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Volume 33, Issue 2 (March, 1933)

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  1. Back Matter

  2. A Statistical Survey of Ohio Winter Bird Life

    Hicks, Lawrence E.; Chapman, Floyd B.
    Author Institution: Ohio State University

  3. A Comparison Between the Spectrophotometric and Biological Assay for the Vitamin A Content of Fish-Liver Oils

    Magill, Mary A.; Brode, Wallace R.
    Author Institution: Department of Chemistry, Ohio State University

  4. The Effect of High Concentrations of Dissolved Oxygen on Several Species of Pond Fishes

    Wiebe, A. H.
    Author Institution: U. S. Bureau of Fisheries Laboratory, Fairport, Iowa

  5. Digestion in Blowfly Larvae, Phormia Regina Meigen, Used in the Treatment of Ostermyelitis

    Fletcher, Fred Walker; Haub, James G.
    Author Institution: Ohio State University

  6. Myelin Structures in Lipoids and Their Relation to Electric Charges

    Telkes, Maria; Fencl, Dorothy
    Author Institution: Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Cleveland, Ohio

  7. Front Matter

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