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  1. 「サトヤマ工学」をめざして

    佐藤, 寿樹; 辻, 宣行; 田中, 教幸; 大崎, 満
    - 21-oct-2017

  2. Detection of fire impact and vegetation recovery over tropical peat swamp forest by satellite data and ground-based NDVI instrument

    Segah, Hendrik; Tani, Hiroshi; Hirano, Takashi
    Multitemporal Principal Component Analysis (MPCA) was used for processing Landsat TM/ETM+ satellite images. MPCA was able to merge spectral data corresponding to TM-1996 (pre-fire in 1997), ETM-2000 (post-fire 1997 and pre-fire 2002) and ETM-2003 (post-fire in 2002), which was crucial for detecting the fire impact and vegetation recovery. Results indicate that the burnt areas of 1997 and 2002 were 89,086 ha (16.5%) and 31,859 ha (5.9%), respectively, within the study area of 540,000 ha. SPOT-VEGETATION 10-days Maximum Value Composite (MVC) data were also used and compared with Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) from ground-based NDVI. Our research demonstrates the strong...
    - 21-oct-2017

  3. 未利用材を利用した日本における木質ペレット製造のエネルギー収支分析

    土屋, 陽子; 唐沢, 邦彦; 佐藤, 寿樹; 辻, 宣行
    Domestic unused material wood possesses significant potential as an alternative feedstock to substitute fossil fuel for combustion fuel production. However, fuel conversion from the unused wood is not so advanced due to economic reasons. In this paper, energy consumption of wood pellet procurement was evaluated. The case analysis of three wood pellet factories (CERES, Inc., Hokkaido Date-shi, and Asyoro-cho) and a wood chip factory (CERES. Inc.) was carried out. The percentage of energy content of pellet procurement to output is about 20%, which is a remarkably high percentage compared with overseas pellet procurement. Energy consumption at procurement included manufacturing and...
    - 21-oct-2017

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