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  1. A low-deformation mirror micro-oscillator with ultra-low optical and mechanical losses

    Serra, E; Borrielli, A; Cataliotti, FS; Marin, F; Marino, F; Pontin, A; Prodi, GA; Bonaldi, M
    We report on the mechanical losses measured in a low-deformation mirror micro-oscillator designed to reduce as much as possible the strain in the coating layer and the resulting energy dissipation. The deposition of the highly reflective coating layer has been fully integrated in the micro-machining process. We measured at cryogenic temperature a mechanical quality factor up to 10 5 and an optical finesse of about 4 × 10 4, and simulations show that the device can manage input powers of a few mW at 4.2 K. These features make the device very promising for quantum optics experiments. © 2012 American...

  2. Dynamical Two-Mode Squeezing of Thermal Fluctuations in a Cavity Optomechanical System.

    Pontin, A; Bonaldi, M; Borrielli, A; Marconi, L; Marino, F; Pandraud, G; Prodi, GA; Sarro, PM; Serra, E; Marin, F
    We report the experimental observation of two-mode squeezing in the oscillation quadratures of a thermal micro-oscillator. This effect is obtained by parametric modulation of the optical spring in a cavity optomechanical system. In addition to stationary variance measurements, we describe the dynamic behavior in the regime of pulsed parametric excitation, showing an enhanced squeezing effect surpassing the stationary 3 dB limit. While the present experiment is in the classical regime, our technique can be exploited to produce entangled, macroscopic quantum optomechanical modes.

  3. Cuba en la era de Raul Castro: reformas economico-sociales y sus efectos

    Morris, E

  4. Inhibition processes are dissociable and lateralized in human prefrontal cortex.

    Cipolotti, L; Spanò, B; Healy, C; Tudor-Sfetea, C; Chan, E; White, M; Biondo, F; Duncan, J; Shallice, T; Bozzali, M
    The prefrontal cortex (PFC) is known to make fundamental contributions to executive functions. However, the precise nature of these contributions is incompletely understood. We focused on a specific executive function, inhibition, the ability to suppress a pre-potent response. Functional imaging and animal studies have studied inhibition. However, there are only few lesion studies, typically reporting discrepant findings. For the first time, we conducted cognitive and neuroimaging investigations on patients with focal unilateral PFC lesions across two widely used inhibitory tasks requiring a verbal response: The Hayling Part 2 and Stroop Colour-Word Tests. We systematically explored the relationship between inhibition, fluid...

  5. Cognitive neuropsychology and its vicissitudes: The fate of Caramazza's axioms

    Shallice, T

  6. Myopic traction maculopathies and their treatments

    Grabowska, A; Li, JPO; Mateo, C; da Cruz, L
    © 2016 Informa UK Limited, trading as Taylor & Francis Group.Introduction: Pathologic myopia is associated with structural and physiological posterior segment changes, including myopic tractional maculopathies, which can be associated with sight threatening complications. With higher resolution ophthalmic imaging techniques and access to more advanced surgical treatment options, myopic tractional maculopathies are better understood and effective management strategies are being developed. Areas covered: In this review we will examine the clinical characteristics and the current management, of myopic traction maculopathies. An extensive literature search was made using the following key words: pathologic myopia, high myopia, dome shaped maculopathy, posterior staphyloma,...

  7. Exercise rehabilitation following intensive care unit discharge for recovery from critical illness: Executive summary of a Cochrane Collaboration systematic review

    Connolly, B; Salisbury, L; O'Neill, B; Geneen, L; Douiri, A; Grocott, MPW; Hart, N; Walsh, TS; Blackwood, B
    © 2016 The Authors.Skeletal muscle wasting and weakness are major complications of critical illness and underlie the profound physical and functional impairments experienced by survivors after discharge from the intensive care unit (ICU). Exercise-based rehabilitation has been shown to be beneficial when delivered during ICU admission. This review aimed to determine the effectiveness of exercise rehabilitation initiated after ICU discharge on primary outcomes of functional exercise capacity and health-related quality of life. We sought randomized controlled trials, quasi-randomized controlled trials, and controlled clinical trials comparing an exercise intervention commenced after ICU discharge vs. any other intervention or a control or...

  8. Renal blood flow measurements by magnetic resonance imaging using arterial spin labelling as a novel non-invasive biomarker in paediatric renal transplant recipients

    Marks, S; Nery, F; Cutajar, M; Clark, C; Thomas, D; Gordon, I

  9. Database of Italian Academies (1525-1700)

    Everson, JE; Testa, S; Gianfancesco, L; Sampson, L; Reidy, DV; Denman, TE
    The Italian Academies Themed Collection provides a detailed searchable database for locating printed material relating to the Italian learned Academies published by Italian Academies between 1525 and 1700, and now held in the collections of the British Library. . The Academies in question were active in Avellino, Bari, Benevento, Bologna, Brindisi, Caltanissetta, Catania, Catanzaro, Enna, L’Aquila, Lecce, Mantua, Naples, Padua, Palermo, Rome, Salerno, Siena, Syracuse, Trapani, and Venice. You can search the database for information on: 1) Academies – their names, activities, interests, location, dates, emblems and mottoes 2) Books – titles, authors, publication details, illustrations, censors 3) Persons names,...

