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UCL University College London Eprints (323,983 recursos)
UCL Eprints collects the work of UCL researchers and makes it freely available over the web, helping the worldwide scholarly community to discover UCL research. Institutional repositories like UCL Eprints complement the traditional academic publishing and scholarly communications processes. They raise the visibility of research and help to maximise its impact. UCL researchers are encouraged to deposit a copy of each journal article, conference paper, working paper, and any other research output, in the UCL Eprints at the earliest opportunity, ensuring that their research reaches as wide an audience as possible.

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181. New policies to address the global burden of childhood cancers. - Sullivan, R; Kowalczyk, JR; Agarwal, B; Ladenstein, R; Fitzgerald, E; Barr, R; Steliarova-Foucher, E; Magrath, I; Howard, SC; Kruger, M; Valsecchi, MG; Biondi, A; Grundy, P; Smith, MA; Adamson, P; Vassal, G; Pritchard-Jones, K
Childhood cancer is a major global health issue. Every year, almost 100 000 children die from cancer before the age of 15 years, more than 90% of them in resource-limited countries. Here, we review the key policy issues for the delivery of better care, research, and education of professionals and patients. We present a key list of time-limited proposals focusing on change to health systems and research and development. These include sector and system reforms to make care affordable to all, policies to promote growth of civil society around both cancer and Millennium Development Goals, major improvements to public health...

182. Children with cancer: driving the global agenda. - Pritchard-Jones, K; Sullivan, R

183. Commissioning: aiming for a gold standard of care. - Pritchard-Jones, K

184. Incidence and outcomes of patients with late recurrence of Wilms' tumor. - Malogolowkin, M; Spreafico, F; Dome, JS; van Tinteren, H; Pritchard-Jones, K; van den Heuvel-Eibrink, MM; Bergeron, C; de Kraker, J; Graf, N; On behalf of the COG Renal Tumors Committee and the SIOP Renal Tumor Study Group,
BACKGROUND: Most relapses from Wilms' tumor occur within 2 years from diagnosis. This study aims to describe the incidence and outcome of patients who experienced a late recurrence (LR) more than 5 years after diagnosis across several clinical trials, and to develop evidence-based recommendations for follow-up surveillance. METHODS: Available records on children with Wilms' tumor enrolled onto 10 national or international cooperative clinical trials were reviewed to identify patients who experienced a LR. RESULTS: Seventy of 13,330 (0.5%) patients with Wilms' tumor experienced a LR. No gender bias was observed. Median time elapsing between initial Wilms' tumor diagnosis and first...

185. Treatment of Wilms tumor in low-income countries: challenges and potential solutions. - Israels, T; Harif, M; Pritchard-Jones, K

186. A genome-wide association study identifies susceptibility loci for Wilms tumor. - Turnbull, C; Perdeaux, ER; Pernet, D; Naranjo, A; Renwick, A; Seal, S; Munoz-Xicola, RM; Hanks, S; Slade, I; Zachariou, A; Warren-Perry, M; Ruark, E; Gerrard, M; Hale, J; Hewitt, M; Kohler, J; Lane, S; Levitt, G; Madi, M; Morland, B; Neefjes, V; Nicholson, J; Picton, S; Pizer, B; Ronghe, M; Stevens, M; Traunecker, H; Stiller, CA; Pritchard-Jones, K; Dome, J; Grundy, P; Rahman, N

187. The (EPOC) FP7-funded study of pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of doxorubicin in children with cancer - Boddy, A; Andre, N; Bisogno, G; Boos, J; Hempel, G; Kontny, N; Krischke, M; Pritchard-Jones, K; Steele, A; Voeller, S

188. SIOP PODC: CONSENSUS CLINICAL GUIDELINES FOR THE MANAGEMENT OF CHILDREN WITH WILMS TUMOUR IN A LOW INCOME COUNTRY - Israels, T; Moreira, C; Scanlan, T; Molyneux, E; Kampondeni, S; Hesseling, P; Heij, H; Borgstein, E; Vujanic, G; Pritchard-Jones, K; Hadley, L


190. Re-enforcing integration of research and care in childhood and adolescent cancer: A new role for clinical epidemiology in outcomes research? - Pritchard-Jones, K

191. OUTCOME OF BLASTEMAL TYPE NEPHROBLASTOMA PATIENTS TREATED ACCORDING TO INTENSIFIED TREATMENT IN THE SIOP 2001 PROTOCOL, A REPORT OF THE SIOP RENAL TUMOUR STUDY GROUP (RTSG) - Van den Heuvel-Eibrink, MM; Van Tinteren, H; Bergeron, C; Coulombe, A; De Camargo, B; Leuschner, I; Sandstedt, B; Acha, T; Gooskens, SL; Furtwaengler, R; De Kraker, J; Vujanic, GM; Pritchard-Jones, K; Graf, N

192. Gain of 1q is a marker of poor prognosis in Wilms' tumors. - Segers, H; van den Heuvel-Eibrink, MM; Williams, RD; van Tinteren, H; Vujanic, G; Pieters, R; Pritchard-Jones, K; Bown, N; on behalf of the Children's Cancer and Leukaemia Group and the UK Cancer Cytogenetics Group,
Wilms' tumor (WT) trials aim to better tailor treatment intensity to the risk of relapse and death. Currently, stage, histology, age (< or > 24 months), and combined loss of heterozygosity at 1p and 16q in chemotherapy-naïve WTs are the only risk factors used for treatment stratification. However, they predict only less than one-third of all relapsing patients, implying that other factors are involved in treatment failure. Previous studies have associated 1q gain with adverse outcome. Therefore, in this study, the role of 1q gain and other common cytogenetic aberrations (CAs) in WTs was investigated and related to follow-up data from patients...

