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  1. The impact of oculomotor functioning on neuropsychological performance in Huntington disease

    Carvalho, JO; Long, JD; Westervelt, HJ; Smith, MM; Bruce, JM; Kim, JI; Mills, JA; Paulsen, JS; De Soriano, I; Shadrick, C; Miller, A; Chiu, E; Preston, J; Goh, A; Antonopoulos, S; Loi, S; Chua, P; Komiti, A; Raymond, L; Decolongon, J; Fan, M; Coleman, A; Ross, CA; Varvaris, M; Ong, M; Yoritomo, N; Mallonee, WM; Suter, G; Samii, A; Freney, EP; Macaraeg, A; Jones, R; Wood-Siverio, C; Factor, SA; Barker, RA; Mason, S; Guzman, NV; McCusker, E; Griffith, J; Loy, C; McMillan, J; Gunn, D; Orth, M; Süßmuth, S; Barth, K; Trautmann, S; Schwenk, D; Eschenbach, C; Quaid, K; Wesson, M; Wojcieszek, J; Guttman, M; Sheinberg, A; Law, A; Karmalkar, I; Perlman, S; Clemente, B; Geschwind, MD; Sha, S; Winer, J; Satris, G; Warner, T; Burrows, M; Rosser, A; Price, K; Hunt, S; Marshall, F; Chesire, A; Wodarski, M; Hickey, C; Panegyres, P; Lee, J; Tedesco, M; Maxwell, B; Perlmutter, J; Barton, S; Smith, S; Miedzybrodzka, Z; Rae, D; Vaughan, V; D'Alessandro, M; Craufurd, D; Bek, J; Howard, E; Mazzoni, P; Marder, K; Wasserman, P; Kumar, R; Erickson, D; Reeves, C; Nickels, B; Wheelock, V; Kjer, L; Martin, A; Farias, S
    © 2016 Taylor & Francis.Huntington disease (HD) is a neurodegenerative condition with prominent motor (including oculomotor), cognitive, and psychiatric effects. While neuropsychological deficits are present in HD, motor impairments may impact performance on neuropsychological measures, especially those requiring a speeded response, as has been demonstrated in multiple sclerosis and schizophrenia. The current study is the first to explore associations between oculomotor functions and neuropsychological performance in HD. Participants with impaired oculomotor functioning performed worse than those with normal oculomotor functioning on cognitive tasks requiring oculomotor involvement, particularly on psychomotor speed tasks, controlling for covariates. Consideration of oculomotor dysfunction on neuropsychological...

  2. Understanding Cryptic Pocket Formation in Protein Targets by Enhanced Sampling Simulations

    Oleinikovas, V; Saladino, G; Cossins, BP; Gervasio, FL
    © 2016 American Chemical Society.Cryptic pockets, that is, sites on protein targets that only become apparent when drugs bind, provide a promising alternative to classical binding sites for drug development. Here, we investigate the nature and dynamical properties of cryptic sites in four pharmacologically relevant targets, while comparing the efficacy of various simulation-based approaches in discovering them. We find that the studied cryptic sites do not correspond to local minima in the computed conformational free energy landscape of the unliganded proteins. They thus promptly close in all of the molecular dynamics simulations performed, irrespective of the force-field used. Temperature-based enhanced...

  3. The ALMA Protostellar Interferometric Line Survey (PILS): First results from an unbiased submillimeter wavelength line survey of the Class 0 protostellar binary IRAS 16293-2422 with ALMA

    Jørgensen, JK; Wiel, MHDVD; Coutens, A; Lykke, JM; Müller, HSP; Dishoeck, EFV; Calcutt, H; Bjerkeli, P; Bourke, TL; Drozdovskaya, MN; Favre, C; Fayolle, EC; Garrod, RT; Jacobsen, SK; Öberg, KI; Persson, MV; Wampfler, SF
    The inner regions of the envelopes surrounding young protostars are characterised by a complex chemistry, with prebiotic molecules present on the scales where protoplanetary disks eventually may form. This paper introduces a systematic survey, "Protostellar Interferometric Line Survey (PILS)" of the Class 0 protostellar binary IRAS 16293-2422 using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array (ALMA). The survey covers the full frequency range from 329 to 363 GHz (0.8 mm) with additional targeted observations at 3.0 and 1.3 mm. More than 10,000 features are detected toward one component in the protostellar binary. Glycolaldehyde, its isomers, methyl formate and acetic acid, and its...

