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A subject based repository for research materials on European integration and unification with materials from members of 15 institutions in Europe and the United States. The associated search engine AEIPlus allows simultaneous searching of both the AEI, and the European Research Papers Archive (ERPA), including the European Integration online Papers (EIOP).

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  1. Niederenergetische Iionenstrahl-Kathodenzerstaubung als allgemein anwedbares Abtrageverfahren zur Messung von Festkörperdiffusion. EUR 5234. = Low energy ion-beam sputtering as a generally applicable sectioning technique in measuring solid state diffusion. EUR 5234.

    Maier, K.; Schüle, W.

  2. Evenements sociaux dans la Communaute. Note d'information = Social events in the Community. Information Note No. 5, 1953-1963.

  3. The European Union's financing institutions 2000 [European Investment Bank]

  4. The European Union's financing institutions 1999 [European Investment Bank]

  5. Think Tank Review - Special Issue: EU politics, extremist parties and populism. April 2017

  6. Evenements sociaux dans la Communaute. Note d'information = Social events in the Community. Information Note No. 2, 1963.

  7. Think Tank Review Issue 43, February 2017

  8. Think Tank Review Issue 42, January 2017

  9. Think Tank Review Special Issue. Departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union (Brexit), April 2017

  10. Think Tank Review Issue 44 March 2017

  11. Think Tank Review Issue 41, December 2016

  12. Think Tank Review Issue 40, November 2016

  13. Euratom ready to finance research to increase output of SENN nuclear power plant. Euratom Information Service, February 12, 1960

  14. U.S.-Euratom joint agreement signed today. Euratom Information Service, November 7, 1958

  15. The ACP-EEC Assembly. Its beginnings and growth, how it works and what it has achieved 1964-1988. Third edition, July 1988. Dossier of the Christian-Democratic Group

    Bersani, Giovanni

  16. Euratom Bulletin 1968 Vol. VII Special Issue

  17. Euratom Bulletin June 1968 Vol. VII No. 2

  18. Euratom Bulletin March 1965 Vol. IV No. 1

  19. Euratom Bulletin 1963 No. 1

  20. Euratom Bulletin 1962 No. 4

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