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  1. Community-Based Child-Rearing Support for Families : Based on an Investigation in Sapporo, Japan

    Kudo, Haruka
    Against the backdrop of a high proportion of mothers who take care of their children at home and the problem of child-rearing anxiety and social isolation among them, the Japanese government has currently expanded child-rearing support via the Community-based Child-rearing Support Centers (CCSCs). They are open spaces for infants and parents in the community, where they can gather freely, communicate with each other, and share their anxieties and worries related to child rearing. There are also many voluntary programs that are similar to the CCSCs in each region, and all of these are often called “childcare salons.” In this study, I categorize these childcare salons into...

  2. Accentual Change in Hokkaido Japanese

    Dallyn, Thomas
    This paper will report and analyze ongoing changes in the accentual system of Hokkaido Japanese (HJ), a regional variety spoken on the northernmost islands of the Japanese archipelago, originating in relatively recent settlement from mainland Japan. In recent years, as in almost all regions of Japan, HJ has undergone dialect levelling towards standard (Tokyo) Japanese (TJ). Although the accentual system of HJ, in terms of the possible number of contrastive accent patterns and the prosodic characteristics that define them, is largely identical to that of TJ, traditional HJ differs significantly from TJ in which lexical items are realised with which accent pattern. Adopting an analysis using Kindaichiʼs...

  3. Reexamining Ephrem the Syrianʼs Quotations of the Gospels

    Toda, Satoshi

  4. Development of End of Life (EOL) Services in Hong Kong : A Case Study of Caritas Hong Kong's Ning-An Scheme for the Elderly

    Ng, Ka Shing
    Population ageing is advancing rapidly in Hong Kong. Between 1987 and 2013, the percentage of population considered elderly rose from 7%in 1987 to 14%, indicating the city is joining the ranks of the ageing societies. Together with increasing quality of health care services and openness to the discussion of death in society,End of Life(EOL) services are not only used by terminally or chronically ill patients,but have also begun to attract many old people in good state of health who wish to prepare for ‘a good death’in advance. This paper studies this relatively new form of elderly service―EOL services for the healthy elderly in Hong Kong by using...

  5. Japanese rendition of Tenrei bansho meigi's definition in early Japanese lexicography : An essay

    Li, Yuan; Shin, Woongchul; Okada, Kazuhiro
    This essay will address differences in orientation in early Japanese lexicography with regard to the Japanese rendering of definitions in a Chinese language dictionary. Most,if not all, premodern Japanese dictionaries took the form of rendering the headword in Chinese characters and Chinese words,while also offering a Japanese reading. This does not, however, entail that early Japanese lexicography was entirely oriented to the Chinese language:in fact,a representative portion of Japanese oriented language dictionaries were produced. Japanese readings in Japanese language dictionaries explain the Japanese use of the headword. Alternatively, Chinese-Japanese dictionaries, including Chinese character dictionaries, explain the Chinese use in the Japanese language. By virtue of this fact,they are...

  6. Frequencies and Semantic Category Distribution of Idioms in Japanese

    Wu, Lin
    This paper investigated the frequencies and semantic category distribution of Japanese idioms based on The Balanced Corpus of Contemporary Written Japanese(BCCWJ) and Word List by Semantic Principles, Revised and Enlarged Edition. The following three main conclusions were drawn. First, from the perspective of“class”distribution, idioms of each group are concentrated in the verb class,while those in adjective and adverb,noun,and other classes are less. Second,from the perspective of“division”distribution, idioms of each group are concentrated in Division 1: Abstract Relations and Division 3: Human Behavior―Spirit and Action, while those in Division 2:Human Beings―Subjects of Human Behavior,Division 4:Products and Equipment, and Division 5:Natural Beings and Natural Phenomena are less. Third,from the perspective of “section”distribution,idioms...

  7. Liberation from Circulation : The Lord of the Rings and the Vanquishing of Tolkien's Agony

    Ichinose, Shimpei
    The concept of“return”is considered significant in J.R.R.Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings;this paper aims to illuminate the perspective afforded by Tolkien’s personal experiences with the concept, and to explain its role in his trilogy. Tolkien endured various traumatic experiences where some of the people closest to him never came back. In his childhood, Tolkien’s father died in Bloemfontein in the Orange Free State, far away from his homeland of Britain. During Tolkien’s youth, close friends and numerous fellow soldiers died overseas in World War I. Because of these experiences, Tolkien seems to have adhered strongly to the concept of return and/or circulation while writing his work. The...

