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  1. Bioinformatics approaches to identify pain mediators, novel LncRNAs and distinct modalities of neuropathic pain

    Baskozos, G
    This thesis presents a number of studies in the general subject of bioinformatics and functional genomics. The studies were made in collaboration with experimental scientists of the London Pain Consortium (LPC), an initiative that has promoted collaborations between experimental and computational scientists to further understanding of pain. The studies are mainly concerned with the molecular biology of pain and deal with data gathered from high throughput technologies aiming to assess the transcriptional changes involved in well induced pain states, both from animal models of pain and human patients. We have analysed next generation sequencing data (NGS data) in order to...

  2. The role of AioX in regulating arsenite oxidation in Rhizobium sp. str NT-26

    Badilla Pino, CP
    Abstract Studies in Rhizobium sp. str. NT-26 have shown that arsenite oxidation is regulated by a two-component signal transduction system comprised of a histidine kinase (AioS) and a response regulator (AioR). A third protein, AioX, is now thought to be involved in the signaling pathway. AioX is a periplasmic binding protein (PBP) whose gene is located upstream and in the same operon as aioS and aioR. The hypothesis is that AioX binds arsenite and activates transcription of the arsenite oxidase (aioB and aioA) operon. The recombinant AioX protein was expressed in Escherichia coli, purified and crystallised. The crystal structure of...

  3. Energy: Scanning the energy horizon

    Grubb, M

  4. OPA1 as a target for cardioprotection

    Burke, N
    Background: OPA1 is an inner mitochondrial membrane protein that regulates fusion via its 8 isoforms, which are the product of selective cleaving. Upon cellular stress, OMA1 (a zinc metallopeptidase) cleaves the longer isoforms, disrupting OPA1 function and increasing susceptibility to cell death. 1, 10-phenanthroline (a metallopeptidase inhibitor) has been reported to inhibit OMA1 and preserve OPA1 in in vitro studies. Here, it is investigated if this compound can preserve OPA1 in the murine heart, and confer protection against ischemia reperfusion injury (IRI). Naturally occurring OPA1 mutations lead to a condition known as Dominant Optic Atrophy (DOA), which affects retinal ganglion...

  5. Effect of DNA Damage and Repair Mechanisms in Human Haematopoiesis and their role in Chemoresistance of Acute Myeloid Leukaemia

    Bradburn, AK
    Most standard AML chemotherapy regimes utilize Ara-C, a cytotoxic compound inflicting DNA damage in proliferating cells and inducing cell death. Comparing normal and malignant haematopoietic cells in their response to Ara-C will determine whether differing responses to DNA damage and activation of DNA repair mechanisms contribute to chemoresistance. Moreover, DNA repair in primitive human haematopoiesis and LIC’s is still not well established. Using AML cell lines, cord blood and CD34+ AML patient samples, a characterization of the DNA damage response post Ara-C treatment was performed. AML cell lines were shown to have a range of sensitivities with significant increases in...

  6. Functional and structural organisation of the visual system in human albinism

    Alvarez Ferreira, IA
    Albinism is a developmental disorder which involves the misrouting of optic nerve projections, leading to an abnormally organised visual system. Despite the aberrant input, people with albinism have relatively normal vision and experience the world in much the same way as their peers. This thesis explores the functional and structural organisation of visual cortex in human albinism using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) techniques. This thesis covers four main experiments. Experiment 1 deals with stimulus optimisation for population receptive field (pRF) mapping in healthy adults. pRF mapping is a functional MRI technique for estimating cortical receptive field characteristics non-invasively. In this...

  7. Subtitling the films of Volker Schlöndorff in English

    Bywood, LA
    Volker Schlöndorff is one of Germany’s foremost directors, and a prominent member of the group who formed the New German Cinema in the 1960s, a movement which rejected the ‘old film-making’ in Germany and embraced a new way of working whose main thrust was artistic, rather than commercial. This thesis seeks to use the Descriptive Translation Studies framework to examine the English subtitles for two of Schlöndorff’s best known films: Die verlorene Ehre der Katharina Blum [The Lost Honour of Katharina Blum], directed in 1975, and Die Blechtrommel [The Tin Drum], from 1979. Using the concept of translational norms as...

