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  1. Trimethylamine and trimethylamine N-oxide, a flavin-containing monooxygenase 3 (FMO3)-mediated host-microbiome metabolic axis implicated in health and disease

    Fennema, D; Phillips, IR; Shephard, EA
    Flavin-containing monooxygenase 3 (FMO3) is known primarily as an enzyme involved in the metabolism of therapeutic drugs. However, on a daily basis we are exposed to one of the most abundant substrates of the enzyme, trimethylamine, which is released from various dietary components by the action of gut bacteria. FMO3 converts the odorous trimethylamine to non-odorous trimethylamine N-oxide, which is excreted in urine. Impaired FMO3 activity gives rise to the inherited disorder primary trimethylaminuria. Affected individuals cannot produce trimethylamine N-oxide and, consequently, excrete large amounts of trimethylamine. A dysbiosis in gut bacteria can give rise to secondary trimethylaminuria. Recently, there...

  2. Investigating the particle to fibre transition threshold during electrohydrodynamic atomization of a polymer solution

    Husain, O; Lau, W; Edirisinghe, M; Parhizkar, M
    Electrohydrodynamic atomization (EHDA) is a key research area for producing micro and nano-sized structures. This process can be categorized into two main operating regimes: electrospraying for particle generation and electrospinning for fibre production. Producing particles/fibres of the desired size or morphology depends on two main factors; properties of the polymeric solution used and the processing conditions including flow rate, applied voltage and collection distance. In this work the particle-fibre transition region was analyzed by changing the polymer concentration of PLGA poly (lactic-co-glycolic acid) in acetone between 2 and 25wt%. Subsequently the processing conditions were adjusted to study the optimum transition...

  3. Geographical variation in glaucoma prescribing trends in England 2008-2012: an observational ecological study

    Heng, JS; Wormald, R; Khaw, PT
    OBJECTIVES: To explore (1) the national trend in population-adjusted prescription rates for glaucoma and ocular hypertension (OHT) in England and (2) any geographical variation in glaucoma/OHT prescribing trends and its association with established risk factors for primary open-angle glaucoma (POAG) at the population level. DESIGN: Observational ecological study. SETTING: Primary care in England 2008-2012. PARTICIPANTS: All patients who received 1 or more of the 37 778 660 glaucoma/OHT prescription items between 2008 and 2012. PRIMARY AND SECONDARY OUTCOME MEASURE METHODS: Glaucoma/OHT prescription statistics for England and its constituent primary care trusts (PCTs) between 2008 and 2012 were divided by annual population estimates...

  4. Evaluating the effectiveness of a smartphone app to reduce excessive alcohol consumption: protocol for a factorial randomised control trial

    Garnett, C; Crane, D; Michie, S; West, R; Brown, J
    BACKGROUND: Excessive alcohol consumption is a leading cause of death and morbidity worldwide and interventions to help people reduce their consumption are needed. Interventions delivered by smartphone apps have the potential to help harmful and hazardous drinkers reduce their consumption of alcohol. However, there has been little evaluation of the effectiveness of existing smartphone interventions. A systematic review, amongst other methodologies, identified promising modular content that could be delivered by an app: self-monitoring and feedback; action planning; normative feedback; cognitive bias re-training; and identity change. This protocol reports a factorial randomised controlled trial to assess the comparative potential of these...

  5. "Did I bring it on myself?" An exploratory study of the beliefs that adolescents referred to mental health services have about the causes of their depression

    Midgley, N; Parkinson, S; Holmes, J; Stapley, E; Eatough, V; Target, M
    The causal beliefs which adults have regarding their mental health difficulties have been linked to help-seeking behaviour, treatment preferences, and the outcome of therapy; yet, the topic remains a relatively unexplored one in the adolescent literature. This exploratory study aims to explore the causal beliefs regarding depression among a sample of clinically referred adolescents. Seventy seven adolescents, aged between 11 and 17, all diagnosed with moderate to severe depression, were interviewed using a semi-structured interview schedule, at the beginning of their participation in a randomised controlled trial. Data were analysed qualitatively using framework analysis. The study identified three themes related...

