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  1. Power Consumption Model of NDN-Based Multicore Software Router Based on Detailed Protocol Analysis

    Ohsugi, K; Takemasa, J; Koizumi, Y; Hasegawa, T; Psaras, I
    Named data networking (NDN) has received considerable attention recently, mainly due to its built-in caching, which is expected to enable widespread and transparent operator-controlled caching. One of the important research challenges is to reduce the amount of power consumed by NDN networks as it has been shown that NDN's name prefix matching and caching are power-hungry. As a first step to achieving power-efficient NDN networks, in this paper, we develop a power consumption model of a multicore software NDN router. By applying this model to analyze how caching reduces power, we report that caching can reduce power consumption of an...

  2. Growth and evolution of nickel germanide nanostructures on Ge(001)

    Grzela, T; Capellini, G; Koczorowski, W; Schubert, MA; Czajka, R; Curson, NJ; Heidmann, I; Schmidt, T; Falta, J; Schroeder, T

  3. Review essay: justice, rights, agency and childhood research.

    Alderson, P
    The three books in this review are very different, but they illuminate one another in sharing strong themes of justice, rights and agency. Two books by lawyers on justice and mercy and on liberty and equality are linked to a book by a sociologist on children and agency. The review considers how practitioners, policy makers and researchers can work together to promote children’s rights to justice and liberty.

  4. Trends in paediatric rheumatology referral times and disease activity indices over a ten-year period among children and young people with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: results from the childhood arthritis prospective Study

    McErlane, F; Foster, HE; Carrasco, R; Baildam, EM; Chieng, SEA; Davidson, JE; Ioannou, Y; Wedderburn, LR; Thomson, W; Hyrich, KL
    OBJECTIVES: The medical management of JIA has advanced significantly over the past 10 years. It is not known whether these changes have impacted on outcomes. The aim of this analysis was to identify and describe trends in referral times, treatment times and 1-year outcomes over a 10-year period among children with JIA enrolled in the Childhood Arthritis Prospective Study. METHODS: The Childhood Arthritis Prospective Study is a prospective inception cohort of children with new-onset inflammatory arthritis. Analysis included all children recruited in 2001–11 with at least 1 year of follow-up, divided into four groups by year of diagnosis. Median referral time,...

  5. Obesity, Metabolic Health, and History of Cytomegalovirus Infection in the General Population

    Hamer, M; Batty, GD; Kivimäki, M
    Common community-acquired infections, such as cytomegalovirus (CMV), may contribute to the development of obesity and metabolic dysfunction. The authors demonstrate a weak association between CMV and metabolic dysfunction in non-obese adults. This relationship appears to be masked in the obese, possibly by the effects of excess adiposity on metabolism.

  6. Professional breastfeeding support for first-time mothers: a multicentre cluster randomised controlled trial

    Fu, ICY; Fong, DYT; Heys, M; Lee, ILY; Sham, A; Tarrant, M
    Objective: To evaluate the effect of two postnatal professional support interventions on the duration of any and exclusive breastfeeding. / Design: Multicentre, three-arm, cluster randomised controlled trial. / Population: A cohort of 722 primiparous breastfeeding mothers with uncomplicated, full-term pregnancies. / Methods: The three study interventions were: (1) standard postnatal maternity care; (2) standard care plus three in-hospital professional breastfeeding support sessions, of 30–45 minutes in duration; or (2) standard care plus weekly post-discharge breastfeeding telephone support, of 20–30 minutes in duration, for 4 weeks. The interventions were delivered by four trained research nurses, who were either highly experienced registered...

  7. The use (and misuse) of PISA in guiding policy reform: the case of Spain

    Jerrim, J; Choi, A
    In 2013 Spain introduced a series of educational reforms explicitly inspired by the Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) 2012 results. These reforms were mainly implemented in secondary education – based upon the assumption that this is where Spain’s educational problems lie. This paper questions this assumption by attempting to identify the point where Spanish children fall behind young people in other developed countries. Specifically, by drawing data from multiple international assessments, we are able to explore how cross-national differences in reading skills change as children age. Consideration is given to both the average level of achievement and the evolution...

  8. The impact on a primary school community in England of failed inspection and subsequent academisation

    Elton, J; Male, T
    © 2015 Taylor & Francis. This research reports upon the impact of two concurrent processes of Special Measures and academisation applied to a primary school in the north of England as a result of an unsatisfactory inspection by the Office for Standards in Education (Ofsted). The aim of the study is to describe how the process of being placed in special measures, coupled with subsequent academisation, affected key school facing stakeholders. Data collection commenced from when the school received the judgement about its performance from Ofsted. This paper will examine the emerging themes during the first phase of the process...

