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UCL Eprints collects the work of UCL researchers and makes it freely available over the web, helping the worldwide scholarly community to discover UCL research. Institutional repositories like UCL Eprints complement the traditional academic publishing and scholarly communications processes. They raise the visibility of research and help to maximise its impact. UCL researchers are encouraged to deposit a copy of each journal article, conference paper, working paper, and any other research output, in the UCL Eprints at the earliest opportunity, ensuring that their research reaches as wide an audience as possible.

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181. An Adaptive Security Model for Heterogeneous Networks Using MAUT and Simple Heuristics. - Chae, J; Mostéfaoui, GK; Chung, M

182. An Adaptive Security Model for Heterogeneous Networks Using MAUT and Simple Heuristics. - Chae, J; Mostéfaoui, GK; Chung, M

183. MaDViWorld: a software framework for massively distributed virtual worlds. - Fuhrer, P; Mostéfaoui, GK; Pasquier-Rocha, J

184. On the Secure Sharing of Legacy Data. - Russell, D; Power, DJ; Slaymaker, M; Mostefaoui, GK; Ma, X; Simpson, A

185. SynchLink : an iOS app for ISPyB - Ginn, HM; Mostefaoui, GK; Levik, KE; Grimes, JM; Walsh, MA; Ashton, AW; Stuart, DI

186. Introduction to the special issue on service provisioning in the Web and Mobile environments - Mostefaoui, GK; Younas, M; Brezillon, P

187. Reactive Astrocytes and Stem Cells in Spinal Cord Injury: Good Guys or Bad Guys? - Lukovic, D; Stojkovic, M; Moreno-Manzano, V; Jendelova, P; Sykova, E; Bhattacharya, SS; Erceg, S
Spinal cord injury (SCI) usually results in long lasting locomotor and sensory neuron degeneration below the injury. Astrocytes normally play a decisive role in mechanical and metabolic support of neurons, but in the spinal cord they cause injury, exerting well-known detrimental effects that contribute to glial scar formation and inhibition of axon outgrowth. Cell transplantation is considered a promising approach for replacing damaged cells and promoting neuroprotective and neuroregenerative repair, but the effects of the grafted cells on local tissue and the regenerative properties of endogenous neural stem cells (eNSC) in the injured spinal cord are largely unknown. During the...

188. HMG20A is required for SNAI1-mediated epithelial to mesenchymal transition. - Rivero, S; Ceballos-Chávez, M; Bhattacharya, SS; Reyes, JC
HMG20A is a high mobility group (HMG) domain containing protein homologous to HMG20B, a core subunit of the Lys-specific demethylase 1/REST co-repressor 1 (LSD1-CoREST) histone demethylase complex. Here, we show that HMG20A can replace HMG20B and, therefore, they are mutually exclusive subunits of the complex. Both proteins interact through a coiled-coil domain with BHC80, another subunit of the LSD1-CoREST complex. To investigate the functional differences between the two proteins, we performed transcriptomic analysis of HMG20A- and HMG20B-depleted cells. Analysis of the misregulated genes in HMG20A-knockdown cells evidenced a high proportion of genes related to the epithelial-to-mesenchymal transition (EMT) process. EMT...

189. An investigation on the mechanics of homogeneous expansion in gas-fluidized beds - Oke, O; Lettieri, P; Mazzei, L
The Richardson and Zaki (1954, Sedimentation and fluidization. Trans. Inst. Chem. Eng. 32, pp. 35-53.) equation has been used extensively to investigate the expansion profiles of homogeneous gas-fluidized beds. The experimental value of the parameter n appearing in the equation indicates how significantly interparticle forces affect the expansion of these beds, revealing the relative importance of these forces with respect to the fluid dynamic ones. In this work, we modeled the stable expansion of gas-fluidized beds of different diameter, accounting for enduring contacts among particles and wall effects. We solved the model numerically to obtain the bed expansion profiles, back-calculating...

