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  1. Self-Critical Perfectionism, Dependency, and Symptomatic Distress in Patients With Personality Disorder During Hospitalization-based Psychodynamic Treatment: A Parallel Process Growth Modeling Approach

    Lowyck, B; Luyten, P; Vermote, R; Verhaest, Y; Vansteelandt, K
    There is growing evidence for the efficacy and effectiveness of psychotherapy in patients with personality disorder (PD), but very little is known about the factors underlying these effects. Two-polarities models of personality development provide an empirically supported approach to studying therapeutic change. Briefly, these models argue that personality pathology is characterized by an imbalance between development of the capacity for self-definition and for relatedness, with an exaggerated emphasis on issues regarding self-definition and relatedness being expressed in high levels of self-critical perfectionism (SCP) and dependency, respectively. This study used data from a study of 111 patients with PD who received...

  2. EDC4 interacts with and regulates the dephospho-CoA kinase activity of CoA synthase

    Gudkova, D; Panasyuk, G; Nemazanyy, I; Zhyvoloup, A; Monteil, P; Filonenko, V; Gout, I
    Coenzyme A synthase (CoAsy) is a bifunctional enzyme which facilitates the last two steps of Coenzyme A biogenesis in higher eukaryotes. Here we describe that CoAsy forms a complex with enhancer of mRNA-decapping protein 4 (EDC4), a central scaffold component of processing bodies. CoAsy/EDC4 complex formation is regulated by growth factors and is affected by cellular stresses. EDC4 strongly inhibits the dephospho-CoA kinase activity of CoAsy in vitro. Transient overexpression of EDC4 decreases cell proliferation, and further co-expression of CoAsy diminishes this effect. Here we report that EDC4 might contribute to regulation of CoA biosynthesis in addition to its scaffold...

  3. Clinical Approach to Progressive Supranuclear Palsy

    Ling, H
    Sixty years ago, Steele, Richardson and Olszewski designated progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) as a new clinicopathological entity in their seminal paper. Since then, in addition to the classic Richardson's syndrome (RS), different clinical phenotypic presentations have been linked with this four-repeat tauopathy. The clinical heterogeneity is associated with variability of regional distribution and severity of abnormal tau accumulation and neuronal loss. In PSP subtypes, the presence of certain clinical pointers may be useful for antemortem prediction of the underlying PSP-tau pathology. Midbrain atrophy on conventional MRI correlates with the clinical phenotype of RS but is not predictive of PSP pathology....

  4. In vivo cranial bone strain and bite force in the agamid lizard Uromastyx geyri

    Porro, LB; Ross, CF; Iriarte-Diaz, J; O'Reilly, JC; Evans, SE; Fagan, MJ
    In vivo bone strain data are the most direct evidence of deformation and strain regimes in the vertebrate cranium during feeding and can provide important insights into skull morphology. Strain data have been collected during feeding across a wide range of mammals; in contrast, in vivo cranial bone strain data have been collected from few sauropsid taxa. Here we present bone strain data recorded from the jugal of the herbivorous agamid lizard Uromastyx geyri along with simultaneously recorded bite force. Principal and shear strain magnitudes in Uromastyx geyri were lower than cranial bone strains recorded in Alligator mississippiensis, but higher...

  5. NADPH Oxidase-4 Overexpression Is Associated With Epithelial Ciliary Dysfunction in Neutrophilic Asthma

    Wan, WY; Hollins, F; Haste, L; Woodman, L; Hirst, RA; Bolton, S; Gomez, E; Sutcliffe, A; Desai, D; Chachi, L; Mistry, V; Szyndralewiez, C; Wardlaw, A; Saunders, R; O'Callaghan, C; Andrew, PW; Brightling, CE
    BACKGROUND: Bronchial epithelial ciliary dysfunction is an important feature of asthma. We sought to determine the role in asthma of neutrophilic inflammation and nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate (NADPH) oxidases in ciliary dysfunction. METHODS: Bronchial epithelial ciliary function was assessed by using video microscopy in fresh ex vivo epithelial strips from patients with asthma stratified according to their sputum cell differentials and in culture specimens from healthy control subjects and patients with asthma. Bronchial epithelial oxidative damage was determined by 8-oxo-dG expression. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide phosphate oxidase (NOX)/dual oxidase (DUOX) expression was assessed in bronchial epithelial cells by using microarrays, with NOX4...

