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  1. 直示と参照に基づく「前(まえ)」と「後(あと)」の意味分析

    山下, 好孝
    In earlier papers (Yamashita [2016a], Yamashita [2016b]) I proposed the need for a contextual and deictic approach in Japanese syntax. In this paper I analyze the temporal expressions MAE and ATO from the same point of view. Contextual use means that an expression needs to be interpreted with respect to a reference point in order to be understood appropriately. The Japanese expression ~NO MAE-NI presupposes that the noun which precedes it functions as its reference point. 1) Hirugohan-no mae-ni sensei-ni au. “Before lunch, I will meet the teacher.” The main action “au (to meet)” occurs before the lunch. In this...

  2. 見本市通信の受容について

    江口, 豊
    The Messrelation had a relatively vast readership. Nevertheless, the state of preservation of this ambiguous publication in private and official libraries is evidence of its unclear importance. For the clients the half-year periodical had rather an almanac-like character. As with all other printed media, there was always a certain tension between the local or state authority and the printers and editors of the Messrelation. The half-year periodical with many imitator had two further points in common with the first newspaper in Strassbourg in1605: the word “relation” in the title and the image of Mercury. An unconscious motivation to acquire the Messrelation...

  3. 「保険とリスク」(フランシス・エワルド著)を読む : スタディ・クエスチョン・メソッドの試み : その3:第11段落から第16段落:riskの特徴1と2

    長島, 美織
    This essay represents an attempt to read and interpret one of the classic English-language papers in social science using Study Questions as a guide with the purpose of gaining a deeper understanding of the text. This third part deals with paragraph 11 to 16 of the paper ‘Insurance and Risk’. This paper is written by François Ewald, and considered an excellent example of the application of some of the key elements of Foucauldian thought to the study of the sociological notion of risk.

  4. 手続き的意味による中国語談話標識「怎么说」の分析

    楊, 雯淇
    The present study aims to analyze the Chinese discourse marker zenmeshuo by procedural meaning. Briefly reviewing the notion of activation proposed by Wharton (2003, 2009) and the massive modularity hypothesis introduced by Wilson (2011), I propose that the “procedural meaning” of zenmeshuo activates the hearer’s epistemic vigilance module (Sperber et al. 2010). It helps the hearer to recognize the speaker’s uncertainty at some levels of speech production and facilitate further inference so that a higherlevel explicature could (but not necessarily) be constructed, with its reported functions, such as alleviation of the speaker’s responsibility, and euphemism, derived as side effects. I...

  5. 中国における日本語主専攻学習者の出身地と動機減退の関連

    許, 晴
    With Japanese language learners in China as research participants, this paper adopts quantitative and qualitative methods to explore the relationship between the learners’ birthplace and factors related to their demotivation to study the Japanese language. From an interview of nine students majoring in Japanese, this paper suggests that one of the demotivation factors may stem from senses of inferiority or superiority associated with their birthplaces. Additionally, a survey on learning demotivation was conducted in two universities, one in Hunan Province and another in Shanghai City. Comparisons of learners’ demotivation factors based on home province and location of family register indicated...

  6. 農民工にみる中国近代化の圧縮性 : 個人化論を分析の土台として

    王, 瞻
    This paper focuses on migrant workers in urban areas in China who suffer from pneumoconiosis, a lung disease caused by the inhalation of factory dust and PM2.5. It approaches this situation as a key aspect of the compressibility of China’s modernization, and explores how industrial society - with its production and distribution of wealth - is created in parallel with a risk-society (Beck 1986) social system that makes the mitigation and handling of risk possible. In addition, it explores the intersection between the social system afforded to these migrant workers and the level of detachment they exhibit in terms of...

  7. 「持たざる村落」における観光取組の効果に関する研究 : 人的ネットワークの観点からの分析

    西村, 公一
    Focusing on a rural community with relatively less appealing tourism resources, the purpose of this study is to clarify impacts of tourismrelated activities to the community. Selecting and analyzing Tarusawa area in Ninohe city as a case, it is identified that social impacts are more important than economic and environmental ones. Following the result, the study focuses its analysis on human networks created through tourismrelated activities in the area, and compares them to the human networks existed in the past (1940s-1980s). As a result, it is clarified that some of the human networks in the past have been reproduced by...