190. Experimental and numerical investigation of continuous sonocrystallization of adipic acid in a straight millichannel - Jamshidi, R; Rossi, D; Gargiulo, L; Haqshenas, SR; Mazzei, L; Kuhn, S; Saffari, N; Gavriilidis, A

191. Experimental and computational study of pattern formation in periodically pulsed gas-solid fluidized beds - De Martín, L; Wu, K; Gigantino, M; Lettieri, P; Mazzei, L; Coppens, MO

192. Proteomics-based method for the assessment of marine pollution using liquid chromatography coupled with two-dimensional electrophoresis. - Amelina, H; Apraiz, I; Sun, W; Cristobal, S
Using a proteomic approach, we have developed a new method for the assessment of marine pollution that generates highly reproducible protein expression patterns and it is simple and scalable. The protocol is based on applying liquid chromatography (LC) coupled with two-dimensional electrophoresis (2-DE) to analyze changes in the protein expression pattern after exposure to marine pollution. The digestive gland of the sentinel "blue mussel" (Mytilus edulis) was batch-processed through a simple cell fractionation followed by ion-exchange chromatography and 2-DE. The selection of ligands, elution method, and small volume design was carefully considered to define a protocol that could be mainly...

193. Proteomic study on gender differences in aging kidney of mice. - Amelina, H; Cristobal, S
This study aims to analyze sex differences in mice aging kidney. We applied a proteomic technique based on subfractionation, and liquid chromatography coupled with 2-DE. Samples from male and female CD1-Swiss outbred mice from 28 weeks, 52 weeks, and 76 weeks were analysed by 2-DE, and selected proteins were identified by matrix assisted laser desorption ionisation time-of-flight mass spectrometry (MALDI-TOF MS).

194. Quantitative subproteomic analysis of age-related changes in mouse liver peroxisomes by iTRAQ LC-MS/MS. - Amelina, H; Sjödin, MO; Bergquist, J; Cristobal, S
Aging is a complex multifactorial phenomenon, which is believed to result from the accumulation of cellular damage to biological macromolecules. Peroxisomes recently emerged as another important source of reactive oxygen species (ROS) production in addition to mitochondria. However, the role of these organelles in the process of aging is still not clear. The aim of this study was to characterize the changes in protein expression profiles of young (10 weeks old) versus old (18 months old) mouse liver peroxisome-enriched fractions. We have applied shotgun proteomic approach based on liquid chromatography and tandem mass spectrometry (LC-MS/MS) combined with iTRAQ (isobaric tags...

195. STRIPAK components determine mode of cancer cell migration and metastasis. - Madsen, CD; Hooper, S; Tozluoglu, M; Bruckbauer, A; Fletcher, G; Erler, JT; Bates, PA; Thompson, B; Sahai, E
The contractile actomyosin cytoskeleton and its connection to the plasma membrane are critical for control of cell shape and migration. We identify three STRIPAK complex components, FAM40A, FAM40B and STRN3, as regulators of the actomyosin cortex. We show that FAM40A negatively regulates the MST3 and MST4 kinases, which promote the co-localization of the contractile actomyosin machinery with the Ezrin/Radixin/Moesin family proteins by phosphorylating the inhibitors of PPP1CB, PPP1R14A-D. Using computational modelling, in vitro cell migration assays and in vivo breast cancer metastasis assays we demonstrate that co-localization of contractile activity and actin-plasma membrane linkage reduces cell speed on planar surfaces,...

196. Effect of humidity on the generation and control of the morphology of honeycomb-like polymeric structures by electrospinning - Liang, T; Parhizkar, M; Edirisinghe, M; Mahalingam, S

197. The democratic legitimacy of international human rights conventions: Political constitutionalism and the European convention on human rights - Bellamy, R
International Human Rights Courts (IHRCts), such as the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), have come under increasing criticism as being incompatible with domestic judicial and legislative mechanisms for upholding rights. These domestic instruments are said to possess greater democratic legitimacy than international instruments do or could do. Within the UK this critique has led some prominent judges and politicians to propose withdrawing from the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). Legal cosmopolitans respond by denying the validity of this democratic critique. By contrast this article argues that such criticisms are defensible from a political constitutionalist perspective but that International...