193. Search for a multi-Higgs-boson cascade in W(+)W(-)b(b)over-bar events with the ATLAS detector in pp collisions at root s=8 TeV - Aad, G; Abajyan, T; Abbott, B; Abdallah, J; Khalek, SA; Abdinov, O; Aben, R; Abi, B; Abolins, M; AbouZeid, OS; Abramowicz, H; Abreu, H; Abulaiti, Y; Acharya, BS; Adamczyk, L; Adams, DL; Addy, TN; Adelman, J; Adomeit, S; Adye, T; Aefsky, S; Agatonovic-Jovin, T; Aguilar-Saavedra, JA; Agustoni, M; Ahlen, SP; Ahmad, A; Ahmadov, F; Ahsan, M; Aielli, G; Akesson, TPA; Akimoto, G; Akimov, AV; Alam, MA; Albert, J; Albrand, S; Alconada Verzini, MJ; Aleksa, M; Aleksandrov, IN; Alessandria, F; Alexa, C; Alexander, G; Alexandre, G; Alexopoulos, T; Alhroob, M; Aliev, M; Alimonti, G; Alio, L; Alison, J; Allbrooke, BMM; Allison, LJ; Allport, PP; Allwood-Spiers, SE; Almond, J; Aloisio, A; Alon, R; Alonso, A; Alonso, F; Altheimer, A; Gonzalez, BA; Alviggi, MG; Amako, K; Amaral Coutinho, Y; Amelung, C; Ammosov, VV; Amor Dos Santos, SP; Amorim, A; Amoroso, S; Amram, N; Amundsen, G; Anastopoulos, C; Ancu, LS; Andari, N; Andeen, T; Anders, CF; Anders, G; Anderson, KJ; Andreazza, A; Andrei, V; Anduaga, XS; Angelidakis, S; Anger, P; Angerami, A; Anghinolfi, F; Anisenkov, AV; Anjos, N; Annovi, A; Antonaki, A; Antonelli, M; Antonov, A; Antos, J; Anulli, F; Aoki, M; Bella, LA; Apolle, R; Arabidze, G; Aracena, I; Arai, Y; Arce, ATH; Arfaoui, S; Arguin, J-F; Argyropoulos, S; Arik, E; Arik, M; Armbruster, AJ; Arnaez, O; Arnal, V; Arslan, O; Artamonov, A; Artoni, G; Asai, S; Asbah, N; Ask, S; Asman, B; Asquith, L; Assamagan, K; Astalos, R; Astbury, A; Atkinson, M; Atlay, NB; Auerbach, B; Auge, E; Augsten, K; Aurousseau, M; Avolio, G; Azuelos, G; Azuma, Y; Baak, MA; Bacci, C; Bach, AM; Bachacou, H; Bachas, K; Backes, M; Backhaus, M; Mayes, JB; Badescu, E; Bagiacchi, P; Bagnaia, P; Bai, Y; Bailey, DC; Bain, T; Baines, JT; Baker, OK; Baker, S; Balek, P; Balli, F; Banas, E; Banerjee, S; Banfi, D; Bangert, A; Bansal, V; Bansil, HS; Barak, L; Baranov, SP; Barber, T; Barberio, EL; Barberis, D; Barbero, M; Barillari, T; Barisonzi, M; Barklow, T; Barlow, N; Barnett, BM; Barnett, RM; Baroncelli, A; Barone, G; Barr, AJ; Barreiro, F; da Costa, JBG; Bartoldus, R; Barton, AE; Bartos, P; Bartsch, V; Bassalat, A; Basye, A; Bates, RL; Batkova, L; Batley, JR; Battistin, M; Bauer, F; Bawa, HS; Beau, T; Beauchemin, PH; Beccherle, R; Bechtle, P; Beck, HP; Becker, K; Becker, S; Beckingham, M; Beddall, AJ; Beddall, A; Bedikian, S; Bednyakov, VA; Bee, CP; Beemster, LJ; Beermann, TA; Begel, M; Behr, K; Belanger-Champagne, C; Bell, PJ; Bell, WH; Bella, G; Bellagamba, L; Bellerive, A; Bellomo, M; Belloni, A; Beloborodova, OL; Belotskiy, K; Beltramello, O; Benary, O; Benchekroun, D; Bendtz, K; Benekos, N; Benhammou, Y; Noccioli, EB; Garcia, JAB; Benjamin, DP; Bensinger, JR; Benslama, K; Bentvelsen, S; Berge, D; Kuutmann, EB; Berger, N; Berghaus, F; Berglund, E; Beringer, J; Bernard, C; Bernat, P; Bernhard, R; Bernius, C; Bernlochner, FU; Berry, T; Berta, P; Bertella, C; Bertolucci, F; Besana, MI; Besjes, GJ; Bessidskaia, O; Besson, N; Bethke, S; Bhimji, W; Bianchi, RM; Bianchini, L; Bianco, M; Biebel, O; Bieniek, SP; Bierwagen, K; Biesiada, J; Biglietti, M; De Mendizabal, JB; Bilokon, H; Bindi, M; Binet, S; Bingul, A; Bini, C; Bittner, B; Black, CW; Black, JE; Black, KM; Blackburn, D; Blair, RE; Blanchard, J-B; Blazek, T; Bloch, I; Blocker, C; Blocki, J; Blum, W; Blumenschein, U; Bobbink, GJ; Bobrovnikov, VS; Bocchetta, SS; Bocci, A; Boddy, CR; Boehler, M; Boek, J; Boek, TT; Boelaert, N; Bogaerts, JA; Bogdanchikov, AG; Bogouch, A; Bohm, C; Bohm, J; Boisvert, V; Bold, T; Boldea, V; Boldyrev, AS; Bolnet, NM; Bomben, M; Bona, M; Boonekamp, M; Bordoni, S; Borer, C; Borisov, A; Borissov, G; Borri, M; Borroni, S; Bortfeldt, J; Bortolotto, V; Bos, K; Boscherini, D; Bosman, M; Boterenbrood, H; Bouchami, J; Boudreau, J; Bouhova-Thacker, EV; Boumediene, D; Bourdarios, C; Bousson, N; Boutouil, S; Boveia, A; Boyd, J; Boyko, IR; Bozovic-Jelisavcic, I; Bracinik, J; Branchini, P; Brandt, A; Brandt, G; Brandt, O; Bratzler, U; Brau, B; Brau, JE; Braun, HM; Brazzale, SF; Brelier, B; Brendlinger, K; Brenner, R; Bressler, S; Bristow, TM; Britton, D; Brochu, FM; Brock, I; Brock, R; Broggi, F; Bromberg, C; Bronner, J; Brooijmans, G; Brooks, T; Brooks, WK; Brosamer, J; Brost, E; Brown, G; Brown, J; de Renstrom, PAB; Bruncko, D; Bruneliere, R; Brunet, S; Bruni, A; Bruni, G; Bruschi, M; Bryngemark, L; Buanes, T; Buat, Q; Bucci, F; Buchholz, P; Buckingham, RM; Buckley, AG; Buda, SI; Budagov, IA; Budick, B; Buehrer, F; Bugge, L; Bugge, MK; Bulekov, O; Bundock, AC; Bunse, M; Burckhart, H; Burdin, S; Burgess, T; Burghgrave, B; Burke, S; Burmeister, I; Busato, E; Buescher, V; Bussey, P; Buszello, CP; Butler, B; Butler, JM; Butt, AI; Buttar, CM; Butterworth, JM; Buttinger, W; Buzatu, A; Byszewski, M; Cabrera Urban, S; Caforio, D; Cakir, O; Calafiura, P; Calderini, G; Calfayan, P; Calkins, R; Caloba, LP; Caloi, R; Calvet, D; Calvet, S; Toro, RC; Camarri, P; Cameron, D; Caminada, LM; Caminal Armadans, R; Campana, S; Campanelli, M; Canale, V; Canelli, F; Canepa, A; Cantero, J; Cantrill, R; Cao, T; Garrido, MDMC; Caprini, I; Caprini, M; Capua, M; Caputo, R; Cardarelli, R; Carli, T; Carlino, G; Carminati, L; Caron, S; Carquin, E; Carrillo-Montoya, GD; Carter, AA; Carter, JR; Carvalho, J; Casadei, D; Casado, MP; Caso, C; Castaneda-Miranda, E; Castelli, A; Castillo Gimenez, V; Castro, NF; Catastini, P; Catinaccio, A; Catmore, JR; Cattai, A; Cattani, G; Caughron, S; Cavaliere, V; Cavalli, D; Cavalli-Sforza, M; Cavasinni, V; Ceradini, F; Cerio, B; Cerny, K; Cerqueira, AS; Cerri, A; Cerrito, L; Cerutti, F; Cervelli, A; Cetin, SA; Chafaq, A; Chakraborty, D; Chalupkova, I; Chan, K; Chang, P; Chapleau, B; Chapman, JD; Charfeddine, D; Charlton, DG; Chavda, V; Barajas, CAC; Cheatham, S; Chekanov, S; Chekulaev, SV; Chelkov, GA; Chelstowska, MA; Chen, C; Chen, H; Chen, K; Chen, L; Chen, S; Chen, X; Chen, Y; Cheng, Y; Cheplakov, A; Cherkaoui