  9. Changing the identities of young army recruits and new ways of looking at hegemonic forms of military masculinity

    Swain, J
    This article is about the changing identities of young male recruits in the British army. The data is based on 60 in-depth, semi-structured, interviews that formed part of a major three-year longitudinal study (2008–11). The great majority of the recruits, were aged between 16–19 years old, and were in the infantry or other combat related units. The article explores the characteristics of the peer group culture, discusses the important function of role models, and considers the career point at which the trainees begin to regard themselves as being a “real” soldier. The idealised and hegemonic form of masculinity that the...

  10. On the effect of surfactants on drop coalescence at liquid/liquid interfaces

    Weheliye, WH; Dong, T; Angeli, P
    In this work the effect of surfactants on the coalescence of a drop with a flat aqueous-organic interface was experimentally investigated. A high speed Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) system was used to obtain velocity profiles and kinetic energy per unit mass distribution inside the coalescing droplets. Different mass ratios of surfactant to oil below the CMC value, up to ϕ = 5 × 10−4, of a non-ionic surfactant dissolved in the organic phase were studied. It was found that an increase in the surfactant concentration promoted the deformation of the interface before the film that separated the drop from the interface ruptured. A high...

  11. How the microstructure of dentine can contribute to reconstructing developing dentitions and the lives of hominoids and hominins = Comment la microstructure de la dentine peut contribuer à reconstruire le développement dentaire et la vie des hominoïdes et homininés

    Dean, C
    Accounts of dentine microstructure are less well established in the primate life history literature than those of enamel microstructure. The aim of this paper is to draw some basic comparisons between enamel and dentine, but at the same time to show how dentine microstructure can make a major but different contribution to reconstructing past lives than enamel can. Dentine has both an organic and an inorganic component. The organic component contains growth factors, stable isotopes and DNA that survive long after death. The mineral component contains trace elements and preserves an incremental record of tooth growth. These can be used...

  12. Differential contribution of subunit interfaces to α9α10 nicotinic acetylcholine receptor function

    Boffi, JC; Marcovich, I; Gill-Thind, JK; Corradi, J; Collins, T; Lipovsek, MM; Moglie, M; Plazas, PV; Craig, PO; Millar, NS; Bouzat, C; Elgoyhen, AB
    Nicotinic acetylcholine receptors can be assembled from either homomeric or heteromeric pentameric subunit combinations. At the interface of the extracellular domains of adjacent subunits lies the acetylcholine binding site, composed of a principal component provided by one subunit and a complementary component of the adjacent subunit. Compared to neuronal nAChRs assembled from α and β subunits, the α9α10 receptor is an atypical member of the family. It is a heteromeric receptor composed only of α subunits. Whereas mammalian α9 subunits can form functional homomeric α9 receptors, α10 subunits do not generate functional channels when expressed heterologously. Hence, it has been...

  13. Contract Law and the Social Contract: Rethinking Law Reform in the Field of Contract Law from the Perspective of Social Contract Theory

    Vassileva, R
    As Serbia is on the verge of reforming its law of obligations, it seems interesting to consider the implications of such reform from a comparative perspective. In line with the theme of this year’s Kopaonik School of Natural Law, this paper endorses a theoretical approach. It showcases the possible, yet complex links that exist between contract law and social contract theory by building on the work of Lyuben Dikov—an established Bulgarian authority prior to communism. Although the social contract is a rational concept and not an historical event, the prominence of particular ideas about governance in a jurisdiction, especially at...

  14. Genetically determined telomeres shortening is associated with carotid atherosclerosis progression and increased incidence of cardiovascular events

    Baragetti, A; Palmen, J; Garlaschelli, K; Grigore, L; Humphries, SE; Talmud, PJ; Catapano, AL; Norata, GD

  15. Observation of coherent electron transport in self-catalysed InAs and InAs1–xSbx nanowires grown on silicon

    Sourribes, MJL; Isakov, I; Panfilova, M; Warburton, PA
    We report the observation of phase coherent transport in catalyst-free InAs and InAs1–xSbx nanowires grown by molecular beam epitaxy on silicon (111) substrates. We investigate three different methods to gain information on the phase coherence length of the nanowires: first through the study of universal conductance fluctuations as a function of both magnetic field and gate voltage and then through localisation effects. The analysis of these different quantum effects gave consistent results and a phase-coherence length in the hundred nanometre range was extracted for all nanowires below 10 K. This demonstrates the potential of catalyst-free nanowires as building blocks for future...