198. Pressure suppression of electron correlation in the collapsed tetragonal phase of CaFe2As2: A DFT-DMFT investigation - Mandal, S; Cohen, RE; Haule, K
Recent studies reveal a pressure induced transition from a paramagnetic tetragonal phase (T) to a collapsed tetragonal phase (CT) in CaFe2As2, which was found to be superconducting with pressure at low temperature. We have investigated the effects of electron correlation and a local fluctuating moment in both tetragonal and collapsed tetragonal phases of the paramagnetic CaFe2As2 using self-consistent DFT-DMFT with continuous time quantum Monte Carlo as the impurity solver. From the computed optical conductivity, we find a gain in the optical kinetic energy due to the loss in Hund's rule coupling energy in the CT phase. We find that the...

199. Healthcare providers’ judgements in chronic pain: the influence of depression, trustworthiness and gender - Schafer, G
Part one of this volume is a review of the literature on the association between chronic pain and depression. It presents the results of 15 prospective studies, divided into three categories: studies investigating outcomes of chronic pain in patients with depression, studies investigating outcomes of depression in patients with chronic pain, and studies investigating variables associated with chronic pain and depression. The review highlights problems with the measures of depression used in the majority of the studies. The clinical implications are discussed, and suggestions for how future research can overcome methodological limitations are made. Part two presents an empirical study...