El Moursli, R; Chernyatin, V; Cheu, E; Chevalier, L; Chiarella, V; Chiefari, G; Childers, JT; Chilingarov, A; Chiodini, G; Chisholm, AS; Chislett, RT; Chitan, A; Chizhov, MV; Chouridou, S; Chow, BKB; Christidi, IA; Chromek-Burckhart, D; Chu, ML; Chudoba, J; Ciapetti, G; Ciftci, AK; Ciftci, R; Cinca, D; Cindro, V; Ciocio, A; Cirilli, M; Cirkovic, P; Citron, ZH; Citterio, M; Ciubancan, M; Clark, A; Clark, PJ; Clarke, RN; Clemens, JC; Clement, B; Clement, C; Coadou, Y; Cobal, M; Coccaro, A; Cochran, J; Coelli, S; Coffey, L; Cogan, JG; Coggeshall, J; Colas, J; Cole, B; Cole, S; Colijn, AP; Collins-Tooth, C; Collot, J; Colombo, T; Colon, G; Compostella, G; Conde Muino, P; Coniavitis, E; Conidi, MC; Connelly, IA; Consonni, SM; Consorti, V; Constantinescu, S; Conta, C; Conti, G; Conventi, F; Cooke, M; Cooper, BD; Cooper-Sarkar, AM; Cooper-Smith, NJ; Copic, K; Cornelissen, T; Corradi, M; Corriveau, F; Corso-Radu, A; Cortes-Gonzalez, A; Cortiana, G; Costa, G; Costa, MJ; Costa Batalha Pedro, R; Costanzo, D; Cote, D; Cottin, G; Courneyea, L; Cowan, G; Cox, BE; Cranmer, K; Cree, G; Crepe-Renaudin, S; Crescioli, F; Ortuzar, MC; Cristinziani, M; Crosetti, G; Cuciuc, C-M; Almenar, CC; Donszelmann, TC; Cummings, J; Curatolo, M; Cuthbert, C; Czirr, H; Czodrowski, P; Czyczula, Z; D'Auria, S; D'Onofrio, M; D'Orazio, A; Da Cunha Sargedas De Sousa, MJ; Da Via, C; Dabrowski, W; Dafinca, A; Dai, T; Dallaire, F; Dallapiccola, C; Dam, M; Daniells, AC; Hoffmann, MD; Dao, V; Darbo, G; Darlea, GL; Darmora, S; Dassoulas, JA; Davey, W; David, C; Davidek, T; Davies, E; Davies, M; Davignon, O; Davison, AR; Davygora, Y; Dawe, E; Dawson, I; Daya-Ishmukhametova, RK; De, K; de Asmundis, R; De Castro, S; De Cecco, S; de Graat, J; De Groot, N; de Jong, P; De La Taille, C; De la Torre, H; De Lorenzi, F; De Nooij, L; De Pedis, D; De Salvo, A; De Sanctis, U; De Santo, A; De Regie, JBDV; De Zorzi, G; Dearnaley, WJ; Debbe, R; Debenedetti, C; Dechenaux, B; Dedovich, DV; Degenhardt, J; Del Peso, J; Del Prete, T; Delemontex, T; Deliot, F; Deliyergiyev, M; Dell'Acqua, A; Dell'Asta, L; Della Pietra, M; della Volpe, D; Delmastro, M; Delsart, PA; Deluca, C; Demers, S; Demichev, M; Demilly, A; Demirkoz, B; Denisov, SP; Derendarz, D; Derkaoui, JE; Derue, F; Dervan, P; Desch, K; Deviveiros, PO; Dewhurst, A; DeWilde, B; Dhaliwal, S; Dhullipudi, R; Di Ciaccio, A; Di Ciaccio, L; Di Donato, C; Di Girolamo, A; Di Girolamo, B; Di Mattia, A; Di Micco, B; Di Nardo, R; Di Simone, A; Di Sipio, R; Di Valentino, D; Diaz, MA; Diehl, EB; Dietrich, J; Dietzsch, TA; Diglio, S; Yagci, KD; Dingfelder, J; Dionisi, C; Dita, P; Dita, S; Dittus, F; Djama, F; Djobava, T; do Vale, MAB; Do Valle Wemans, A; Doan, TKO; Dobos, D; Dobson, E; Dodd, J; Doglioni, C; Doherty, T; Dohmae, T; Dolejsi, J; Dolezal, Z; Dolgoshein, BA; Donadelli, M; Donati, S; Dondero, P; Donini, J; Dopke, J; Doria, A; Dos Anjos, A; Dotti, A; Dova, MT; Doyle, AT; Dris, M; Dubbert, J; Dube, S; Dubreuil, E; Duchovni, E; Duckeck, G; Ducu, OA; Duda, D; Dudarev, A; Dudziak, F; Duflot, L; Duguid, L; Duehrssen, M; Dunford, M; Yildiz, HD; Dueren, M; Dwuznik, M; Ebke, J; Edson, W; Edwards, CA; Edwards, NC; Ehrenfeld, W; Eifert, T; Eigen, G; Einsweiler, K; Eisenhandler, E; Ekelof, T; El Kacimi, M; Ellert, M; Elles, S; Ellinghaus, F; Ellis, K; Ellis, N; Elmsheuser, J; Elsing, M; Emeliyanov, D; Enari, Y; Endner, OC; Endo, M; Engelmann, R; Erdmann, J; Ereditato, A; Eriksson, D; Ernis, G; Ernst, J; Ernst, M; Ernwein, J; Errede, D; Errede, S; Ertel, E; Escalier, M; Esch, H; Escobar, C; Espinal Curull, X; Esposito, B; Etienne, F; Etienvre, AI; Etzion, E; Evangelakou, D; Evans, H; Fabbri, L; Facini, G; Fakhrutdinov, RM; Falciano, S; Fang, Y; Fanti, M; Farbin, A; Farilla, A; Farooque, T; Farrell, S; Farrington, SM; Farthouat, P; Fassi, F; Fassnacht, P; Fassouliotis, D; Fatholahzadeh, B; Favareto, A; Fayard, L; Federic, P; Fedin, OL; Fedorko, W; Fehling-Kaschek, M; Feligioni, L; Feng, C; Feng, EJ; Feng, H; Fenyuk, AB; Fernando, W; Ferrag, S; Ferrando, J; Ferrara, V; Ferrari, A; Ferrari, P; Ferrari, R; de Lima, DEF; Ferrer, A; Ferrere, D; Ferretti, C; Parodi, AF; Fiascaris, M; Fiedler, F; Filipcic, A; Filipuzzi, M; Filthaut, F; Fincke-Keeler, M; Finelli, KD; Fiolhais, MCN; Fiorini, L; Firan, A; Fischer, J; Fisher, MJ; Fitzgerald, EA; Flechl, M; Fleck, I; Fleischmann, P; Fleischmann, S; Fletcher, GT; Fletcher, G; Flick, T; Floderus, A; Castillo, LRF; Bustos, ACF; Flowerdew, MJ; Martin, TF; Formica, A; Forti, A; Fortin, D; Fournier, D; Fox, H; Francavilla, P; Franchini, M; Franchino, S; Francis, D; Franklin, M; Franz, S; Fraternali, M; Fratina, S; French, ST; Friedrich, C; Friedrich, F; Froidevaux, D; Frost, JA; Fukunaga, C; Torregrosa, EF; Fulsom, BG; Fuster, J; Gabaldon, C; Gabizon, O; Gabrielli, A; Gabrielli, A; Gadatsch, S; Gadfort, T; Gadomski, S; Gagliardi, G; Gagnon, P; Galea, C; Galhardo, B; Gallas, EJ; Gallo, V; Gallop, BJ; Gallus, P; Galster, G; Gan, KK; Gandrajula, RP; Gao, J; Gao, YS; Walls, FMG; Garberson, F; Garcia, C; Garcia Navarro, JE; Garcia-Sciveres, M; Gardner, RW; Garelli, N; Garonne, V; Gatti, C; Gaudio, G; Gaur, B; Gauthier, L; Gauzzi, P; Gavrilenko, IL; Gay, C; Gaycken, G; Gazis, EN; Ge, P; Gecse, Z; Gee, CNP; Geerts, DAA; Geich-Gimbel, C; Gellerstedt, K; Gemme, C; Gemmell, A; Genest, MH; Gentile, S; George, M; George, S; Gerbaudo, D; Gershon, A; Ghazlane, H; Ghodbane, N; Giacobbe, B; Giagu, S; Giangiobbe, V; Giannetti, P; Gianotti, F; Gibbard, B; Gibson, SM; Gilchriese, M; Gillam, TPS; Gillberg, D; Gillman, AR; Gingrich, DM; Giokaris, N; Giordani, MP; Giordano, R; Giorgi, FM; Giovannini, P; Giraud, PF; Giugni, D; Giuliani, C; Giunta, M; Gjelsten, BK; Gkialas, I; Gladilin, LK; Glasman, C; Glatzer, J; Glazov, A; Glonti, GL; Goblirsch-Kolb, M; Goddard, JR; Godfrey, J; Godlewski, J; Goeringer, C; Goldfarb, S; Golling, T; Golubkov, D; Gomes, A; Fajardo, LSG; Goncalo, R; Da