  10. Experimental determination of barite dissolution and precipitation rates as a function of temperature and aqueous fluid composition

    Zhen-Wu, BY; Dideriksen, K; Olsson, J; Raahauge, PJ; Stipp, SLS; Oelkers, EH
    © 2016 Elsevier LtdBarite dissolution and precipitation rates were investigated in closed system reactors, in which total aqueous NaCl concentrations ranged from 0 to 1.5 molal, pH from 2 to 9, and temperature from 25 to 90 °C. Measured barite dissolution and precipitation rates exhibited a reaction order of 0.2 and 1, respectively, with respect to the barite saturation state. Although these different reaction orders suggest distinctly different mechanisms for dissolution and precipitation, the rates for both processes approach equilibrium with a similar slope on a rate versus saturation state plot, consistent with the concept of micro-reversibility. Barite dissolution rate constants increase...

  11. Massive yet grossly underestimated global costs of invasive insects.

    Bradshaw, CJ; Leroy, B; Bellard, C; Roiz, D; Albert, C; Fournier, A; Barbet-Massin, M; Salles, JM; Simard, F; Courchamp, F
    Insects have presented human society with some of its greatest development challenges by spreading diseases, consuming crops and damaging infrastructure. Despite the massive human and financial toll of invasive insects, cost estimates of their impacts remain sporadic, spatially incomplete and of questionable quality. Here we compile a comprehensive database of economic costs of invasive insects. Taking all reported goods and service estimates, invasive insects cost a minimum of US$70.0 billion per year globally, while associated health costs exceed US$6.9 billion per year. Total costs rise as the number of estimate increases, although many of the worst costs have already been...

  12. Abstracts of papers presented at the 25th Genetics Society's Mammalian Genetics and Development Workshop held at the Institute of Child Health, University College London on 7th November 2014

    Greene, N; Ward, A; Copp, AJ

  13. Arachidonic acid mediates the formation of abundant alpha-helical multimers of alpha-synuclein.

    Iljina, M; Tosatto, L; Choi, ML; Sang, JC; Ye, Y; Hughes, CD; Bryant, CE; Gandhi, S; Klenerman, D
    The protein alpha-synuclein (αS) self-assembles into toxic beta-sheet aggregates in Parkinson's disease, while it is proposed that αS forms soluble alpha-helical multimers in healthy neurons. Here, we have made αS multimers in vitro using arachidonic acid (ARA), one of the most abundant fatty acids in the brain, and characterized them by a combination of bulk experiments and single-molecule Fӧrster resonance energy transfer (sm-FRET) measurements. The data suggest that ARA-induced oligomers are alpha-helical, resistant to fibril formation, more prone to disaggregation, enzymatic digestion and degradation by the 26S proteasome, and lead to lower neuronal damage and reduced activation of microglia compared...

  14. Actual and preferred contraceptive sources among young people: findings from the British National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles.

    Geary, RS; Tomes, C; Jones, KG; Glasier, A; Macdowall, W; Datta, J; Sonnenberg, P; Wellings, K; French, RS; Mercer, CH; Johnson, AM
    OBJECTIVE: To describe actual and preferred contraceptive sources among young people in Britain and whether discordance between these is associated with markers of sexual risk behaviour or poor sexual health. DESIGN: Cross-sectional probability sample survey. SETTING: British general population. PARTICIPANTS: 3869 men and women aged 16-24 years interviewed for the third National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles (Natsal-3) between 2010 and 2012. MAIN OUTCOME MEASURES: Reported source of contraceptive method(s) and preferred source if all were available and easily accessible. RESULTS: Of the 75% of young people (aged 16-24) who were heterosexually active (1619 women, 1233 men), >86% reported obtaining...

  15. Sugaring the Pill: Emilia Pardo Bazán, John Stuart Mill, and the Biblioteca de la Mujer

    Wood, G

  16. How to interpret Galdós’s Tormento? What the galley proofs tell us

    Wood, G

  17. Class 3 semaphorins and neuropilins selectively organise boundary caps at the embryonic CNS-PNS interface

    Mackenzie, F; Schwarz, Q; Maden, C; Davidson, K; Ruhrberg, C

  18. Relationship between mediation analysis and the structured life course approach.

    Howe, LD; Smith, AD; Macdonald-Wallis, C; Anderson, EL; Galobardes, B; Lawlor, DA; Ben-Shlomo, Y; Hardy, R; Cooper, R; Tilling, K; Fraser, A
    Many questions in life course epidemiology involve mediation and/or interaction because of the long latency period between exposures and outcomes. In this paper, we explore how mediation analysis (based on counterfactual theory and implemented using conventional regression approaches) links with a structured approach to selecting life course hypotheses. Using theory and simulated data, we show how the alternative life course hypotheses assessed in the structured life course approach correspond to different combinations of mediation and interaction parameters. For example, an early life critical period model corresponds to a direct effect of the early life exposure, but no indirect effect via...

  19. Quantitative magnetic resonance imaging traits as endophenotypes for genetic mapping in epilepsy.

    Alhusaini, S; Whelan, CD; Sisodiya, SM; Thompson, PM
    Over the last decade, the field of imaging genomics has combined high-throughput genotype data with quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (QMRI) measures to identify genes associated with brain structure, cognition, and several brain-related disorders. Despite its successful application in different psychiatric and neurological disorders, the field has yet to be advanced in epilepsy. In this article we examine the relevance of imaging genomics for future genetic studies in epilepsy from three perspectives. First, we discuss prior genome-wide genetic mapping efforts in epilepsy, considering the possibility that some studies may have been constrained by inherent theoretical and methodological limitations of the genome-wide...

  20. Analysis of untransferred embryos after PGD for reciprocal translocations by array-Comparative Hybridization (aCGH)-incidence meiotic and mitotic errors

    Ghevaria, H; Naja, RP; Dhanjal, S; Herman, B; Silcock, L; SenGupta, S; Delhanty, JD

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