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  1. "Science and Technology and European Market Integration." US National Academy of Sciences Forum, Washington, 5 March 1990

    Pandolfi, Filippo

  2. "CHILE AND EUROPE: WORKING TOGETHER ON THE NEW TRADE CHALLENGES". Remarks by The Right Honourable Sir Leon Brittan QC Vice-President of the European Commission. Santiago, 2 April 1997

    Brittan, Leon
    It is fitting that the central speaking engagement of my official visit to Chile should take place before a distinguished gathering of businessmen such as this. In the global economy, on which Europe as well as Chile depends so heavily for future prosperity, it is business as much as public administration that calls the shots. Businessmen of partner nations must talk more, not only with each other but with their governments, in order to ensure that we on the political side understand what business needs for the decades ahead. In the case of Chile and Europe, the needs seem to me very much on the same lines.

  3. Millet, Pierre

  4. The U.K. Economy and the E.C.C.: Address by Christopher Tugendhat, Vice-President of the European Commission, on the Occasion of the First Annual Shell Lecture at St. Andrews University on 14 May 1981. Fife, 14 May 1981

    Tugendhat, Christopher.

  5. Opening Statement of His Excellency, Prof. Dr. Mochtar Kusumaatmadja, ASEAN Spokesman and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Republic of Indonesia, at the ASEAN-EC Ministerial Meeting, Brussels, 20 November 1978

    Kusumaatmadja, Mochtar

  6. Address at the Opening of the ASEAN/EC Meeting. Singapore, 18-20 June 1987

    Cheysson, C.

  7. The Role of the European Community in world affairs. European Community News No. 6/1981, 22 January 1981

  8. Statement by Mr. Wilhelm Haferkamp, Vice-President of the Commission of the European Communities in charge of external relations, on the occasion of the post-dialogue meeting of ASEAN Ministers in Jakarta on 12 July 1984

  9. President's statement at opening of EEC/ASEAN Ministerial Conference: Brussels, Monday 20 November 1978

  10. Speech by the President of the European Parliament Dr. Egon A. Klepsch to the European Council on Friday, 11 December 1992 in Edinburgh

    Klepsch, Egon A.

  11. The European Council Meeting: Policy Statement by Helmut Kohl, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, 22 June 1983. Statements and Speeches, Vol. VI No. II, 23 June 1983

    Wiessman, Hans

  12. Declaration du Chancelier de la République fédérale d'Allemagne, M. Willy Brandt, à la Conférence des Chefs d'Etat ou de Gouvernement européen a Paris, les 15 et 20 octobre 1972. Première partie. = Statement by the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Willy Brandt, at the Conference of Heads of State of European Governments, Paris, 15 and 20 October 1972. Part one

  13. EEC POLICY TOWARDS THE DEVELOPING COUNTRIES. Bari Symposium, 7-8 October 1961. Address by M. Robert Lemaignen, Member of the Commission of the European Economic Community

  14. European Community policy towards developing countries. Notes for talk to the School of International Service of the American University on 26 September 1980. Mr. C. Audland, 19 September 1980

    Audland, C.

  15. La Communauté et la Canada. Discours a prononcer par Monsieur Francois-Xavier Ortoli, president de la Commission des Communautes Europeenes, pour le "Canadian Institute for International Affairs" (CIIA) = The Community and Canada. Speech delivered by Mr. Francois-Xavier Ortoli, President of the Commission of the European Communities for the "Canadian Institute for International Affairs" (CIIA), 19 February 1976

    Ortoli, Francois-Xavier

  16. Text de la declaration de Georges Pompidou, President de la Republique Francaise, a la seance d'ouverture de la Conference des Chefs d'Etat ou de Gouvernement des Etats Membres ou adherents des Communautes europeenees - Paris, 19 octobre 1972 = Text of the statement by Georges Pompidou, President of the French Republic, at the opening session of the Conference of Heads of Stats or Governments of the Member States and candidates. Paris, 19 October 1972

    Pompidou, Georges

  17. Conference de presse du President Mansholt commentant les resultats du sommet a Paris = Press conference of President Mansholt on the results of the Paris summit. 24 October 1972

    Mansholt, Sicco.

  18. Discours du Premier Ministre Britannique, le Rt. Hon. Edward Heath, a la seance inaugurale de la Conference europeenne au sommet, a Paris le 19 octobre 1972 - Speech by British Prime Minister, the Rt. Hon. Edward Heath, at the inaugural session of the European Summit Conference at Paris, 19 October 1972

    Heath, Edward

  19. Declaration du Chancelier de la Republique federale d'Allemagne, M. Willy Brandt, a la Conference des Chefs d'Etat ou de Gouvernment europeens a Paris, les 19 35 29 octobre 1972 = Statement by the Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany, Willy Brandt, at the Conference of Heads of State or Government in Paris, 20-10 October 1072

    Nrandt, Willy

  20. Text of public statement made by the Taoiseach, Mr. Liam Cosgrave, at the conclusion of the meeting of Heads of Government of the European Communities and text of declarations agreed by the Heads of Government. Dublin, 10-11 March 1975

    Cosgrave, Liam

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