Costa, JGPF; Gonella, L; Gonzalez de la Hoz, S; Gonzalez Parra, G; Gonzalez Silva, ML; Gonzalez-Sevilla, S; Goodson, JJ; Goossens, L; Gorbounov, PA; Gordon, HA; Gorelov, I; Gorfine, G; Gorini, B; Gorini, E; Gorisek, A; Gornicki, E; Goshaw, AT; Goessling, C; Gostkin, MI; Gouighri, M; Goujdami, D; Goulette, MP; Goussiou, AG; Goy, C; Gozpinar, S; Grabas, HMX; Graber, L; Grabowska-Bold, I; Grafstroem, P; Grahn, K-J; Gramling, J; Gramstad, E; Grancagnolo, F; Grancagnolo, S; Grassi, V; Gratchev, V; Gray, HM; Gray, JA; Graziani, E; Grebenyuk, OG; Greenwood, ZD; Gregersen, K; Gregor, IM; Grenier, P; Griffiths, J; Grigalashvili, N; Grillo, AA; Grimm, K; Grinstein, S; Gris, P; Grishkevich, YV; Grivaz, J-F; Grohs, JP; Grohsjean, A; Gross, E; Grosse-Knetter, J; Grossi, GC; Groth-Jensen, J; Grout, ZJ; Grybel, K; Guescini, F; Guest, D; Gueta, O; Guicheney, C; Guido, E; Guillemin, T; Guindon, S; Gul, U; Gumpert, C; Gunther, J; Guo, J; Gupta, S; Gutierrez, P; Ortiz, NGG; Gutschow, C; Guttman, N; Guyot, C; Gwenlan, C; Gwilliam, CB; Haas, A; Haber, C; Hadavand, HK; Haefner, P; Hageboeck, S; Hajduk, Z; Hakobyan, H; Hall, D; Halladjian, G; Hamacher, K; Hamal, P; Hamano, K; Hamer, M; Hamilton, A; Hamilton, S; Han, L; Hanagaki, K; Hanawa, K; Hance, M; Hanke, P; Hansen, JR; Hansen, JB; Hansen, JD; Hansen, PH; Hansson, P; Hara, K; Hard, AS; Harenberg, T; Harkusha, S; Harper, D; Harrington, RD; Harris, OM; Harrison, PF; Hartjes, F; Harvey, A; Hasegawa, S; Hasegawa, Y; Hassani, S; Haug, S; Hauschild, M; Hauser, R; Havranek, M; Hawkes, CM; Hawkings, RJ; Hawkins, AD; Hayashi, T; Hayden, D; Hays, CP; Hayward, HS; Haywood, SJ; Head, SJ; Heck, T; Hedberg, V; Heelan, L; Heim, S; Heinemann, B; Heisterkamp, S; Hejbal, J; Helary, L; Heller, C; Heller, M; Hellman, S; Hellmich, D; Helsens, C; Henderson, J; Henderson, RCW; Henrichs, A; Correia, AMH; Henrot-Versille, S; Hensel, C; Herbert, GH; Hernandez, CM; Hernandez Jimenez, Y; Herrberg-Schubert, R; Herten, G; Hertenberger, R; Hervas, L; Hesketh, GG; Hessey, NP; Hickling, R; Higon-Rodriguez, E; Hill, JC; Hiller, KH; Hillert, S; Hillier, SJ; Hinchliffe, I; Hines, E; Hirose, M; Hirschbuehl, D; Hobbs, J; Hod, N; Hodgkinson, MC; Hodgson, P; Hoecker, A; Hoeferkamp, MR; Hoffman, J; Hoffmann, D; Hofmann, JI; Hohlfeld, M; Holmes, TR; Hong, TM; van Huysduynen, LH; Hostachy, J-Y; Hou, S; Hoummada, A; Howard, J; Howarth, J; Hrabovsky, M; Hristova, I; Hrivnac, J; Hryn'ova, T; Hsu, PJ; Hsu, S-C; Hu, D; Hu, X; Huang, Y; Hubacek, Z; Hubaut, F; Huegging, F; Huettmann, A; Huffman, TB; Hughes, EW; Hughes, G; Huhtinen, M; Huelsing, TA; Hurwitz, M; Huseynov, N; Huston, J; Huth, J; Iacobucci, G; Iakovidis, G; Ibragimov, I; Iconomidou-Fayard, L; Idarraga, J; Ideal, E; Iengo, P; Igonkina, O; Iizawa, T; Ikegami, Y; Ikematsu, K; Ikeno, M; Iliadis, D; Ilic, N; Inamaru, Y; Ince, T; Ioannou, P; Iodice, M; Iordanidou, K; Ippolito, V; Irles Quiles, A; Isaksson, C; Ishino, M; Ishitsuka, M; Ishmukhametov, R; Issever, C; Istin, S; Ivashin, AV; Iwanski, W; Iwasaki, H; Izen, JM; Izzo, V; Jackson, B; Jackson, JN; Jackson, M; Jackson, P; Jaekel, MR; Jain, V; Jakobs, K; Jakobsen, S; Jakoubek, T; Jakubek, J; Jamin, DO; Jana, DK; Jansen, E; Jansen, H; Janssen, J; Janus, M; Jared, RC; Jarlskog, G; Jeanty, L; Jeng, G-Y; Jen-La Plante, I; Jennens, D; Jenni, P; Jentzsch, J; Jeske, C; Jezequel, S; Jha, MK; Ji, H; Ji, W; Jia, J; Jiang, Y; Belenguer, MJ; Jin, S; Jinaru, A; Jinnouchi, O; Joergensen, MD; Joffe, D; Johansson, KE; Johansson, P; Johns, KA; Jon-And, K; Jones, G; Jones, RWL; Jones, TJ; Jorge, PM; Joshi, KD; Jovicevic, J; Ju, X; Jung, CA; Jungst, RM; Jussel, P; Juste Rozas, A; Kaci, M; Kaczmarska, A; Kadlecik, P; Kado, M; Kagan, H; Kagan, M; Kajomovitz, E; Kalinin, S; Kama, S; Kanaya, N; Kaneda, M; Kaneti, S; Kanno, T; Kantserov, VA; Kanzaki, J; Kaplan, B; Kapliy, A; Kar, D; Karakostas, K; Karastathis, N; Karnevskiy, M; Karpov, SN; Karthik, K; Kartvelishvili, V; Karyukhin, AN; Kashif, L; Kasieczka, G; Kass, RD; Kastanas, A; Kataoka, Y; Katre, A; Katzy, J; Kaushik, V; Kawagoe, K; Kawamoto, T; Kawamura, G; Kazama, S; Kazanin, VF; Kazarinov, MY; Keeler, R; Keener, PT; Kehoe, R; Keil, M; Keller, JS; Keoshkerian, H; Kepka, O; Kersevan, BP; Kersten, S; Kessoku, K; Keung, J; Khalil-zada, F; Khandanyan, H; Khanov, A; Kharchenko, D; Khodinov, A; Khomich, A; Khoo, TJ; Khoriauli, G; Khoroshilov, A; Khovanskiy, V; Khramov, E; Khubua, J; Kim, H; Kim, SH; Kimura, N; Kind, O; King, BT; King, M; King, RSB; King, SB; Kirk, J; Kiryunin, AE; Kishimoto, T; Kisielewska, D; Kitamura, T; Kittelmann, T; Kiuchi, K; Kladiva, E; Klein, M; Klein, U; Kleinknecht, K; Klimek, P; Klimentov, A; Klingenberg, R; Klinger, JA; Klinkby, EB; Klioutchnikova, T; Klok, PF; Kluge, E-E; Kluit, P; Kluth, S; Kneringer, E; Knoops, EG; Knue, A; Kobayashi, T; Kobel, M; Kocian, M; Kodys, P; Koenig, S; Koevesarki, P; Koffas, T; Koffeman, E; Kogan, LA; Kohlmann, S; Kohout, Z; Kohriki, T; Koi, T; Kolanoski, H; Koletsou, I; Koll, J; Komar, AA; Komori, Y; Kondo, T; Koeneke, K; Konig, AC; Kono, T; Konoplich, R; Konstantinidis, N; Kopeliansky, R; Koperny, S; Koepke, L; Kopp, AK; Korcyl, K; Kordas, K; Korn, A; Korol, AA; Korolkov, I; Korolkova, EV; Korotkov, VA; Kortner, O; Kortner, S; Kostyukhin, VV; Kotov, S; Kotov, VM; Kotwal, A; Kourkoumelis, C; Kouskoura, V; Koutsman, A; Kowalewski, R; Kowalski, TZ; Kozanecki, W; Kozhin, AS; Kral, V; Kramarenko, VA; Kramberger, G; Krasny, MW; Krasznahorkay, A; Kraus, JK; Kravchenko, A; Kreiss, S; Kretzschmar, J; Kreutzfeldt, K; Krieger, N; Krieger, P; Kroeninger, K; Kroha, H; Kroll, J; Kroseberg, J; Krstic, J; Kruchonak, U; Krueger, H; Kruker, T; Krumnack, N; Krumshteyn, ZV; Kruse, A; Kruse, MC; Kruskal, M; Kubota, T; Kuday, S; Kuehn, S; Kugel, A; Kuhl, T; Kukhtin, V; Kulchitsky, Y; Kuleshov, S; Kuna, M; Kunkle, J; Kupco, A; Kurashige, H; Kurata, M; Kurochkin, YA; Kurumida, R; Kus, V; Kuwertz, ES; Kuze, M; Kvita, J; Kwee, R; La