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  1. Writers Talk featuring Marilyn Horowitz

    Horowitz, Marilyn
    Marilyn Horowitz, co-author of Sell Your Screenplay in 30 Days: Using New Media, discusses screenwriting with OSU student Taylor Altier.

  2. Writers Talk featuring Jim Gaffigan

    Humorist Jim Gaffigan discusses writing his new book Dad Is Fat.

  3. Writers Talk featuring Dan Savage

    Savage, Dan
    Ohio State University. Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing

  4. Writers Talk featuring Nathan Englander

    Englander, Nathan
    Nathan Englander discusses This Is What We Talk About When We Talk About Anne Frank.

  5. Writers Talk featuring Jim Groom

    Groom, Jim
    Jim Groom, 2013 OSU INNOVATE keynote speaker and coiner of the term edupunk, talks to OSU student Johnathan Diehl.

  6. Writers Talk featuring Anna M. Peterson and Patrick Potyondy from OSU Origins and Tracy Chevalier

    Peterson, Anna M.; Chevalier, Tracy
    OSU history graduate student discusses her research on abortion with Origins associate editor Patrick Potyondy. May 21 Thurber House guest Tracy Chevalier discusses her historical novels, including the Girl with a Pearl Earring, and her latest, The Last Runaway.

  7. Writers Talk featuring J. Randall Hicks from Canned Goods

    Hicks, J. Randall
    Multi-instrumentalist J. Randall Hicks from Canned Goods discusses song writing and how to make sad songs sadder.

  8. Writers Talk featuring Alice Conklin and Arts and Sciences iTunes U Bootcamp

    Potyondy, Patrick; Altier, Taylor
    Writers Talk History continues with Patrick Potyondy's talk with OSU history professor Alice Conklin. And OSU student Taylor Altier finds out how being members of the OSU contingent of iTunes U Bootcamp changed OSU professors Cynthia Dassler, Cynthia Selfe, and Nicole Kraft.

  9. Writers Talk featuring authors Troy Hicks and Elaine Wolf

    Wolf, Elaine; Hicks, Troy
    Elaine Wolf, author of Camp, talks to OSU students Erin Reilly-Sanders and Allison Fetzer. Author and teacher Troy Hicks talks to OSU employee Kevin Cordi about the impact of technology on the teaching of writing.

  10. Writers Talk featuring Cory Doctorow and Sharon Olds

    Olds, Sharon; Doctorow, Cory
    OSU creative writing student Shelley Wong talks to poet Sharon Olds. Writer Cory Doctorow tells OSU student and Lantern reporter Ben Keith what's new to fear in the world in Doctorow's latest novel

  11. Writers Talk featuring Susan Cain and Dahlynn McKowen

    Cain, Susan; McKowen, Dahlynn
    Susan Cain, author of Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking, joins the chorus of people asking us to be silent. And OSU alumnus and lecturer Alexis Martina hears Dahlynn McKowen's comments On Being a Stupid Kid, her latest edited collection of stories in the Not Your Mother's Book series.

  12. Writers Talk featuring Christopher Emdin and Kate Lambert

    Emdin, Christopher; Lambert, Kate
    In conjunction with the OSU College of Education and Human Ecology and its February 15-16 Hip Hop Literacies conference, OSU student Krista Benson talks with Columbia University professor Christopher Emdin about his work and keynote at the conference. The Thurber House talks to us about upcoming guest Carla Buckley. And OSU student Bill Fienberg learns comedy writing secrets from Second City's Kate Lambert, whose troupe will be in town on February 8 and 9 with CAPA.

  13. Writers Talk featuring Koritha Mitchell, Lonnie Stuckey, and Chris Pavone

    Mitchell, Koritha; Stuckey, Lonnie; Pavone, Chis
    OSU professor Koritha Mitchell discuss Amiri Baraka in conjunction with Black Lit radio with Hopeton Hay. Lonnie Stuckey, the winner of the KIPP Journey School/Writers Talk contest, will read his winning essay. Recent Thurber House guest Chris Pavon will discuss his novel The ExPats.

  14. Writers Talk featuring Origins, Anna Vogelzang, and Dave Ferguson

    Siff, Sarah; Vogelzang, Anna; Ferguson, Dave
    In conjunction with the OSU Department of History and Origins, OSU student Patrick Potyondy talks with historian Sarah Siff about her article on Class Warfare, published in Origins. Upcoming Six String Concerts guest Anna Vogelzang tells us about her music. And Writers Talk intern Grace Hardwick discusses the Lance Armstrong scandal with sports blogger Dave Ferguson.

  15. Writers Talk featuring Mary Jane Clark, Frederick Pinto, and Thurber House

    Clark, Mary Jane; Pinto, Frederick; Pavone, Chris
    Discussions with Thurber House guest Mary Jane Clark, who reveals the secrets of suspense writing; Frederick Pinto's stories of the music industry as told to OSU student and Lantern reporter Ben Keith; and a preview of January 30 Thurber House guest Chris Pavone.

  16. Writers Talk featuring OSU student scriptwriters for Columbus MLK Day Celebration

    Stentz, Meg; Swanson, Sierra; Willis, Dan
    Meg Stentz and Sierra Swanson, students in the OSU professional writing minor, discuss cowriting the script for the Columbus Martin Luther King Day Celebration with event performance manager Dan Willis. Hosted by Claire Nusbaum.

  17. Writers Talk featuring The Bloggess, Thurber House, and Koritha Mitchell

    Jones, Tayari; Clark, Mary Jane; Fallon, Meg
    In conjunction with KAZI Book Review with Hopeton Hay, Writers Talk presents OSU professor Koritha Mitchell's interview with Tayari Jones, author of the novel Silver Sparrow. Thurber House director Susanne Jaffee previews this week's guest Mary Jane Clark, author of Footprints in the Sand. And Internet phenomenon The Bloggess tells OSU student Meg Fallon how to overcome a fear of public speaking.

  18. Writers Talk featuring Kati Marton and Chris Cleave

    Marton, Kati; Cleave, Chris
    Thurber House guests Kati Marton discusses her memoir, Paris: A Love Story, and Chris Cleave discusses his latest novel Gold.

  19. Writers Talk featuring WT/Barnes & Noble writing competition winners

    Kollman, Diane; Vazquez, John D.; Myers, Mark; Lovelace, Craig S.; Rogers, Judith
    Winners from Writers Talk/Barnes and Noble Year End Writing Competition. Recorded live December 4. Honorable mention: Banana Pancakes by OSU student Diane Kollman, read by T.J. Armstrong. Honorable mention: I'm Not So Jolly by OSU graduate John D. Vazquez, read by Michael Lee. Third Place (\$25 Barnes and Noble gift certificate) She Felt It by OSU graduate Mark Myers, read by Elizabeth Harelik. Second Place (\$50 B&N GC) - Miriam Penzeler by Craig S. Lovelace, read by Craig S. Lovelace. First Place (\$100 B&N GC) - A Christmas for the Birds by OSU graduate Judith Rogers, read by Jill Summerville

  20. Writers Talk featuring Buddy Valastro

    Valastro, Buddy
    Cake Boss Buddy Valastro discusses his books and his CAPA show in Columbus on December 4.

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