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161. Acts of Creation, Acts of Recollection: Postmemories of Wartime in Claudel and Gaudé - Dias-Mercier, AEV
The relationship between memory and imagination is at the heart of twenty-first century war fiction. This literature engages with the unmaking and remaking of a history that has not been experienced at first hand. The concept of postmemory, developed by Marianne Hirsch with photography as a primary source, examines the role of memory in reconstructing and recollecting history imaginatively and creatively. The act of remembering is transformed into a malleable and innovative activity. This dissertation analyses how the concept of postmemory, when applied to fiction as a form through which to experience unlived memories, approaches experiences of war with a...

162. Trapping ultracold argon atoms - Edmunds, PD
This thesis describes the dipole trapping of both metastable and ground state argon atoms. Metastable argon atoms are first Doppler-cooled down to ∼80 μK in a magneto- optical trap (MOT) on the 4s[3/2]2 to 4p[5/2]3 transitions. These were loaded into dipole traps formed both within the focus of a high-power CO2 laser beam and within an optical build-up cavity. The optical cavity’s well depth could be rapidly modulated: allowing efficient loading of the trap, characterisation of trapped atom temperature, and reduction of intensity noise. Collisional properties of the trapped metastable atoms were studied within the cavity and the Penning and...

163. Subverting Space in Occupy London: Rethinking Territoriality and the Geography of Social Movements - Halvorsen, ST
This thesis argues that territoriality is a crucial yet underexplored spatiality of social movements and rethinks it as a dialectical process of struggle, in light of the 2011 wave of occupation-based uprisings. It argues that dominant understandings of territoriality remain trapped within definitions of hierarchical strategies to control people and things in space. Moreover, it is suggested that the predominance of network-based approaches to theorising social movements has provided little room for a detailed engagement with territoriality. The thesis starts by opening up territoriality to the dialectical thought of Henri Lefebvre and John Holloway, and reorients it towards the antagonisms...

164. Mechanisms of graft-versus-host-disease: a role for Langerhans cells in regulating skin GVHD - Conlan, TJ
Allogeneic bone marrow transplantation (BMT) is an important and commonly used treatment for a variety of haematological malignancies. Central to the therapeutic benefits of allogeneic BMT is the role of donor T cells, which mediate a potent anti-neoplastic effect against tumours in the recipient. However, the presence of donor T cells is also tightly associated with the development of the life-threatening condition graft-versus-host-disease (GVHD), a disorder where alloreactive donor T cells recognise the recipient as ‘non-self’ and elicit a potent anti-host immune response. Antigen presenting cells (APC) are critical to the induction of acute GVHD. However, recent studies have questioned...

165. Development of the G3 Designed ankyrin repeat protein (DARPin) for HER2 imaging - Goldstein, RM
Background: Human epidermal growth factor receptor-2 (HER2) expression predicts response to anti-HER2 therapy in breast and gastric cancer. HER2 status is assessed by tumour biopsy but this may not be representative of the larger tumour mass or other metastatic sites; risking misclassification and selection of suboptimal therapy. The G3 designed ankyrin repeat protein (DARPin) binds HER2 with high affinity at an epitope that does not overlap with trastuzumab and is biologically inert. This research aims to assess the pre-clinical efficacy and safety of G3 DARPin HER2 PET and SPECT imaging. Methods: Hexahistidine (His6), histidine-glutamate (HE)3 and untagged-G3 DARPins were manufactured...

166. The Catholic Nobility in Utrecht and Guelders, c. 1580-1702. - Geraerts, J
This thesis examines the Catholic nobility in the provinces of Utrecht and Guelders in the late sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, focusing on topics including the religious diversity within noble families, interconfessional interaction, religious tolerance and intolerance, the religiosity of the Catholic nobility and their support of the Holland Mission. The Catholic nobility as a socio-religious group is studied against the backdrops of Dutch society and of the Holland Mission, and their behaviour is understood in the context of the changing political, social and religious circumstances in the seventeenth-century Dutch Republic.

167. Investigating the role of Plzf in neural progenitors - Constable, SCJ
Neurogenesis must be tightly regulated both spatially and temporally to give rise to the full spectrum of cells of the nervous system. The promyelocytic leukaemia zinc finger (Plzf) transcription factor is required for maintenance of stem cells of the spermatogonial and haematopoietic systems and is widely expressed throughout the vertebrate central nervous system. I aimed to understand whether Plzf has a role in the maintenance of neural progenitors, using the zebrafish as my model organism. To gain information about the transcriptional targets directly regulated by Plzf in zebrafish, I performed chromatin immunoprecipitation on embryos expressing epitope-tagged Plzfa. This analysis failed...

168. Investigating the Mechanism of Activation of the Mcm2-7 Replicative Helicase - Deegan, TD
DNA replication initiation is co-ordinated with progression through the cell cycle via a two-step mechanism. The first step, termed origin licensing, involves the assembly of a pre-replicative complex (pre-RC) at origins of replication, in which the Mcm2-7 replicative helicase is loaded onto DNA in an inactive form. Origin unwinding and DNA synthesis is only initiated during the second step of this process, origin firing, which requires the recruitment of multiple ‘firing factors’, such as Sld3/7 and Cdc45, as well as the activity of two essential cell cycle regulated kinases, cyclin-dependent kinase (CDK) and Dbf4-dependent kinase (DDK). Whilst studies of the...

