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  1. Does a central clearing counterparty reduce liquidity needs?

    Hayakawa, Hitoshi
    This study investigates whether and how central clearing influences the overall liquidity needs in a network of financial obligations. Utilizing the approach of flow network theory, we show that the effect of adding a central clearing counterparty (CCP) is decomposed into two effects: central routing, and central netting effects. Each effect can produce different liquidity needs according to different liquidity scenarios. The analysis indicates that adding a CCP in times of financial distress successfully reduces the overall liquidity needs if and only if the netting efficiency of the CCP is sufficiently high. Furthermore, once the economy is no longer in...

  2. An overview of the Web of Science record of scientific publications (2004–2013) from Nepal: focus on disciplinary diversity and international collaboration

    Gautam, Pitambar
    This study attempts to use bibliometry as a tool for exploration of the passage of development of the science and technology through analysis of the scientific publications from a developing country by taking into account its state of higher education and the unique political, economic and geo-bio-environmental conditions. It deals with Nepal considering its scientific output during 1966–2016 reflected as publications indexed in the Web of Science Database. Preliminary examination of the publication record for Nepal reveals a number of the following characteristics: (1) low volume, negligible growth and lack of distinct trend until 1989; (2) a marked growth followed...

  3. 北の息吹 : 日本の魅力的なワイルドフラワー500種

    岡田, 尚武; ゴータム, ピタンバル にて公開したもの.

  4. The lacustrine section at Lukundol, Kathmandu basin, Nepal: Dating and magnetic fabric aspects

    Goddu, Srinivasa Rao; Appel, Erwin; Gautam, Pitambar; Oches, Eric A.; Wehland, Florian
    The fluvial and lacustrine sediments of Kathmandu basin in central Nepal are a good archive to study the past environmental changes and the history of development of the SW Indian monsoon. A sequence of about 170 m exposed at the southern part of the basin is divided into two lithological units: Lukundol Formation and Itaiti Formation. The Lukundol Formation mainly comprises fine-grained sediments whereas gravel beds dominate the Itaiti Formation. In total 750 oriented samples were collected all along the accessible part of the sequence in 10 cm3 plastic boxes with a sampling interval of ∼10 cm. Additional 128 samples...

  5. Detection of Bibliographic Coupling Communities Using Research Output (2004-2013) from Nepal

    Gautam, Pitambar
    This study explores a country-level bibliometric analysis to extract bibliographic coupling (BC) communities as clusters of documents coupled through publications in their reference lists using the BiblioTool software. The 2004-2013 research output from Nepal represented by relatively small dataset of 3,011 documents (peer reviewed articles and reviews) indexed as core collections in the Web of Science (WoS) database was used. Setting a threshold of 10 documents, twenty-five BC communities, each with 12-443 documents, which provide a comprehensive picture on the research themes characterized by diverse items (keywords, subjects, journals, institutions, countries, authors, references, and title words) were discriminated. Twelve communities...

  6. Tidal deformation of Ganymede: Sensitivity of Love numbers on the interior structure

    Kamata, Shunichi; Kimura, Jun; Matsumoto, Koji; Nimmo, Francis; Kuramoto, Kiyoshi; Namiki, Noriyuki
    Tidal deformation of icy satellites provides crucial information on their subsurface structures. In this study, we investigate the parameter dependence of the tidal displacement and potential Love numbers (i.e., h(2) and k(2), respectively) of Ganymede. Our results indicate that Love numbers for Ganymede models without a subsurface ocean are not necessarily smaller than those with a subsurface ocean. The phase lag, however, depends primarily on the presence/absence of a subsurface ocean. Thus, the determination of the phase lag would be of importance to infer whether Ganymede possesses a subsurface ocean or not based only on geodetic measurements. Our results also...

  7. Convergence of multimodal sensory pathways to the mushroom body calyx in Drosophila melanogaster

    Yagi, Ryosuke; Mabuchi, Yuta; Mizunami, Makoto; Tanaka, Nobuaki K.
    Detailed structural analyses of the mushroom body which plays critical roles in olfactory learning and memory revealed that it is directly connected with multiple primary sensory centers in Drosophila. Connectivity patterns between the mushroom body and primary sensory centers suggest that each mushroom body lobe processes information on different combinations of multiple sensory modalities. This finding provides a novel focus of research by Drosophila genetics for perception of the external world by integrating multisensory signals.

  8. Comparative Analysis of Scientific Publications of Research Entities Using Multiple Disciplinary Classifications

    Pitambar, Gautam
    This study attempts a comparative disciplinary analysis of a Web of Science (WoS) recorded dataset (ca. 15,000 core journal articles and reviews) of real publications for 5-years period by the research departments, dedicated to science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and medicine (STEMM), of a comprehensive university using different disciplinary schemes: Essential Science Indicators (ESI) 22 research fields, SCOPUS 27 subject areas and OECD Frascati 38 subordinate research fields. It demonstrates that assigning the publications to departments and disciplines followed by correspondence analysis and clustering of the contingency table comprising disciplinary share of publications results in enhanced understanding and visualization of the...

