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  1. Impact of deprivation, ethnicity, and insulin pump therapy on developmental trajectories of diabetes control in COB type 1 diabetes.

    Viner, RM; White, B; Amin, R; Peters, C; Khanolkar, A; Christie, D; Hindmarsh, PC
    BACKGROUND: There is marked variation in diabetes outcomes for children and adolescents across the UK. We used modelling techniques to examine the independent contributions of deprivation, ethnicity, insulin pump use, and health service use on HbA1c trajectories across adolescence. METHODS: Prospective data from a large UK Paediatric & Adolescent Diabetes Service on subjects with type 1 diabetes (T1D) aged 9-17 years from January 2008 to December 2013: 2560 HbA1c datapoints were available on 384 patients [193 (50.4%) female]. Sequential multilevel growth models assessed the effects of sex, duration of diabetes, deprivation, ethnicity, insulin pump use, and health service use on...

  2. Mirrored stainless steel substrate provides improved signal for Raman spectroscopy of tissue and cells

    Lewis, AT; Gaifulina, R; Isabelle, M; Dorney, J; Woods, ML; Lloyd, GR; Lau, K; Rodriguez-Justo, M; Kendall, C; Stone, N; Thomas, GM
    © 2016 The Authors.Raman spectroscopy (RS) is a powerful technique that permits the non-destructive chemical analysis of cells and tissues without the need for expensive and complex sample preparation. To date, samples have been routinely mounted onto calcium fluoride (CaF2) as this material possesses the desired mechanical and optical properties for analysis, but CaF2 is both expensive and brittle and this prevents the technique from being routinely adopted. Furthermore, Raman scattering is a weak phenomenon and CaF2 provides no means of increasing signal. For RS to be widely adopted, particularly in the clinical field, it is crucial that spectroscopists identify...

  3. Epithelial ErbB2 activity determines thymus homeostasis and T cell maturation

    Agrawal, T; Chan, W-Y; Sage, E; Kolluri, K; Sladen, P; Sturges, G; Vallath, S; Janes, S; Coles, M; Ambler, C; Brown, J; Giangreco, A

  4. Regional grey matter volume and concentration in at-risk adolescents: Untangling associations with callous-unemotional traits and conduct disorder symptoms.

    Cohn, MD; Viding, E; McCrory, E; Pape, L; van den Brink, W; Doreleijers, TA; Veltman, DJ; Popma, A
    Structural Magnetic Resonance Imaging studies have reported volume reductions in several brain regions implicated in social cognition and emotion recognition in juvenile antisocial populations. However, it is unclear whether these structural abnormalities are specifically related to antisocial features, or to co-occurring callous-unemotional (CU) traits. The present study employed voxel-based morphometry to assess both grey matter volume (GMV) and grey matter concentration (GMC) in a large representative at-risk sample of adolescents (n=134; mean age 17.7yr), characterized by a broad range of CU trait and conduct disorder (CD) symptom scores. There was a significant interaction between CD symptom and CU trait scores...

  5. Genetic polymorphism of 22 autosomal STR markers in Paraguay.

    Vullo, C; Rotondo, M; Daguerre, N; Quiroz, A; Velázquez, V; Machado, P; Serra, H; Borosky, A


    Rule, S; Peggs, K; Russell, N; Cook, G; Hunter, A; Morley, N; Sureda, A; Smith, P; Patrick, P; Braganca, N; Stevens, L; Adedayo, T; Kirkwood, A; Robinson, S

  7. Precision Medicine in Idiopathic Pulmonary Fibrosis.

    Maher, TM

  8. Cognitive Offloading.

    Risko, EF; Gilbert, SJ
    If you have ever tilted your head to perceive a rotated image, or programmed a smartphone to remind you of an upcoming appointment, you have engaged in cognitive offloading: the use of physical action to alter the information processing requirements of a task so as to reduce cognitive demand. Despite the ubiquity of this type of behavior, it has only recently become the target of systematic investigation in and of itself. We review research from several domains that focuses on two main questions: (i) what mechanisms trigger cognitive offloading, and (ii) what are the cognitive consequences of this behavior? We...

  9. The assessment and management of pain in patients with dementia in hospital settings: a multi-case exploratory study from a decision making perspective.

    Lichtner, V; Dowding, D; Allcock, N; Keady, J; Sampson, EL; Briggs, M; Corbett, A; James, K; Lasrado, R; Swarbrick, C; Closs, SJ
    BACKGROUND: Pain is often poorly managed in people who have a dementia. Little is known about how this patient population is managed in hospital, with research to date focused mainly on care homes. This study aimed to investigate how pain is recognised, assessed and managed in patients with dementia in a range of acute hospital wards, to inform the development of a decision support tool to improve pain management for this group. METHODS: A qualitative, multi-site exploratory case study. Data were collected in four hospitals in England and Scotland. Methods included non-participant observations, audits of patient records, semi-structured interviews with...

  10. Erratum to: A co-design process developing heuristics for practitioners providing end of life care for people with dementia.

    Davies, N; Mathew, R; Wilcock, J; Manthorpe, J; Sampson, EL; Lamahewa, K; Iliffe, S

  11. Urinary proteomics predict onset of microalbuminuria in normoalbuminuric type 2 diabetic patients, a sub-study of the DIRECT-Protect 2 study.

    Lindhardt, M; Persson, F; Zürbig, P; Stalmach, A; Mischak, H; de Zeeuw, D; Lambers Heerspink, H; Klein, R; Orchard, T; Porta, M; Fuller, J; Bilous, R; Chaturvedi, N; Parving, HH; Rossing, P
    BACKGROUND: Early prevention of diabetic nephropathy is not successful as early interventions have shown conflicting results, partly because of a lack of early and precise indicators of disease development. Urinary proteomics has shown promise in this regard and could identify those at high risk who might benefit from treatment. In this study we investigate its utility in a large type 2 diabetic cohort with normoalbuminuria. METHODS: We performed a post hoc analysis in the Diabetic Retinopathy Candesartan Trials (DIRECT-Protect 2 study), a multi centric randomized clinical controlled trial. Patients were allocated to candesartan or placebo, with the aim of slowing...