169. Phytolith identification criteria for foxtail and broomcorn millets: a new approach to calculating crop ratios - Weisskopf, AR; Lee, G-A
Broomcorn and Foxtail millets were major crops in the Yellow River Valley region, Henan, China, during the Neolithic Yangshao period. Phytoliths and macro remains have been used to understand crop choices in this period. Distinguishing between phytoliths from millet crops and panicoid non cultigens can be challenging. We examine the effect of using only one or two identification criteria compared with a more stringent five or more with phytoliths from archaeological samples to examine crop ratios. We compare our results with the results from the macro remains. This demonstrates, firstly, that using more identification markers has a very definite effect on the results and secondly, phytoliths and macro remains are complementary proxies...

170. Multimodality Imaging of Tumour Pathophysiology and Response to Pharmacological Intervention - Johnson, SP
This thesis describes the need for imaging the tumour pathophysiological microenvironment in order to understand response to treatment. Specifically looking at tumour vascularisation in in vivo murine xenograft models of disease, response to treatment with vascular disruption is assessed via photoacoustic tomography (PAT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Photoacoustic imaging is a novel imaging modality based on the detection of ultrasound waves created by the absorption of nano-second pulsed laser energy within tissue chromophores. It has the spectral specificity of optical techniques whilst also achieving the high resolution of ultrasound. Haemoglobin is the main chromophore found in biological tissue and this modality...

171. A complicated calling: female British medical missionaries and professional identity, 1874-1924 - Ingram, HJ
This dissertation explores female involvement in British Protestant medical missions in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. It uses individual case studies to trace the work of female medical missionaries across Empire, interested in how they identified with and negotiated their position as medical women and how this understanding shaped relationships to each other, to their patients and non-medical colleagues, to Christian missions, and to wider imperial interests more broadly – both at home in Britain and on the mission field. Drawing from the personal and published writings of medical women, the project examines the contradictions and tensions inherent...

172. Large plate monitoring using guided ultrasonic waves - Ghandourah, EII
Areas of stress concentration around welded structures are likely to lead to fatigue cracks and corrosion pitting during the life time of technical machinery. Performing periodical non-destructive testing of the critical area is crucial for the maintenance of structural integrity and the prevention of unforeseen shutdowns of the system. Low frequency guided ultrasonic waves can propagate along thin structures and allow for the efficient testing of large components. Structural damage can be localized using a distributed array of guided ultrasonic wave sensors. Guided waves might be employed to overcome the accessibility problem for stiffened plate structures where access to some...

173. Authors' reply - Moncrieff, J; Timimi, S

174. Critical analysis of the concept of adult attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder - Moncrieff, J; Timimi, S
We question whether adult attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) represents a discrete condition that is distinguishable from ordinary behaviour and other psychiatric disorders, and whether it is related to the childhood disorder, since adult and childhood ADHD are said to be characterised by a different range of symptoms. Although studies of stimulant drugs find marginal short-term effects, which can be explained by their known psychoactive properties, there is little evidence that there are any sustained long-term benefits of drug therapy.We suggest that adult ADHD represents one of the latest attempts to medicalise ordinary human difficulties, and that its popularity is partly...

175. Authors' response - Moncrieff, J; Timimi, S

176. Challenging conventional models of psychiatric drug therapy: An alternative patient-centered approach - Moncrieff, J
Modern psychopharmacology is based on the presumption that psychiatric drugs work by helping to correct an underlying abnormal brain state, or a chemical imbalance. For this article, i have termed this the disease-centered model of psychiatric drug action. Educational and advertising campaigns that have promoted this notion have resulted in soaring rates of use of drugs such as antidepressants and antipsychotics. However, drug action has not always been understood in these terms. This article challenges the disease-centered model of psychiatric drug action, and presents an alternative drug-centered view. The drug-centered model is based on the understanding that psychiatric drugs have...

177. Some progress in UK psychiatry - Moncrieff, J; Thomas, P; Huws, R

178. Trends in mental health review tribunal and hospital managers' hearings in north-east London 1997-2007 - Singh, DK; Moncrieff, J
Aims and method: To examine trends in appeals to mental health review tribunals and hospital managers' panels in a hospital covering two outer London boroughs from 1997 to 2007. Data were also used to explore associations between demographic variables, including ethnicity, and the results of appeal hearings. Results: The number of detentions under Mental Health Act Sections 2, 3 and 37 rose from 203 in 1996 to 279 in 2006. The percentage of these that went to appeal increased from 34% to 81% during the same period. However, there was no observed trend in the result of the appeals. The...

179. Changing the balance of psychosis treatment - Moncrieff, J
Antipsychotic medication is the primary form of treatment offered to people diagnosed with schizophrenia or psychosis, but it is associated with severe adverse effects, it is often experienced as unpleasant and its benefits may have been overstated. Therefore, it is important to evaluate research into approaches that aim to minimise the use of this medication. Existing studies suggest that such approaches can be successful and result in avoidance of antipsychotics in a high proportion of clients.

180. The authors reply - Moncrieff, J; Leo, J


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