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UCL Eprints collects the work of UCL researchers and makes it freely available over the web, helping the worldwide scholarly community to discover UCL research. Institutional repositories like UCL Eprints complement the traditional academic publishing and scholarly communications processes. They raise the visibility of research and help to maximise its impact. UCL researchers are encouraged to deposit a copy of each journal article, conference paper, working paper, and any other research output, in the UCL Eprints at the earliest opportunity, ensuring that their research reaches as wide an audience as possible.

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61. Psychosocial Factors Associated With Withdrawal From the United Kingdom Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening After 1 Episode of Repeat Screening - Jenkins, V; Fallowfield, L; Langridge, C; Barrett, J; Ryan, A; Jacobs, I; Kilkerr, J; Menon, U; Farewell, V
OBJECTIVE: The United Kingdom Collaborative Trial of Ovarian Cancer Screening (UKCTOCS) aims to establish the efficacy of 2 different ovarian cancer screening schedules. The psychosocial substudy examines the psychological factors associated with the screening program. METHODS: Women aged 50 to 75 years from 16 UK gynecologic centers randomized to annual multimodal screening or ultrasound screening (US) groups were followed up for 7 years. Psychosocial data from women who withdrew from the study after a repeat screen were examined. RESULTS: Sixteen percent (3499/21,733) of women requiring a repeat screening test in addition to annual screen withdrew from the study: 12.9% (1560/12,073)...

62. Cx30 exhibits unique characteristics including a long half-life when assembled into gap junctions - Kelly, JJ; Shao, Q; Jagger, DJ; Laird, DW
In the present study we investigated the life cycle, trafficking, assembly and cell surface dynamics of a poorly characterized connexin family member, connexin 30 (Cx30; also known as GJB6), which plays a critical role in skin health and hearing. Unexpectedly, Cx30 localization at the cell surface and gap junctional intercellular communication was not affected by prolonged treatments with the endoplasmic reticulum (ER)-Golgi transport inhibitor brefeldin A or the protein synthesis inhibitor cycloheximide, whereas Cx43 (also known as GJA1) was rapidly cleared. Fluorescent recovery after photobleaching revealed that Cx30 plaques were rebuilt from the outer edges in keeping with older channels...

63. Variation within households in consent to link survey data to administrative records: evidence from the UK Millennium Cohort Study - Mostafa, T
This study expands our knowledge of consent in linking survey and administrative data by studying respondents’ behaviour when consenting to link their own records and when consenting to link those of their children. It develops and tests a number of hypothesised mechanisms of consent, some of which were not explored in the past. The hypotheses cover: parental pride, privacy concerns, loyalty to the survey, pre-existing relations with the agency holding the data, and interviewer effects. The study uses data from the longitudinal Millennium Cohort Study to analyse the correlates of consent in multiple domains (i.e. linkage of education, health and...

64. Bronze Age moss fibre garments from Scotland – the jury’s out. - Harris, SM; Gleba,M.,
In the light of recent discoveries of early to middle Bronze Age burials with mats and fibrous material in Scotland, for example at Langwell farm and Forteviot, it was deemed timely to re-evaluate earlier finds of this period, several of which were discovered and initially reported on nearly a century ago. As part of this research it was noted that three Bronze Age finds from the old literature were reported as clothing or shrouds made of hair moss (Polytrichum commune). Three of these are reassessed here, with a detailed re-examination of the “hair moss apron” from North Cairn Farm. Technological...

65. Science and recycling in the long eighteenth century - Werrett, S
Historians of science have recently shifted their attention from studying innovation and the production of knowledge to its consumption, dissemination, and circulation. Historians and sociologists of technology have similarly been keen to explore the ways technology is used rather than focus on the process of invention. Such approaches point to the need for a better appreciation of everyday scientific and technical practices, and the ongoing significance they give to existing ideas, techniques, and objects. This essay argues that everyday scientific practice was often as much about preserving, repairing and re-using the old as it was about innovation, and eighteenth-century natural philosophers both participated in and contributed to the...

66. New Modern Energy Consumers: challenges for efficient cooking fuels in the Greater Mekong Subregion - Tomei, J; San, V; Anandarajah, G; Sriv, T; Kunthy, S
The MECON project is investigating the design and implementation of energy efficiency policies targeting New Modern Energy CONsumers (MECON) in the Greater Mekong Subregion. Drawing on the results of a household survey and market analysis, this article discusses the use of biomass cookstoves and other cooking appliances in Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. It highlights the experiences of one of these countries, Cambodia, to draw attention to the experiences and challenges of encouraging the uptake of improved biomass cookstoves.