  8. Paediatric Track and Trigger Systems: Validity, Reliability and Utility

    Chapman, SM
    Paediatric Track and Trigger Systems (PTTS) should alert staff to deteriorating children and accelerate access to resuscitation. The thesis presents a series of linked studies exploring selected aspects of PTTS use. Study 1: Systematic review Fifty-five papers describing 33 PTTS were identified. Implemented without a rapid response team (RRT), PTTS did not demonstrate statistically significant relative reduction in cardiac or respiratory arrest, or mortality. Implemented as part of a RRT PTTS demonstrated a statistically significant reduction in the relative and absolute risk of death in hospital, death on the ward and death following PICU transfer. Study 2: Validity This case-controlled...

  9. Why School Choice Reforms in Denmark Fail: The Blocking Power of the Teacher Unions

    Wiborg, S; Larsen, KR
    This article investigates why school choice is exercised to a limited degree by parents despite major government initiatives to enhance diversity, competition and choice in the Danish education system. Denmark has had 20 years of centre-right governments, promoting choice reforms perhaps even more vigorously than the other Nordic countries, yet school choice is seldom used – only 12% of parents choose a public school that differs from the one that is allocated to them. The literature on school choice in Denmark argues that this is primarily due to a general lack of parental interest because of the relatively high similarity...

  10. Distribution and gene-flow in a hybridising population of Pterodroma petrels

    Booth Jones, KA
    Albatrosses and petrels (Order Procellariiformes) are renowned for the huge distances they can cover at sea, and since the advent of tracking technology their pelagic lifestyles are generally well studied. However, tropical species are under-represented in the literature, and may be particularly flexible in their behaviour since tropical oceans are oligotrophic and prey availability is often patchily distributed. Round Island petrels breed in such an environment off the coast of Mauritius in the south-western Indian Ocean. Whilst originally identified as Trindade petrels (Pteromdroma arminjoniana), it has recently been revealed that this population is in fact a mixed, hybridizing population with...

  11. Healthier central England or North-South divide? Analysis of national survey data on smoking and high-risk drinking

    Beard, EV; Brown, J; WEST, R; Angus, C; Kaner, E; Michie, S
    Objectives: This paper compares patterns of smoking and high-risk alcohol use across regions in England, and assesses the impact on these of adjusting for sociodemographic characteristics. Design: Population survey of 53 922 adults in England aged 16+ taking part in the Alcohol and Smoking Toolkit Studies. Measures: Participants answered questions regarding their socioeconomic status (SES), gender, age, ethnicity, Government Office Region, smoking status and completed the Alcohol Use Disorders Identification Test (AUDIT). High-risk drinkers were defined as those with a score of 8 or more (7 or more for women) on the AUDIT. Results: In unadjusted analyses, relative to the South West, those in...