  6. The improvement of the best practice guidelines for preimplantation genetic diagnosis of cystic fibrosis: toward an international consensus

    Girardet, A; Viart, V; Plaza, S; Daina, G; De Rycke, M; Des Georges, M; Fiorentino, F; Harton, G; Ishmukhametova, A; Navarro, J; Raynal, C; Renwick, P; Saguet, F; Schwarz, M; SenGupta, S; Tzetis, M; Roux, A-F; Claustres, M
    Cystic fibrosis (CF) is one of the most common indications for preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) for single gene disorders, giving couples the opportunity to conceive unaffected children without having to consider termination of pregnancy. However, there are no available standardized protocols, so that each center has to develop its own diagnostic strategies and procedures. Furthermore, reproductive decisions are complicated by the diversity of disease-causing variants in the CFTR (cystic fibrosis transmembrane conductance regulator) gene and the complexity of correlations between genotypes and associated phenotypes, so that attitudes and practices toward the risks for future offspring can vary greatly between countries....

  7. Remote Ischemic Preconditioning and Outcomes of Cardiac Surgery

    Hausenloy, DJ; Candilio, L; Evans, R; Ariti, C; Jenkins, DP; Kolvekar, S; Knight, R; Kunst, G; Laing, C; Nicholas, J; Pepper, J; Robertson, S; Xenou, M; Clayton, T; Yellon, DM
    BACKGROUND: Whether remote ischemic preconditioning (transient ischemia and reperfusion of the arm) can improve clinical outcomes in patients undergoing coronary-artery bypass graft (CABG) surgery is not known. We investigated this question in a randomized trial. / METHODS: We conducted a multicenter, sham-controlled trial involving adults at increased surgical risk who were undergoing on-pump CABG (with or without valve surgery) with blood cardioplegia. After anesthesia induction and before surgical incision, patients were randomly assigned to remote ischemic preconditioning (four 5-minute inflations and deflations of a standard blood-pressure cuff on the upper arm) or sham conditioning (control group). Anesthetic management and perioperative...

  8. Mafia and Prostitution in Calabria, c. 1880 - c. 1940

    Dickie, J

  9. An epidemiological modelling study to estimate the composition of HIV-positive populations including migrants from endemic settings

    Nakagawa, Fumiyo
    OBJECTIVE: Migrants account for a significant number of people living with HIV in Europe, and it is important to fully consider this population in national estimates. Using a novel approach with the UK as an example, we present key public health measures of the HIV epidemic, taking into account both in-country infections and infections likely to have been acquired abroad. DESIGN: Mathematical model calibrated to extensive data sources. METHODS: An individual-based stochastic simulation model is used to calibrate to routinely collected surveillance data in the UK. Data on number of new HIV diagnoses, number of deaths, CD4 cell count at...

  10. Surfactants adsorption on crossing stripes and steps

    Suttipong, M; Grady, BP; Striolo, A
    Using coarse-grained dissipative particle dynamics (DPD) simulations, we systematically study the effect of surface heterogeneity on surfactant adsorption. Here we investigate the adsorption and aggregation of surfactants on hydrophobic stripes crossing each other perpendicularly (i.e., crossing stripes) and on hydrophobic steps. The results are compared with those obtained for isolated stripes. We find that on crossing stripes of moderate stripe widths (e.g., L = 0.61LS, 1.22LS and 1.83LS, where LS is the length of one surfactant molecule) the crossing region hinders the formation of defect-free adsorbed surfactant structures. By increasing the stripe width and/or by increasing the length of one...

  11. 'Fooling the Court of the Lord Pope': Dafydd Ap Llywelyn's Petition to the Curia in 1244

    Wiedemann, BEG
    Dafydd ap Llywelyn's approach to Pope Innocent IV in 1244 was classified as an attempt to become a papal 'vassal' by Michael Richter in an article of 1971. It seems more likely, however, both that Dafydd saw his relationship with the papacy as one of protectio , and that the precise form of the relationship was in fact incidental to his appeal. Dafydd took advantage of the routinization of papal administration to have local judges-delegate investigate Henry III's extorted treaties of 1241. The judges' appointment was not an acknowledgement by the papacy that Dafydd had a good case, or whether...

  12. Narratives of fathering young children in Britain: linking quantitative and qualitative analyses

    Elliott, H; Parsons, SJ; Brannen, J; Elliott, J; Phoenix, A
    The paper examines how in Britain the time fathers and couples spend in employment shifts in the first years of children’s lives, the conditions under which this happens and how fathers feel about and experience time with their families and time in paid work. In order to achieve these aims new longitudinal analysis of the UK Millennium Cohort Study (MCS) is carried out together with secondary analysis of narrative case studies drawn from a qualitative study of Fatherhood across the Generations. By linking these datasets the paper examines the potential for corroboration and complementarity between different types of data. Further,...