  16. Positive biodiversity-productivity relationship predominant in global forests

    Liang, J; Crowther, TW; Picard, N; Wiser, S; Zhou, M; Alberti, G; Schulze, E-D; McGuire, AD; Bozzato, F; Pretzsch, H; de-Miguel, S; Paquette, A; Herault, B; Scherer-Lorenzen, M; Barrett, CB; Glick, HB; Hengeveld, GM; Nabuurs, G-J; Pfautsch, S; Viana, H; Vibrans, AC; Ammer, C; Schall, P; Verbyla, D; Tchebakova, N; Fischer, M; Watson, JV; Chen, HYH; Lei, X; Schelhaas, M-J; Lu, H; Gianelle, D; Parfenova, EI; Salas, C; Lee, E; Lee, B; Kim, HS; Bruelheide, H; Coomes, DA; Piotto, D; Sunderland, T; Schmid, B; Gourlet-Fleury, S; Sonke, B; Tavani, R; Zhu, J; Brandl, S; Vayreda, J; Kitahara, F; Searle, EB; Neldner, VJ; Ngugi, MR; Baraloto, C; Frizzera, L; Balazy, R; Oleksyn, J; Zawila-Niedzwiecki, T; Bouriaud, O; Bussotti, F; Finer, L; Jaroszewicz, B; Jucker, T; Valladares, F; Jagodzinski, AM; Peri, PL; Gonmadje, C; Marthy, W; O'Brien, T; Martin, EH; Marshall, AR; Rovero, F; Bitariho, R; Niklaus, PA; Alvarez-Loayza, P; Chamuya, N; Valencia, R; Mortier, F; Wortel, V; Engone-Obiang, NL; Ferreira, LV; Odeke, DE; Vasquez, RM; Lewis, SL; Reich, PB
    INTRODUCTION: The biodiversity-productivity relationship (BPR; the effect of biodiversity on ecosystem productivity) is foundational to our understanding of the global extinction crisis and its impacts on the functioning of natural ecosystems. The BPR has been a prominent research topic within ecology in recent decades, but it is only recently that we have begun to develop a global perspective. / RATIONALE: Forests are the most important global repositories of terrestrial biodiversity, but deforestation, forest degradation, climate change, and other factors are threatening approximately one half of tree species worldwide. Although there have been substantial efforts to strengthen the preservation and sustainable...

  17. Testing breast cancer serum biomarkers for early detection and prognosis in pre-diagnosis samples

    Kazarian, A; Blyuss, O; Metodieva, G; Gentry-Maharaj, A; Ryan, A; Kiseleva, EM; Prytomanova, OM; Jacobs, IJ; Widschwendter, M; Menon, U; Timms, JF
    BACKGROUND: Breast cancer is a leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. Although mammography screening is available, there is an ongoing interest in improved early detection and prognosis. Herein, we have analysed a combination of serological biomarkers in a case-control cohort of sera taken before diagnosis. METHODS: This nested case-control study within the UK Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening (UKCTOCS) used serum samples from 239 women who subsequently developed breast cancer and 239 matched cancer-free controls. Sera were screened by ELISA for 9 candidate markers. Univariate and multivariate analyses were performed to examine associations with clinico-pathological features and between...

  18. Natural duties of justice in a world of states

    Meckled-Garcia, S
    The agency objection to applying distributive justice globally is that principles of distributive justice need to apply to the behaviour of a special kind of institutional agent of distributive justice because of the special powers of that agent. No such agent exists capable of configuring cooperative arrangements between all persons globally, and so distributive justice does not apply globally. One response to institutional views of this kind is that it does not rule out Natural Duties of Justice that fall on all of us to bring about institutional agencies capable of global distributive justice. In this paper I argue that...

  19. Mutations in HYAL2, Encoding Hyaluronidase 2, Cause a Syndrome of Orofacial Clefting and Cor Triatriatum Sinister in Humans and Mice

    Muggenthaler, MM; Chowdhury, B; Hasan, SN; Cross, HE; Mark, B; Harlalka, GV; Patton, MA; Ishida, M; Behr, ER; Sharma, S; Zahka, K; Faqeih, E; Blakley, B; Jackson, M; Lees, M; Dolinsky, V; Cross, L; Stanier, P; Salter, C; Baple, EL; Alkuraya, FS; Crosby, AH; Triggs-Raine, B; Chioza, BA
    Orofacial clefting is amongst the most common of birth defects, with both genetic and environmental components. Although numerous studies have been undertaken to investigate the complexities of the genetic etiology of this heterogeneous condition, this factor remains incompletely understood. Here, we describe mutations in the HYAL2 gene as a cause of syndromic orofacial clefting. HYAL2, encoding hyaluronidase 2, degrades extracellular hyaluronan, a critical component of the developing heart and palatal shelf matrix. Transfection assays demonstrated that the gene mutations destabilize the molecule, dramatically reducing HYAL2 protein levels. Consistent with the clinical presentation in affected individuals, investigations of Hyal2-/- mice revealed...

  20. Catholic church and state relations in French education in the 19th Century

    Doyle, AM
    This article traces the conflicts and compromises between the Catholic Church and the French state and the struggle for dominance in education between these two forces during the 19th century. It explores their varying relations up to the law of separation in 1905. It also poses the question as to why a country traditionally wedded to Catholicism came to be ideologically opposed to it. . Rather than inheriting an ideology opposed to religion per se, it is argued, the legacy from the French Revolution has been one of egalitarianism which has persisted. The Church during this period supported anti-revolutionary and...

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