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161. Child-orientated environmental education influences adult knowledge and household behaviour - Damerell, P; Milner-Gulland, EJ; Howe, C
Environmental education is frequently undertaken as a conservation intervention designed to change the attitudes and behaviour of recipients. Much conservation education is aimed at children, with the rationale that children influence the attitudes of their parents, who will consequently change their behaviour. Empirical evidence to substantiate this suggestion is very limited, however. For the first time, we use a controlled trial to assess the influence of wetland-related environmental education on the knowledge of children and their parents and household behaviour. We demonstrate adults exhibiting greater knowledge of wetlands and improved reported household water management behaviour when their child has received...

162. Quasi-two-dimensional Fermi gases at finite temperature - Fischer, AM; Parish, MM
We consider a Fermi gas with short-range attractive interactions that is confined along one direction by a tight harmonic potential. For this quasi-two-dimensional (quasi-2D) Fermi gas, we compute the pressure equation of state, radio frequency spectrum, and the superfluid critical temperature $T_c$ using a mean-field theory that accounts for all the energy levels of the harmonic confinement. Our calculation for $T_c$ provides a natural generalization of the Thouless criterion to the quasi-2D geometry, and it correctly reduces to the 3D expression derived from the local density approximation in the limit where the confinement frequency $\omega_z \to 0$. Furthermore, our results...

163. Strongly interacting two-dimensional Fermi gases - Levinsen, J; Parish, MM
We review the current understanding of the uniform two-dimensional (2D) Fermi gas with short-range interactions. We first outline the basics of two-body scattering in 2D, including a discussion of how such a 2D system may be realized in practice using an anisotropic confining potential. We then discuss the thermodynamic and dynamical properties of 2D Fermi gases, which cold-atom experiments have only just begun to explore. Of particular interest are the different pairing regimes as the interparticle attraction is varied; the superfluid transition and associated finite-temperature phenomenology; few-body properties and their impact on the many-body system; the Fermi polaron problem; and...

164. The BCS-BEC Crossover - Parish, MM
This chapter presents the crossover from the Bardeen-Cooper-Schrieffer (BCS) state of weakly-correlated pairs of fermions to the Bose-Einstein condensation (BEC) of diatomic molecules in the atomic Fermi gas. Our aim is to provide a pedagogical review of the BCS-BEC crossover, with an emphasis on the basic concepts, particularly those that are not generally known or are difficult to find in the literature. We shall not attempt to give an exhaustive survey of current research in the limited space here; where possible, we will direct the reader to more extensive reviews.

165. Efimov trimers under strong confinement - Levinsen, J; Massignan, P; Parish, MM
The dimensionality of a system can fundamentally impact the behaviour of interacting quantum particles. Classic examples range from the fractional quantum Hall effect to high temperature superconductivity. As a general rule, one expects confinement to favour the binding of particles. However, attractively interacting bosons apparently defy this expectation: while three identical bosons in three dimensions can support an infinite tower of Efimov trimers, only two universal trimers exist in the two dimensional case. We reveal how these two limits are connected by investigating the problem of three identical bosons confined by a harmonic potential along one direction. We show that...

166. Atypical language networks in epilepsy: the interaction with the epileptic network - Centeno, M; Croft, L; Cross, H; Pressler, R; Clark, C; Baldeweg, T; Carmichael, D

167. Network Connectivity in Epilepsy: Resting State fMRI and EEG-fMRI Contributions. - Centeno, M; Carmichael, DW
There is a growing body of evidence pointing toward large-scale networks underlying the core phenomena in epilepsy, from seizure generation to cognitive dysfunction or response to treatment. The investigation of networks in epilepsy has become a key concept to unlock a deeper understanding of the disease. Functional imaging can provide valuable information to characterize network dysfunction; in particular resting state fMRI (RS-fMRI), which is increasingly being applied to study brain networks in a number of diseases. In patients with epilepsy, network connectivity derived from RS-fMRI has found connectivity abnormalities in a number of networks; these include the epileptogenic, cognitive and...

168. Overall, gender and social inequalities in suicide mortality in Iran, 2006-2010: a time trend province-level study. - Kiadaliri, AA; Saadat, S; Shahnavazi, H; Haghparast-Bidgoli, H
Suicide is a major global health problem imposing a considerable burden on populations in terms of disability-adjusted life years. There has been an increasing trend in fatal and attempted suicide in Iran over the past few decades. The aim of the current study was to assess overall, gender and social inequalities across Iran's provinces during 2006-2010.