67. The use of inbreeding to assess the genetic component of condition underlying GEIs in sexual traits - Pomiankowski, A; Bellamy, L; Fowler, K
This chapter discusses the use and potential of inbreeding as a means to study genotype by environment interactions (GEIs). Fundamental to studying sexual trait GEIs is its ability to define, measure, and manipulate both the environmental and genetic states of individuals. It first reviews how inbreeding can be used to study the GEIs of sexual traits. The chapter then considers relevant empirical work that has used inbreeding to determine the extent to which sexual traits suffer from genetic stress, and ask whether evidence from inbreeding studies supports the hypothesis that the degree of genetic condition dependence is more marked in...

68. Combined Algebraic and Truncated Differential Cryptanalysis on Reduced-round Simon - Courtois, N; Mourouzis, T; Song, G; Sepehrdad, P; Susil, P
Recently, two families of ultra-lightweight block ciphers were proposed, SIMON and SPECK, which come in a variety of block and key sizes (Beaulieu et al., 2013). They are designed to offer excellent performance for hardware and software implementations (Beaulieu et al., 2013; Aysu et al., 2014). In this paper, we study the resistance of SIMON-64/128 with respect to algebraic attacks. Its round function has very low Multiplicative Complexity (MC) (Boyar et al., 2000; Boyar and Peralta, 2010) and very low non-linearity (Boyar et al., 2013; Courtois et al., 2011) since the only non-linear component is the bitwise multiplication operation. Such...

69. Linear instability of a highly shear-thinning fluid in channel flow - Wilson, HJ; Loridan, V
We study pressure-driven channel flow of a simple viscoelastic fluid whose elastic modulus and relaxation time are both power-law functions of shear-rate. We find that a known linear instability for the case of constant elastic modulus (Wilson and Rallison, 1999) persists and indeed becomes more dangerous when the elastic modulus is allowed to vary. The most unstable scenario is a highly shear-thinning relaxation time with a slightly shear-thinning elastic modulus, and typical unstable perturbations have a wavelength comparable with the channel width. Inertia is mildly destabilising. We compare with microchannel experiments (Bodiguel et al., 2015), and find qualitative agreement on the...

70. Missed opportunities: indicators of neglect - what is ignored, why, and what can be done? - Brandon, M; Glaser, D; Maguire, S; McCrory, EJ; Lushey, C; Ward, H
This report helps children’s social care practitioners to spot risk factors associated with a likelihood of actual harm or future harm to very young children.

71. Optimizing spatial pore-size and porosity distributions of adsorbents for enhanced adsorption and desorption performance - Ye, G; Duan, X; Zhu, K; Zhou, X; Coppens, M-O; Yuan, W
This paper shows that a uniform spatial distribution in meso/macroporosity of adsorbents maximizes their adsorption and desorption performance. It highlights the importance of optimizing porosity and pore diameter, not only at the nanoscale but also at larger length scales. The effects of spatial pore size and porosity distributions on mass transfer in adsorbents are studied by using a continuum approach. These effects are evaluated by comparing the adsorption/desorption performance of adsorbents subjected to a square wave concentration perturbation with a wide range of cycle period (10-100,000. s) for the adsorption of n-pentane on 5A zeolite adsorbents. The uniformly distributed pore...

72. Migration and risk of psychosis in the Canadian context - Kirkbride, JB; Hollander, AC

73. Preferential sites for intramolecular glucosepane cross-link formation in type I collagen: A thermodynamic study - Collier, TA; Nash, A; Birch, HL; de Leeuw, NH
The extracellular matrix (ECM) undergoes progressive age-related stiffening and loss of proteolytic digestibility due to an increase in concentration of advanced glycation end products (AGEs). The most abundant AGE, glucosepane, accumulates in collagen with concentrations over 100 times greater than all other AGEs. Detrimental collagen stiffening properties are believed to play a significant role in several age-related diseases such as osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease. Currently little is known of the potential location of covalently cross-linked glucosepane formation within collagen molecules; neither are there reports on how the respective cross-link sites affect the physical and biochemical properties of collagen. Using fully...

