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  1. Selenium requirements for growth of the red tide dinoflagellates Heterocapsa circularisquama,H.triquetra and Karenia mikimoto

    Hatano, Masataka; Imai, Ichiro
    Trace elements are known to restrict phytoplankton growth in the sea. Selenium is one of important trace elements and known to be an essential element for certain harmful algae. In this study,we investigated selenium requirements for the growth of harmful algal boom forming three dinoflagellates, Heterocapsa circularisquama, H. triquetra and Karenia mikimotoi about two chemical forms of inorganic selenium (selenite and selenate)using an artificial synthetic medium of remodified ASP7. These three dinoflagellate species required selenium for growth as a form of selenite,but could not grow under a form of selenate. Morphological changes with selenite depletion like selenium requiring centric diatom...
    - 21-oct-2017

  2. 高次モード陸棚波の励起

    磯田, 豊; 磯貝, 安洋
    Shelf waves have many modal-dependent structures in their cross-shelf dimension. The current fluctuations on the shelf areas in the world oceans were frequently dominated by the second or third mode. Theoretical studies show that all mode waves excited within the wind forcing area starts propagating after the sudden onset of forcing. Thus,the generation of higher-mode waves can be predicted theoretically,but intuitive understanding for its physical mechanism is not easy. This study suggests that modal-dependent structures are temporally formed as regarded as the scattering process of vortex eddies. The scattering gives repeated rise to an eddy with positive/ negative vorticity generated...
    - 21-oct-2017

  3. 北海道西岸沖のホタテ貝種苗生産を支える産卵及び浮遊幼生の輸送過程

    磯貝, 安洋; 磯田, 豊; 下野, 学; 小林, 直人; 工藤, 勲; 干場, 康博
    Shelf area off the west coast of Hokkaido(Ishikari bay,Rumoi shelf and Teshio shelf)is one of the major seedling productions of scallop. However,since there have been no surveys of wild scallop,natural spawning ground maintaining the seedling production has not been resolved still now. To improve our understanding of immature scallop,a large number of larvae collected in the seedling production area were numerically backtracked to take into account the advection,which was roughly inferred from the analysis for mooring current,ADCP,GEK and hydrographic data. Northward flow mainly affected by the Tsushima Warm Current and estuarine flow from Ishikari River is characterized by intense shelf-edge...
    - 21-oct-2017

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