  9. Augmin shapes the anaphase spindle for efficient cytokinetic furrow ingression and abscission

    Uehara, Ryota; Kamasaki, Tomoko; Hiruma, Shota; Poser, Ina; Yoda, Kinya; Yajima, Junichiro; Gerlich, Daniel W.; Goshima, Gohta
    During anaphase, distinct populations of microtubules (MTs) form by either centrosome-dependent or augmin-dependent nucleation. It remains largely unknown whether these different MT populations contribute distinct functions to cytokinesis. Here we show that augmin-dependent MTs are required for the progression of both furrow ingression and abscission. Augmin depletion reduced the accumulation of anillin, a contractile ring regulator at the cell equator, yet centrosomal MTs were sufficient to mediate RhoA activation at the furrow. This defect in contractile ring organization, combined with incomplete spindle pole separation during anaphase, led to impaired furrow ingression. During the late stages of cytokinesis, astral MTs formed...

  10. The effect of Mg2+ incorporation on the structure of calcium carbonate clusters : investigation by the anharmonic downward distortion following method

    Kawano, Jun; Maeda, Satoshi; Nagai, Takaya
    Mg2+ is considered to play an important role in the formation of calcium carbonate polymorphs; however, how it affects polymorph selection during the early stages of CaCO3 formation is not yet well understood. In the present study, in order to clarify the effect of Mg2+ on the nucleation of calcium carbonate polymorphs, the stable structures of anhydrous additive-free and Mg-containing calcium carbonate clusters are derived using the anharmonic downward distortion following method, based on quantum chemical calculations. Optimization is performed at the B3LYP/6-31+G(d) level and the solvent effect is induced by the self-consistent reaction field method using the conductor-like polarized...

  11. Tidal resonance in icy satellites with subsurface oceans

    Kamata, Shunichi; Matsuyama, Isamu; Nimmo, Francis
    Tidal dissipation is a major heat source for the icy satellites of the giant planets. Several icy satellites likely possess a subsurface ocean underneath an ice shell. Previous studies of tidal dissipation on icy satellites, however, have either assumed a static ocean or ignored the effect of the ice lid on subsurface ocean dynamics. In this study, we examine inertial effects on tidal deformation of satellites with a dynamic ocean overlain by an ice lid based on viscoelasto-gravitational theory. Although ocean dynamics is treated in a simplified fashion, we find a resonant configuration when the phase velocity of ocean gravity...

  12. Incorporation of Mg2+ in surface Ca2+ sites of aragonite: an ab initio study

    Kawano, Jun; Sakuma, Hiroshi; Nagai, Takaya
    First-principles calculations of Mg2+-containing aragonite surfaces are important because Mg2+ can affect the growth of calcium carbonate polymorphs. New calculations that incorporate Mg2+ substitution for Ca2+ in the aragonite {001} and {110} surfaces clarify the stability of Mg2+ near the aragonite surface and the structure of the Mg2+-containing aragonite surface. The results suggest that the Mg2+ substitution energy for Ca2+ at surface sites is lower than that in the bulk structure and that Mg2+ can be easily incorporated into the surface sites; however, when Mg2+ is substituted for Ca2+ in sites deeper than the second Ca2+ layer, the substitution energy...

  13. Deciphering the Department-Discipline Relationships within a University through Bibliometric Analysis of Publications Aided with Multivariate Techniques

    Pitambar, Gautam
    This study explores a practical approach to decipher the department-discipline relationships between the organizational research units dedicated to natural science, technology, engineering & medical (STEM) fields and 22 disciplinary categories used in Essential Science Indicators database (ESI 22 fields), for a Japanese national university as seen in a set of peer-reviewed journal publications (articles & reviews) indexed in the Web of Science (WoS) Core Collection database for a 5-years period. The procedure involved several steps such as (i) identification of publications of each organizational research unit through disambiguation of the affiliation data; (ii) assigning each publication to the corresponding ESI field based on journal title; (iii) aggregating bibliometric information of all publications for...

  14. Wavelength-dependent magnetic transitions of self-organized iron-aluminum stripes induced by pulsed laser irradiation

    Yoshida, Yutaka; Watanabe, Seiichi; Kaiju, Hideo; Nishii, Junji; Yoshimi, Kyosuke
    We investigate the laser wavelength dependence of structural and magnetic transitions on the surface of an iron-aluminum (FeAl) alloy induced by nanosecond pulsed laser irradiation. The formation of self-organized FeAl stripes with a wavelength-dependent period is observed in a local area on the (111)-oriented plane. Focused magneto-optical Kerr effect measurements reveal that the coercivity reaches up to 1.2 kOe with increasing the magnetic field rotation angle, which is estimated from the stripe direction, in FeAl stripes irradiated at 355 nm, and its magnetization reversal can be explained by the domain-wall motion model. On the other hand, the magnetization reversal agrees...