74. Additive influences of maternal and paternal body mass index on weight status trajectories from childhood to mid-adulthood in the 1970 British cohort study - Costa, S; Johnson, W; Viner, RM
This study aimed to (i) describe the weight status trajectories from childhood to mid-adulthood and (ii) investigate the influence of maternal and paternal body mass index (BMI) on offspring’s trajectories in a nationally representative study in Great Britain. The sample comprised 4,174 (43% male) participants from the 1970 British Cohort Study with complete BMI data at ages 10, 26, 30, 34, and 42 years. Individuals’ weight status was categorised as overweight/obese or non-overweight/obese at each age, and trajectories of weight status from 10 to 42 years of age were assessed. Sex-stratified multinomial logistic regression models were used to assess associations...

75. Narrative and the body in uniform: East German military masculinities in Claus Dobberke's 'Ein Katzensprung' and Jürgen Fuchs's 'Fassonschnitt' - Smith, TA
This article explores the relationship between body and uniform as one of two competing narratives of masculinity. Literature and film depicting the Nationale Volksarmee of East Germany (NVA) present uniform's narrative of ideal military masculinity in conflict with a second, apparently more natural narrative of masculinity written on the body. Claus Dobberke's Ein Katzensprung (1976) and Jürgen Fuchs's Fassonschnitt (1984) explore ways that the body might subvert the effects of uniform. Ultimately, however, these two works depict the uniform transforming body and psyche and unsettling existing narratives of masculinity, even disrupting the narrative text itself.

76. What is the impact of BEAMS research? An evaluation of REF impact case studies from UCL BEAMS - Biri, D; Oliver, KA; Cooper, A
The genesis of the ‘impact agenda’ in the UK can be traced back to the Thatcher government, which required all public expenditure to be scrutinised, to demonstrate ‘value for money’ and to show ‘efficiency, effectiveness, and economy’. A 1993 white paper, “Realising our potential”, detailed this stance with reference to higher education more specifically, although prior work evaluating the impact of higher education on the economy exists (McNicoll 1993). Within universities in the UK, the impact agenda has taken the form of evaluation of academic practice and output. The latest round of the Research Excellence Framework (REF 2014), which assesses...

77. Imagining the unseen: stability-based cuboid arrangements for scene understanding - Shao, T; Monszpart, A; Zheng, Y; Koo, B; Xu, W; Zhou, K; Mitra, NJ
Missing data due to occlusion is a key challenge in 3D acquisition, particularly in cluttered man-made scenes. Such partial information about the scenes limits our ability to analyze and understand them. In this work we abstract such environments as collections of cuboids and hallucinate geometry in the occluded regions by globally analyzing the physical stability of the resultant arrangements of the cuboids. Our algorithm extrapolates the cuboids into the un-seen regions to infer both their corresponding geometric attributes (e.g., size, orientation) and how the cuboids topologically interact with each other (e.g., touch or fixed). The resultant arrangement provides an abstraction...

78. Prime-boost vaccination strategies using the Mycobacterium tuberculosis APA (alanine-proline rich antigen). - Ferraz Junior, J.C. de
Abstract not available.

79. Critical philosophical anarchism: A defence of an anarchist approach to the problem of political authority. - Egoumenides, M.
In this thesis I define and defend the philosophy of critical philosophical anarchism and show it to be superior to alternative (anarchist and non-anarchist) approaches to the problem of justification of political institutions. In general I argue that the anarchist position within the contemporary debate on political obligation has been dismissed too easily and that the value of an anarchist approach to an understanding of (and solution to) the problem of political authority is underestimated in current thought. In particular, my thesis sets out and defends the critical philosophical anarchist approach to the problem of political obligation and contrasts this...

80. Functions of KSHV-encoded FLIP. - Field, N.M.
Kaposi's sarcoma (KS)-associated herpesvirus (KSHV) was discovered in 1994. KSHV is associated with at least three types of human cancer; KS, an endothelial tumour, and two lymphoproliferative disorders, primary effusion lymphoma (PEL) and a variant of multicentric Castleman's disease (MCD). In KSHV, the genes expressed in latency have been implicated in cell transformation. One of a cluster of three latency-associated genes, that regulate proliferation and apoptosis, encodes a viral FLICE inhibitory protein (vFLIP) in open reading frame 71 (ORF71). Two roles have been proposed for vFLIP; when expressed in heterologous cells it both blocks Fas-mediated apoptosis and activates the NF-KB...

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