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The KnowledgeBank at OSU (57,441 recursos)
Knowledge Bank contains collections of presentations, publications and reports related to Ohio State University.

Volume 40, Issue 3 (May, 1940)

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1. Back Matter

2. Notice to Members of Ohio Academy of Science

3. Book Notices

4. An Ecological Effect of the New England Hurrican - Rogick, Mary Dora
Author Institution: College of New Rochelle

5. Book Notices

6. A Comparison of Plankton Counts from the Trap-Net and Water Bottle Centrifuge Techniques - Kraatz, Walter C.
Author Institution: Department of Biology, University of Akron, Akron, Ohio

7. Book Notices

8. Three New Australian Encyrtid Genera - Girault, A. A.
Author Institution: Queensland, Australia

9. Book Notices

10. Notes on Subtropical Plants and Animals in Ohio - Masters, Charles Otto
Author Institution: Western Reserve University

11. Spiders and Insects Found Associated with Sweet Corn with Notes on the Food and Habits of Some Species. V., Homoptera and Summary - Everly, Ray Thomas
Author Institution: Holmesville, Ohio

12. Book Notices

13. Notes on Some Ohio Aphids - Smith, Clyde F.
Author Institution: Assistant Entomologist

14. New and Rare Spiders from the Great Smoky Mountain National Park Region - Barrows, W. M.
Author Institution: Ohio State University

15. Book Notices

16. The Carbon and Nitrogen Metabolism of Stereum Gausapatum Fries - Herrick, J. Arthur
Author Institution: Kent State University

17. Front Matter


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