  8. 文化遺産保存の行為者としての〈愛好家〉 : 地域社会との関係性の考察を中心に

    平井, 健文
    With the increasing social attention toward conserving industrial heritage in Japan, actors and social contexts of the conservation has been diversified for the last decade. This study clarifies the practices of cultural heritage “amateurs” as recent conservation actors based on the data derived from fieldwork conducted by the author in Hyogo Prefecture. The major findings of this study can be summarized as follows: The “amateurs” identify themselves repeatedly through comparisons with existing actors such as professionals. They emphasize on-site performance and experience when diffusing the value of the heritage site to local residents. This is because showing directly their or...

  9. 韓国映画の「植民地もの」における脱ナショナリズムの隘路 : 『軍艦島』の「親日派」表象をめぐって

    芳賀, 恵; 玄, 武岩
    This article examines the narrow path to de-nationalisation in South Korean films dealing with the Japanese colonial period since the 2000s that we call ‘colonial pieces’. Based on Ryu Seung-wan’s “Battleship Island” (Gunhamdo, 2017) situated during Korean mobilization under colonial rule, we argue that it is possible to clarify the style and strategy of visual representation used to replace the dichotomy of victimizers (Japan) and victims (Korea) in recent ‘colonial piece’ films. By focusing on the representation and its stylistic aspects of “Battleship Island” in relation to the empire of Japan through the periodical transition of political, social and cultural...

  10. 多義的なメディア見本市通信(Messrelation) : その成立と変質について

    江口, 豊
    The Messrelation is the first periodical printed news media. The handwritten news were already in the 16th. Century circulated in the vast middle and west Europe. But they still remain not printed and not of periodical nature. The so-called “Einblattdrucke”, fliers were also not periodical. In 1583 a humanist named Michael von Aitzing, from an Austrian aristocratic family published at first time a gathering of news of the last several months, however in his opinion a chronicle of the contemporary history. This ambiguity of the new sort of printing was retained several decades till in to the 17th. Century. After...

  11. 「保険とリスク」(フランシス・エワルド著)を読む : スタディ・クエスチョン・メソッドの試み : その2:第5段落から第10段落:riskについて

    長島, 美織
    This essay represents an attempt to read and interpret one of the classic English-language papers in social science using Study Questions as a guide with the purpose of gaining a deeper understanding of the text. This Part 2 deals with the paragraphs from fifth to tenth of the paper ‘Insurance and Risk’. This article is written by Francois Ewald, and is considered an excellent example of the application of some of the key elements of Foucauldian thought to the study of the sociological notion of risk.

  12. 戦前日本のメディア・イベントとプロパガンダに関する一考察 : 「日本新八景」選定イベントを事例として

    徐, 善水
    Currently, numerous studies on Japanese prewar media events were merely focused on the perspectives of cultural and media management, rather than its propaganda function. However, propaganda function of Japanese prewar media events is not hard to be observed on the Japanese prewar event phenomena, for instance, the New Eight Views of Japan selection event held in 1927 (Showa 2 year) is a typically representative case. Combined with its historical background, based on the analysis on reports of media events from its host organizations (newspaper offices) at that time, in this paper, the propaganda function of media events during the Japanese...

  13. グリーンファンド秋田の事業理念と経営形態に関する事例研究 : 協同組合型の地域会社の特徴と可能性

    加藤, 知愛
    The new management system of the Green Fund Akita is a model that aims to overcome the problems of cooperative organizations. It is made up of four cooperative organizations and an NPO, Hokkaido Green Fund and two companies. It has three characteristics. First, the Green Fund Akita manages and operates the supply chain of products and services themselves. Second, It has its own funding and profit sharing systems, goods and services that meet regional needs are supplied and the profits are reinvested in the region. Third, it shares the philosophy and methodology of the international cooperative union movement and carries...

