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UCL Eprints collects the work of UCL researchers and makes it freely available over the web, helping the worldwide scholarly community to discover UCL research. Institutional repositories like UCL Eprints complement the traditional academic publishing and scholarly communications processes. They raise the visibility of research and help to maximise its impact. UCL researchers are encouraged to deposit a copy of each journal article, conference paper, working paper, and any other research output, in the UCL Eprints at the earliest opportunity, ensuring that their research reaches as wide an audience as possible.

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161. Categorical encoding of color in the brain - Bird, CM; Berens, SC; Franklin, A; Horner, AJ
The areas of the brain that encode color categorically have not yet been reliably identified. Here, we used functional MRI adaptation to identify neuronal populations that represent color categories irrespective of metric differences in color. Two colors were successively presented within a block of trials. The two colors were either from the same or different categories (e.g., "blue 1 and blue 2" or "blue 1 and green 1"), and the size of the hue difference was varied. Participants performed a target detection task unrelated to the difference in color. In the middle frontal gyrus of both hemispheres and to a...

162. Rheology of Texture-modified Products and their Interaction with Swallowing - Hanson, BM

163. A51: c1q deficiency and autoimmunity-a single centre experience. - Moraitis, E; Eleftheriou, D; Cale, C; Pilkington, C; Brogan, P
C1q deficiency is a rare form of monogenic autoimmune syndrome, associated with predisposition to bacterial infections and systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) like phenotype. The aim of the study was to describe the clinical characteristics, including presentation, diagnostic features, treatment and outcome in children with primary C1q deficiency from a tertiary paediatric rheumatology service.

164. The coming of age of adolescent rheumatology - Eleftheriou, D; Wedderburn, LR; Isenberg, DA; Ioannou, Y
The goal of planned adolescent health-care transition procedures is to optimize functioning and well-being for all young people, including those who have special health-care needs. In this regard, the transitioning of young people with childhood-onset rheumatic diseases to adult health care is increasingly important, particularly as many of these patients might continue to have active disease or considerable sequelae well into their adult lives. Key components of a successful plan for health-care transition include encouragement of patient self-advocacy, tailoring of the process to each individuals' needs, family adaptation, and readiness and training of relevant health-care providers. Improving outcomes in patients...

165. Editorial overview - Virus entry: Towards reality - Refining models of virus entry - Marsh, M; McKeating, JA

166. A regular thymine tetrad and a peculiar supramolecular assembly in the first crystal structure of an all-LNA G-quadruplex. - Russo Krauss, I; Parkinson, GN; Merlino, A; Mattia, CA; Randazzo, A; Novellino, E; Mazzarella, L; Sica, F
Locked nucleic acids (LNAs) are formed by bicyclic ribonucleotides where the O2' and C4' atoms are linked through a methylene bridge and the sugar is blocked in a 3'-endo conformation. They represent a promising tool for therapeutic and diagnostic applications and are characterized by higher thermal stability and nuclease resistance with respect to their natural counterparts. However, structural descriptions of LNA-containing quadruplexes are rather limited, since few NMR models have been reported in the literature. Here, the first crystallographically derived model of an all-LNA-substituted quadruplex-forming sequence 5'-TGGGT-3' is presented refined at 1.7 Å resolution. This high-resolution crystallographic analysis reveals a regular...

167. Linking Protocols: from Diagnosis to Nutrition - Hanson, BM

168. Improved anatomical reproducibility in quantitative lower-limb muscle MRI - Fischmann, A; Morrow, JM; Sinclair, CDJ; Reilly, MM; Hanna, MG; Yousry, T; Thornton, JS
Purpose To compare the influence of two limb positions and slice prescription using scout-image-based and surface-anatomy-based methods on the reproducibility of quantitative MRI of lower-limb muscles. Materials and Methods Ten healthy subjects were scanned at 3 Tesla with a two-dimensional turbo spin-echo T1-weighted acquisition. Imaging was performed at thigh and calf level in two subject limb positions and independently repeated by a second operator. Regions-of-interest (ROI) were drawn on three muscles at thigh and calf levels on axial slices at fixed distance from the knee joint and at a level determined by surface anatomy. Results Test-retest reliability of muscle cross-sectional...

169. Evaluating a major innovation in hospital design: workforce implications and impact on patient and staff experiences of all single room accommodation - Maben, J; Griffiths, P; Penfold, C; Simon, M; Pizzo, E; Anderson, J; Robert, G; Hughes, J; Murrells, T; Brearley, S; Barlow, J

170. Rheology and Dysphagia - Hanson, BM
Invited Presentation in European Society for Swallowing Disorders (ESSD) Conference, Malmo, Sweden

171. Genome-wide data reveal novel genes for methotrexate response in a large cohort of juvenile idiopathic arthritis cases. - Cobb, J; Cule, E; Moncrieffe, H; Hinks, A; Ursu, S; Patrick, F; Kassoumeri, L; Flynn, E; Bulatović, M; Wulffraat, N; van Zelst, B; de Jonge, R; Bohm, M; Dolezalova, P; Hirani, S; Newman, S; Whitworth, P; Southwood, TR; De Iorio, M; Childhood Arthritis Response to Medication Study (CHARMS), Childhood Arthritis Prospective Study (CAPS), BSPAR study group,; Wedderburn, LR; Thomson, W
Clinical response to methotrexate (MTX) treatment for children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) displays considerable heterogeneity. Currently, there are no reliable predictors to identify non-responders: earlier identification could lead to a targeted treatment. We genotyped 759 JIA cases from the UK, the Netherlands and Czech Republic. Clinical variables were measured at baseline and 6 months after start of the treatment. In Phase I analysis, samples were analysed for the association with MTX response using ordinal regression of ACR-pedi categories and linear regression of change in clinical variables, and identified 31 genetic regions (P<0.001). Phase II analysis increased SNP density in...