  15. Interaction of electrons with light metal hydrides in the transmission electron microscope

    Wang, Yongming; Wakasugi, Takenobu; Isobe, Shigehito; Hashimoto, Naoyuki; Ohnuki, Somei
    Transmission electron microscope (TEM) observation of light metal hydrides is complicated by the instability of these materials under electron irradiation. In this study, the electron kinetic energy dependences of the interactions of incident electrons with lithium, sodium and magnesium hydrides, as well as the constituting element effect on the interactions, were theoretically discussed, and electron irradiation damage to these hydrides was examined using in situ TEM. The results indicate that high incident electron kinetic energy helps alleviate the irradiation damage resulting from inelastic or elastic scattering of the incident electrons in the TEM. Therefore, observations and characterizations of these materials...

  16. 産学連携型プロジェクトにおける特許を用いた新規プロジェクト評価法の開発

    児玉, 耕太; 榎本, 健悟
    平成24年度 第10回日本知財学会学術研究発表会, 2012年12月8-9日, 大阪工業大学 大宮キャンパス, 大阪.

  17. Joint bibliometric analysis of patents and scholarly publications from cross-disciplinary projects : implications for development of evaluative metrics

    Gautam, Pitambar; Kodama, Kota; Enomoto, Kengo
    In an attempt to develop comprehensive evidence-based methods for evaluation of the R&D performance of cross-disciplinary projects, a joint bibliometric analysis of patents and publications was performed for two industry-university-government collaborative projects aimed at commercialization: Hokkaido University Research & Business Park Project (2003-2007; 63 inventors;176 patents; 853 papers), and Matching Program for Innovations in Future Drug Discovery and Medical Care–phase I (2006-2010; 46 inventors; 235 patents; 733 papers). Besides the simple output indicators (for five years period), and citations (from the publication date to the end of 2012), science maps based on the network analysis of words and co-authorship relations...

  18. Nanosecond pulsed laser induced self-organized nano-dots patterns on GaSb surface

    Yoshida, Yutaka; Oosawa, Kazuya; Wajima, Jyunya; Watanabe, Seiichi; Matsuo, Yasutaka; Kato, Takahiko
    We report a technique for formation of two-dimensional (2D) nanodot (ND) patterns on gaillium antimoide (GaSb) using a nanosecond pulsed laser irradiation with 532 nm wavelength. The patterns have formed because of the interference and the self-organization under energy deposition of the laser irradiation, which induced the growth of NDs on the local area. The NDs are grown and shrunken in the pattern by energy depositions. In the laser irradiation with average laser energy density of 35 mJ cm(-2), large and small NDs are formed on GaSb surface. The large NDs have grown average diameter from 160 to 200 nm...

  19. Ammonia borane-metal alanate composites : hydrogen desorption properties and decomposition processes

    Nakagawa, Yuki; Ikarashi, Yudai; Isobe, Shigehito; Hino, Satoshi; Ohnuki, Somei
    Hydrogen desorption properties and decomposition processes of NH3BH3-MAlH4 (M = Na, Li) composites were investigated by using thermogravimetry-differential thermal analysis-mass spectrometry (TG-DTA-MS), powder X-ray diffraction (XRD) and Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR) analyses. We prepared the composites by ball-milling and the mixtures by hand-milling. The ball-milled composites desorbed 4-5 wt% hydrogen at three exothermic steps below 260 degrees C. The emissions of by-product gases, NH3, B2H6 and B3H6N3, were effectively suppressed. From XRD analysis, the formation of a mixed-metal (Na(Li), Al) amidoborane phase was suggested. Very different results were obtained using hand-milling. They showed only one exothermic reaction at 80-90...

  20. A metal-oxide catalyst enhanced the desorption properties in complex metal hydrides

    Zhang, Tengfei; Isobe, Shigehito; Wang, Yongming; Oka, Hiroshi; Hashimoto, Naoyuki; Ohnuki, Somei
    In this study, LiTi2O4 was synthesized as a possible catalyst for complex metal hydrides. LiTi2O4 was stable in the sample after high-energy ball milling and heat treatment. LiTi2O4 exhibited a catalytic effect among the samples of MgH2, LiAlH4 and LiNH2. The desorption kinetics and the purity of the desorbed hydrogen gas have been improved by doping LiTi2O4. Furthermore, the catalytic mechanism of LiTi2O4 was discussed in accordance with the experimental results.

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