Rosa, A; La Rotonda, L; Labarga, L; Lablak, S; Lacasta, C; Lacava, F; Lacey, J; Lacker, H; Lacour, D; Lacuesta, VR; Ladygin, E; Lafaye, R; Laforge, B; Lagouri, T; Lai, S; Laier, H; Laisne, E; Lambourne, L; Lampen, CL; Lampl, W; Lancon, E; Landgraf, U; Landon, MPJ; Lang, VS; Lange, C; Lankford, AJ; Lanni, F; Lantzsch, K; Lanza, A; Laplace, S; Lapoire, C; Laporte, JF; Lari, T; Larner, A; Lassnig, M; Laurelli, P; Lavorini, V; Lavrijsen, W; Laycock, P; Le, BT; Le Dortz, O; Le Guirriec, E; Le Menedeu, E; LeCompte, T; Ledroit-Guillon, F; Lee, CA; Lee, H; Lee, JSH; Lee, SC; Lee, L; Lefebvre, G; Lefebvre, M; Legger, F; Leggett, C; Lehan, A; Lehmacher, M; Miotto, GL; Lei, X; Leister, AG; Leite, MAL; Leitner, R; Lellouch, D; Lemmer, B; Lendermann, V; Leney, KJC; Lenz, T; Lenzen, G; Lenzi, B; Leone, R; Leonhardt, K; Leontsinis, S; Leroy, C; Lessard, J-R; Lester, CG; Lester, CM; Leveque, J; Levin, D; Levinson, LJ; Lewis, A; Lewis, GH; Leyko, AM; Leyton, M; Li, B; Li, B; Li, H; Li, HL; Li, S; Li, X; Liang, Z; Liao, H; Liberti, B; Lichard, P; Lie, K; Liebal, J; Liebig, W; Limbach, C; Limosani, A; Limper, M; Lin, SC; Linde, F; Lindquist, BE; Linnemann, JT; Lipeles, E; Lipniacka, A; Lisovyi, M; Liss, TM; Lissauer, D; Lister, A; Litke, AM; Liu, B; Liu, D; Liu, JB; Liu, K; Liu, L; Liu, M; Liu, M; Liu, Y; Livan, M; Livermore, SSA; Lleres, A; Llorente Merino, J; Lloyd, SL; Lo Sterzo, F; Lobodzinska, E; Loch, P; Lockman, WS; Loddenkoetter, T; Loebinger, FK; Loevschall-Jensen, AE; Loginov, A; Loh, CW; Lohse, T; Lohwasser, K; Lokajicek, M; Lombardo, VP; Long, JD; Long, RE; Lopes, L; Mateos, DL; Paredes, BL; Lorenz, J; Martinez, NL; Losada, M; Loscutoff, P; Losty, MJ; Lou, X; Lounis, A; Love, J; Love, PA; Lowe, AJ; Lu, F; Lubatti, HJ; Luci, C; Lucotte, A; Ludwig, D; Ludwig, I; Luehring, F; Lukas, W; Luminari, L; Lund, E; Lundberg, J; Lundberg, O; Lund-Jensen, B; Lungwitz, M; Lynn, D; Lysak, R; Lytken, E; Ma, H; Ma, LL; Maccarrone, G; Macchiolo, A; Macek, B; Machado Miguens, J; Macina, D; Mackeprang, R; Madar, R; Madaras, RJ; Maddocks, HJ; Mader, WF; Madsen, A; Maeno, M; Maeno, T; Magnoni, L; Magradze, E; Mahboubi, K; Mahlstedt, J; Mahmoud, S; Mahout, G; Maiani, C; Maidantchik, C; Maio, A; Majewski, S; Makida, Y; Makovec, N; Mal, P; Malaescu, B; Malecki, P; Maleev, VP; Malek, F; Mallik, U; Malon, D; Malone, C; Maltezos, S; Malyshev, VM; Malyukov, S; Mamuzic, J; Mandelli, L; Mandic, I; Mandrysch, R; Maneira, J; Manfredini, A; Manhaes de Andrade Filho, L; Ramos, JAM; Mann, A; Manning, PM; Manousakis-Katsikakis, A; Mansoulie, B; Mantifel, R; Mapelli, L; March, L; Marchand, JF; Marchese, F; Marchiori, G; Marcisovsky, M; Marino, CP; Marques, CN; Marroquim, F; Marshall, Z; Marti, LF; Marti-Garcia, S; Martin, B; Martin, B; Martin, JP; Martin, TA; Martin, VJ; Latour, BMD; Martinez, H; Martinez, M; Martin-Haugh, S; Martyniuk, AC; Marx, M; Marzano, F; Marzin, A; Masetti, L; Mashimo, T; Mashinistov, R; Masik, J; Maslennikov, AL; Massa, I; Massol, N; Mastrandrea, P; Mastroberardino, A; Masubuchi, T; Matsunaga, H; Matsushita, T; Maettig, P; Maettig, S; Mattmann, J; Mattravers, C; Maurer, J; Maxfield, SJ; Maximov, DA; Mazini, R; Mazzaferro, L; Mazzanti, M; Mc Goldrick, G; Mc Kee, SP; McCarn, A; McCarthy, RL; McCarthy, TG; McCubbin, NA; McFarlane, KW; Mcfayden, JA; Mchedlidze, G; Mclaughlan, T; McMahon, SJ; McPherson, RA; Meade, A; Mechnich, J; Mechtel, M; Medinnis, M; Meehan, S; Meera-Lebbai, R; Mehlhase, S; Mehta, A; Meier, K; Meineck, C; Meirose, B; Melachrinos, C; Garcia, BRM; Meloni, F; Mendoza Navas, L; Mengarelli, A; Menke, S; Meoni, E; Mercurio, KM; Mergelmeyer, S; Meric, N; Mermod, P; Merola, L; Meroni, C; Merritt, FS; Merritt, H; Messina, A; Metcalfe, J; Mete, AS; Meyer, C; Meyer, C; Meyer, J-P; Meyer, J; Meyer, J; Michal, S; Middleton, RP; Migas, S; Mijovic, L; Mikenberg, G; Mikestikova, M; Mikuz, M; Miller, DW; Mills, C; Milov, A; Milstead, DA; Milstein, D; Minaenko, AA; Minano Moya, M; Minashvili, IA; Mincer, AI; Mindur, B; Mineev, M; Ming, Y; Mir, LM; Mirabelli, G; Mitani, T; Mitrevski, J; Mitsou, VA; Mitsui, S; Miyagawa, PS; Mjornmark, JU; Moa, T; Moeller, V; Mohapatra, S; Mohr, W; Molander, S; Moles-Valls, R; Molfetas, A; Moenig, K; Monini, C; Monk, J; Monnier, E; Montejo Berlingen, J; Monticelli, F; Monzani, S; Moore, RW; Herrera, CM; Moraes, A; Morange, N; Morel, J; Moreno, D; Moreno Llacer, M; Morettini, P; Morgenstern, M; Morii, M; Moritz, S; Morley, AK; Mornacchi, G; Morris, JD; Morvaj, L; Moser, HG; Mosidze, M; Moss, J; Mount, R; Mountricha, E; Mouraviev, SV; Moyse, EJW; Mudd, RD; Mueller, F; Mueller, J; Mueller, K; Mueller, T; Mueller, T; Muenstermann, D; Munwes, Y; Quijada, JAM; Murray, WJ; Mussche, I; Musto, E; Myagkov, AG; Myska, M; Nackenhorst, O; Nadal, J; Nagai, K; Nagai, R; Nagai, Y; Nagano, K; Nagarkar, A; Nagasaka, Y; Nagel, M; Nairz, AM; Nakahama, Y; Nakamura, K; Nakamura, T; Nakano, I; Namasivayam, H; Nanava, G; Napier, A; Narayan, R; Nash, M; Nattermann, T; Naumann, T; Navarro, G; Neal, HA; Nechaeva, PY; Neep, TJ; Negri, A; Negri, G; Negrini, M; Nektarijevic, S; Nelson, A; Nelson, TK; Nemecek, S; Nemethy, P; Nepomuceno, AA; Nessi, M; Neubauer, MS; Neumann, M; Neusiedl, A; Neves, RM; Nevski, P; Newcomer, FM; Newman, PR; Nguyen, DH; Hong, VNT; Nickerson, RB; Nicolaidou, R; Nicquevert, B; Nielsen, J; Nikiforou, N; Nikiforov, A; Nikolaenko, V; Nikolic-Audit, I; Nikolics, K; Nikolopoulos, K; Nilsson, P; Ninomiya, Y; Nisati, A; Nisius, R; Nobe, T; Nodulman, L; Nomachi, M; Nomidis, I; Norberg, S; Nordberg, M; Novakova, J; Nozaki, M; Nozka, L; Ntekas, K; Nuncio-Quiroz, A-E; Hanninger, GN; Nunnemann, T; Nurse, E; O'Brien, BJ; O'grady, F; O'Neil, DC; O'Shea, V; Oakes, LB; Oakham, FG; Oberlack, H; Ocariz, J; Ochi, A; Ochoa, MI; Oda, S; Odaka, S; Ogren, H; Oh, A; Oh, SH; Ohm, CC; Ohshima, T; Okamura, W; Okawa, H; Okumura, Y; Okuyama, T; Olariu, A; Olchevski, AG; Pino, SAO; Oliveira, M; Damazio, DO; Oliver