  12. Joint PET-MR respiratory motion models for clinical PET motion correction.

    Manber, R; Thielemans, K; Hutton, BF; Wan, S; McClelland, J; Barnes, A; Arridge, S; Ourselin, S; Atkinson, D
    Patient motion due to respiration can lead to artefacts and blurring in positron emission tomography (PET) images, in addition to quantification errors. The integration of PET with magnetic resonance (MR) imaging in PET-MR scanners provides complementary clinical information, and allows the use of high spatial resolution and high contrast MR images to monitor and correct motion-corrupted PET data. In this paper we build on previous work to form a methodology for respiratory motion correction of PET data, and show it can improve PET image quality whilst having minimal impact on clinical PET-MR protocols. We introduce a joint PET-MR motion model,...


    Wicks, E; Menezes, L; Blanchflower, S; Barnes, A; Groves, A; Elliott, P

  14. SPATA2-Mediated Binding of CYLD to HOIP Enables CYLD Recruitment to Signaling Complexes.

    Kupka, S; De Miguel, D; Draber, P; Martino, L; Surinova, S; Rittinger, K; Walczak, H
    Recruitment of the deubiquitinase CYLD to signaling complexes is mediated by its interaction with HOIP, the catalytically active component of the linear ubiquitin chain assembly complex (LUBAC). Here, we identify SPATA2 as a constitutive direct binding partner of HOIP that bridges the interaction between CYLD and HOIP. SPATA2 recruitment to TNFR1- and NOD2-signaling complexes is dependent on HOIP, and loss of SPATA2 abolishes CYLD recruitment. Deficiency in SPATA2 exerts limited effects on gene activation pathways but diminishes necroptosis induced by tumor necrosis factor (TNF), resembling loss of CYLD. In summary, we describe SPATA2 as a previously unrecognized factor in LUBAC-dependent...

  15. Age-mediated changes in the gastrointestinal tract.

    Merchant, HA; Liu, F; Orlu Gul, M; Basit, AW
    Physiological functions of the two extreme ends of the age spectrum, children (<18 y old) and older adults (aged 65 y and over), differ from healthy young adults. This consequently affects the pharmacokinetic profiles of administered drugs, which, in turn, impacts upon clinical practice and drug therapy. The gastrointestinal milieu acts as a distinct and vital organ regulating the dissolution, absorption and metabolism of orally ingested drugs. Age-mediated alteration in the physiology and function of the gut can reshape the pharmacokinetics of certain drugs. However, our understanding of this topic is limited. This article references the gut physiology of healthy...

  16. Traumatic dental injuries and socioeconomic position - findings from the Children's Dental Health Survey 2013.

    Blokland, A; Watt, RG; Tsakos, G; Heilmann, A
    OBJECTIVES: The aim of this study was to assess whether traumatic dental injuries (TDI) were socially graded among children and adolescents in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, using nationally representative data from the Children's Dental Health Survey (CDHS) 2013. METHODS: This cross-sectional study used data from the Children's Dental Health Survey 2013 which was conducted among a nationally representative sample of schoolchildren in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Children's family socioeconomic position (SEP) was measured through free school meal eligibility and relative area deprivation using the Indices of Multiple Deprivation. The analytical sample included 6707 schoolchildren aged 8, 12 and...

  17. The Influence of Communication Network Centrality on Individual Popularity: A Case Study of a Chinese Construction Project. In COBRA

    Badi, SM; Li, M; Pryke, SD

  18. A Defective Interfering Influenza RNA Inhibits Infectious Influenza Virus Replication in Human Respiratory Tract Cells: A Potential New Human Antiviral.

    Smith, CM; Scott, PD; O'Callaghan, C; Easton, AJ; Dimmock, NJ
    Defective interfering (DI) viruses arise during the replication of influenza A virus and contain a non-infective version of the genome that is able to interfere with the production of infectious virus. In this study we hypothesise that a cloned DI influenza A virus RNA may prevent infection of human respiratory epithelial cells with infection by influenza A. The DI RNA (244/PR8) was derived by a natural deletion process from segment 1 of influenza A/PR/8/34 (H1N1); it comprises 395 nucleotides and is packaged in the DI virion in place of a full-length genome segment 1. Given intranasally, 244/PR8 DI virus protects...

  19. Experimental and Monte Carlo studies of fluence corrections for graphite calorimetry in low- and high-energy clinical proton beams

    Lourenco, A; Thomas, R; Bouchard, H; Kacperek, A; Vondracek, V; Royle, G; Palmans, H

  20. Can text messages increase safer sex behaviours in young people? Intervention development and pilot randomised controlled trial.

    Free, C; McCarthy, O; French, RS; Wellings, K; Michie, S; Roberts, I; Devries, K; Rathod, S; Bailey, J; Syred, J; Edwards, P; Hart, G; Palmer, M; Baraitser, P
    BACKGROUND: Younger people bear the heaviest burden of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Partner notification, condom use and STI testing can reduce infection but many young people lack the knowledge, skills and confidence needed to carry out these behaviours. Text messages can provide effective behavioural support. The acceptability and feasibility of a randomised controlled trial of safer sex support delivered by text message are not known. OBJECTIVES: To assess the acceptability and feasibility of a randomised controlled trial of a safer sex intervention delivered by text message for young people aged 16-24 years. DESIGN: (1) Intervention development; (2) follow-up procedure development;...

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