200. The EChO science case - Tinetti, G; Drossart, P; Eccleston, P; Hartogh, P; Isaak, K; Linder, M; Lovis, C; Micela, G; Ollivier, M; Puig, L; Ribas, I; Snellen, I; Allard, BSF; Barstow, J; Cho, J; Coustenis, A; Cockell, C; Correia, A; Decin, L; Kok, RD; Deroo, P; Encrenaz, T; Forget, F; Glasse, A; Griffith, C; Guillot, T; Koskinen, T; Lammer, H; Leconte, J; Maxted, P; Mueller-Wodarg, I; Nelson, R; North, C; Pallé, E; Pagano, I; Piccioni, G; Pinfield, D; Selsis, F; Sozzetti, A; Stixrude, L; Tennyson, J; Turrini, D; Beaulieu, MZOJP; Grodent, D; Guedel, M; Luz, D; Nørgaard-Nielsen, HU; Ray, T; Rickman, H; Selig, A; Banaszkiewicz, MSM; Barlow, M; Bowles, N; Branduardi-Raymont, G; Foresto, VCD; Gerard, JC; Gizon, L; Hornstrup, A; Jarchow, C; Kerschbaum, F; Kovacs, G; Lagage, PO; Lim, T; Lopez-Morales, M; Malaguti, G; Pace, E; Pascale, E; Vandenbussche, B; Wright, G; Adriani, GRZA; Azzollini, R; Balado, A; Bryson, I; Burston, R; Colomé, J; Foresto, VCD; Crook, M; Giorgio, AD; Griffin, M; Hoogeveen, R; Ottensamer, R; Irshad, R; Middleton, K; Morgante, G; Pinsard, F; Rataj, M; Reess, JM; Savini, G; Schrader, JR; Stamper, R; Abe, BWL; Abreu, M; Achilleos, N; Ade, P; Adybekian, V; Affer, L; Agnor, C; Agundez, M; Alard, C; Alcala, J; Prieto, CA; Floriano, FJA; Altieri, F; Iglesias, CAA; Amado, P; Andersen, A; Aylward, A; Baffa, C; Bakos, G; Ballerini, P; Banaszkiewicz, M; Barber, RJ; Barrado, D; Barton, EJ; Batista, V; Bellucci, G; Avilés, JAB; Berry, D; Bézard, B; Biondi, D; Błęcka, M; Boisse, I; Bonfond, B; Bordé, P; Börner, P; Bouy, H; Brown, L; Buchhave, L; Budaj, J; Bulgarelli, A; Burleigh, M; Cabral, A; Capria, MT; Cassan, A; Cavarroc, C; Cecchi-Pestellini, C; Cerulli, R; Chadney, J; Chamberlain, S; Charnoz, S; Jessen, NC; Ciaravella, A; Claret, A; Claudi, R; Coates, A; Cole, R; Collura, A; Cordier, D; Covino, E; Danielski, C; Damasso, M; Deeg, HJ; Delgado-Mena, E; Vecchio, CD; Demangeon, O; Sio, AD; Wit, JD; Dobrijévic, M; Doel, P; Dominic, C; Dorfi, E; Eales, S; Eiroa, C; Contreras, ME; Esposito, M; Eymet, V; Fabrizio, N; Fernández, M; Castella, BF; Figueira, P; Filacchione, G; Fletcher, L; Focardi, M; Fossey, S; Fouqué, P; Frith, J; Galand, M; Gambicorti, L; Gaulme, P; López, RJG; Garcia-Piquer, A; Gear, W; Gerard, JC; Gesa, L; Giani, E; Gianotti, F; Gillon, M; Giro, E; Giuranna, M; Gomez, H; Gomez-Leal, I; Hernandez, JG; Merino, BG; Graczyk, R; Grassi, D; Guardia, J; Guio, P; Gustin, J; Hargrave, P; Haigh, J; Hébrard, E; Heiter, U; Heredero, RL; Herrero, E; Hersant, F; Heyrovsky, D; Hollis, M; Hubert, B; Hueso, R; Israelian, G; Iro, N; Irwin, P; Jacquemoud, S; Jones, G; Jones, H; Justtanont, K; Kehoe, T; Kerschbaum, F; Kerins, E; Kervella, P; Kipping, D; Koskinen, T; Krupp, N; Lahav, O; Laken, B; Lanza, N; Lellouch, E; Leto, G; Goldaracena, JL; Lithgow-Bertelloni, C; Liu, SJ; Cicero, UL; Lodieu, N; Lognonné, P; Lopez-Puertas, M; Lopez-Valverde, MA; Rasmussen, IL; Luntzer, A; Machado, P; MacTavish, C; Maggio, A; Maillard, JP; Magnes, W; Maldonado, J; Mall, U; Marquette, JB; Mauskopf, P; Massi, F; Maurin, AS; Medvedev, A; Michaut, C; Miles-Paez, P; Montalto, M; Rodríguez, PM; Monteiro, M; Montes, D; Morais, H; Morales, JC; Morales-Calderón, M; Morello, G; Martín, AM; Moses, J; Bedon, AM; Alcaino, FM; Oliva, E; Orton, G; Palla, F; Pancrazzi, M; Pantin, E; Parmentier, V; Parviainen, H; Ramírez, KYP; Peralta, J; Perez-Hoyos, S; Petrov, R; Pezzuto, S; Pietrzak, R; Pilat-Lohinger, E; Piskunov, N; Prinja, R; Prisinzano, L; Polichtchouk, I; Poretti, E; Radioti, A; Ramos, AA; Rank-Lüftinger, T; Read, P; Readorn, K; López, RR; Rebordão, J; Rengel, M; Rezac, L; Rocchetto, M; Rodler, F; Béjar, VJS; Lavega, AS; Sanromá, E; Santos, N; Forcada, JS; Scandariato, G; Schmider, FX; Scholz, A; Scuderi, S; Sethenadh, J; Shore, S; Showman, A; Sicardy, B; Sitek, P; Smith, A; Soret, L; Sousa, S; Stiepen, A; Stolarski, M; Strazzulla, G; Tabernero, HM; Tanga, P; Tecsa, M; Temple, J; Terenzi, L; Tessenyi, M; Testi, L; Thompson, S; Thrastarson, H; Tingley, BW; Trifoglio, M; Torres, JM; Tozzi, A; Turrini, D; Varley, R; Vakili, F; Val-Borro, MD; Valdivieso, ML; Venot, O; Villaver, E; Vinatier, S; Viti, S; Waldmann, I; Waltham, D; Ward-Thompson, D; Waters, R; Watkins, C; Watson, D; Wawer, P; Wawrzaszk, A; White, G; Widemann, T; Winek, W; Wiśniowski, T; Yelle, R; Yung, Y; Yurchenko, SN
The discovery of almost 2000 exoplanets has revealed an unexpectedly diverse planet population. Observations to date have shown that our Solar System is certainly not representative of the general population of planets in our Milky Way. The key science questions that urgently need addressing are therefore: What are exoplanets made of? Why are planets as they are? What causes the exceptional diversity observed as compared to the Solar System? EChO (Exoplanet Characterisation Observatory) has been designed as a dedicated survey mission for transit and eclipse spectroscopy capable of observing a large and diverse planet sample within its four-year mission lifetime....


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