Garcia, E; Olivito, D; Olszewski, A; Olszowska, J; Onofre, A; Onyisi, PUE; Oram, CJ; Oreglia, MJ; Oren, Y; Orestano, D; Orlando, N; Barrera, CO; Orr, RS; Osculati, B; Ospanov, R; Otero y Garzon, G; Otono, H; Ouchrif, M; Ouellette, EA; Ould-Saada, F; Ouraou, A; Oussoren, KP; Ouyang, Q; Ovcharova, A; Owen, M; Owen, S; Ozcan, VE; Ozturk, N; Pachal, K; Pacheco Pages, A; Padilla Aranda, C; Griso, SP; Paganis, E; Pahl, C; Paige, F; Pais, P; Pajchel, K; Palacino, G; Palestini, S; Pallin, D; Palma, A; Palmer, JD; Pan, YB; Panagiotopoulou, E; Vazquez, JGP; Pani, P; Panikashvili, N; Panitkin, S; Pantea, D; Papadopoulou, TD; Papageorgiou, K; Paramonov, A; Hernandez, DP; Parker, MA; Parodi, F; Parsons, JA; Parzefall, U; Pashapour, S; Pasqualucci, E; Passaggio, S; Passeri, A; Pastore, F; Pastore, F; Pasztor, G; Pataraia, S; Patel, ND; Pater, JR; Patricelli, S; Pauly, T; Pearce, J; Pedersen, M; Pedraza Lopez, S; Peleganchuk, SV; Pelikan, D; Peng, H; Penning, B; Penwell, J; Perepelitsa, DV; Cavalcanti, TP; Codina, EP; Perez Garcia-Estan, MT; Reale, VP; Perini, L; Pernegger, H; Perrino, R; Peschke, R; Peshekhonov, VD; Peters, K; Peters, RFY; Petersen, BA; Petersen, J; Petersen, TC; Petit, E; Petridis, A; Petridou, C; Petrolo, E; Petrucci, F; Petteni, M; Pezoa, R; Phillips, PW; Piacquadio, G; Pianori, E; Picazio, A; Piccaro, E; Piccinini, M; Piec, SM; Piegaia, R; Pignotti, DT; Pilcher, JE; Pilkington, AD; Pina, J; Pinamonti, M; Pinder, A; Pinfold, JL; Pingel, A; Pinto, B; Pizio, C; Pleier, M-A; Pleskot, V; Plotnikova, E; Plucinski, P; Poddar, S; Podlyski, F; Poettgen, R; Poggioli, L; Pohl, D; Pohl, M; Polesello, G; Policicchio, A; Polifka, R; Polini, A; Pollard, CS; Polychronakos, V; Pomeroy, D; Pommes, K; Pontecorvo, L; Pope, BG; Popeneciu, GA; Popovic, DS; Poppleton, A; Portell Bueso, X; Pospelov, GE; Pospisil, S; Potamianos, K; Potrap, IN; Potter, CJ; Potter, CT; Poulard, G; Poveda, J; Pozdnyakov, V; Prabhu, R; Pralavorio, P; Pranko, A; Prasad, S; Pravahan, R; Prell, S; Price, D; Price, J; Price, LE; Prieur, D; Primavera, M; Proissl, M; Prokofiev, K; Prokoshin, F; Protopapadaki, E; Protopopescu, S; Proudfoot, J; Prudent, X; Przybycien, M; Przysiezniak, H; Psoroulas, S; Ptacek, E; Pueschel, E; Puldon, D; Purohit, M; Puzo, P; Pylypchenko, Y; Qian, J; Quadt, A; Quarrie, DR; Quayle, WB; Quilty, D; Radeka, V; Radescu, V; Radhakrishnan, SK; Radloff, P; Ragusa, F; Rahal, G; Rajagopalan, S; Rammensee, M; Rammes, M; Randle-Conde, AS; Rangel-Smith, C; Rao, K; Rauscher, F; Rave, TC; Ravenscroft, T; Raymond, M; Read, AL; Rebuzzi, DM; Redelbach, A; Redlinger, G; Reece, R; Reeves, K; Reinsch, A; Reisin, H; Reisinger, I; Relich, M; Rembser, C; Ren, ZL; Renaud, A; Rescigno, M; Resconi, S; Resende, B; Reznicek, P; Rezvani, R; Richter, R; Richter-Was, E; Ridel, M; Rieck, P; Rijssenbeek, M; Rimoldi, A; Rinaldi, L; Ritsch, E; Riu, I; Rivoltella, G; Rizatdinova, F; Rizvi, E; Robertson, SH; Robichaud-Veronneau, A; Robinson, D; Robinson, JEM; Robson, A; de Lima, JGR; Roda, C; Dos Santos, DR; Rodrigues, L; Roe, S; Rohne, O; Rolli, S; Romaniouk, A; Romano, M; Romeo, G; Romero Adam, E; Rompotis, N; Roos, L; Ros, E; Rosati, S; Rosbach, K; Rose, A; Rose, M; Rosendahl, PL; Rosenthal, O; Rossetti, V; Rossi, E; Rossi, LP; Rosten, R; Rotaru, M; Roth, I; Rothberg, J; Rousseau, D; Royon, CR; Rozanov, A; Rozen, Y; Ruan, X; Rubbo, F; Rubinskiy, I; Rud, VI; Rudolph, C; Rudolph, MS; Ruehr, F; Ruiz-Martinez, A; Rumyantsev, L; Rurikova, Z; Rusakovich, NA; Ruschke, A; Rutherfoord, JP; Ruthmann, N; Ruzicka, P; Ryabov, YF; Rybar, M; Rybkin, G; Ryder, NC; Saavedra, AF; Sacerdoti, S; Saddique, A; Sadeh, I; Sadrozinski, H-W; Sadykov, R; Tehrani, FS; Sakamoto, H; Sakurai, Y; Salamanna, G; Salamon, A; Saleem, M; Salek, D; De Bruin, PHS; Salihagic, D; Salnikov, A; Salt, J; Ferrando, BMS; Salvatore, D; Salvatore, F; Salvucci, A; Salzburger, A; Sampsonidis, D; Sanchez, A; Sanchez, J; Sanchez Martinez, V; Sandaker, H; Sander, HG; Sanders, MP; Sandhoff, M; Sandoval, T; Sandoval, C; Sandstroem, R; Sankey, DPC; Sansoni, A; Santoni, C; Santonico, R; Santos, H; Castillo, IS; Sapp, K; Sapronov, A; Saraiva, JG; Sarkisyan-Grinbaum, E; Sarrazin, B; Sartisohn, G; Sasaki, O; Sasaki, Y; Sasao, N; Satsounkevitch, I; Sauvage, G; Sauvan, E; Sauvan, JB; Savard, P; Savinov, V; Savu, DO; Sawyer, C; Sawyer, L; Saxon, DH; Saxon, J; Sbarra, C; Sbrizzi, A; Scanlon, T; Scannicchio, DA; Scarcella, M; Schaarschmidt, J; Schacht, P; Schaefer, D; Schaelicke, A; Schaepe, S; Schaetzel, S; Schaefer, U; Schaffer, AC; 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194. Surgical complications after immediate nephrectomy versus preoperative chemotherapy in non-metastatic Wilms' tumour: Findings from the 1991-2001 United Kingdom Children's Cancer Study Group UKW3 Trial. - Powis, M; Messahel, B; Hobson, R; Gornall, P; Walker, J; Pritchard-Jones, K
To compare surgical complication rates after immediate nephrectomy versus delayed nephrectomy following preoperative chemotherapy in children with non-metastatic Wilms' tumour enrolled in UKW3, both in randomised patients and in those for whom the treatment approach was defined by parental or physician choice.