  14. 「保険とリスク」(フランシス・エワルド著)を読む : スタディ・クエスチョン・メソッドの試み その1:第1段落から第4段落:insuranceについて

    長島, 美織
    This essay represents an attempt to read and interpret one of the classic English-language papers in social science using Study Questions as a guide with the purpose of gaining a deeper understanding of the text. This first part deals with the first four paragraphs of the paper ‘Insurance and Risk’, written by François Ewald, which is considered an excellent example of the application of some of the key elements of Foucauldian thought to the study of the sociological notion of risk.

  15. JFL環境における日本語学習者の「興味」 : メキシコ人日本語学習者を対象に

    佐藤, 梓
    Interest in learning, particularly for foreign language learners, is important to promote their desire to facilitate and continue learning. Most previous studies focusing on learner motivation classify interests simply under intrinsic motivation; thus, they do not describe these interests in detail. This study aimed to provide a detailed description of the interests of Mexican learners of Japanese. It also aimed to find how their interests vary depending on the amount of their linguistic knowledge. The data for this study were collected using open ended questionnaires and analyzed qualitatively. The results indicated that learners' interests encompass various aspects of the Japanese...

  16. 中国語結果構文の構文構築と軽動詞併合

    邱, 林燕
    This paper applies light verb merging theory to analyze the formation and structure of two types of resultative constructions (intransitive resultatives and causative resultatives) in Mandarin Chinese. We show that intransitive resultatives are divided into two types depending on whether the root verb ( V ) merges with the light verb BECOME or CAUSE, and causative resultatives can be formed only from those which merge with BECOME. We further show that subject NPs ( causes ) of causative resultatives are syntactically restricted by V. We therefore propose that, in the formation of causative resultatives, the root verb V which has...

  17. 手続き的意味による日本語談話標識「なんか」の分析

    楊, 雯淇
    The purpose of the present study is to analyze the Japanese discourse marker nanka by “procedural meaning” and to show that the properties of nanka discussed in the previous literature can be naturally accounted for in this approach. I will firstly outline the Relevance Theory background and introduce some important concepts. Secondly, I will review the previous studies of nanka and discuss their problems. Then, I propose an analysis of nanka using “procedural meaning”, which helps the hearer notice that the speaker has uncertainty about his utterance at some level and form a relevant higher-level explicature with less effort. I...

  18. 日本語の謝罪表現「ごめんなさい」と「ごめん」について : ポライトネス理論からのアプローチ

    日髙, 慶美
    The aim of this paper is to elucidate the underlying principle governing the use of the two conventional expressions of apology in Japanese, gomen nasai and gomen, within the politeness theory proposed by Brown and Levinson (1987). Based on the politeness theory, this paper proposes a hypothesis that the relation between gomen nasai and its reduced form gomen is characterized as a shift from a negative politeness strategy to a positive politeness strategy. Given Brown and Levinson's idea that positive politeness strategies are used for FTAs smaller than those for which negative politeness strategies are used, this hypothesis predicts that...

  19. 明治期の新聞における「鶏姦」報道の特徴 : 『読売新聞』と『朝日新聞』の分析から

    斉藤, 巧弥
    This paper aims to analyze reports on keikan in the Yomiuri Shimbun and the Asahi Shimbun, and shed light on how the discourse of keikan changed from the 1870s to the 1910s. Keikan means anal sex primarily between males and was illegal in Japan from 1872 to 1881. The word first appeared in the two newspapers in the 1870s and disappeared in the 1910s. In these forty years, two periods are identified through the distinct patterns that the newspapers showed: 1875-1901 and 1905-1914. In the first period, keikan was associated with violence, crime, and intimate relationships. In the second period,...

  20. 北海道グリーンファンドの経営形態に関する事例研究

    加藤, 知愛
    The new management system of the Hokkaido Green Fund (HGF) is a model that overcomes the economic problems of NPOs. It is a form of management in which an NPO establishes two companies and cooperates with them, thereby combining the public benefit service and the profit-making enterprise. HGF has a business model that may causes social change with the realization of a renewable energy society. The Community Wind Power Co., Ltd. is responsible for its development, maintenance of wind power generation business. The Japan Green Fund Co., Ltd. is responsible for fundraising. The management system of the Green Fund Group...

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