169. The gamer in your life isn't ignoring you, they're blind to your presence - Jennett, C; Cox, AL

170. Gene therapy for primary immunodeficiencies: Current status and future prospects - Qasim, W; Gennery, AR
Gene therapy using autologous haematopoietic stem cells offers a valuable treatment option for patients with primary immunodeficiencies who do not have access to an HLA-matched donor, although such treatments have not been without their problems. This review details gene therapy trials for X-linked and adenosine deaminase (ADA)-deficient severe combined immunodeficiency (SCID), Wiskott-Aldrich syndrome (WAS) and chronic granulomatous disease (CGD). X-linked SCID was chosen for gene therapy because of previous 'natural' genetic correction through a reversion event in a single lymphoid precursor, demonstrating limited thymopoiesis and restricted T-lymphocyte receptor repertoire, showing selective advantage of progenitors possessing the wild-type gene. In early...

171. RedWire: A novel way to create and re-mix games - Himmelstein, J; Couzic, M; Jennett, C; Cox, AL; Goujet, R; Lindner, A; Taddei, F
More and more researchers want to use games as a way of engaging the general public in their research; however game development takes time and requires significant programming knowledge. The goal of RedWire is to enable researchers to create games faster without starting from scratch each time. By encouraging re-mixing and mash-ups, we hope to provide users with an easy way of sharing games and creating variations of games.

172. Designing with discrete geometry - Jonas, K; Penn, A; Shepherd, P
There has been a shift in aesthetics from the modern orthogonal building envelope to more elaborate curved and folded forms. Non-orthogonal forms are often associated with complete freedom of geometry, entrusting the advancement in custom manufacturing and robotic fabrication of one-off building parts to realise the design. This paper presents a methodology that allows non-orthogonal surfaces to be designed using a constrained library of discrete, tessellating parts. The method enables the designer both to produce 'approximations' of freeform designs in a top-down manner or to generate 'candidate' designs in a bottom-up process. It addresses the challenge in the field of...

173. Why association is only half the story - Clarke, B

174. Effectiveness of annual health checks for patients with intellectual disability in primary care - Hassiotis, A; Buszewicz, M; Welch, C; Horsfall, L; Nazareth, I; Osborn, D; Glover, G; Chauhan, U; Hoghton, M; Cooper, A; Moulster, G; Hithersay, R; Hunter, R; Courtenay, K; Heslop, P; Strydom, A

175. Pseudo Three-dimensional Maps of the Diffuse Interstellar Band at 862 nm - Kos, J; Zwitter, T; Wyse, R; Bienaymé, O; Binney, J; Bland-Hawthorn, J; Freeman, K; Gibson, BK; Gilmore, G; Grebel, EK; Helmi, A; Kordopatis, G; Munari, U; Navarro, J; Parker, Q; Reid, WA; Seabroke, G; Sharma, S; Siebert, A; Siviero, A; Steinmetz, M; Watson, FG; Williams, MEK
The diffuse interstellar bands (DIBs) are absorption lines observed in visual and near infrared spectra of stars. Understanding their origin in the interstellar medium (ISM) is one of the oldest problems in astronomical spectroscopy, as DIBs ahave been known since 1922. In a completely new approach to understanding DIBs, we combined information from nearly 500,000 stellar spectra obtained by the massive spectroscopic survey RAVE (Radial Velocity Experiment) to produce the first pseudo three-dimensional map of the strength of the DIB at 8620~{\AA}ngstroms covering the nearest 3 kiloparsecs from the Sun, and show that it follows our independently constructed spatial distribution...

176. Internal Governance of Design and Engineering: The Case of the Multinational Firm - Zerjav, V; Hartmann, T; Javernick-Will, A

177. The Ashgate Research Companion to Media Geography - Adams, PC; Craine, J; Dittmer, J
By indicating the sub-discipline's evolution and hinting at its future, this volume not only serves to encapsulate what geographers have learned about media but also will help to set the agenda for expanding this type of interdisciplinary ...

178. Introduction: Geographies of media - Adams, P; Craine, J; Dittmer, J
By indicating the sub-discipline's evolution and hinting at its future, this volume not only serves to encapsulate what geographers have learned about media but also will help to set the agenda for expanding this type of interdisciplinary ...

179. Comic Book - Dittmer, J
By indicating the sub-discipline's evolution and hinting at its future, this volume not only serves to encapsulate what geographers have learned about media but also will help to set the agenda for expanding this type of interdisciplinary ...

180. Temporal sector retinal nerve fibre layer thickness correlates with spinal cord area in clinically isolated syndrome - Kearney, H; Raftopoulos, R; Ciccarelli, O; Toosy, AT; Miller, DH; Kapoor, R


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