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A subject based repository for research materials on European integration and unification with materials from members of 15 institutions in Europe and the United States. The associated search engine AEIPlus allows simultaneous searching of both the AEI, and the European Research Papers Archive (ERPA), including the European Integration online Papers (EIOP).

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1. Report drawn up on behalf of the Committee on Development and Cooperation on the proposal from the Commission of the European Communities to the Council (COM(85) 559 final - Doc. C 2-120/85) for a Decision determining the general guidelines for 1986 concerning financial and technical aid to non-associated developing countries. Working Documents, Document 1985-86 A 2-0222/85, 19 February 1986 - Pery, Nicole

2. The European Conference and the enlargement of the European Union. Task-Force "Enlargement", Briefing No. 18, 3 April 1998

3. Interim Report of the Political Affairs Committee on relations between the European Community and Albania. Session Documents 1991, Document A3-0004/91, 14 January 1991 - Langer, Alexander

4. Draft report of the Committee on Social Affairs, Employment and the Working Environment on the Commission proposal for a Council Directive on the minimum health and safety requirements for improved medical treatment on board vessels (COM (90) 272 final - SYN 278 - Doc. C3-235/90). Session Documents 1990, Document A3-0379/90, 20 December 1990 - Nianias, Dimitrios

5. Opinion of the Committee on Agriculture, Fisheries and Rural Development for the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs and Industrial Policy on the Nineteenth Report of the Commission of the European Communities on Competition Policy. Opinion in letter form. Session Documents 1990, Document A3-0374/90/Annex, 15 January 1990 - Salamanca, Colino

6. Report for the Committee on External Economic Relations on the stage reached in the multilateral trade negotiations within the Uruguay Round of GATT. Session Documents 1990-91, Document A3-0215/90, 20 September 1990 - Stavrou, Konstantinos

7. Consultative Assembly of the Lome Convention (ACP-EEC). Fifth meeting. Luxembourg, 24-26 September 1980

8. Fiche thématique n. 13 sur la politique de l'emploi et la politique sociale de l'UE et la CIG (3è mise à jour), le 11 julliet 1997. = Briefing No. 13 on employment policy and social policy of the EU and the IGC (third update), 11 July 1997

9. Briefing No. 14 on the European Parliament (second update), 26 March 1997

10. Briefing No. 18 on the IGC and transparency (second update), 10 March 1997

11. Briefing No. 18 on the IGC and transparency (first update), 10 June 1996

12. Briefing No. 19 on subsidiarity and demarcation of responsibilities (seventh update), 15 July 1996

13. Briefing No. 19 on subsidiarity and demarcation of responsibilities (eighth update), 16 February 1997

14. Briefing No. 21 on commitology (first update), 17 March 1997

15. Briefing No. 23 on the IGC and the democratic nature of the Union (third update), 5 March 1997

16. Briefing No. 25 on the 1996 IGC and the effectiveness of the Union (third up-date), 5 March 1997

17. Briefing No. 26 on Europol (first update), 22 August 1996

18. Briefing No. 28 on combating fraud against the Community budget, legal protection of the Community's financial interests and monitoring Community expenditure (first update), 5 March 1996

19. Fiche thématique No. 29 sur la politique de l’énergie (Première mise à jour), le 26 août 1996. = Briefing No. 29 on energy policy (first update), 26 August 1996

20. Briefing No. 30 on the tourism and the 1996 IGC (first update), 31 October 1996

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