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Volume 53, Issue 1 (January, 1953)

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  3. Biological Notes on Five Hymenopterous Parasites of Pine Bud and Stem Moths in Ohio

    Miller, William E.
    Author Institution: Department of Entomology, Ohio Agricultural Experiment Station, Wooster

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  5. New Species of Galerucinae and Alticinae with Notes on Other Species (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae)

    Wilcox, John A.
    Author Institution: New York State Museum, Albany, New York

  6. Two Genera of Tettigellidae Proposed by Melichar

    Metcalf, Z. P.
    Author Institution: North Carolina State College of Agriculture and Engineering, Raleigh

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  8. Surface Water Movement, Western Lake Erie

    Verber, James L.
    Author Institution: F. T. Stone Institute of Hydrobiology, The Ohio State University, Put-in-Bay

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  10. The Mechanism of the Iodination of Phenols

    Taylor, Jay E.; Evans, Marna I.
    Author Institution: Department of Chemistry, Miami University, Oxford

  11. Rearrangement of p, p1 Disubstituted Benzils

    James, Floyd L.; Ippolito, Anthony L.
    Author Institution: Department of Chemistry, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio

  12. A Preliminary Study of Industrial Pollution in the Cleveland Harbor Area, Ohio : I. Physical and Chemical Results

    Davis, Charles C.; Roney, Harland B.
    Author Institution: Department of Biology, Western Reserve University, Cleveland, Ohio

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  14. The Geology of Switzerland Township, Monroe County, Ohio

    Arkle, Thomas, Jr.
    Author Institution: Ohio Department of Natural Resources, Division of Geological Survey, Columbus 10

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