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The Archive of European Integration (AEI) is an electronic repository and archive for research materials on the topic of European integration and unification. The AEI collects two types of materials: certain types of independently-produced research materials and official European Community/European Union documents

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  1. European Community Extends Specialty Steel Deadline. November 30, 1983.

  2. E.C. Commissioner De Clercq says Community Will Immediately Counter American Pasta Tariffs. June 20, 1985.

  3. European Community and United States Temporarily Suspend Trade Countermeasures. July 8, 1985.

  4. Plan for EEC's Medium-Term Economic Policy is Revealed

  5. Seventh Annual General Report of The High Authority of the European Coal and Steel Community. March 31, 1959.

  6. Eighth General Report of the High Authority of the European Coal and Steel Community (Summary) 23 February 1960.

  7. Enlargement and Its Effects on Agricultural Policy

  8. Enlargement and Its Effects on Agricultural Financing

  9. Rise in Trade Forecast in Common Market Report. April 3, 1959.

  10. EEC Grants Italy Temporary Measures to Restrict Imports. March, 1961.

  11. Summary Analysis of a Memorandum by the Commission of the European Economic Community on Problems Ivolved in the Creation of the European Economic Association. March 19, 1959.

  12. News from European Community: Translation of Communique of the Meeting of Heads of State or Government at the Hague on December 1 and 2, 1969.

  13. Dissemination and utilization of research results: the effectiveness of Community research depends on it. European Communities Commission, P-58, 10 May 1988

  14. Commission launches pilot cooperation programme with the countries of Central and Eastern Europe in the field of science and technology. European Commission Press Notice, IP (92) 353, 6 May 1992

  15. The Week in Europe. WE/16/91. April 25, 1991

  16. The Week in Europe. WE/17/91. May 2, 1991

  17. The Week in Europe. WE/18/91. May 9, 1991

  18. The Week in Europe. WE/19/91. May 16, 1991

  19. The Week in Europe. WE/21/91. May 30, 1991

  20. The Week in Europe. WE/22/91. June 6, 1991

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