  6. The authenticity and quality of Rhodiola rosea products

    Booker, A; Jalil, B; Frommenwiler, D; Reich, E; Zhai, L; Kulic, Z; Heinrich, M
    BACKGROUND: Rhodiola rosea L. Crassulaceae, root (Golden Root, Arctic Root) is a high-value herbal medicinal product, registered in the UK for the treatment of stress-induced fatigue, exhaustion and anxiety based on traditional use and used throughout Europe as a herbal medicinal product for similar indications. Numerous unregistered supplements are also available. There are several Chinese species used in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), including Rhodiola crenulata (Hook.f. & Thomoson) that is believed to be a common adulterant in the R. rosea value chain. AIMS: The project is embedded in a larger study aiming to investigate the diverse value chains that lead...

  7. Commentary on Kernberg and Michels

    Fonagy, P; Allison, E

  8. The BAFFling effects of rituximab in lupus: danger ahead?

    Ehrenstein, MR; Wing, C
    Suboptimal trial design and concurrent therapies are thought to account for the unexpected failure of two clinical trials of rituximab in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE). However, in this Opinion article we propose an alternative explanation: that rituximab can trigger a sequence of events that exacerbates disease in some patients with SLE. Post-rituximab SLE flares that are characterized by high levels of antibodies to double-stranded DNA are associated with elevated circulating BAFF (B-cell-activating factor, also known as TNF ligand superfamily member 13B or BLyS) levels, and a high proportion of plasmablasts within the B-cell pool. BAFF not only perpetuates...

  9. Empirical assessment of the validity limits of the surface wave full ray theory using realistic 3-D Earth models

    Parisi, L; Ferreira, AMG
    The surface wave full ray theory (FRT) is an efficient tool to calculate synthetic waveforms of surface waves. It combines the concept of local modes with exact ray tracing as a function of frequency, providing a more complete description of surface wave propagation than the widely used great circle approximation (GCA). The purpose of this study is to evaluate the ability of the FRT approach to model teleseismic long-period surface waveforms (T ∼ 45–150 s) in the context of current 3-D Earth models to empirically assess its validity domain and its scope for future studies in seismic tomography. To achieve...

  10. Post-sampling mortality and non-response patterns in the English Cancer Patient Experience Survey: Implications for epidemiological studies based on surveys of cancer patients

    Abel, GA; Saunders, CL; Lyratzopoulos, G
    BACKGROUND: Surveys of the experience of cancer patients are increasingly being introduced in different countries and used in cancer epidemiology research. Sampling processes, post-sampling mortality and survey non-response can influence the representativeness of cancer patient surveys. METHODS: We examined predictors of post-sampling mortality and non-response among patients initially included in the sampling frame of the English Cancer Patient Experience Survey. We also compared the respondents' diagnostic case-mix to other relevant populations of cancer patients, including incident and prevalent cases. RESULTS: Of 109,477 initially sampled cancer patients, 6273 (5.7%) died between sampling and survey mail-out. Older age and diagnosis of brain,...

  11. Strengthening the impact of the Inter-American Human Rights System through scholarly research: reflective report

    Engstrom, P; Low, P; Hillebrecht, C; Huneeus, A; Sandoval, C
    This Report contains the collective findings of the Inter-American Human Rights Network, a multi-disciplinary group of international scholars of the Inter-American Human Rights System (IAHRS) brought together to gain richer insights into three sets of issues with particular salience for the IAHRS: compliance and impact; the politics and practice of institutional and legal change; and cross-regional perspectives on human rights systems.

  12. A multiphase model for chemically- and mechanically- induced cell differentiation in a hollow fibre membrane bioreactor: minimising growth factor consumption

    Pearson, NC; Oliver, JM; Shipley, RJ; Waters, SL
    We present a simplified two-dimensional model of fluid flow, solute transport, and cell distribution in a hollow fibre membrane bioreactor. We consider two cell populations, one undifferentiated and one differentiated, with differentiation stimulated either by growth factor alone, or by both growth factor and fluid shear stress. Two experimental configurations are considered, a 3-layer model in which the cells are seeded in a scaffold throughout the extracapillary space (ECS), and a 4-layer model in which the cell–scaffold construct occupies a layer surrounding the outside of the hollow fibre, only partially filling the ECS. Above this is a region of free-flowing...

