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HUSCAP (Hokkaido University Collection of Scholarly and Academic Papers) contains peer-reviewed journal articles, proceedings, educational resources and any kind of scholarly works of Hokkaido University.


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  1. 小学校・科学館における立教理科工房の活動

    濱島, 裕輝; 岡, 将太郎; 菅原, 龍

  2. 科学番組をめぐる制作者と市民の対話 : CoSTEPセミナー「科学ジャーナリズムは社会を変え得るか」から

    早岡, 英介; 藤川, 大之

  3. 科学技術と社会をつなぐ研究の支援的マネジメントの実践

    福島, 杏子

  4. 奈良女子大学を中心とした科学普及のための連携活動 「まほろば・けいはんな科学ネットワーク」

    小林, 毅; 村上, 路一; 森田, 聖; 舩越, 麻梨絵

  5. 子どもの携帯電話利用リスクを保護者に伝える科学コミュニケーションイベントの設計と評価

    郡, 伸子

  6. 研究機関の一般公開に適した形式のサイエンスカフェ : 花き研サイエンスカフェ開催報告

    四方, 雅仁

  7. サイエンスイラストレーション制作における協働プロセス : 『幹細胞ハンドブック』を事例に

    大河, 雅奈; 加藤, 和人

  8. 専門家の創造的な働き方としてのハーフシフトの提案 : 科学技術コミュニケーターとしての隣接領域での無償労働

    敷田, 麻実
    This article proposes a Half-shift model to simultaneously achieve the mutually reinforcing goals of creative work and social contribution. Science communicators are closely examined as one of the possible conduits to implement this model. Intensifying global competition requires work places and social settings to be more efficient and less flexible, making it difficult for professionals to gain satisfaction from being creative and contributing to society through their paid work. After a closer examination, the author proposes a Half-shift model as a new way to achieve a more balanced work environment. The Half-shift model looks at combining paid work and unpaid...

  9. 大学発ベンチャーの発明者と利害関係者(ステークホルダー)におけるコミュニケーションの研究

    山本, 佳世子; 亀山, 秀雄
    University spin-offs are concerned with various stakeholders when they transfer the results of universities’ basic research into practical applications. But university spin-offs inventors’ consciousness or communication has not been studied so far. In this study, questionnaires were sent to university spin-offs’ inventors. The results from 82 inventors showed how much 9 types of stakeholders contribute to “Gaining connection between manufacturers” and “sales” for university spin-offs. First, technical experts are rated highly than salespersons as inside people of university spin-offs. The reason seems to be that inventors communicate with technical experts of university spin-offs and manufacturers which are customers by special...

  10. 科学番組と科学 : NHK「女と男」を例に

    桂, 有加子; 平田, 光司
    By analyzing a TV program on the vulnerability of the Y chromosome and the possible extinct of human beings, it is shown that the program took a scientific evidence (the vulnerability of the Y chromosome) and put it in a context different from the original and academic one. The extinct of humans is not a subject of the normal science and is a type of trans-science question. Among many entertainment tools, this type of deconstruction is useful to make the program quickly understandable for non-experts. It is quite possible that the deconstruction reveals the context owned by the society. This...

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