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  1. PFOS and PFOA in the livers of harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) stranded or bycaught around the UK

    Law, RJ; Bersuder, P; Mead, LK; Jepson, PD

  2. Importance of biological parameters in assessing the status of Delphinus delphis

    Murphy, S; Winship, A; Dabin, W; Jepson, PD; Deaville, R; Reid, RJ; Spurrier, C; Rogan, E; Lopez, A; Gonzalez, AF; Read, FL; Addink, M; Silva, M; Ridoux, V; Learmonth, JA; Pierce, GJ; Northridge, SP

  3. The 2000 canine distemper epidemic in Caspian seals (Phoca caspica): Pathology and analysis of contributory factors

    Kuiken, T; Kennedy, S; Barrett, T; Van de Bildt, MWG; Borgsteede, FH; Brew, SD; Codd, GA; Duck, C; Deaville, R; Eybatov, T; Forsyth, MA; Foster, G; Jepson, PD; Kydyrmanov, A; Mitrofanov, I; Ward, CJ; Wilson, S; Osterhaus, ADME

  4. Phocine distemper virus in the North and European Seas - Data and models, nature and nurture

    Hall, AJ; Jepson, PD; Goodman, SJ; Harkonen, T

  5. The risk of infection from polychlorinated biphenyl exposure in the harbor porpoise (Phocoena phocoena): A case-control approach

    Hall, AJ; Hugunin, K; Deaville, R; Law, RJ; Allchin, CR; Jepson, PD

  6. The relationship between polychlorinated biphenyls in blubber and levels of nematode infestations in harbour porpoises, Phocoena phocoena

    Bull, JC; Jepson, PD; Ssuna, RK; Deaville, R; Allchin, CR; Law, RJ; Fenton, A

  7. Smooth muscle actin and vimentin as markers of testis development in the harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena)

    Holt, WV; Waller, J; Moore, A; Jepson, PD; Deaville, R; Bennett, PM

  8. Acute and chronic gas bubble lesions in cetaceans stranded in the United Kingdom

    Jepson, PD; Deaville, R; Patterson, IAP; Pocknell, AM; Ross, HM; Baker, JR; Howie, FE; Reid, RJ; Colloff, A; Cunningham, AA

  9. Save the whale?

    Barnett, J; Jepson, P; Lawson, B

  10. Gas-bubble lesions in stranded cetaceans - Was sonar responsible for a spate of whale deaths after an Atlantic military exercise?

    Jepson, PD; Arbelo, M; Deaville, R; Patterson, IAP; Castro, P; Baker, JR; Degollada, E; Ross, HM; Herraez, P; Pocknell, AM; Rodriguez, F; Howie, FE; Espinosa, A; Reid, RJ; Jaber, JR; Martin, V; Cunningham, AA; Fernandez, A

  11. Exposure to heavy metals and infectious disease mortality in harbour porpoises from England and Wales

    Bennett, PM; Jepson, PD; Law, RJ; Jones, BR; Kuiken, T; Baker, JR; Rogan, E; Kirkwood, JK

  12. Mass die-off of Caspian seals caused by canine distemper virus

    Kennedy, S; Kuiken, T; Jepson, PD; Deaville, R; Forsyth, M; Barrett, T; van de Bildt, MWG; Osterhaus, ADME; Eybatov, T; Duck, C; Kydyrmanov, A; Mitrofanov, I; Wilson, S

  13. Relationships between polychlorinated biphenyls and health status in harbor porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) stranded in the United Kingdom

    Jepson, PD; Bennett, PM; Deaville, R; Allchin, CR; Baker, JR; Law, RJ

  14. The 1988 and 2002 phocine distemper virus epidemics in European harbour seals

    Harkonen, T; Dietz, R; Reijnders, P; Teilmann, J; Harding, K; Hall, A; Brasseur, S; Siebert, U; Goodman, SJ; Jepson, PD; Rasmussen, TD; Thompson, P

  15. Pulmonary pathology of harbour porpoises (Phocoena phocoena) stranded in England and Wales between 1990 and 1996

    Jepson, PD; Baker, JR; Kuiken, T; Simpson, VR; Kennedy, S; Bennett, PM

  16. Drug-induced euthanasia of stranded cetaceans

    Barnett, JEF; Jepson, PD; Patterson, IAP

  17. Investigating potential associations between chronic exposure to polychlorinated biphenyls and infectious disease mortality in harbour porpoises from England and Wales

    Jepson, PD; Bennett, PM; Allchin, CR; Law, RJ; Kuiken, T; Baker, JR; Rogan, E; Kirkwood, JK

  18. Testicular and ovarian development in the harbour porpoise (Phocoena phocoena)

    Karakosta, CV; Jepson, PD; Ohira, H; Moore, A; Bennett, PM; Holt, WV

  19. Bottlenosed dolphins (Tursiops truncatus) as a possible cause of acute traumatic injuries in porpoises (Phocoena phocoena)

    Jepson, PD; Baker, JR

  20. Further insight on the epidemiology of cetacean morbillivirus in the northeastern Atlantic

    Van Bressem, MF; Jepson, P; Barrett, T

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