  12. The Physics of the B Factories

    Bevan, AJ; Golob, B; Mannel, T; Prell, S; Yabsley, BD; Abe, K; Aihara, H; Anulli, F; Arnaud, N; Aushev, T; Beneke, M; Beringer, J; Bianchi, F; Bigi, II; Bona, M; Brambilla, N; Brodzicka, J; Chang, P; Charles, MJ; Cheng, CH; Cheng, H-Y; Chistov, R; Colangelo, P; Coleman, JP; Drutskoy, A; Druzhinin, VP; Eidelman, S; Eigen, G; Eisner, AM; Faccini, R; Flood, KT; Gambino, P; Gaz, A; Gradl, W; Hayashii, H; Higuchi, T; Hulsbergen, WD; Hurth, T; Iijima, T; Itoh, R; Jackson, PD; Kass, R; Kolomensky, YG; Kou, E; Krizan, P; Kronfeld, A; Kumano, S; Kwon, YJ; Latham, TE; Leith, DWGS; Uth, VL; Martinez-Vidal, F; Meadows, BT; Mussa, R; Nakao, M; Nishida, S; Ocariz, J; Olsen, SL; Pakhlov, P; Pakhlova, G; Palano, A; Pich, A; Playfer, S; Poluektov, A; Porter, FC; Robertson, SH; Roney, JM; Roodman, A; Sakai, Y; Schwanda, C; Schwartz, AJ; Seidl, R; Sekula, SJ; Steinhauser, M; Sumisawa, K; Swanson, ES; Tackmann, F; Trabelsi, K; Uehara, S; Uno, S; van de Water, R; Vasseur, G; Verkerke, W; Waldi, R; Wang, MZ; Wilson, FF; Zupan, J; Zupanc, A; Adachi, I; Albert, J; Banerjee, S; Bellis, M; Ben-Haim, E; Biassoni, P; Cahn, RN; Cartaro, C; Chauveau, J; Chen, C; Chiang, CC; Cowan, R; Dalseno, J; Davier, M; Davies, C; Dingfelder, JC; Echenard, B; Epifanov, D; Fulsom, BG; Gabareen, AM; Gary, JW; Godang, R; Graham, MT; Hafner, A; Hamilton, B; Hartmann, T; Hayasaka, K; Hearty, C; Iwasaki, Y; Khodjamirian, A; Kusaka, A; Kuzmin, A; Lafferty, GD; Lazzaro, A; Li, J; Lindemann, D; Long, O; Lusiani, A; Marchiori, G; Martinelli, M; Miyabayashi, K; Mizuk, R; Mohanty, GB; Muller, DR; Nakazawa, H; Ongmongkolkul, P; Pacetti, S; Palombo, F; Pedlar, TK; Piilonen, LE; Pilloni, A; Poireau, V; Prothmann, K; Pulliam, T; Rama, M; Ratcliff, BN; Roudeau, P; Schrenk, S; Schroeder, T; Schubert, KR; Shen, CP; Shwartz, B; Soffer, A; Solodov, EP; Somov, A; Staric, M; Stracka, S; Telnov, AV; Todyshev, KY; Tsuboyama, T; Uglov, T; Vinokurova, A; Walsh, JJ; Watanabe, Y; Won, E; Wormser, G; Wright, DH; Ye, S; Zhang, CC; Abachi, S; Abashian, A; Abe, K; Abe, K; Abe, N; Abe, R; Abe, T; Abe, T; Abrams, GS; Adam, I; Adamczyk, K; Adametz, A; Adye, T; Agarwal, A; Ahmed, H; Ahmed, M; Ahmed, S; Ahn, BS; Ahn, HS; Aitchison, IJR; Akai, K; Akar, S; Akatsu, M; Akemoto, M; Akhmetshin, R; Akre, R; Alam, MS; Albert, JN; Aleksan, R; Alexander, JP; Alimonti, G; Allen, MT; Allison, J; Allmendinger, T; Alsmiller, JRG; Altenburg, D; Alwyn, KE; An, Q; Anderson, J; Andreassen, R; Andreotti, D; Andreotti, M; Andress, JC; Angelini, C; Anipko, D; Anjomshoaa, A; Anthony, PL; Antillon, EA; Antonioli, E; Aoki, K; Arguin, JF; Arinstein, K; Arisaka, K; Asai, K; Asai, M; Asano, Y; Asgeirsson, DJ; Asner, DM; Aso, T; Aspinwall, ML; Aston, D; Atmacan, H; Aubert, B; Aulchenko, V; Ayad, R; Azemoon, T; Aziz, T; Azzolini, V; Azzopardi, DE; Baak, MA; Back, JJ; Bagnasco, S; Bahinipati, S; Bailey, DS; Bailey, S; Bailly, P; Van Bakel, N; Bakich, AM; Bala, A; Balagura, V; Baldini-Ferroli, R; Ban, Y; Banas, E; Band, HR; Banerjee, S; Baracchini, E; Barate, R; Barberio, E; Barbero, M; Bard, DJ; Barillari, T; Barlow, NR; Barlow, RJ; Barrett, M; Bartel, W; Bartelt, J; Bartoldus, R; Batignani, G; Battaglia, M; Bauer, JM; Bay, A; Beaulieu, M; Bechtle, P; Beck, TW; Becker, J; Becla, J; Bedny, I; Behari, S; Behera, PK; Behn, E; Behr, L; Beigbeder, C; Beiline, D; Bell, R; Bellini, F; Bellodi, G; Belous, K; Benayoun, M; Benelli, G; Benitez, JF; Benkebil, M; Berger, N; Bernabeu, J; Bernard, D; Bernet, R; Bernlochner, FU; Berryhill, JW; Bertsche, K; Besson, P; Best, DS; Bettarini, S; Bettoni, D; Bhardwaj, V; Bhimji, W; Bhuyan, B; Bhuyan, B; Biagini, ME; Biasini, M; Van Bibber, K; Biesiada, J; Bingham, I; Bionta, RM; Bischofberger, M; Bitenc, U; Bizjak, I; Blanc, F; Blaylock, G; Blinov, VE; Bloom, E; Bloom, PC; Blount, NL; Blouw, J; Bly, M; Blyth, S; Boeheim, CT; Bomben, M; Bondar, A; Bondioli, M; Bonneaud, GR; Bonvicini, G; Booke, M; Booth, J; Borean, C; Borgland, AW; Borsato, E; Bosi, F; Bosisio, L; Botov, AA; Bougher, J; Bouldin, K; Bourgeois, P; Boutigny, D; Bowerman, DA; Boyarski, AM; Boyce, RF; Boyd, JT; Bozek, A; Bozzi, C; Bracko, M; Brandenburg, G; Brandt, T; Brau, B; Brau, J; Breon, AB; Breton, D; Brew, C; Briand, H; Bright-Thomas, PG; Brigljevic, V; Britton, DI; Brochard, F; Broomer, B; Brose, J; Browder, TE; Brown, CL; Brown, CM; Brown, DN; Brown, DN; Browne, M; Bruinsma, M; Brunet, S; Bucci, F; Buchanan, C; Buchmueller, OL; Unger, CB; Bugg, W; Bukin, AD; Bula, R; Bulten, H; Burchat, PR; Burgess, W; Burke, JP; Button-Shafer, J; Buzykaev, AR; Buzzo, A; Cai, Y; Calabrese, R; Calcaterra, A; Calderini, G; Camanzi, B; Campagna, E; Campagnari, C; Capra, R; Carassiti, V; Carpinelli, M; Carroll, M; Casarosa, G; Casey, BCK; Cason, NM; Castelli, G; Cavallo, N; Cavoto, G; Cecchi, A; Cenci, R; Cerizza, G; Cervelli, A; Ceseracciu, A; Chai, X; Chaisanguanthum, KS; Chang, MC; Chang, YH; Chang, YW; Chao, DS; Chao, M; Chao, Y; Charles, E; Chavez, CA; Cheaib, R; Chekelian, V; Chen, A; Chen, A; Chen, E; Chen, GP; Chen, HF; Chen, J-H; Chen, JC; Chen, KF; Chen, P; Chen, S; Chen, WT; Chen, X; Chen, XR; Chen, YQ; Cheng, B; Cheon, BG; Chevalier, N; Chia, YM; Chidzik, S; Chilikin, K; Chistiakova, MV; Cizeron, R; Cho, IS; Cho, K; Chobanova, V; Choi, HHF; Choi, KS; Choi, SK; Choi, Y; Choi, YK; Christ, S; Chu, PH; Chun, S; Chuvikov, A; Cibinetto, G; Cinabro, D; Clark, AR; Clark, PJ; Clarke, CK; Claus, R; Claxton, B; Clifton, ZC; Cochran, J; Cohen-Tanugi, J; Cohn, H; Colberg, T; Cole, S; Colecchia, F; Condurache, C; Contri, R; Convert, P; Convery, MR; Cooke, P; Copty, N; Cormack, CM; Dal Corso, F; Corwin, LA; Cossutti, F; Cote, D; Ramusino, AC; Cottingham, WN; Couderc, F; Coupal, DP; Covarelli, R; Cowan, G; Craddock, WW; Crane, G; Crawley, HB; Cremaldi, L; Crescente, A; Cristinziani, M; Crnkovic, J; Crosetti, G; Cuhadar-Donszelmann, T; Cunha, A; Curry, S; D'Orazio, A; Du, S; Dahlinger, G; Dahmes, B; Dallapiccola, C; Danielson, N; Danilov, M; Das, A; Dash, M; Dasu, S; Datta, M; Daudo, F; Dauncey, PD; David, P; Davis, CL; Day, CT; De Mori, F; De Domenico, G; De Groot, N; De la Vaissiere, C; De la Vaissiere, C; De Lesquen, A; De Nardo, G; de Sangro, R; De Silva, A; DeBarger, S; Decker, FJ; Sanchez, PDA; Del Buono, L; Del Gamba, V; del Re, D; Della Ricca, G; Denig, AG; Derkach, D; Derrington, IM; DeStaebler, H; Destree, J; Devmal, S; Dey, B; Di Girolamo, B; Di Marco, E; Dickopp, M; Dima, MO; Dittrich, S; Dittongo, S; Dixon, P; Dneprovsky, L; Dohou, F; Doi, Y; Dolezal, Z; Doll, DA; Donald, M; Dong, L; Dong, LY; Dorfan, J; Dorigo, A; Dorsten, MP; Dowd, R; Dowdell, J; Drasal, Z; Dragic, J; Drummond, BW; Dubitzky, RS; Dubois-Felsmann, GP; Dubrovin, MS; Duh, YC; Duh, YT; Dujmic, D; Dungel, W; Dunwoodie, W; Dutta, D; Dvoretskii, A; Dyce, N; Ebert, M; Eckhart, EA; Ecklund, S; Eckmann, R; Eckstein, P; Edgar, CL; Edwards, AJ; Egede, U; Eichenbaum, AM; Elmer, P; Emery, S; Enari, Y; Enomoto, R; Erdos, E; Erickson, R; Ernst, JA; Erwin, RJ; Escalier, M; Eschenburg, V; Eschrich, I; Esen, S; Esteve, L; Evangelisti, F; Everton, CW; Eyges, V; Fabby, C; Fabozzi, F; Fahey, S; Falbo, M; Fan, S; Fang, F; Fang, F; Fanin, C; Farbin, A; Farhat, H; Fast, JE; Feindt, M; Fella, A; Feltresi, E; Ferber, T; Fernholz, RE; Ferrag, S; Ferrarotto, F; Ferroni, F; Field, RC; Filippi, A; Finocchiaro, G; Fioravanti, E; Da