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UCL Eprints collects the work of UCL researchers and makes it freely available over the web, helping the worldwide scholarly community to discover UCL research. Institutional repositories like UCL Eprints complement the traditional academic publishing and scholarly communications processes. They raise the visibility of research and help to maximise its impact. UCL researchers are encouraged to deposit a copy of each journal article, conference paper, working paper, and any other research output, in the UCL Eprints at the earliest opportunity, ensuring that their research reaches as wide an audience as possible.

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61. Paternally expressed, imprinted insulin-like growth factor-2 in chorionic villi correlates significantly with birth weight - Demetriou, C; Abu-Amero, S; Thomas, AC; Ishida, M; Aggarwal, R; Al-Olabi, L; Leon, LJ; Stafford, JL; Syngelaki, A; Peebles, D; Nicolaides, KH; Regan, L; Stanier, P; Moore, GE

62. ‘But there is no word for installation in Arabic…’ Teaching exhibition development in Qatar - Exell, KM
Museums are a recent yet high profile initiative in the small Gulf state of Qatar. The Museum of Islamic Art opened in 2008, followed by Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in 2010, and the National Museum of Qatar is due to open in 2016. To support the museum development, University College London (UCL) was invited to establish a campus in Qatar in 2012 to teach postgraduate programmes in cultural heritage to an international student body, including an MA in Museum and Gallery Practice. This programme includes the development of a public exhibition: the 2012-13 cohort curated ‘Backstage’ at the...

63. Discovery of novel causative genes in familial cleft lip with or without cleft palate - Seto-Salvia, N; Williams, H; James, C; Lees, M; Theopold, C; Swan, M; Moore, GE; Stanier, P

64. Teaching as Learning: UCL Qatar’s museum studies Masters programme in Qatar one year on. - Exell, KM

65. Desiring the past and reimagining the present: contemporary collecting in Qatar - Exell, KM
The collecting processes in Qatar at state level is intimately linked with the construction of a new Qatari identity for global consumption and national cohesion. At an individual level collecting can be linked with the desire to preserve the disappearing present in the face of the rapid development, as well as representing local traditions of authority and erudition. The national collections created for the first Qatar National Museum institutionalise this process and re-classify the objects as representing the newly constructed ‘Qatari’ identity. The Msheireb Arts Center holds the Echo Memory collection of found objects, collected to inspire a Qatari future...

66. Introduction: (De)constructing Arabian Heritage Debates - Exell, KM; Rico, T

67. Hemodialysis for infants, children, and adolescents - Kaur, A; Davenport, A
Children with chronic kidney disease stage 5 requiring dialysis can be treated by peritoneal or hemodialysis. In the United Kingdom nearly twice as many children receive peritoneal dialysis compared with hemodialysis. Technical aspects of pediatric hemodialysis are challenging and include the relative size of extracorporeal circuit and child's blood volume, assessment of adequacy,technical and complications of vascular access. Alternatives to standard hospital-based hemodialysis are also increasingly available. Optimizing nutritional status with the support of specialist pediatric dietitians is key to the management of children receiving hemodialysis. The effects of chronic illness on growth and school achievement, as well as the...

68. Preoperative sleep complaints are associated with poor physical recovery in the months following cardiac surgery - Poole, L; Kidd, T; Leigh, E; Ronaldson, A; Steptoe, A; Jahangiri, M
Background: Sleep disturbance is associated with poorer outcomes in cardiac patients, but little is known about the independent role of sleep quality in coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) patients. Purpose: This study aims to examine the relationship between preoperative sleep complaints and post-operative emotional and physical recovery in CABG surgery patients, independently of demographic, clinical and mood factors. Methods: Two hundred thirty CABG patients (aged 67.81± 9.07 years) completed measures of self-reported sleep complaints before surgery and health-related quality of life (HRQoL), physical symptoms and pain 2 months after surgery. Results: Greater sleep complaints prior to surgery were associated with...

