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  1. The pornography of science: Curtis, Ballard and Burroughs

    Whittaker, Jason
    This chapter explores the literary influences of J. G. Ballard and William Burroughs on the music of Ian Curtis and Joy Division, in particular the song 'The Atrocity Exhibition' on their second album, Closer.

  2. From Hell: Blake and evil in popular culture

    Whittaker, Jason
    This chapter concentrates on the graphical novels of Alan Moore, the absurd fiction of J. G. Ballard, and Michael Dibden's thriller Dark Spectre to indicate some of the ways in which Blake is often used as a means to explain a peculiarly perverse form of evil, an intelligent psychopathy, that also has as its real target the institutional hypocrisy of moral law.

  3. Mental fight, corporeal war and righteous dub: the struggle for 'Jerusalem', 1979-2009

    Whittaker, Jason
    This chapter studies the uses and abuses of the hymn 'Jerusalem' at the turn of the twenty-first century. After the rise of both Thatcherism and New Labour, it became increasingly important to political movements on both the left and far right, and the chapter explores how the relatively mainstream position of neoliberalism and social democracy were replaced by more extremist positions as 'Jerusalem' was adopted first by anarchists and then the British National Party.

  4. Shakespeare and cultural materialist theory

    Marlow, Christopher
    Combining close attention to Shakespearean texts and the conditions of their production with an explicit left-wing political affiliation, cultural materialism offers readers a radical avenue through which to engage with Shakespeare and his world. Shakespeare and Cultural Materialist Theory charts the inception and development of this theory, setting out its central tenets and analysing the work of key thinkers such as Alan Sinfield, Jonathan Dollimore, Raymond Williams and Ania Loomba.

  5. Thackeray in time: history, memory and modernity

    Crossley, Alice; Salmon, Richard
    An intense fascination with the experience of time has long been recognised as a distinctive feature of the writing of William Makepeace Thackeray (1811–1863). This collection of essays, however, represents the first sustained critical examination of Thackeray's 'time consciousness' in all its varied manifestations. Encompassing the full chronological span of the author's career and a wide range of literary forms and genres in which he worked, Thackeray in Time repositions Thackeray's temporal and historical self-consciousness in relation to the broader socio-cultural contexts of Victorian modernity. The first part of the collection focusses on some of the characteristic temporal modes of...

  6. Nostalgia and jam tarts: memory and childhood in Thackeray's Roundabout Papers

    Crossley, Alice
    A close reading of Thackeray's Roundabout Papers, this is an essay which considers childhood in light of social exchange, collective memory, distorted temporality and cultivated memorialisation.

  7. The rising generation: male adolescence in Victorian literature and culture

    Crossley, Alice
    An analysis of the ways in which male adolescence was treated, conceived, and debated and represented in the nineteenth century.

  8. Elizabeth Gaskell and the short story

    Ludlow, Elizabeth; Styler, Rebecca
    Elizabeth Gaskell was the author of over forty short stories. Despite the resurgence in Gaskell criticism over the past three decades, these stories have only recently begun to receive the attention they deserve. Following an account of how the Victorian short story has been re-evaluated by literary critics, this introductory survey illuminates Gaskell’s key contributions to the development of the genre. Our discussion is structured around several areas of critical investigation that have been at the forefront of Gaskell studies over the past few years. These include: the position of Victorian short fiction in relation to predominant accounts of the...

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