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The Archive of European Integration (AEI) is an electronic repository and archive for research materials on the topic of European integration and unification. The AEI collects two types of materials: certain types of independently-produced research materials and official European Community/European Union documents

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  1. Declaration of the European Council on the Middle East. European Council, 12-13 June 1980

  2. Les Ministres des Affaires Etrangères des Dix ont adopté le 27 mars les déclarations suivantes, préparées lors du Conseil Européen des 19 et 20 mars: 1. Relations Est-Ouest, 2. Moyen Orient, 3. Amérique Latine, 4 = The ten Foreign Ministers adopted on March 27 the following declarations, prepared at the European Council on the 19th and 20th of March: 1. East-West relations, 2. Middle East, 3. Latin America, 4. Chypre.

  3. Joint EU-U.S. action plan. 15 December 1995 [Madrid US-EU Summit]

  4. Consolidated version of the ACP-EC Agreement. Partnership Agreement Between the Members of the African, Carribean and Pacific Group of States of the One Part, and the European Community and Its Members if the Other Part. Signed in Cotonou on 23 June 2000, Revised in Luxembourg on 25 June 2005, Revised in Ouagadougou on 22 June 2010

  5. Joint Africa-EU Strategy and its First Action Plan (2008-2010). Lisbon, 8-9 December 2007. 7204/08, 3 March 2008

  6. European Council meetings are available on the website of the Council along with background and other documents in all official languages. Right click on other language link and select open in new tab or new window. Use the official URL in this record for access

  7. Copenhagen European Council 12-13 December 2002. Presidency conclusions and annexes. Revised version. 15917/02, 29 January 2003

  8. Brussels European Council 24-25 October 2002. Presidency conclusions. Revised version. 14702/02, 24 November 2002

  9. Seville European Council 21-11 June 2002. Presidency conclusions and annexes

  10. Barcelona European Council 15-16 March 2002. Presidency conclusions

  11. Laeken European Council. 14-15 December 2001. Presidency conclusions and annexes

  12. Gent European Council 19 October 2001. Declarations of the Heads of State and Government of the European Union and the President of the Commission

  13. Gothenburg European Council 15-16 June 2001. Presidency conclusions and annexes

  14. Stockholm European Council 23-24 March 2001. Presidency conclusions and annexes

  15. Lisbon European Council 23-24 March 2000. Presidency conclusions

  16. Nice European Council 7-10 December 2000. Presidency conclusions and annexes.

  17. Helsinki European Council 10-11 December 1999. Presidency conclusions

  18. Tampere European Council 15-16 October 1999. Presidency conclusions

  19. Cologne European Council 3-4 June 1999. Presidency conclusions and annexes

  20. Berlin European Council 24-25 March 1999. Presidency conclusions

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