  4. Ideology and Interests in Putin’s Construction of Eurasia

    Duncan, PJS
    The idea of Eurasia as a unique civilization uniting ethnic Slavs and Turks adhering to the Orthodox and Muslim faiths was developed by Russian émigrés in the 1920s. Putin used the terminology of Eurasianism from 2001 onwards, with the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Community, but did not make the idea of Eurasia a central part of his ideology until much later. In October 2011 Putin publicly advocated the idea of a Eurasian Union. The basis was to be the Customs Union established by Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan, but the intention seemed to be to create not only an economic...

  5. The subjective wellbeing of migrants in Guangzhou, China: The impacts of the social and physical environment

    Liu, Y; Zhang, F; Wu, F; Liu, Y; Li, Z
    © 2016 The AuthorsChina has witnessed a surge of rural-urban migrants over the past three decades. Although a plethora of literature has shed light on the low quality of migrants' lives, little research has been done to understand how migrants evaluate their own lives in host cities, and no study has been undertaken to link migrants' subjective wellbeing with their residential environments. Using the data collected from a questionnaire survey in Guangzhou and multilevel linear models, this paper examines the determinants of migrants' subjective wellbeing in host cities. It particularly focuses on the extent to which and the ways in...

  6. A theoretical study of dielectric tensor, Born effective charges, LO-TO splitting and infrared response of Al4SiC4 and Al4Si2C5

    Li, YF; Xiao, B; Sun, L; Gao, YM; Cheng, YH

  7. On the apparent visible-light and enhanced UV-light photocatalytic activity of nitrogen-doped TiO2 thin films

    Quesada-Cabrera, R; Sotelo-Vázquez, C; Quesada-González, M; Melián, EP; Chadwick, N; Parkin, IP
    © 2016 The AuthorsNitrogen-doped titania (N[sbnd]TiO2) thin films were synthesized using atmospheric-pressure chemical vapor deposition (APCVD) using ammonia, tert-butylamine or benzylamine as the nitrogen source. The influence of these precursors on the structural, morphological and optical absorption properties of the films was studied using X-ray diffraction (XRD), Raman spectroscopy, Scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and UV/Vis spectroscopy. The chemical state and location of the nitrogen species in the films was investigated using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS). The photocatalytic activity of films with similar structural properties was evaluated during degradation of stearic acid under UVA and visible light illumination. A previous study...

  8. Measurement of fine-spatial-resolution 3D vegetation structure with airborne waveform lidar: Calibration and validation with voxelised terrestrial lidar

    Hancock, S; Anderson, K; Disney, M; Gaston, KJ
    © 2016 The AuthorsVegetation structure controls habitat availability, ecosystem services, weather, climate and microclimate, but current landscape scale vegetation maps have lacked details of understorey vegetation and within-canopy structure at resolutions finer than a few tens of metres. In this paper, a novel signal processing method is used to correctly measure 3D voxelised vegetation cover from full-waveform ALS data at 1.5 m horizontal and 50 cm vertical resolution, including understorey vegetation and within-canopy structure. A new method for calibrating and validating the instrument specific ALS processing using high resolution TLS data is also presented and used to calibrate and validate...

