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  1. The PC Industry: New Economy or Early Life-Cycle?

    Mazzucato, M
    The paper studies the co-evolution of industrial turbulence and financial volatility in the early phase of the life-cycle of an old high-tech industry and a new high-tech industry: the U.S. auto industry from 1899–1929 and the U.S. PC industry from 1974–2000. In both industries, the first three decades were characterized by industrial turbulence: radical technological change, high entry and exit rates, and rapidly falling prices. However, unlike in the auto industry, in the PC industry technological change and new entry did not lead to strong instability of market shares—at the core of the monopoly-destroying effect of Schumpeterian creative destruction—until the...

  2. Learning and the sources of corporate growth

    Geroski, P; Mazzucato, M
    This paper explores the link between learning and corporate growth by developing different models of learning and showing that they produce observably different models of corporate growth. Using data on the growth of a number of firms in the US automobile industry during the 20th century, we compare these different models of growth in an effort to identify the major sources of learning which these firms seem to have relied on. Although there are interesting differences between growth processes before and after the Second World War, the basic conclusion that we are drawn to is that learning in this sector...

  3. Innovation and idiosyncratic risk: an industry- and firm-level analysis

    Mazzucato, M; Tancioni, M
    Recent studies find that idiosyncratic risk (IR)—the degree to which firm-specific returns are more volatile than aggregate market returns—has increased since the 1960s and attribute this to economy-wide factors such as the role of the IT revolution. Yet no innovation data is used in these studies. To gain further insights into the relationship between technology and IR, our aricle studies whether firms and industries that are more R&D intensive are in fact characterized by higher IR due to how innovation affects the uncertainty of expected future profits. While the industry-level results prove inconclusive, a clear relationship is found between firm-level...

  4. Innovation and Firm Growth: Is R&D Worth It?

    Demirel, P; Mazzucato, M
    The paper contributes to an emerging literature that critically questions the degree to which R&D, at the centre of national and transnational innovation policies, results in firm growth. The differences in how innovation affects firm growth is explored for small and large publicly quoted US pharmaceutical firms between 1950 and 2008. We observe that the positive impact of R&D on firm growth is highly conditional upon a combination of firm-specific characteristics such as firm size, patenting and persistence in patenting. For small firms, R&D boosts growth for only a subset of firms: namely, those that patent persistently for a minimum...


    Rajakaruna, GK; Alpers, CE; Hung, G; Mason, RM; Salama, AD

  6. The Recognition of Cavitary Retinoblastoma Tumors: Implications for Management and Genetic Analysis

    Chaudhry, S; Onadim, Z; Sagoo, MS; Reddy, MA
    PURPOSE: To assess the role of consolidating adjuvant therapy for cavitary retinoblastoma and to understand if there is any phenotype-genotype correlation. METHODS: Patients with retinoblastomas having ophthalmoscopically visible cavities between 2004 and 2014 in whom 4 to 6 cycles of systemic chemotherapy were given. RESULTS: Eighteen eyes of 17 patients displayed cavitary retinoblastomas. This represented 6.8% of 250 patients. Mean age at diagnosis was 13 months; 5 unilateral (29%) and 12 bilateral (71%). The mean (median, range) number of retinoblastoma tumors per eye was 2 (2; 1-6). The number of cavities per tumor was 3 (2, 1-6). Intratumoral cavities were...

  7. Well-posedness for a class of doubly nonlinear stochastic PDEs of divergence type

    Scarpa, L
    We prove well-posedness for doubly nonlinear parabolic stochastic partial differential equations of the form View the MathML source, where γ and β are the two nonlinearities, assumed to be multivalued maximal monotone operators everywhere defined on Rd and R respectively, and W is a cylindrical Wiener process. Using variational techniques, suitable uniform estimates (both pathwise and in expectation) and some compactness results, well-posedness is proved under the classical Leray–Lions conditions on γ and with no restrictive smoothness or growth assumptions on β. The operator B is assumed to be Hilbert–Schmidt and to satisfy some classical Lipschitz conditions in the second...

