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Volume 32, Issue 3 (May, 1932)

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  1. Back Matter

  2. A Comparison of the Alimentary Canals of the Active and Hibernating Adults of the Mexican Bean Beetle, Epilachna Corrupta Muls

    Burgess, Emory D.
    Author Institution: Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

  3. Nest of the Ant, Formica Subpolita Mayr, in the Western United States

    Cole, Arthur C., Jr.
    Author Institution: Ohio State University

  4. The Rebuilding of Mounds of the Ant, Pogonomyrmex Occidentalis, Cress

    Cole, Arthur C., Jr.
    Author Institution: Ohio State University

  5. Ranges of pH Tolerance of the Lemnaceae

    Hicks, Lawrence E.
    Author Institution: Ohio State University

  6. Dominance in Man, with Especial Reference to Polydactylism

    Dehus, Dolores; Snyder, Laurence H.
    Author Institution: Ohio State University

  7. The Reactions of Certain Cladocera to Colored Lights of Equal Intensity

    Lumer, Hyman
    Author Institution: Western Reserve University

  8. Starch Synthesis in the Variegated Leaves of Pelargonium

    Chapman, A. G.; Camp, W. H.

  9. The New Trigonocarpus from Ohio

    Berry, Willard
    Author Institution: Ohio State University

  10. Nelson Ledge State Park

    Ver Steeg, Karl
    Author Institution: Professor of Geology, College of Wooster, Wooster, Ohio

  11. The Cephalopod Genera Cyrtendoceras and Oelandoceras

    Foerste, Aug. F.
    Author Institution: Dayton, Ohio

  12. Front Matter

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