Costa, JF; Fischer, P-A; Fisher, AS; Fisher, PH; Flacco, CJ; Flack, RL; Flaecher, HU; Flanagan, J; Flanigan, JM; Ford, KE; Ford, WT; Forster, IJ; Forti, AC; Forti, F; Fortin, D; Foster, B; Foulkes, SD; Fouque, G; Fox, J; Franchini, P; Sevilla, MF; Franek, B; Frank, ED; Fransham, KB; Fratina, S; Fratini, K; Frey, A; Frey, R; Friedl, M; Fritsch, M; Fry, JR; Fujii, H; Fujikawa, M; Fujita, Y; Fujiyama, Y; Fukunaga, C; Fukushima, M; Fullwood, J; Funahashi, Y; Funakoshi, Y; Furano, F; Furman, M; Furukawa, K; Futterschneider, H; Gabathuler, E; Gabriel, TA; Gabyshev, N; Gaede, F; Gagliardi, N; Gaidot, A; Gaillard, J-M; Gaillard, JR; Galagedera, S; Galeazzi, F; Gallo, F; Gamba, D; Gamet, R; Gan, KK; Gandini, P; Ganguly, S; Ganzhur, SF; Gao, YY; Gaponenko, I; Garmash, A; Tico, JG; Garzia, I; Gaspero, M; Gastaldi, F; Gatto, C; Gaur, V; Geddes, NI; Geld, TL; Genat, J-F; George, KA; George, M; George, S; Georgette, Z; Gershon, TJ; Gill, MS; Gillard, R; Gilman, JD; Giordano, F; Giorgi, MA; Giraud, P-F; Gladney, L; Glanzman, T; Glattauer, R; Go, A; Goetzen, K; Goh, YM; Gokhroo, G; Goldenzweig, P; Golubev, VB; Gopal, GP; Gordon, A; Gorisek, A; Goriletsky, VI; Gorodeisky, R; Gosset, L; Gotow, K; Gowdy, SJ; Graffin, P; Grancagnolo, S; Grauges, E; Graziani, G; Green, MG; Greene, MG; Grenier, GJ; Grenier, P; Griessinger, K; Grillo, AA; Grinyov, BV; Gritsan, AV; Grosdidier, G; Perdekamp, MG; Grosso, P; Grothe, M; Groysman, Y; Unberg, OG; Guido, E; Guler, H; Gunawardane, NJW; Guo, QH; Guo, RS; Guo, ZJ; Guttman, N; Ha, H; Ha, HC; Haas, T; Haba, J; Hachtel, J; Hadavand, HK; Hadig, T; Hagner, C; Haire, M; Haitani, F; Haji, T; Haller, G; Halyo, V; Hamano, K; Hamasaki, H; De Monchenault, GH; Hamilton, J; Hamilton, R; Hamon, O; Han, BY; Han, YL; Hanada, H; Hanagaki, K; Handa, F; Hanson, JE; Hanushevsky, A; Hara, K; Hara, T; Harada, Y; Harrison, PF; Harrison, TJ; Harrop, B; Hart, AJ; Hart, PA; Hartfiel, BL; Harton, JL; Haruyama, T; Hasan, A; Hasegawa, Y; Hast, C; Hastings, NC; Hasuko, K; Hauke, A; Hawkes, CM; Hayashi, K; Hazumi, M; Hee, C; Heenan, EM; Heffernan, D; Held, T; Henderson, R; Henderson, SW; Hertzbach, SS; Herve, S; Hess, M; Heusch, CA; Hicheur, A; Higashi, Y; Higasino, Y; Higuchi, I; Hikita, S; Hill, EJ; Himel, T; Hinz, L; Hirai, T; Hirano, H; Hirschauer, JF; Hitlin, DG; Hitomi, N; Hodgkinson, MC; Ocker, AH; Hoi, CT; Hojo, T; Hokuue, T; Hollar, JJ; Hong, TM; Honscheid, K; Hooberman, B; Hopkins, DA; Horii, Y; Hoshi, Y; Hoshina, K; Hou, S; Hou, WS; Hryn'ova, T; Hsiung, YB; Hsu