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  1. A Resilient 2-D Waveguide Communication Fabric for Hybrid Wired-Wireless NoC Design

    Tong, K
    Hybrid wired-wireless Network-on-Chip (WiNoC) has emerged as an alternative solution to the poor scalability and performance issues of conventional wireline NoC design for future System-on-Chip (SoC). Existing feasible wireless solution for WiNoCs in the form of millimeter wave (mm-Wave) relies on free space signal radiation which has high power dissipation with high degradation rate in the signal strength per transmission distance. Moreover, over the lossy wireless medium, combining wireless and wireline channels drastically reduces the total reliability of the communication fabric. Surface wave has been proposed as an alternative wireless technology for low power on-chip communication. With the right design...

  2. The development and validation of a 10-year mortality risk index in a longitudinal cohort of older English adults

    Kobayashi, LC; Jackson, SE; Lee, S; Wardle, J; Steptoe, A
    BACKGROUND: We aimed to develop and validate a population-representative 10-year mortality risk index for older adults in England. METHODS: Data were from 10,798 men and women aged 50 years and older in the population-based English Longitudinal Study of Ageing in 2002/03, randomly split into development (n = 5,377) and validation cohorts (n = 5,421). Participants were asked about their sociodemographics, health behaviours, comorbidities, and functional status in the home-based interviews. Variables that were independently associated with all-cause mortality through March 2013 in the development cohort were weighted relative to one another to develop risk point scores for the index that was...

  3. The role of Annexin 1 in glomerular inflammation

    Jukes, P
    Annexin 1 is an important mediator in the active process of inflammation resolution. The protein controls leukocyte trafficking to inflammatory sites, promotes their nonphlogistic removal from the tissue and polarises infiltrating macrophages towards a pro-resolving phenotype. ANCA-associated vasculitis (AAV) is characterised by a necrotising glomerulonephritis that develops following neutrophil infiltration, accumulation of macrophages and T lymphocytes, and formation of cellular glomerular crescents. The aim of this thesis is to address whether Annexin 1 might play a beneficial role in the resolution of glomerular inflammation in AAV. In the following experiments I examined the effect of the genetic absence of Annexin...

  4. Nociceptive-Evoked Potentials Are Sensitive to Behaviorally Relevant Stimulus Displacements in Egocentric Coordinates.

    Moayedi, M; Di Stefano, G; Stubbs, MT; Djeugam, B; Liang, M; Iannetti, GD
    Feature selection has been extensively studied in the context of goal-directed behavior, where it is heavily driven by top-down factors. A more primitive version of this function is the detection of bottom-up changes in stimulus features in the environment. Indeed, the nervous system is tuned to detect fast-rising, intense stimuli that are likely to reflect threats, such as nociceptive somatosensory stimuli. These stimuli elicit large brain potentials maximal at the scalp vertex. When elicited by nociceptive laser stimuli, these responses are labeled laser-evoked potentials (LEPs). Although it has been shown that changes in stimulus modality and increases in stimulus intensity...

  5. Phosphoinositide 3-kinase: a new kid on the block in vascular anomalies

    Castillo, SD; Vanhaesebroeck, B; Sebire, NJ
    Vascular anomalies are broadly divided into vascular tumours and malformations. These lesions are composed of abnormal vascular elements of various types, and mainly affect infants, children, and young adults. Vascular anomalies may be painful, may be complicated by bleeding, infection, or organ dysfunction, and can have secondary effects on other tissues. Current treatment strategies include surgical excision, pulsed laser, and sclerotherapy, which are invasive, with risks of recurrence. There are growing pharmacological options for these vascular anomalies, but, to date, no specific targeted therapies have been developed. Phosphoinositide 3-kinases (PI3Ks) constitute a family of lipid kinases that are involved in...

  6. Children's friendships in super-diverse localities: Encounters with social and ethnic difference

    Iqbal, H; Neal, S; Vincent, C
    This article explores how children make, manage, or avoid friendships in super-diverse primary school settings. We draw on interviews and pictorial data from 78 children, aged 8–9 years across three local London primary schools to identify particular friendship groupings and the extent to which they followed existing patterns of social division. Children in the study did recognise social and cultural differences, but their friendship perceptions, affections, conflicts and practices meant that the way in which difference impacted relationships was partial and unstable. Friendship practices in the routine settings of school involved interactions across difference, but also entrenchments around similarity.