69. Arene-fused 1,2-oxazole N-oxides and derivatives. The impact of the N-O dipole and substitution on their aromatic character and reactivity profile. Can it be a useful structure in synthesis? A theoretical insight - Kozielewicz, P; Tzeli, D; Tsoungas, PG; Zloh, M
DFT calculations have shown that the N-O dipole of benzene- and naphthalene-fused 1,2-oxazole N-oxides causes a distortion of their σ and π frame, concentrated on the 1,2-oxazole ring, such that it increases its susceptibility to opening. The distortion forces the benzene ring into some diene geometry, thus, reducing π delocalization over the bi- or tricyclic structure and ultimately their aromatic character. C-3 substitution has a marked influence mainly on the naphthalene-fused N-oxides. C-5 and particularly C-6 substitution, as the position of most extended interaction with the N-O dipole through the π ring density, contribute to the distortion of the 1,2-oxazole...

70. β-Nitroso-o-quinone methides: potent intermediates in organic chemistry and biology. The impact of the NO group on their structure and reactivity profile: a theoretical insight - Kozielewicz, P; Tsoungas, PG; Tzeli, D; Petsalakis, ID; Zloh, M
The structure and reactivity profiles of prototype o-quinone methides 1, 2 and their β-nitroso analogues 6-9 have been investigated by means of DFT and MP2 calculations. These highly reactive unstable species are generated by oxidative dearomatization of their precursor oximes. The destabilization of their structure is more pronounced in the β-nitroso congeners 7-9. There is only a weak π conjugation across the nitrosoalkene arm. The latter gives rise to E and Z conformations and causes some distortion on the ring σ-frame, while the π-frame is weakly perturbed. The Z conformation is the most stable in all structures. Their geometry is...

71. Potential of lichen secondary metabolites against Plasmodium liver stage parasites with FAS-II as the potential target. - Lauinger, IL; Vivas, L; Perozzo, R; Stairiker, C; Tarun, A; Zloh, M; Zhang, X; Xu, H; Tonge, PJ; Franzblau, SG; Pham, DH; Esguerra, CV; Crawford, AD; Maes, L; Tasdemir, D
Chemicals targeting the liver stage (LS) of the malaria parasite are useful for causal prophylaxis of malaria. In this study, four lichen metabolites, evernic acid (1), vulpic acid (2), psoromic acid (3), and (+)-usnic acid (4), were evaluated against LS parasites of Plasmodium berghei. Inhibition of P. falciparum blood stage (BS) parasites was also assessed to determine stage specificity. Compound 4 displayed the highest LS activity and stage specificity (LS IC50 value 2.3 μM, BS IC50 value 47.3 μM). The compounds 1-3 inhibited one or more enzymes (PfFabI, PfFabG, and PfFabZ) from the plasmodial fatty acid biosynthesis (FAS-II) pathway, a...

72. Study of the selectivity of alpha(1)-adrenergic antagonists by molecular modeling of alpha(1a)-, alpha(1b)-, and alpha(1d)-adrenergic receptor subtypes and docking simulations - Eric, S; Solmajer, T; Kotnik, M; Zloh, M; Agbaba, D

73. The impact of discussion, awareness, and collaboration network position on research performance of engineering school faculty - Gokpinar, B; Hopp, WJ; Iravani, SMR; Liu, F; Stringer, MJ

74. Network Structure of Design Engineers and Bottlenecks in White-collar Work - Gokpinar, B

75. The Role of Team Familiarity on Productivity: The Case of Cardiac Surgery Operations - Avgerinos, E; Gokpinar, B

76. The Role of Customer Interaction in Product Innovation Success: Evidence from a Crowdfunding Platform - Cornelius, P; Gokpinar, B

77. Optimal Sales Effort Allocation Strategy for an Entrepreneur: The Role of Customer Learning Externality and Incumbent Reaction - Huang, Y; Yoo, OS; Gokpinar, B

78. Why Fixed-Price Policy Prevails: The Effect of Trade Frictions and Competition - Selcuk, C; Gokpinar, B

79. Different Feedbacks Different Benefits: Customers and the Product Development Process - Gokpinar, B

80. The functional GRM3 Kozak sequence variant rs148754219 affects the risk of schizophrenia and alcohol dependence as well as bipolar disorder. - O'Brien, NL; Way, MJ; Kandaswamy, R; Fiorentino, A; Sharp, SI; Quadri, G; Alex, J; Anjorin, A; Ball, D; Cherian, R; Dar, K; Gormez, A; Guerrini, I; Heydtmann, M; Hillman, A; Lankappa, S; Lydall, G; O'Kane, A; Patel, S; Quested, D; Smith, I; Thomson, AD; Bass, NJ; Morgan, MY; Curtis, D; McQuillin, A

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