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Volume 35, Issue 2 (March, 1935)

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  1. Back Matter

  2. The Alimentary Canal of Harpalus Pennsylvanicus Dej. (Carabidae: Coleoptera)

    Whittington, F. B.
    Author Institution: Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

  3. Water-Vapor Loss from Plants Growing in Various Habitats

    Blaydes, Glenn W.
    Author Institution: Ohio State University

  4. Antennal Regeneration in Daphnia Magna

    Anderson, Bertil Gottfrid
    Author Institution: Biological Laboratory, Western Reserve University

  5. A New Chicken Louse (Mallophaga: Philopteridae) from the Canal Zone

    Peters, Harold S.
    Author Institution: Washington, D. C.

  6. Notes on the Infestation of Wild Birds by Mallophaga

    Geist, Robert M.
    Author Institution: Department of Zoology, Capital University

  7. A Veteran Volunteer State Sanitary Association

    Paterson, Robert G.
    Author Institution: Executive Secretary, Ohio Public Health Association, Professor of Public Health, School of Social Administration, Ohio State University

  8. Some Intestinal Parasites of Natrix Sipedon Linn., with Notes on the Identity of Ophiotaenia (Taenia) Lactea Leidy with Ophiotaenia Perspicua Larue

    Anderson, Marlowe G.
    Author Institution: Northwestern University

  9. The Ohio River Flood of March, 1933

    Buckley, Wallace T.

  10. Front Matter

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