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Volume 37, Issue 6 (November, 1936)

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  1. Back Matter

  2. Index to Volume XXXVI

  3. Book Notices

  4. Studies in the Biology of the Leech. IV, An Explanation of Certain Phases of Leech Behavior

    Miller, John A.
    Author Institution: Ohio State University

  5. Book Notices

  6. Studies of the Genus Scaphoideus (Homoptera, Cicadellildae). Part II, Nine New North American Species and Descriptions of Five Male Allotypes

    DeLong, Dwight M.; Beery, Lawrence
    Author Institution: Ohio State University

  7. Two Hemipterous Enemies of the Mexican Bean Beetle in Ohio

    Stehr, William C.; Farrell, William
    Author Institution: Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

  8. Book Notices

  9. Mohican Forest Park

    Ver Steeg, Karl
    Author Institution: College of Wooster

  10. Book Notices

  11. Protozoan Parasites of the Orthoptera, with Special Reference to those in Ohio. I, Introduction and Methods

    Semans, Frank Merrick
    Author Institution: The Ohio State University and Youngstown College

  12. The Theory of Lakes and Mountain Barriers in Early American Geology

    Furcron, A. S.

  13. Front Matter

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