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  1. Enhancing multi-source content delivery in content-centric networks with fountain coding

    Parisis, G; Sourlas, V; Katsaros, KV; Chai, WK; Pavlou, G
    © 2015 ACM.Fountain coding has been considered as especially suitable for lossy environments, such as wireless networks, as it provides redundancy while reducing coordination overheads between sender(s) and receiver(s). As such it presents beneficial properties for multi-source and/or multicast communication. In this paper we investigate enhancing the efficiency of multi-source content delivery in the context of Content-Centric Networking (CCN) with the usage of fountain codes. In particular, we examine whether the combination of fountain coding with the in-network caching capabilities of CCN can further improve performance. We also present an enhancement of CCN's Interest forwarding mechanism that aims at minimizing...

  2. Diagnostic Performance of T1 and T2 Mapping to Detect Intramyocardial Hemorrhage in Reperfused ST-Segment Elevation Myocardial Infarction (STEMI) Patients.

    Hamarneh, AAJ

  3. A pi-limit for coding ITDs: Neural responses and the binaural display

    Mcalpine, D; Thompson, S; von Kriegstein, K; Marquardt, T; Griffiths, T; Deane-Pratt, A

  4. Linking High Throughput Cell Culture, Multivariate Analysis and Economics for More Effective Process Integration

    Antemie, A; Ruddock, S; Lye, GJ; Farid, SS

  5. Genetic risk variants for membranous nephropathy: extension of and association with other chronic kidney disease aetiologies.

    Sekula, P; Li, Y; Stanescu, HC; Wuttke, M; Ekici, AB; Bockenhauer, D; Walz, G; Powis, SH; Kielstein, JT; Brenchley, P; GCKD Investigators,; Eckardt, KU; Kronenberg, F; Kleta, R; Köttgen, A

  6. A Robust Development Strategy for Primary Recovery of High Cell Density Mammalian Cell Cultures by Tangential Flow Microfiltration Options.

    Popova, D; Stonier, A; Titchener-Hooker, NJ; Farid, SS

  7. Using triangulation to assess a suite of tools to measure community severance

    Mindell, JS; Anciaes, PR; Dhanani, A; Stockton, J; Jones, P; Haklay, M; Groce, N; Scholes, S; Vaughan, L

  8. Pharmacological and biological evaluation of a series of substituted 1,4-naphthoquinone bioreductive drugs

    Phillips, RM; Jaffar, M; Maitland, DJ; Loadman, PM; Shnyder, SD; Steans, G; Cooper, PA; Race, A; Patterson, AV; Stratford, IJ

  9. Synthesis and enzymatic evaluation of pyridinium-Substituted uracil derivatives as novel inhibitors of thymidine phosphorylase

    Murray, PE; McNally, VA; Lockyer, SD; Williams, KJ; Stratford, IJ; Jaffar, M; Freeman, S

  10. Abstract 550: Evaluation of NQO1 as a potential diagnostic marker for bladder cancer

    Cuff, S; Lewis, R; Jaffar, M; Knox, R; Weeks, I

  11. 435 POSTER Modulation of the activity of tumour associated carbonic anhydrases for therapeutic benefit

    Glassbrook, L; Wang, R; Williams, K; Jaffar, M; Stratford, IJ

  12. 168 POSTER Design, synthesis and evaluation of novel, selective carbonic anhydrase IX inhibitors as anti-cancer agents

    Wang, R; Glassbrook, L; Bryce, R; Stratford, I; Supuran, C; Jaffar, M

  13. 500 Bioreductive activation and in vitro cytotoxicity of MUP03/704: a novel bioreductive cytotoxic drug conjugate for solid tumours

    Volpato, M; Loadman, PM; Zeid, NA; Jaffar, M; Stratford, IJ; Phillips, RM

  14. 499 N(O)-(Substituted)-b-(2),4,5-tetramethyl-3,6-dioxo-1,4-cyclo-hexadinen-1-propa(noate) propanoamide: bioreductive delivery systems for selective delivery of therapeutic agents into solid tumours

    Tanner, R; Abou-Zeid, N; Glassbrook, LT; Phillips, RM; Stratford, IJ; Jaffar, M

  15. A novel human P450 reductase activated indolequinone prodrug for use in adenoviral mediated hypoxia selective gene therapy

    Cowen, R; Williams, KJ; Jaffar, M; Telfer, B; Garvey, D; Stratford, IJ

  16. In silico and flexible docking screening using bioavailability, similarity and energetic filters: application to human thymidine phosphorylase

    McNally, V; Jaffar, M; Freeman, S; Stratford, IJ; Bryce, R

  17. Cytotoxic indolequinones as NQO1-directed tumour-specific bioreductive prodrugs

    Mrema, I; Williams, KJ; Wind, S; Patterson, AV; Phillips, RM; Stratford, IJ; Jaffar, M

  18. The synthesis of hypoxia-selective nitroaromatic compounds as bioreductive drug delivery agents

    Nakamya, A; Stratford, IJ; Freeman, S; Jaffar, M

  19. Indolequinone carbamate prodrugs of mustards as hypoxia-selective cytotoxins

    Robinson, I; Jaffar, M; Wind, NS; Williams, KJ; Stratford, IJ

  20. Novel nitroimidazoyluracil prodrug derivatives as tumour-selective inhibitors of the angiogenic enzyme thymidine phosphorylase

    Jaffar, M; Cole, C; Gbaj, A; Reigan, P; Edwards, P; Freeman, S; Stratfrod, IJ

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