  13. Electrospun medicated shellac nanofibers for colon-targeted drug delivery

    Wang, X; Yu, DG; Li, XY; Bligh, SW; Williams, GR
    Medicated shellac nanofibers providing colon-specific sustained release were fabricated using coaxial electrospinning. A solution of 7.5 g shellac and 1.5 g of ferulic acid (FA) in 10 mL ethanol was used as the core fluid, and a mixture of ethanol and N,N-dimethylformamide (8/10 v/v) as the shell. The presence of the shell fluid was required to prevent frequent clogging of the spinneret. The diameters of the fibers (D) can be manipulated by varying the ratio of shell to core flow rates (F), according to the equation D=0.52 F(-0.19). Scanning electron microscopy images revealed that fibers prepared with F values of...

  14. Gypsum in Minoan architecture: exploitation, utilisation and weathering of a prestige stone.

    Chlouveraki, S.
    The present research examines the use of gypsum as a building and ornamental stone in Minoan palatial architecture during New Palace period. Survey, of the outcrops and the buildings, indicates a limited distribution of architectural gypsum that is exclusively used in the finest rooms of the most outstanding. Neopalatial buildings of central and east Crete, and assigns a prestige character and a symbolic significance to the material. Furthermore, the abundance of gypsum in the outcrops, in contrast to its limited systematic quarrying, suggests a controlled access to the outcrops, restricting its use to the elite of the society. A detailed...

  15. An architecture of intimate encounter plotting the Raffles Hotel through flora and fauna (1887-1925, 1987-2005).

    Chee, L.L.
    This thesis reconstitutes the 'architectural subject' by placing the intimate encounter between the experiencing subject and the architectural object as central to the architecture of the Raffles Hotel, a well-known colonial monument in Singapore. By expanding Julia Kristeva's notion of 'the semiotic' through the context of feminist architectural theory, this thesis theorizes the original concept of an architecture based on intimate encounter - a method, which emphasizes the agency of the experiencing subject and relational modes of architectural interpretation. The intimate encounter may be broadly surmised by three key aspects - the relational role of the experiencing subject, the construction...

  16. Infection and early vascular disease in childhood.

    Charakida, M.
    Endothelial dysfunction and inflammation are thought to be key events in the initiation and progression of atherosclerosis. Infection is one of the most common inflammatory stimuli. This thesis sought to evaluate methods for clinical assessment of vascular dysfunction in the young and explored the impact of infection and its modifiers on pre-clinical arterial disease. The reproducibility of three non-invasive methods known to measure nitric oxide mediated endothelial function was assessed in children and young adults. Of the three methods FMD appeared the most reproducible in our hands especially in children. In addition both FMD and pulse wave analysis following salbutamol...

  17. An examination of the trans-nationality and applicability of Nonaka's theory of organizational knowledge creation to urban regeneration in UK.

    Adachi, Y.
    General awareness of a knowledge-based society and the academic interest in knowledge management (KM) in the field of organization studies have both intensified in recent years. However, research into 'knowledge' has, to date, received scant attention in the field of the urban regeneration process. This fact has greatly motivated this thesis, whose main objective is "to examine the trans-nationality and applicability of Nonaka's theory of organizational knowledge creation to urban regeneration in UK". After having introduced TEAM linguistic theory into the examination of the validity of the hypotheses of this thesis (see Chapter 2), the trans-nationality and applicability of Nonaka's...

  18. Using Tags and Latent Factors in a Food Recommender System.

    Ge, M; Elahi, M; Fernández-Tobías, I; Ricci, F; Massimo, D

  19. Cloud-mobile Assistive Technologies for People with Intellectual Impairments: A Microsoft Azure-based Solution.

    Bottino, RM; Freina, L; Ott, M; Costa, F

  20. Interactive Cause and Effect Comic-book Storytelling for Improving Nutrition Outcomes in Children.

    Amresh, A; Sinha, M; Birr, R; Salla, R

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