  8. Fall Out

    Young, CSR
    artists included: Mircea Cantor, Kirsten Justesen, Olivia Plender, Larissa Sansour Sophie Calle, Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller, Sharon Hayes, Kirsten Justesen, Larissa Sansour & Oreet Ashery, Simon Starling and Carey Young

  9. Permanent Mimesis

    Young, CSR; Rabottini, A
    The categories of realism and abstraction can no longer be seen as being opposed to each other, either in art or in everyday life. Exhibition catalogue.

  10. The Perfect Exhibition

    Young, CSR
    Artist list: Marcus Coates, Carl Michael von Hausswolff, Habib Asal,, Christian Jankowski, Alicja Kwade, Paul Wiersbinski, Adrian Williams, Carey Young

  11. Ständige Rezeption (Permanent Reception)

    Young, CSR
    Curated by Clemens von Wedemeyer, artists included: Douglas Gordon, David Lamelas, Hito Steyerl, Arnold von Wedemeyer, Clemens von Wedemeyer, Carey Young

  12. Taipei Biennial 2010

    Young, CSR; Zolghadr, T; Lin, H
    One can easily imagine an exhibition of political art, but what about an exhibition on the politics of art? Taipei Biennial 2010 is an attempt to present the politics of art in popular biennialism through exhibition per se. By exploring what a biennial can do and can be, a moment of restraint is afforded in which to set aside political or ethical tirades on global injustice and to reflect on the biennial’s origin, function, size and scale. Artist list: Lara Almarcegui Can Altay Chang Yun-Han Burak Delier Chris Evans Shahab Fotouhi Irwin Christian Jankowski Jao Chia-en Silvia Kolbowski Pak Sheung...

  13. The Philosophy of Money / A Filosofia do Dinheiro

    Young, CSR

  14. The Talent Show

    Young, CSR
    In recent years, television's reality shows and talent competitions have offered people a conflicted chance at fame, while various kinds of Web-based social media have pioneered new forms of communication that people increasingly use to perform their private lives as public theater. During the same period, governments worldwide have asserted vast new powers of surveillance, placing unwitting "participants" on an entirely different kind of stage. Against this backdrop, The Talent Show examines a range of relationships between artists, audiences, and participants that model the competing desires for notoriety and privacy marking our present moment. Ranging from seemingly benevolent partnerships to...

  15. Walk On: from Richard Long to Janet Cardiff - 40 Years of Art Walking

    Young, CSR; Morrison-Bell, C
    Steeped in the tradition of landscape art, walking has been at the heart of many art practices and performances for decades now. This exhibition, focusing on artists’ walks and journeys, both literal or metaphorical is the first to examine the astonishingly varied ways in which artists since the late 1960s have used what would seem like a universal act – of taking a walk – as a means to create new types of art. Artists : Marina Abramovic, Francis Alÿs, Tim Brennan, Atul Bhalla, Janet Cardiff, Sophie Calle, Rachel Clewlow, Mike Collier, Sarah Cullen, Chris Drury, Hamish Fulton, Alec Finlay,...

  16. Liberties: An exhibition of contemporary art reflecting on 40 years since the Sex Discrimination Act

    Young, CSR
    Works by over 20 women artists that reflect the changes in art practice within the context of sexual and gender equality since the introduction of the Sex Discrimination Act (1975) in the UK. Artists included: Guler Ates, Helen Barff, Sutapa Biswas, Sonia Boyce, Jemima Burrill, Helen Chadwick, Sarah Duffy, Rose English, Rose Finn-Kelcey, Alison Gill, Helena Goldwater, Joy Gregory, Margaret Harrison, Alexis Hunter, Frances Kearney, EJ Major, Eleanor Moreton, Hayley Newman, Freddie Robins, Monica Ross, Jo Spence, Jessica Voorsanger, Alice May Williams and Carey Young.

  17. Executive Briefing: Managing Knowledge Assets for Research and Innovation in the 21st Century

  18. Evaluation Grid of RDM Policies in Europe

  19. Model Policy for Research Data Management (RDM) at Research Institutions/Institutes

  20. Conclusions

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