172. The benefits and risks of risk-adjustment in paediatric cardiac surgery - Pagel, C; Crowe, S; Utley, M; Brown, K

Background Fluid thickeners are widely used for dysphagia management, however the ability to produce a thickened drink to the required consistency varies significantly. This study investigated whether pre-thickened products -of known consistency- could assist in the preparation of thickened drinks by providing a reference. Methods 60 student volunteers produced 200ml drinks to stages 1, 2 and 3 by mixing starch-based thickener with (i) apple juice (ii) apple juice already pre-thickened to stage 1 (iii) naturally-thick tomato juice. Half the volunteers -Group A- were provided with UK National Descriptors and thickener manufacturer’s instructions. Group B were additionally provided with 200ml pre-thickened...

174. Roy Greenberg 9 November 1964-7 December 2013 OBITUARY - Hamilton, G

175. Population of Human Ventricular Cell Models Calibrated with in vivo Measurements Unravels Ionic Mechanisms of CardiacAlternans - Hanson, BM
Cardiac alternansis an important risk factor in cardiac physiology, and is related to the initiation of many pathophysiological conditions. However, the mechanisms underlying the generation of alternans remain unclear. In this study, we used a population of computational human ventricle models based onthe O’Hara model [1] to explore the effect of 11 key factors experimentally reported to be related to alternans. In vivo experimental datasets coming from patients undergoing cardiac surgery were used in the calibration of our in silico population of models. The calibrated models in the population were divided into two groups (Normal and Alternans) depending on alternans...

176. Masterplanning public memorials: an historical comparison of Washington, Ottawa and Canberra - Stevens, Q
This article examines three New World democratic capital cities - Washington, Ottawa and Canberra - where the growing number of public memorials has spurred the development of official plans and policies to regulate the siting and design of future memorial proposals. The historical evolution of these strategies is examined in relation to the designs of individual memorials. The analysis identifies a range of planning strategies that significantly influence the design of individual memorials, including large-scale memorial precinct plans, the social meanings of surrounding sites and structures and existing memorials, and the uses of memorial sites for activities other than grieving....

177. Molecular biomarker studies on the interrelation of ancient leprosy and tuberculosis - Donoghue, HD; Spigelmen, M; Pap, I; Palfi, G; Molnar, E; Lee, OY-C; Wu, HH; Besra, GS; Minnikin, DE

178. Osteoarchaeological and paleomicrobiological evidence of leprosy in Hungary - Palfi, G; Marcsik, A; Pap, I; Kustar, A; Donoghue, HD; Minnikin, DE; Lee, OY-C; Wu, HHT; Besra, GS; Bereczki, Z; Spekker, O; Molnar, E

179. Non-invasive cerebellar stimulation - A consensus paper - Grimaldi, G; Manto, M; Argyropoulos, GP; Boehringer, A; Celnik, P; Edwards, MJ; Kassavetis, P; Sadnicka, A; Ferrucci, R; Priori, A; Galea, JM; Lesage, E; Miall, RC; Groiss, SJ; Hiraoka, K; Ugawa, Y; Ziemann, U
The field of neurostimulation of the cerebellum either with transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS; single pulse or repetitive (rTMS)) or transcranial direct current stimulation (tDCS; anodal or cathodal) is gaining popularity in the scientific community, in particular because these stimulation techniques are non-invasive and provide novel information on cerebellar functions. There is a consensus amongst the panel of experts that both TMS and tDCS can effectively influence cerebellar functions, not only in the motor domain, with effects on visually guided tracking tasks, motor surround inhibition, motor adaptation and learning, but also for the cognitive and affective operations handled by the cerebrocerebellar...

180. Physical precipitating factors in functional movement disorders - Pareés, I; Kojovic, M; Pires, C; Rubio-Agusti, I; Saifee, TA; Sadnicka, A; Kassavetis, P; MacErollo, A; Bhatia, KP; Edwards, MJ; Carson, A; Stone, J
Background A traditional explanation for functional (psychogenic) neurological symptoms, including functional movement disorders (FMD), is that psychological stressors lead to unconsciously produced physical symptoms. However, psychological stressors can be identified in only a proportion of patients. Patients commonly reported a physical event at onset of functional symptoms. In this study, we aim to systematically describe physical events and surrounding circumstances which occur at the onset of FMD and discuss their potential role in generation of functional symptoms. Methods We recruited 50 consecutive patients from a specialized functional movement disorders clinic. Semi-structured interviews provided a retrospective account of the circumstances in...


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