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UCL University College London Eprints (345,603 recursos)
UCL Eprints collects the work of UCL researchers and makes it freely available over the web, helping the worldwide scholarly community to discover UCL research. Institutional repositories like UCL Eprints complement the traditional academic publishing and scholarly communications processes. They raise the visibility of research and help to maximise its impact. UCL researchers are encouraged to deposit a copy of each journal article, conference paper, working paper, and any other research output, in the UCL Eprints at the earliest opportunity, ensuring that their research reaches as wide an audience as possible.

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161. SERIAL CA125 CAN DETECT OVARIAN CANCER IN THE ABSENCE OF ULTRASOUND ABNORMALITIES - Menon, U; Ryan, A; Kalsi, J; Gentry-Maharaj, A; Dawnay, A; Hibib, M; Apostolidou, S; Singh, N; Benjamin, E; Burnell, M; Davies, S; Sharma, A; Williamson, K; Woolas, R; Campbell, S; Amso, N; Parmar, M; Jacobs, IJ

162. SERIAL CA125 CAN DETECT OVARIAN CANCER IN THE ABSENCE OF ULTRASOUND ABNORMALITIES - Menon, U; Ryan, A; Kalsi, J; Gentry-Maharaj, A; Dawnay, A; Habib, M; Apostolidou, S; Singh, N; Benjamin, E; Burnell, M; Davies, S; Sharma, A; Gunu, R; Godfrey, K; Lopes, A; Oram, D; Herod, J; Williamson, K; Seif, M; Jenkins, H; Mould, T; Woolas, R; Murdoch, J; Dobbs, S; Nazar, N; Leeson, S; Cruickshank, D; Scott, I; Fallowfield, L; Widschwendter, M; Reynolds, K; Campbell, S; Parmar, M; Skates, SJ; Jacobs, I

163. Extreme-ultraviolet observations of global coronal wave rotation - Attrill, GDR; Long, DM; Green, LM; Harra, LK; Van Driel-Gesztelyi, L
We present evidence of global coronal wave rotation in EUV data from SOHO/EIT, STEREO/EUVI, and SDO/AIA. The sense of rotation is found to be consistent with the helicity of the source region (clockwise for positive helicity, anticlockwise for negative helicity), with the source regions hosting sigmoidal structures. We also study two coronal wave events observed by SDO/AIA where no clear rotation (or sigmoid) is observed. The selected events show supporting evidence that they all originate with flux rope eruptions. We make comparisons across this set of observations (both with and without clear sigmoidal structures). On examining the magnetic configuration of...


165. POPULATION PREVALENCE OF UK ASHKENAZI BRCA-MUTATIONS, PERFORMANCE OF AND ESTIMATED TIME-TO, FAMILY-HISTORY BASED IDENTIFICATION OF ALL BRCA CARRIERS. - Manchanda, R; Sanderson, S; Loggenberg, K; Burnell, M; Wardle, J; Gessler, S; Side, L; Balogun, N; Deshai, R; Kumar, A; Dorkins, H; Wallis, Y; Chapman, C; Taylor, R; Jacobs, C; Tomlinson, I; McGuire, A; Beller, U; Menon, U; Jacobs, IJ

166. POPULATION-BASED TESTING FOR BRCA MUTATIONS (COMPARED TO FAMILY-HISTORY BASED TESTING) MAY BE COST SAVING IN ASHKENAZI-JEWS: A HEALTH-ECONOMICS DECISION ANALYTICAL MODEL - Manchanda, R; Legood, R; Burnell, M; McGuire, A; Loggenberg, K; Wardle, J; Sanderson, S; Gessler, S; Side, L; Balogun, N; Desai, R; Kumar, A; Dorkins, H; Wallis, Y; Chapman, C; Taylor, R; Jacobs, C; Beller, U; Menon, U; Jacobs, I

167. Physical Aggression and Language Ability from 17 to 72 Months: Cross-Lagged Effects in a Population Sample - Girard, L-C; Pingault, J-B; Falissard, B; Boivin, M; Dionne, G; Tremblay, RE

168. The high heritability of educational achievement reflects many genetically influenced traits, not just intelligence - Krapohl, E; Rimfeld, K; Shakeshaft, NG; Trzaskowski, M; McMillan, A; Pingault, J-B; Asbury, K; Harlaar, N; Kovas, Y; Dale, PS; Plomin, R

169. Clinical and social factors associated with attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder medication use: population-based longitudinal study - Galera, C; Pingault, J-B; Michel, G; Bouvard, M-P; Melchior, M; Falissard, B; Boivin, M; Tremblay, RE; Cote, SM

170. Environmental risk, Oxytocin Receptor Gene (OXTR) methylation and youth callous-unemotional traits: a 13-year longitudinal study - Cecil, CAM; Lysenko, LJ; Jaffee, SR; Pingault, J-B; Smith, RG; Relton, CL; Woodward, G; McArdle, W; Mill, J; Barker, ED

171. The developmental course of childhood inattention symptoms uniquely predicts educational attainment: A 16-year longitudinal study - Pingault, J-B; Côté, SM; Vitaro, F; Falissard, B; Genolini, C; Tremblay, RE

172. Control, struggle, and emergent masculinities: a qualitative study of men's care-seeking determinants for chronic cough and tuberculosis symptoms in Blantyre, Malawi - Chikovore, J; Hart, G; Kumwenda, M; Chipungu, GA; Desmond, N; Corbett, L

173. The hippocampus and spatial constraints on mental imagery - Bird, CM; Bisby, JA; Burgess, N
We review a model of imagery and memory retrieval based on allocentric spatial representation by place cells and boundary vector cells (BVCs) in the medial temporal lobe, and their translation into egocentric images in retrosplenial and parietal areas. In this model, the activity of place cells constrain the contents of imagery and retrieval to be coherent and consistent with the subject occupying a single location, while the activity of head-direction cells along Papez's circuit determine the viewpoint direction for which the egocentric image is generated. An extension of this model is discussed in which a role for grid cells in...

174. Attitudes and beliefs towards early ART initiation in MSM with primary HIV infection - Parsons, V; Porter, K; Gilson, R; Hart, G

175. Effects of age on symptom burden, mental health and quality of life amongst people with HIV in the UK - McGowan, J; Sherr, L; Rodger, A; Fisher, M; Miners, A; Johnson, M; Elford, J; Collins, S; Hart, G; Phillips, A; Speakman, A; Lampe, F

176. Reflections on a First Encounter: The Cave de St Lubin - Wilson, RM

177. Does pregnancy increase the risk of ART-induced hepatotoxicity among HIV-positive women? - Huntington, S; Thorne, C; Anderson, J; Newell, M-L; Taylor, G; Pillay, D; Hill, T; Tookey, P; Sabin, C

178. WHY THE LONG FACE? - Carr, A; Pelayo, AL; Whelan, CJ; Wechaleka, AD; Gilmore, JD; Hawkins, PN; Reilly, MM


180. QuickGO: a user tutorial for the web-based Gene Ontology browser - Huntley, RP; Binns, D; Dimmer, E; Barrell, D; O'Donovan, C; Apweiler, R


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