, CL; Hsu, SC; Hu, H; Hu, T; Huang, HC; Huang, TJ; Huang, YC; Huard, Z; Huffer, ME; Hufnagel, D; Hung, T; Hutchcroft, DE; Hyun, HJ; Ichizawa, S; Igaki, T; Igarashi, A; Igarashi, S; Igarashi, Y; Igonkina, O; Ikado, K; Ikeda, H; Ikeda, H; Ikeda, K; Ilic, J; Inami, K; Innes, WR; Inoue, Y; Ishikawa, A; Ishikawa, A; Ishino, H; Itagaki, K; Itami, S; Itoh, K; Ivanchenko, VN; Iverson, R; Iwabuchi, M; Iwai, G; Iwai, M; Iwaida, S; Iwamoto, M; Iwasaki, H; Iwasaki, M; Iwasaki, M; Iwashita, T; Izen, JM; Jackson, DJ; Jackson, F; Jackson, G; Jackson, PS; Jacobsen, RG; Jacoby, C; Jaegle, I; Jain, V; Jalocha, P; Jang, HK; Jasper, H; Jawahery, A; Jayatilleke, S; Jen, CM; Jensen, F; Jessop, CP; Ji, XB; John, MJJ; Johnson, DR; Johnson, JR; Jolly, S; Jones, M; Joo, KK; Joshi, N; Joshi, NJ; Judd, D; Julius, T; Kadel, RW; Kadyk, JA; Kagan, H; Kagan, R; Kah, DH; Kaiser, S; Kaji, H; Kajiwara, S; Kakuno, H; Kameshima, T; Kaminski, J; Kamitani, T; Kaneko, J; Kang, JH; Kang, JS; Kani, T; Kapusta, P; Karbach, TM; Karolak, M; Karyotakis, Y; Kasami, K; Katano, G; Kataoka, SU; Katayama, N; Kato, E; Kato, Y; Kawai, H; Kawai, H; Kawai, M; Kawamura, N; Kawasaki, T; Kay, J; Kay, M; Kelly, MP; Kelsey, MH; Kent, N; Kerth, LT; Khan, A; Khan, HR; Kharakh, D; Kibayashi, A; Kichimi, H; Kiesling, C; 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Kurup, A; Kutter, PE; Kuznetsova, N; Kvasnicka, P; Kyberd, P; Kyeong, SH; Lacker, HM; Lae, CK; Lamanna, E; Lamsa, J; Lanceri, L; Landi, L; Lang, MI; Lange, DJ; Lange, JS; Langenegger, U; Langer, M; Lankford, AJ; Lanni, F; Laplace, S; Latour, E; Lau, YP; Lavin, DR; Layter, J; Lebbolo, H; LeClerc, C; Leddig, T; Leder, G; Le Diberder, F; Lee, CL; Lee, J; Lee, JS; Lee, MC; Lee, MH; Lee, MJ; Lee, MJ; Lee, S-J; Lee, SE; Lee, SH; Lee, YJ; Lees, JP; Legendre, M; Leitgab, M; Leitner, R; Leonardi, E; Leonidopoulos, C; Lepeltier, V; Leruste, P; Lesiak, T; Levi, ME; Levy, SL; Lewandowski, B; Lewczuk, MJ; Lewis, P; Li, H; Li, HB; Li, S; Li, X; Li, X; Li, Y; Li, Y; Gioi, LL; Libby, J; Lidbury, J; Lillard, V; Lim, CL; Limosani, A; Lin, CS; Lin, JY; Lin, SW; Lin, YS; Lindquist, B; Lindsay, C; Lista, L; Liu, C; Liu, F; Liu, H; Liu, HM; Liu, J; Liu, R; Liu, T; Liu, Y; Liu, ZQ; Liventsev, D; Lo Vetere, M; Locke, CB; Lockman, WS; Di Lodovico, F; Lombardo, V; London, GW; Pegna, DL; Lopez, L; Lopez-March, N; 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  13. Correlation-aware packet scheduling for multi-camera streaming

