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UCL University College London Eprints (350,887 recursos)
UCL Eprints collects the work of UCL researchers and makes it freely available over the web, helping the worldwide scholarly community to discover UCL research. Institutional repositories like UCL Eprints complement the traditional academic publishing and scholarly communications processes. They raise the visibility of research and help to maximise its impact. UCL researchers are encouraged to deposit a copy of each journal article, conference paper, working paper, and any other research output, in the UCL Eprints at the earliest opportunity, ensuring that their research reaches as wide an audience as possible.

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161. Utility-based Decision-making in Distributed Systems Modelling - Pym, D; Anderson, G; Collinson, M
We consider a calculus of resources and processes as a basis for modelling decision-making in multi-agent systems. The calculus represents the regulation of agents' choices using utility functions that take account of context. Associated with the calculus is a (Hennessy-Milner-style) context-sensitive modal logic of state. As an application, we show how a notion of `trust domain' can be defined for multi-agent systems.

162. Associations between cigarette smoking and cannabis dependence: A longitudinal study of young cannabis users in the United Kingdom. - Hindocha, C; Shaban, ND; Freeman, TP; Das, RK; Gale, G; Schafer, G; Falconer, CJ; Morgan, CJ; Curran, HV
To determine the degree to which cigarette smoking predicts levels of cannabis dependence above and beyond cannabis use itself, concurrently and in an exploratory four-year follow-up, and to investigate whether cigarette smoking mediates the relationship between cannabis use and cannabis dependence.

163. Trust domains: An algebraic, logical, and utility-theoretic approach - Anderson, G; Collinson, M; Pym, D
Complex systems of interacting agents are ubiquitous in the highly interconnected, information-rich ecosystems upon which the world is more-or-less wholly dependent. Within these systems, it is often necessary for an agent, or a group of agents, such as a business, to establish within a given ecosystem a trusted group, or a region of trust. Building on an established mathematical systems modelling framework - based on process algebra, logic, and stochastic methods - we give a characterization of such 'trust domains' that employs logical assertions of the properties required for trust and utility-theoretic constraints on the cost of establishing compliance with...

164. A Generic Framework for Context-Based Distributed Authorizations. - Mostéfaoui, GK; Brézillon, P

165. On Modeling and Developing Self-Healing Web Services Using Aspects. - Mostéfaoui, GK; Narendra, NC; Maamar, Z; Thiran, P

166. Context-Based Constraints in Security: Motivations and First Approach. - Mostéfaoui, GK; Brézillon, P

167. Security Solutions for Jini-Based Applications. - Mostéfaoui, GK

168. Context-Based Security Policies: A New Modeling Approach. - Brézillon, P; Mostéfaoui, GK

169. Modeling Context-Based Security Policies with Contextual Graphs. - Mostéfaoui, GK; Brézillon, P

170. Security in Pervasive Environments, What's Next? - Mostéfaoui, GK

171. Context-Aware Computing: A Guide for the Pervasive Computing Community. - Mostéfaoui, GK; Pasquier-Rocha, J; Brézillon, P

172. Decoupling Security Concerns in Web Services Using Aspects. - Mostéfaoui, GK; Maamar, Z; Narendra, NC; Subramanian, S

173. Deterministic Context-Based Security Policies: An Object-Oriented Approach. - Mostéfaoui, GK; Pasquier-Rocha, J

174. A Context-Based Approach of Security Policies. - Mostéfaoui, GK; Brézillon, P

175. Towards Aspect-based Modeling of Self-Healing Web Services. - Mostéfaoui, GK; Maamar, Z; Narendra, NC; Thiran, P

176. On the Enhancement of BPEL Engines for Self-Healing Composite Web Services. - Subramanian, S; Thiran, P; Narendra, NC; Mostéfaoui, GK; Maamar, Z

177. Toward Behavioral Web Services Using Policies. - Maamar, Z; Benslimane, D; Mostéfaoui, GK; Subramanian, S; Mahmoud, QH

178. A Policy-Based Approach to Secure Context in a Web Services Environment. - Maamar, Z; Mostéfaoui, GK; Benslimane, D

179. Context-Driven Policy Enforcement and Reconciliation for Web Services. - Subramanian, S; Narendra, NC; Maamar, Z; Mostéfaoui, GK

180. Supporting Adaptive Security Levels in Heterogeneous Environments. - Mostéfaoui, GK; Kim, M; Chung, M


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