  8. The Impact of Parents’Religious Affiliation on Children’s Educational Attainment in Taiwan

    Terazawa, Shigenori; Ng, Ka Shing; Yokoyama, Tadanori
    This paper examines the effects of parents’religious affiliation on respondents’educational attainment in contemporary Taiwan. Data comes from religion module of 1999 Taiwan Social Change Survey. Controlling for various socio-demographic variables including ethnicity, occupational status of fathers, and educational attainment of parents, OLS regression analyses showed that educational attainment is significantly affected by the religious affiliation of parents. Clearer differences were found among Eastern religion such as folk religion and Taoism. These results imply that traditional religiosities maybe one of the important determinants of educational disparities in contemporary Taiwan.

  9. Minimum temporal thresholds for discriminating changes in motion direction

    Tayama, Tadayuki; Sato, Fumiaki
    Minimum temporal thresholds(Tmin)for discriminating motion direction were measured in various conditions. The results of Experiment 1 showed that Tmin for the change from a stationary pattern to a moving pattern was shorter than that for the abrupt appearance of a moving pattern. The time needed to process the pattern explained this difference. The results of Experiment 2 showed that Tmin for the change from a stationary pattern to a moving pattern was shorter than that for the directional change of a moving pattern. Furthermore,Tmin for discriminating a directional change with a 90 deg difference was shorter than that of 45 and 135 deg. In addition,an anisotropy in...

  10. A study on pottery from Southern Kamchatka in T.M.Dikova and N.N.Dikov collections

    Takase, Katsunori; Lebedintsev, Aleksandr I.
    T. M. Dikova and N. N. Dikov collections, currently conserved in the North-Eastern Interdisciplinary Research Institute(NEISRI),Far Eastern Branch,Russian Academy of Sciences, are the largest collections of archaeological materials from the Kamchatka Peninsula. Although ceramic specimens in these collections definitely play a significant role in our approach to study the early history of the Kuril Ainu,only a small number of potsherd in them have been published so far. In this study,we present a total picture of the pottery from Southern Kamchatka housed in these collections and demonstrate that a hypothesis on temporal change in the distribution of Naiji pottery can be supported.

  11. Considering Japanese Spirituality in Matters of Life and Death

    Miyajima, Shunichi
    The term “spiritual”can be taken to mean “religious”―that is, something universal and comprehensive―rather than relating to a specific or traditional religion. Indeed, in the present day,we tend more and more not to follow or rely on notions of life and death as approved by a particular religion but, rather, are influenced in our views by contemporary thinking,mass media and the like. Such apparent diversity and modernism, however, is unlikely to lead to an immediate or radical change in the general attitude to life and death. In particular,people will not suddenly alter key life practices and ceremonies, such as weddings and funerals. In Japan, for example,while there is...

  12. Morality and the Failure of Redemption : F. Scott Fitzgerald’s “Babylon Revisited” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.”

    Matsuura, Kazuhiro
    This paper examines thematic similarities between the mythical story of the Wandering Jew and the works of F.Scott Fitzgerald; more specifically his short stories“Babylon Revisited” and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.” Permeating all three tales are themes of wandering, inability to escape the repercussions of the past, and debt, particularly to the dead, that can never be repaid. I argue that the protagonists of“Babylon Revisited”and “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”have serious and unredeemable moral debts they acquired spontaneously. I argue that in both stories, Fitzgerald deliberately draws on the myth to explore issues of moral redemption,guilt,suffering,and the impossibility...

  13. A Study of the Utilization of Wood to Build Pit Dwellings from the Epi-Jomon Culture to the Satsumon Culture in Hokkaido Region, Japan.

    Moriya, Toyohito
    The purpose of this report is to reveal the utilization of woods, which were used for materials of pit dwellings from the Epi-Jomon culture (1 st century) to Satsumon culture (13 th century). I analyzed and concentrated on three points concerning the charred woods excavated at sites in Hokkaido. First, I analyzed the situations of wood materials that were construed as roof structure by investigating the distribution patterns of excavated woods in pit dwellings at several sites. In Hokkaido, some houses were discovered to be burned down, which is a sign of abandonment, and in those situations charred woods were...