  13. Longitudinal multiple sclerosis lesion segmentation: resource & challenge

    Carass, A; Roy, S; Jog, A; Cuzzocreo, JL; Magrath, E; Gherman, A; Button, J; Nguyen, J; Prados, F; Sudre, CH; Jorge Cardoso, M; Cawley, N; Ciccarelli, O; Wheeler-Kingshott, CA; Ourselin, S; Catanese, L; Deshpande, H; Maurel, P; Commowick, O; Barillot, C; Tomas-Fernandez, X; Warfield, SK; Vaidya, S; Chunduru, A; Muthuganapathy, R; Krishnamurthi, G; Jesson, A; Arbel, T; Maier, O; Handels, H; Iheme, LO; Unay, D; Jain, S; Sima, DM; Smeets, D; Ghafoorian, M; Platel, B; Birenbaum, A; Greenspan, H; Bazin, PL; Calabresi, PA; Crainiceanu, CM; Ellingsen, LM; Reich, DS; Prince, JL; Pham, DL
    In conjunction with the ISBI 2015 conference, we organized a longitudinal lesion segmentation challenge providing training and test data to registered participants. The training data consisted of five subjects with a mean of 4.4 time-points, and test data of fourteen subjects with a mean of 4.4 time-points. All 82 data sets had the white matter lesions associated with multiple sclerosis delineated by two human expert raters. Eleven teams submitted results using state-of-the-art lesion segmentation algorithms to the challenge, with ten teams presenting their results at the conference. We present a quantitative evaluation comparing the consistency of the two raters as...

  14. Soft Encapsulation of Flexible Electrical Stimulation Implant: Challenges and Innovations

    Debelle, A; Hermans, L; Bosquet, M; Dehaeck, S; Lonys, L; Scheid, B; Nonclercq, A; Vanhoestenberghe, A
    In this document we discuss the main challenges encountered when producing flexible electrical stimulation implants, and present our approach to solving them for prototype production. We include a study of the optimization of the flexible PCB design, the selection of additive manufacturing materials for the mold, and the chemical compatibility of the different materials. Our approach was tested on a flexible gastro-stimulator as part of the ENDOGES research program.

  15. Cost and performance of some carbon capture technology options for producing different quality CO2 product streams

    Porter, RTJ; Fairweather, M; Kolster, C; Mac Dowell, N; Shah, N; Woolley, RM
    A techno-economic assessment of power plants with CO2 capture technologies with a focus on process scenarios that deliver different grades of CO2 product purity is presented. The three leading CO2 capture technologies are considered, namely; oxyfuel combustion, pre-combustion and post-combustion capture. The study uses a combination of process simulation of flue gas cleaning processes, modelling with a power plant cost and performance calculator and literature values of key performance criteria in order to evaluate the performance, cost and CO2 product purity of the considered CO2 capture options. For oxyfuel combustion capture plants, three raw CO2 flue gas processing strategies of...

  16. Pitch perception of focus and surprise in Mandarin Chinese: Evidence for parallel encoding via additive division of pitch range

    Liu, X; Xu, Y
    This study addressed the question of how multiple layers of meanings can be simultaneously encoded with F0 in speech by assessing pitch perception thresholds of focus and surprise in Mandarin Chinese. We synthetically increased the pitch height of one syllable in a sentence up to 12 semitones from its neutral baseline in one-semitone steps, and asked listeners to judge the strength of focus and surprise conveyed by the manipulated utterances. Results showed that for the perception of focus, at least 4 semitones above the baseline were needed while for surprise, at least 7 semitones above were needed. Despite the threshold...

  17. Model-based Parametric Prosody Synthesis with Deep Neural Network

    Liu, H; Lu, H; Shao, X; Xu, Y
    Conventional statistical parametric speech synthesis (SPSS) captures only frame-wise acoustic observations and computes probability densities at HMM state level to obtain statistical acoustic models combined with decision trees, which is therefore a purely statistical data-driven approach without explicit integration of any articulatory mechanisms found in speech production research. The present study explores an alternative paradigm, namely, model-based parametric prosody synthesis (MPPS), which integrates dynamic mechanisms of human speech production as a core component of F0 generation. In this paradigm, contextual variations in prosody are processed in two separate yet integrated stages: linguistic to motor, and motor to acoustic. Here the...

  18. Effect of speech rate on pre-low raising in Cantonese

    Xu, Y; Lee, A
    This paper investigates the effect of speech rate on pre-low raising in Cantonese. Pre-low raising is an anticipatory tonal process where a high tone is raised when followed by a low tone (i.e. the trigger). Six native speakers of Cantonese were recorded saying a disyllable in 36 tone combinations (6 tones×6 tones) at two speech rates (normal and slow). It was found that in slow speech pre-low raising only occurred when the trigger was extremely low in pitch, whereas at normal speech rate it was observed in more tonal contexts. It is argued that pre-low raising is a result of...

  19. Bat Echolocation Call Identification for Biodiversity Monitoring: A Probabilistic Approach

    Stathopoulos, V; Zamora-Gutierrez, V; Jones, KE; Girolami, M

  20. Ultrasound-responsive gene-activated matrices (GAMs) for osteogenic gene therapy using matrix-assisted sonoporation (MAS)

    Nomikou, N; Feichtinger, G; Saha, S; Nuernberger, S; Heimel, P; Redl, H; McHale, AP

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