    Toni, L; Maugey, T; Frossard, P
    In multi-view applications, multiple cameras acquire the same scene from different perspectives, which results in correlated video streams. It becomes important to exploit this correlation at the acquisition side (i.e., in the source coding) or at the receiver side (i.e., during error-concealment). In this work, we propose a correlation-aware scheduling algorithm for multi-camera sets, in which information from all views need to be sent over a bottleneck channel to clients that decode the 3D scene captured by the cameras. Based on a novel rate-distortion model, that takes into account the correlation between sources, we propose a solution that minimizes the...

  14. Packet scheduling in multicamera capture systems

    Toni, L; Maugey, T; Frossard, P
    In multiview video services, multiple cameras acquire the same scene from different perspectives, which results in correlated video streams. This generates large amounts of highly redundant data, which need to be properly handled during encoding and transmission of the multi-view data. In this work, we study coding and transmission strategies in multicamera sets, where correlated sources need to be sent to a central server through a bottleneck channel, and eventually delivered to interactive clients. We propose a dynamic correlation-aware packet scheduling optimization under delay, bandwidth, and interactivity constraints. A novel trellis-based solution permits to formally decompose the multivariate optimization problem,...

  15. The impact of CACNA1C gene, and its epistasis with ZNF804A, on white matter microstructure in health, schizophrenia and bipolar disorder

    Mallas, EJ; Carletti, F; Chaddock, CA; Shergill, S; Woolley, J; Picchioni, MM; McDonald, C; Toulopoulou, T; Kravariti, E; Kalidindi, S; Bramon, E; Murray, R; Barker, GJ; Prata, DP
    Genome-wide studies have identified allele A (adenine) of single nucleotide polymorphism (SNP) rs1006737 of the calcium-channel CACNA1C gene as a risk factor for both schizophrenia (SZ) and bipolar disorder (BD) as well as allele A for rs1344706 in the zinc-finger ZNF804A gene. These illnesses have also been associated with white matter abnormalities, reflected by reductions in fractional anisotropy (FA), measured using diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). We assessed the impact of the CACNA1C psychosis risk variant on FA in SZ, BD and health. 230 individuals (with existing ZNF804A rs1344706 genotype data) were genotyped for CACNA1C rs1006737 and underwent DTI. FA data...

  16. Privacy-Preserving Genetic Relatedness Test

    De Cristofaro, E; Liang, K; Zhang, Y
    An increasing number of individuals are turning to Direct-To-Consumer genetic testing to learn about their predisposition to diseases, traits, and/or ancestry. Direct-to-consumer companies like 23andme and have started to offer popular ancestry and genealogy tests, with services allowing users to find unknown relatives and long-distant cousins. Naturally, access and possible dissemination of genetic data prompts serious privacy concerns, thus motivating the need to design efficient primitives supporting private genetic tests. In this paper, we present an effective protocol for privacy-preserving genetic relatedness test, enabling a cloud server to run relatedness tests on input an encrypted genetic database and a...

  17. Black and Minority Ethnic Student Attainment at UCL. Think Pieces: A Journal of the Joint Faculty Institute of Graduate Studies

    Evans, J; Johnson, S; Jones, M; McConlogue, T; McClelland, A; Vitello, S
    This article has a non-traditional format in that it consists of a committee paper which represents the culmination of a project to investigate and quantify BME student attainment at UCL. This project was initiated by the UCLU BME Student Officer, who raised concerns about the attainment gap between White and BME students in higher education. A small team, funded by the Centre for the Advancement of Learning and Teaching (CALT), undertook data collection to quantify the gap at UCL, review literature and make recommendations for future monitoring and measures aimed at creating a sense of belonging in BME students.

  18. Current blockage in sheared flow: Experiments and numerical modelling of regular waves and strongly sheared current through a space-frame structure

    Santo, H; Stagonas, D; Buldakov, E; Taylor, P
    Space-frame structures supporting marine renewable energy devices such as offshore wind turbines are exposed to complex hydrodynamic forces resulting from the coexistence of waves and currents. Previous investigations on the interaction of such structure acting as an obstacle array with regular waves and in-line uniform current reported a reduced fluid loading due to current blockage. This paper documents laboratory-scale experimental evidence for reduced fluid loading on a truss structure exposed to regular waves with in-line sheared current in shallow water. Strongly sheared current of different speeds is generated and profiled using purposely-built wire resistance arrays in a wave-current flume, and...

  19. Myten om 'den gamla goda svensktiden' och dess betydelse för Estland

    Kuldkepp, M

  20. Stories of Belonging: Ukrainian Immigrant Children's Experiences of Portugal

    Tereshchenko, A; Araújo, HC
    This article is situated within the literature examining the experiences of inclusion and exclusion by immigrant pupils in relation to the educational and social environment in the receiving country. It draws on data from a small, exploratory qualitative research study conducted in a supplementary school context in Portugal to explore how Ukrainian immigrant children (aged 12–16) negotiate their sense of belonging in Portugal. Specifically, the ways in which the young immigrants relate to and construct the locations such as ‘home’, i.e. a country of origin, and a ‘host’ country, i.e. Portugal, are considered; which resources they draw on in the...

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