  9. A review of wave mechanics in the pulmonary artery with an emphasis on wave intensity analysis

    Su, J; Hilberg, O; Howard, L; Simonsen, U; Hughes, AD
    © 2016 Scandinavian Physiological Society. Published by John Wiley & Sons LtdMean pulmonary arterial pressure and pulmonary vascular resistance (PVR) remain the most common haemodynamic measures to evaluate the severity and prognosis of pulmonary hypertension. However, PVR only captures the non-oscillatory component of the right ventricular hydraulic load and neglects the dynamic compliance of the pulmonary arteries and the contribution of wave transmission. Wave intensity analysis offers an alternative way to assess the pulmonary vasculature in health and disease. Wave speed is a measure of arterial stiffness, and the magnitude and timing of wave reflection provide information on the degree...

  10. Theoretical study of anisotropic structural, electronic, mechanical and thermodynamic properties of rare-earth (R = Y, La) oxysulfides

    Li, YF; Xiao, B; Gao, YM; Cheng, YH

  11. Immunotherapy for arterial ischaemic stroke in childhood: a systematic review.

    Edwards, HB; Mallick, AA; O'Callaghan, FJ
    BACKGROUND: There is little evidence about either prevention or treatment of childhood arterial ischaemic stroke (AIS). However, drugs that regulate the immune and inflammatory response could theoretically prevent occurrence or recurrence of AIS. Additionally, as an acute treatment, they may limit the neurological damage caused by AIS. Here, we systematically review the evidence on the use of immunotherapy in childhood AIS. DESIGN: A systematic review of publications in databases Embase and Medline from inception. All types of evidence were included from trials, cohorts, case-control and cross-sectional studies and case reports. RESULTS: 34 reports were included: 32 observational studies and 2...

  12. Soluble CD200 Correlates With Interleukin-6 Levels in Sera of COPD Patients: Potential Implication of the CD200/CD200R Axis in the Disease Course.

    Sakthivel, P; Breithaupt, A; Gereke, M; Copland, DA; Schulz, C; Gruber, AD; Dick, AD; Schreiber, J; Bruder, D
    BACKGROUND: COPD represents a multifactorial lung disorder with high morbidity and mortality. Despite intensive research concerning the underlying disease mechanisms, the involvement of the CD200/CD200R axis in supporting or preventing the onset of COPD has not yet been addressed. Since the CD200/CD200R axis is crucially implicated in the maintenance of pulmonary immune homeostasis, we hypothesized that it might be involved in controlling the onset of COPD. METHODS: To address this, we analyzed the serum samples from COPD patients and normal controls for soluble (s) CD200 and correlated the data to COPD-relevant clinical parameters. In addition, basic studies were conducted in...

  13. Survey of UK dentists regarding the use of CAD/CAM technology.

    Tran, D; Nesbit, M; Petridis, H
    Statement of the problem Digital workflows (CAD/CAM) have been introduced in dentistry during recent years. No published information exists on dentists' use and reporting of this technology.Purpose The purpose of this survey was to identify the infiltration of CAD/CAM technology in UK dental practices and to investigate the relationship of various demographic factors to the answers regarding use or non-use of this technology.Materials and methods One thousand and thirty-one online surveys were sent to a sample of UK dentists composing of both users and non-users of CAD/CAM. It aimed to reveal information regarding type of usage, materials, perceived benefits, barriers...

  14. A Drosophila Model of Neuronopathic Gaucher Disease Demonstrates Lysosomal-Autophagic Defects and Altered mTOR Signalling and Is Functionally Rescued by Rapamycin.

    Kinghorn, KJ; Grönke, S; Castillo-Quan, JI; Woodling, NS; Li, L; Sirka, E; Gegg, M; Mills, K; Hardy, J; Bjedov, I; Partridge, L
    Glucocerebrosidase (GBA1) mutations are associated with Gaucher disease (GD), an autosomal recessive disorder caused by functional deficiency of glucocerebrosidase (GBA), a lysosomal enzyme that hydrolyzes glucosylceramide to ceramide and glucose. Neuronopathic forms of GD can be associated with rapid neurological decline (Type II) or manifest as a chronic form (Type III) with a wide spectrum of neurological signs. Furthermore, there is now a well-established link between GBA1 mutations and Parkinson's disease (PD), with heterozygote mutations in GBA1 considered the commonest genetic defect in PD. Here we describe a novel Drosophila model of GD that lacks the two fly GBA1 orthologs....