  7. Distribution of moisture in reconstructed oil paintings on canvas during absorption and drying: a neutron radiography and NMR study

    Hendrickx, R; Ferreira, ESB; Boon, JJ; Desmarais, G; Derome, D; Angelova, L; Mannes, D; Kaestner, A; Huinink, H; Kuijpers, K; Voogot, B; Richardson, E
    Moisture is a driving factor in the long-term mechanical deterioration of canvas paintings, as well as for a number of physico–chemical degradation processes. Since the 1990s a number of publications have addressed the equilibrium hygroscopic uptake and the hygro-mechanical deformation of linen canvas, oil paint, animal glue, and ground paint. In order to visualise and quantify the dynamic behaviour of these materials combined in a painting mock-up or reconstruction, we have performed custom-designed experiments with neutron radiography and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) imaging. This paper reports how both techniques were used to obtain spatially and temporally resolved information on moisture...

  8. Does Faux Pas Detection in Adult Autism Reflect Differences in Social Cognition or Decision-Making Abilities?

    Thiébaut, FI; White, SJ; Walsh, A; Klargaard, SK; Wu, HC; Rees, G; Burgess, PW
    43 typically-developed adults and 35 adults with ASD performed a cartoon faux pas test. Adults with ASD apparently over-detected faux pas despite good comprehension abilities, and were generally slower at responding. Signal detection analysis demonstrated that the ASD participants had significantly greater difficulty detecting whether a cartoon depicted a faux pas and showed a liberal response bias. Test item analysis demonstrated that the ASD group were not in agreement with a reference control group (n = 69) about which non-faux pas items were most difficult. These results suggest that the participants with ASD had a primary problem with faux pas detection, but...

  9. Working conditions as predictors of retirement intentions and exit from paid employment: a 10-year follow-up of the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing

    Carr, E; Hagger-Johnson, G; Head, J; Shelton, N; Stafford, M; Stansfeld, S; Zaninotto, P
    Population ageing in Western countries has made delayed retirement and extended working life a policy priority in recent years. Retirement timing has been linked to individual factors such as health and wealth, but less is known about the role of the psychosocial work environment. This paper drew upon longitudinal data on 3462 workers aged 50–69 from five waves of the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA). Regression models were used to assess the association of working conditions with preferred timing of retirement and actual work exit. Adjusting for a range of covariates, job demands (aspects of the job requiring sustained...

  10. Who is sceptical about emerging public health threats? Results from 39 national surveys in the United Kingdom

    Rubin, GJ; Finn, Y; Potts, HWW; Michie, S
    OBJECTIVES: Members of the public are often sceptical about warnings of an impending public health crisis. Breaking through this scepticism is important if we are to convince people to take urgent protective action. In this paper we explored correlates of perceiving that “too much fuss” was being made about the 2009/10 influenza A H1N1v (‘swine flu’) pandemic. DESIGN: A secondary analysis of data from 39 nationally representative telephone surveys conducted in the UK during the pandemic. Methods: Each cross-sectional survey (combined n=42,420) collected data over a three day period and asked participants to state whether they agreed or disagreed that...

  11. New horizons for newborn brain protection: enhancing endogenous neuroprotection.

    Hassell, KJ; Ezzati, M; Alonso-Alconada, D; Hausenloy, DJ; Robertson, NJ
    Intrapartum-related events are the third leading cause of childhood mortality worldwide and result in one million neurodisabled survivors each year. Infants exposed to a perinatal insult typically present with neonatal encephalopathy (NE). The contribution of pure hypoxia-ischaemia (HI) to NE has been debated; over the last decade, the sensitising effect of inflammation in the aetiology of NE and neurodisability is recognised. Therapeutic hypothermia is standard care for NE in high-income countries; however, its benefit in encephalopathic babies with sepsis or in those born following chorioamnionitis is unclear. It is now recognised that the phases of brain injury extend into a...

  12. Evidence of global pollution and recent environmental change in Kamchatka, Russia

    Jones, VJ; Rose, NL; Self, AE; Solovieva, N; Yang, H
    Kamchatka is a remote, isolated and understudied area and is presumed to be pristine. Here we present the first high-resolution palaeolimnological investigation of the recent past. A short core representing the last 250. years was taken from Olive-backed Lake situated in central Kamchatka. Lead-210 dating revealed that sediment accumulation has increased at the site since the 1960s and may be related to greater rates of catchment erosion associated with wetter winters in the region. Mercury and spheroidal carbonaceous particle (an unambiguous indicator of fossil fuel combustion) concentrations are low but clearly detectable indicating that both regional and global pollution sources...

