tomma Abts Haluk Akakçe Phillip Allen Tonico Lemos Auad Claire Barclay Anna Barriball Breda Beban Zarina Bhimji Neil Cummings and Marysia Lewandowska public works Ergin Çavuþoðlu Gordon Cheung Adam Chodzko Marcus Coates Nathan Coley Phil Collins Enrico David Chris Evans Doug Fishbone Siobhán Hapaska Roger Hiorns Matthew...

  12. Happy Believers: Werkleitz Biennale

    Young, CSR

  13. Hey Hey Glossolalia: Exhibiting the Voice

    Young, CSR
    In May 2008, Creative Time presented Hey Hey Glossolalia, a month-long series of events that explored the use of the voice in contemporary art. The projects included in Hey Hey Glossolalia combined sound, image, performance, and writing to investigate issues not limited to, the peripheries of speech, the charged relationship between speaker and audience, and how the artist (and curator) can speak with and through the voice of others. Artists included: RYan Gander, Liam Gillick, Mark Leckey, Genesis P-Orridge, Adam Pendleton, Frances Stark, Bedwyr Williams, Carey Young

  14. How to Improve the World: 60 Years of British Art

    Young, CSR; Newman, M
    Published in celebration of the Arts Council Collection's 60th anniversary, "How to Improve the World" includes over 150 of the Collection's key works.

  15. Jump into Cold Water

    Young, CSR

  16. Stock Zero: The 2nd Moscow Biennial of Contemporary Art, curated by Nicolas Bourriaud

    Young, CSR
    An exhibition exploring the 'landscape' of capitalism: artists postproducing logos, brands, products and signs, along with artists describing the processes of the capitalist economy or exploring its margins. Artists: Peter Сoffin, Loris Greaud, Kendell Geers, Jonathan Hernandez, Josephine Meckseper, Flavia Muller Medeiros, Gianni Motti, Elena Nemkova, Ester Partegas, Daniel Pflumm, Franck Scurti, Meredyth Sparks, Simon Starling, Superflex (Rasmus Nielsen, Jakob Fenger and Bjørnstjerne Christiansen), Barthelemy Toguo, Johannes Wohnseifer, Carey Young.

  17. Ours: Democracy in the Age of Branding

    Young, CSR
    The exhibition wpresented a range of works by emerging and established international artists that reflected on some of the desires generated and satisfied by democracy—such as choice, participation, freedom of expression, a sense of belonging and the promise of individual success—and assessing whether these values have become associated with the idea of democracy in the way a consumer brand acquires value. Artists: Liam Gillick, Alexis Bhagat, Kota Ezawa, Runo Lagomarsino, Dave Muller, Nadine Robinson, Andrea Geyer and Carey Young, Paul Chan, Sam Durant, Sharon Hayes, Susan Hiller, Ashley Hunt, Emma Kay, Komar & Melamid, Asaf Koriat, Miguel Luciano, Aleksandra Mir,...

  18. Feedforward. The Angel of History

    Young, CSR
    Feedforward. The Angel of History addressed the current moment in history where the wreckage of political conflict and economic inequality is piling up, while globalized forces—largely enabled by the “progress” of digital information technologies—inexorably feed us forward. The exhibition, curated by Steve Dietz (Artistic Director of the 01SJ Biennial) and Christiane Paul (Director of the Media Studies Graduate Program, New School, NY; Adjunct Curator of New Media Arts, Whitney Museum of American Art) features 29 artworks by 27 artists and artist teams. Artists included: AES+F, Paul Chan, Nancy Davenport, Cao Fei, Daniel García Andújar, Fernando García-Dory, Goldin + Senneby, Harwood,...

  19. The World as Stage (Die Welt als Bühne)

    Young, CSR
    Many artists today work with the theatrical aspect of staging the self in everyday life. The exhibition Die Welt als Bühne (The World as Stage) uses the increasing trend towards lifestyle theater as an opportunity to confront ourselves with alternative life models and to show how existing forms of self-staging can be reinterpreted in an emancipatory fashion. Artists: Tamy Ben-Tor, Claus Carstensen/Peter Bonde/Thomas Andersen, Mads Lynnerup, Jan Mančuška, HuskMitNavn, Jan Northoff, Tilman Wendland, Carey Young Book Series “n.b.k. Discourse” To accompany the exhibition, Verlag der Buchhandlung Walther König published 'Die Welt als Bühne' by Solvej Helweg Ovesen, 126 pages with...

  20. Consideration

    Young, CSR
    Midway Contemporary Art, Minneapolis, is pleased to announce Consideration, a solo show by London-based artist Carey Young which features a series of legally-enforceable contracts between artist and viewer.

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