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  1. 平成20年度北海道大学教育ワークショップ報告

    西森, 敏之; 安藤, 厚; 細川, 敏幸; 山田, 邦雅; 山岸, みどり; 鈴木, 誠; 池田, 文人
    In 2007, Hokkaido University made a change in the system of faculty-development activities. Before the change, the old system consisted of : (a) a one-day course for teaching asisitants in April, (b) a one-day course for new teaching-staff members in June, and (c) a two-day workshop about education for teaching-staff members in November. In the new system the one-day course in (b) was replaced by a two-day workshop quite similar to the one in (c). The two-day workshop in (c) was introduced in 1998 to improve the education of Hokkaido University and it has been held once a year since....

  2. 薬学教育6年制における早期体験学習 : 生命の尊さと医療の関わり

    古澤, 忍
    The six-year pharmaceutical program was started in April 2006. Its primary purpose is the training of pharmacists who will support medical care. Future pharmacists not only need advanced expertise and skills, but also strong ethical principles and warm humanity. For the new pharmaceutical program, humanism and ethics are very important themes. To strongly motivate students, early on-site training has been recommended as introductory education in the schools of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, and nursing science. They come to understand the social mission and ethicality of contributing to medical care, and learn about the attitude required of medical personnel by observing various...

  3. 大学における授業料未納問題と対処策 : 公立高等学校の取組を参考として

    岩崎, 保道
    The purpose of this paper is to focus on the problem of unpaid college tuition and, after clarifying the existing situation, to examine potential solutions using approaches taken by public high schools as a reference. In recent years, some colleges have decided to tackle the problem of unpaid tuition. As a way of examining possible solutions, discussion was conducted in the following manner. First, the legal aspects of tuition debt were confirmed, and then solutions used at public high schools and national universities were introduced. Next, after carefully reviewing them, "Guidelines on Unpaid Tuition" are proposed as research results of...

  4. 職員評価の導入に関する考察

    岩崎, 保道
    This paper examines the necessity of the evaluation of the university staff from the point of view of the staff in light of the environmental changes in modern university management. To improve the quality of the university staff, many universities have introduced SD. At some private universities, grading systems (ability-based grading systems, job-based grading systems, etc.), compensation systems (promotion, salary increases) and evaluation systems have been introduced. However, assessing the introduction of staff evaluation systems and understanding their various aspects differ greatly among universities. Basically, I feel the necessity for introducing such a system provided the method of evaluation is...

  5. 北海道大学専門科目担当TAに関するアンケート調査の分析

    山田, 邦雅; 細川, 敏幸; 西森, 敏之; 安藤, 厚
    In 2007 we developed two questionnaires for the purposes of the study: one for Specialized Subject TAs and one for teachers who hire them. We hoped to learn more about their circumstances. We surveyed three departments, Information Sience and Technology, Fisheries Sciences and Veterinary Medicine. Especially in these departments TA training was earnestly put into practice. Of the TAs, 85.7% reported that they thought they treated students well, 89.8% indicated that they enjoyed the job, and 57.1% felt that they were suitable for teaching. Among the teachers, 45.8% reported that they guided TAs sufficiently and 29.1% of teachers had been...

  6. 北海道大学におけるTAを評価したアンケート調査の分析

    山田, 邦雅; 細川, 敏幸; 西森, 敏之; 安藤, 厚
    In 2007 we administered questionnaires to students in two classrooms to collect evaluations of TAs in Hokkaido University. Questionnaires given to teachers are common now but little is known about the evaluation of TAs by students. It was found through these questionnaires that most students were satisfied with the work of TAs, but dissatisfied with inconsistencies between teachers and TAs. About 60% of students felt that TAs seemed to enjoy their work, but about 40% did not hope to be TAs in the future.

  7. 仕事における大学教育の有効性と学生時代の学習熱心度の相関に関する定量的分析 : 北海道大学における卒業生へのアンケート調査の分析結果を通して

    亀野, 淳
    In this paper I examined the effectiveness of university education with regard to the workplace, using methods such as quantitative analysis conducted based on the results of a 2007 questionnaire directed at Hokkaido University graduates. Regarding the issue of whether or not one's university education is useful in the graduates' current workplaces, it became clear that among some groups the effectiveness of university education as it applied to their current employment was held in high regard. These groups included graduates who as students vigorously approached their studies, those who were able to gain specialized knowledge as well as technical and...

  8. 韓国学術研究支援事業の方向と成果

    カク, チン; チャン, チョンスク(翻訳); 西森, 敏之(翻訳)
    Recently, as the importance of basic research has increased, the Korean government has emphasized the research development of the university. The Science Research Production Program that is dealt with in this article is the only Korean fund for basic research supporting all academic fields. The efficiency of the program was verified by the increase in high-quality experts and the nation's competitive power. However, the total amount of the investment is far lower than that of other industrialized countries. In 2008, the total budget of the Science Research Production Program was 380.7 billion Korea Won, a 15% increase compared to 2007....

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