  13. The development and evaluation of head probes for optical imaging of the infant head

    Branco, G
    The objective of this thesis was to develop and evaluate optical imaging probes for mapping oxygenation and haemodynamic changes in the newborn infant brain. Two imaging approaches are being developed at University College London (UCL): optical topography (surface mapping of the cortex) and optical tomography (volume imaging). Both have the potential to provide information about the function of the normal brain and about a variety of neurophysiologies! abnormalities. Both techniques require an array of optical fibres/fibre bundles to be held in contact with the head, for periods of time from tens of seconds to an hour or more. The design...

  14. Thematic content and style in the narrative of Alfredo Bryce Echenique (1990-2002): A consideration of fantasy

    Price, H C

  15. Cognitions, chronicity, distress and disability in temporomandibular disorder (idiopathic orofacial pain)

    Madland, RG
    This thesis attempts to bring the understanding of orofacial pam, and temporomandibular disorder (TMD) in particular, into line with that of other chronic pain conditions, in order that the principles of psychological pain control through education and self-management, apparently effective in other conditions, may be specifically adapted to facial pain. Reviews of the literature on coping, beliefs, depression, and anxiety, establish the current status of theoretically derived measurement instruments, their use in chronic pain patient groups, and the findings there from. Further reviews of psychological aspects of dental pain and primary headache present these as acute and chronic pain conditions for comparison. The first study, assessing disability by...

  16. Modelling serial order in behaviour : studies of spelling

    Glasspool, DW
    Serial order in behaviour remains an interesting problem for computational modelling in psychology, especially for connectionist approaches. The 'Competitive Queuing' (CQ) approach to sequence generation has the advantage of accounting for a number of common features apparent in several different types of serial behaviour. This thesis addresses the general account which the CQ approach can give for constraints on serial errors within sequences by developing models of an acquired disorder of spelling, 'graphemic buffer disorder' (GBD). Two approaches to the development of a simple initial model of GBD into more complex models are demonstrated, and are related to the general problem of accounting for serial category constraints in...

  17. A comparison of the intonation of modern Greek and English with special reference to Greek learners of English

    Georgountzou, A
    The present study is an investigation of the production and perception of English intonation by a group of forty-four native speakers of Greek, together with a study of the production and perception of Greek intonation by the same forty-four subjects, and of the production and perception of English intonation by a control group of twelve native speakers of English. For both languages, data was gathered from the reading of a text and of sentences, and from spontaneous speech in conversation. Both auditory and (to a lesser extent) instrumental analysis is employed. Three main aims are included in the present study. (i) With regard to the Greek data, an attempt is...

  18. France, England and the Politics of the Salonica Campaign (1915-18)

    Dutton, DJ
    France, England and the Politics of the Salonica Campaign 1915-18 is an attempt to trace and explain the workings of the Anglo-French Entente in wartime. The study has a built-in bias towards the French side of the campaign, since it is the author's belief that the expedition is explicable only in terms of French internal politics and France's wartime aspirations. The policies and actions of England were essentially responses to what happened in Paris. If the study appears somewhat one-sided, therefore, this is because the campaign itself was one-sided. With such uneven cooperation between the allies, it is not surprising that the Salonica Expedition emerges as one of the...

  19. A study of the technology of Renaissance bronze statuettes

    Bewer, FG
    This study presents tools useful for understanding the processes by which Renaissance copper-alloy statuettes were made. Part I gives an overview of the literature on the technological study of bronze sculptures produced between the late fifteenth and early seventeenth centuries in Europe. It includes modern studies that draw from technological research done on monumental Renaissance casts and statuettes as well as on archaeological bronzes. The brief description of copper alloys and of the lost wax processes in Part IT provides the background for the technological investigations that follow. This part also covers the primary sources on Renaissance casting techniques and materials. Part lIT is a guide to the evidence one...

  20. Spironolactone use and risk of incident cancers: A retrospective, matched cohort study

    Mackenzie, IS; Morant, SV; Wei, L; Thompson, AM; Macdonald, TM
    AIMS: Spironolactone is widely used to treat heart failure, hypertension and liver disease with increased usage in recent years. Spironolactone has endocrine effects that could influence cancer risks and historical reports suggest possible links with increased risk of certain types of cancer. The aim of this study was to assess the effect of spironolactone exposure on cancer incidence. METHODS: A pharmacoepidemiological propensity score-matched cohort study was performed to assess the effect of spironolactone exposure on cancer incidence. Cox proportional hazards models were used to analyse time to first diagnosis of each prespecified cancer and hazard ratios for spironolactone exposure are...

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