195. Towards reducing inequalities: European Standards of Care for Children with Cancer. - Kowalczyk, JR; Samardakiewicz, M; Fitzgerald, E; Essiaf, S; Ladenstein, R; Vassal, G; Kienesberger, A; Pritchard-Jones, K
Despite the increase of cure rates in the treatment of children with cancer there is a significant discrepancy in the outcome within Europe. Data are showing us that there is a difference of 20% in outcomes for young people with cancer when comparing North and Western Europe with Central and Eastern Europe. One of the most important necessities, in order to be able to have comparable results and equitable outcomes about inequalities, is to have the Principle Treatment Centres, meeting a minimum level of standards and being accessible to continuously updated 'best practice'. The European Society of Paediatric Oncology (SIOPE)...

196. An offset in TEX values between interbedded lithologies: Implications for sea-surface temperature reconstructions - Littler, K; Robinson, SA; Bown, PR
The TEX (TetraEther indeX of tetraethers consisting of 86 carbon atoms) sea-surface temperature (SST) proxy is based on the distribution of isoprenoid glycerol dialkyl glycerol tetraether (GDGT) membrane lipids of pelagic Thaumarchaeota that are preserved in marine sediments. It is a valuable tool for reconstructing past SSTs from sedimentary archives; however there are still major uncertainties as to the effects of variables other than temperature on the proxy. Here we present the first study of GDGT variability across early Cretaceous interbedded pelagic and shelf-sourced turbiditic sediments from two Deep Sea Drilling Project (DSDP) sites in the western North Atlantic. The...

