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Volume 45, Issue 1 (January, 1945)

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  1. Back Matter

  2. Book Notices

  3. Review Papers : Fueling a Global War : An Adventure in Statecraft

    Ball, Max W.
    Author Institution: Petroleum Geologist, Special Assistant to Deputy Petroleum Administrator, Petroleum Administration for War, Washington 25, D.C.

  4. Book Notices

  5. Black Widow Spider (Latrodectus Mactans (Fabr.)) Distribution in Ohio : Supplement

    Semans, Frank Merrick
    Author Institution: Entomologist, North Jackson, Ohio

  6. Some New Species of Cloanthanus (Homoptera-Cicadellidae) from the Eastern United States

    DeLong, Dwight M.
    Author Institution: Department of Zoology and Entomology, Ohio State University

  7. A Systematic Study of the Main Arteries in the Region of the Heart--Aves XXI : Passeriformes--Paridae. Part 1

    Glenny, Fred H.

  8. Notes and Records of Lepidoptera in Ohio

    Stehr, William C.
    Author Institution: Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

  9. The Similarity Existing Between Some Algae and Some Pollens with a Further Note Concerning Phytomorula Regularis Kofoid

    Taft, Clarence E.
    Author Institution: The Ohio State University

  10. Studies in Human Inheritance. XXVII, The Inheritance of the Shape of the Sella Turcica

    Snyder, Laurence H.; Blank, Fritz
    Author Institution: The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

  11. The Use of Weather Bureau Data in Ecological Studies

    Wolfe, John N.
    Author Institution: The Ohio State University

  12. Front Matter

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