  15. HIV Transmission During Condomless Sex With a Seropositive Partner With Suppressed Infection-Reply.

    Geretti, AM; Rodger, AJ; Lundgren, J

  16. New initiatives to develop self-testing for HIV.

    Witzel, TC; Rodger, AJ
    PURPOSE OF REVIEW: The purpose is to describe the most recent literature associated with HIV self-testing (HIVST). RECENT FINDINGS: HIVST is acceptable to a range of populations in a variety of contexts, particularly if users' values and preferences are taken into account in intervention development. Approaches being explored in ongoing and planned studies are the efficacy of HIVST to increase diagnosis of long-standing prevalent infections and to reduce the interval between HIV transmission and diagnosis, particularly in high-incidence groups. Though there is little evidence of harms related to HIVST, this remains a potential issue. Concerns remain about the reliability of...

  17. Changing Incidence and Risk Factors for Kaposi Sarcoma by Time since Starting Antiretroviral Therapy: Collaborative Analysis of 21 European Cohort Studies

    Wyss, N; Zwahlen, M; Clifford, G; Campbell, M; Chakraborty, R; Bonnet, F; Chene, G; Bani-Sadr, F; Verbon, A; Zangerle, R; Paparizos, V; Prins, M; Dronda, F; Le Moing, V; Antinori, A; Quiros-Roldan, E; Mussini, C; Miro, JM; Meyer, L; Vehreschild, J; Obel, N; Mocroft, A; Brockmeyer, N; Boue, F; Sabin, C; Spagnuolo, V; Hasse, B; De Wit, S; Roca, B; Egger, M; Bohlius, J
    © The Author 2016.Background. Kaposi sarcoma (KS) remains a frequent cancer in human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-positive patients starting combination antiretroviral therapy (cART). We examined incidence rates and risk factors for developing KS in different periods after starting cART in patients from European observational HIV cohorts. Methods. We included HIV-positive adults starting cART after 1 January 1996. We analyzed incidence rates and risk factors for developing KS up to 90 and 180 days and 1, 2, 5, and 8 years after cART start and fitted univariable and multivariable Cox regression models. Results. We included 109 461 patients from 21 prospective clinical...

  18. Bounds on the Number of Measurements for Reliable Compressive Classification

    Reboredo, H; Renna, F; Calderbank, R; Rodrigues, MRD

  19. Aminoglycoside-induced nephrotoxicity in children.

    McWilliam, SJ; Antoine, DJ; Smyth, RL; Pirmohamed, M
    Aminoglycoside antibiotics, in particular gentamicin and tobramycin, are still commonly used in paediatric clinical practice. These drugs cause nephrotoxicity, which particularly affects the proximal tubule epithelial cells due to selective endocytosis and accumulation of aminoglycosides via the multi-ligand receptor megalin. Recent epidemiological studies, using more widely accepted definitions of acute kidney injury (AKI), have suggested that AKI may occur in between 20 and 33 % of children exposed to aminoglycosides. A consensus set of phenotypic criteria for aminoglycoside-induced nephrotoxicity have recently been published. These are specifically designed to provide robust phenotyping for pharmacogenomic studies, but they can pave the way for...

  20. Reaction Intermediates and Molecular Mechanism of Peroxynitrite Activation by NO Synthases.

    Lang, J; Maréchal, A; Couture, M; Santolini, J
    The activation of the peroxynitrite anion (PN) by hemoproteins, which leads to its detoxification or, on the contrary to the enhancement of its cytotoxic activity, is a reaction of physiological importance that is still poorly understood. It has been known for some years that the reaction of hemoproteins, notably cytochrome P450, with PN leads to the buildup of an intermediate species with a Soret band at ∼435 nm (I435). The nature of this intermediate is, however, debated. On the one hand, I435 has been presented as a compound II species that can be photoactivated to compound I. A competing alternative involves...

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