197. NODDI with dispersion anisotropy - Tariq, M; Schneider, T; Alexander, D; Wheeler-Kingshott, C; Zhang, H

198. A static model for predicting disrupted network behaviour - Dixit, V; Waller, ST; Alsup, RM; Love, BC; Tomlinson, MT
This paper compares actual and perceived travel times and presents a model for predicting traffic flows when there is a network disruption. The goal of this research is to demonstrate the necessity of accounting for possible differences in travel time perception and actual travel times, and also to show trends in how the route choices change based on the transformation of the perceived travel times. The model is separated into three phases: equilibrium assignment, link travel time transform, and logit assignment. The transform of the link travel times is best represented by an inverse cumulative Normal distribution, and the corresponding...

199. Virtual edge illumination and one dimensional beam tracking for absorption, refraction, and scattering retrieval - Vittoria, FA; Endrizzi, M; Diemoz, PC; Wagner, UH; Rau, C; Robinson, IK; Olivo, A
We propose two different approaches to retrieve x-ray absorption, refraction, and scattering signals using a one dimensional scan and a high resolution detector. The first method can be easily implemented in existing procedures developed for edge illumination to retrieve absorption and refraction signals, giving comparable image quality while reducing exposure time and delivered dose. The second method tracks the variations of the beam intensity profile on the detector through a multi-Gaussian interpolation, allowing the additional retrieval of the scattering signal.

200. The Four Key Challenges of Advanced Multisensor Navigation and Positioning - Groves, PD; Wang, L; Walter, D; Martin, H; Voutsis, K; Jiang, Z


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