  14. Religious Affiliation and Social Stratification in Taiwan (2000-2010) Analysis of Taiwan Social Change Survey

    Terazawa, Shigenori; Ng, ka Shing
    Religion and social stratification has been an important sociological topic since Max Weber and Karl Marx. It continues to attract scholarly attention nowadays in the United States, giving rise to numerous empirical studies on their complex relationships. However, there is no or inadequate studies on the relations between religion and social stratification in societies that have very different cultural backgrounds compared to the U.S. This research note attempts to expand this sociological topic to non-Christian societies using Taiwan as a case study, where Christianity is not the dominant culture. It first offers a literature review of religion and social stratification in Taiwan, followed...

  15. Miscellanea Syriaca

    Toda, Satoshi

  16. A Usage-Based Analysis of Indirect Directives in English (3) : I wonder if you

    Takahashi, Hidemitsu
    The present paper deals with the I wonder if you VP construction in English, with a special focus on its use for conveying a request as opposed to genuine information question. The paper has three aims: (i) to define the nature of request made with this construction from the viewpoint of the types of verbs that frequently appear; (ii) to characterize this directive construction within the framework of the 6-parameter analysis of FORCE EXERTION (Takahashi 2012), a theory originally designed to capture the difference in illocutionary force among different imperative utterances; and (iii) to describe the ways in which this...

  17. Use-wear analysis of stone tools from the coast of Karaga Bay, Northeastern Kamchatka, Russia

    Takase, Katsunori
    This study examined the functions of chipped and ground stone tools from the coast of Karaga Bay in Northeastern Kamchatka, Russia. The specimens analyzed include 27 stone tools restored after the excavations at the Karaga 6 (11th to 13th centuries) as well as the Karaga 10 and 13 (15th to 17th centuries) sites in 2012. The high-power approach of the lithic use-wear analysis was applied. Because of microscopic observations, six specimens displayed distinct use-wear polish. Polish morphology indicated that two utilized flakes and a retouched flake were used for hide working, while a side scraper exhibited a use-wear polish that...

  18. A Hitherto Unknown Version of the San fa du lun 三法度論 in Old Japanese Manuscript Collections : Potential and Problems

    Hayashidera, Shoshun
    An increasing number of Buddhist texts are being discovered among old manuscript collections extant in Japan that bear titles identical to the woodblock printed editions produced in China but that differ significantly in content. The discovery in recent years of such texts is helping to shed light on different aspects of the transmission of Buddhist texts, aspects that we would not have learned from the study of the woodblock editions alone. In this paper I would like to take up one such text, namely the text of the San fa du lun 三法度論 found in old manuscript collections. This hitherto...

  19. Necessity and capabilityof an information sharing network for efficient and effective control of invasive alien raccoon

    SUZUKI, Takaaki; IKEDA, Tohru
    The common raccoon (Procyon lotor) has been designated asan invasivealien species, and an eradication programhasbeen undertaken in Japan to curtail damageto nativeecosystems, agriculture loss, and propertydamage. The raccoon is alreadynaturalized in 39 of Japan’s 47 prefectures and is recognized as a nationwide problem. To control raccoons, cooperation between and among prefectures and municipalities is needed;however, currently, theyindividuallycontrol theraccoons. Prefectures neithercooperatewith contiguousprefecturesnordo they shareinformation about raccoon control. Building up a nationwidecontrol framework (forthe purpose of promoting cooperation and sharing information) is helpful to overcome such a situation. We investigated the actual demand for an information sharing network and the situation ofeach region. Hence,wediscussed thenecessityfor and theprefecture’scapabilityof an information sharing network. We...

  20. Yiguan Dao in Hong Kong : A Case Study of its Organizational Characteristics and Conversion Experiences of Adherents

    NG, Ka Shing
    Through extensivefieldwork in aYiguan Dao BuddhaHall located in Hong Kong,this paper attempts to study the organizational characteristics of this Chinese religion and the conversion experiences ofits adherents. It first discusses thedevelopmental historyand features of this religion through textual analysis and interview. Drawing insights from Lofland and Stark’s model of conversion (1965), it attempts to studyhow conversion takes place in Yiguan Dao through analyzing the narratives of twelve Yiguan Dao practitioners in Hong Kong. It suggests a five-stage model to explain their conversion to Yiguan Dao that consists of (1) predisposing personal conditions;(2) developing social ties with Dao practitioners;(3) receiving Dao;(4)cultivating Dao and (5)promoting Dao. In brief,social networksplayasignificant role in...

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