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  1. Economic Integration in East Asia: Issues and Tasks in the Post World Financial Crisis Era

    Shimizu, Kazushi
    The world financial crisis demanded a change to ASEAN and East Asian economic integration. In the structural change of world economy, new worldwide economic management and regional economic management are required. This paper will examine the issues and tasks of economic integration in East Asia in the post world financial crisis era. First, this paper will discuss Intra-ASEAN economic cooperation and AEC. Next, this analyzes the Asian economic crisis and East Asian economic cooperation and discusses ASEAN and East Asia in the post-world financial crisis era. Last, the concluding section summarizes these analyses.

  2. Career Support for International Students at Canadian Universities

    Firkola, Peter
    This paper provides an overview of career support services offered to international students at Canadian universities. First, background on Canadian education policy as it relates to international students is introduced. Next, there is an examination of the findings from interviews with career support staff at three Canadian universities and a discussion of the results. Finally, suggestions for Japanese universities to improve their career support for international students are offered.

  3. The Fukushima Nuclear Disaster : One of the World's Worst-Ever Cases of Pollution

    Yoshida, Fumikazu
    If we review the accident at Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant on 11 March 2011 and examine the nuclear disaster that has followed it from the standpoint of the theories that have been developed to deal with the problems of pollution, and analyze it first from the point of view that focuses on "the causes of pollution" and "the damage that pollution causes", and then, further, to go on to consider the various theories or concepts that relate to issues of "responsibility", "countermeasures", "social cost", "relief", and finally to weigh up proposals for "an alternative policy", it should become possible...

  4. Network Analysis of the Traffic Lines of the Tourists visiting Kamikawa Central District in Hokkaido, Japan : Based on the Data from the 'Kamui Mintara' Stamp Rally

    Kichiji, Nozomi
    The purpose of this study is to provide relevant information to managers and local government officers in designing promotional strategy for tourism by analyzing the traffic lines of the tourists visiting Kamikawa Central district. There is no data for analyzing traffic lines of tourist and it is unlikely that the Japanese government will develop such a database in the near future, owing to the high cost. However, analysis of tourist traffic lines is essential to developing the tourism sector. Luckily, we have been given the opportunity to gather data regarding the traffic lines of tourists in Kamikawa Central district. We...

  5. The ASEAN Charter and the ASEAN Economic Community

    Shimizu, Kazushi
    The ASEAN Charter was signed at the 13th ASEAN Summit in November 2007. After each country ratified the Charter, it went into effect on December 15, 2008. This was the first time that a Charter was signed and went to effect for ASEAN. The ASEAN Charter will play a very significant role in the development of ASEAN intra-regional economic cooperation and economic integration including the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC). This paper will examine the significance and contents of the ASEAN Charter from the perspective of AEC and intra-regional economic cooperation/economic integration.

  6. Japanese Recruitment Practices : Before and After the Global Financial Crisis

    Firkola, Peter
    Over the past decade, Japanese companies have had to reexamine their personnel management strategies to deal with staffing issues and a rapidly changing economic environment. Furthermore, the global financial crisis in the fall of 2008 forced many Japanese companies to adapt their personnel management practices. Although recruitment is only one part of the personnel management system, it provides insight into understanding the overall management system. Past research has indicated that Japanese company recruitment practices have been resistant to change. The purpose of this paper is to examine recent recruitment practices to determine whether this is still the case. This paper...

  7. Methodological Divergence between Coase and Williamson in the History of Transaction Cost Economics

    Mikami, Masahiro
    The work of Ronald H. Coase is often referred to as an original yet primitive version of Williamson's transaction cost economics. However, if we examine both author's seminal texts, Coase's argument differs in noteworthy respects from Williamson's transaction cost economics. Tracing the short history of transaction cost economics, this study clarifies three conflicting characteristics of Williamson's and Coase's versions of transaction cost economics: instrumentalist vs. realistic methodologies, calculative vs. realistic views of economic agents, and the notion of transaction cost as an analytical device vs. being a real cost for agents.

  8. Trade Patterns and Perpetual Youth in a Dynamic Small Open Economy

    Kanamori, Naoshige
    In this paper, I examine the long-run specialization patterns that arise in a small open economy using a two-sector growth model in which households faced with finite but uncertain lifetimes undertake intertemporal optimization decisions. I show that in a small open economy with a positive birth rate, imperfect specialization requires that the subjective discount rate be less than the interest rate. This finding contrasts sharply with Stiglitz's (1970) finding that a country must be completely specialized if the subjective discount rate differs from the interest rate. In addition, I show that a steady state equilibrium with incomplete specialization can be...

  9. A Challenge of Microcredit Program in Rural Africa : a Case Study of Fatick Integrated Development Program in Senegal

    Ikemi, Mayu
    This case study indicates that there are several factors need to be carefully considered for development assistance donors to implement a microcredit program in rural Africa. One of the important factors is to pay more attention to 'key persons' of local government officers engaged in rural development, as well as the women who are noticeably active for economic activities and development projects in their local communities. In order to solve following three impediments: the weakness of participants' compliance of rules, the lack of their willingness and activeness, and the lack of program donors' flexibility, it is necessary and effective for...

  10. The 'Growth Triangle' and the Labor Market of Japanese-Affiliated Enterprises on Batam Island

    Miyamoto, Kensuke
    One of my research subjects is to cross-nationally compare the labor markets at the forefront of development in Asia. This paper examines the structure of the labor market on Batam Island, based on the survey data of Japanese-affiliated enterprise. The development of Batam has proceeded very rapidly under the Singapore-centered 'Growth Triangle'concept. The formations of the multi-layered labor markets in this region have shown unique evolutions with interactive regulation between the peculiar geopolitical factors and the market principles that pervade with an impact mainly from foreign direct investments.

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