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Ohio Journal of Science: Volume 108, Issue 4 (September, 2008)

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  3. Dispersion Modeling of Mercury Emissions from Coal-Fired Power Plants at Coshocton and Manchester, Ohio

    Lee, Sang-Sup; Keener, Tim C.
    Mercury emissions from coal-fired power plants are estimated to contribute to approximately 46% of the total U. S. anthropogenic mercury emissions and required to be regulated by maximum achievable control technology (MACT) standards. Dispersion modeling of mercury emissions using the AERMOD model and the Industrial Source Complex Short Term (ISCST3) model was conducted for two representative coal-fired power plants at Coshocton and Manchester, Ohio. Atmospheric mercury concentrations, dry mercury deposition rates, and wet mercury deposition rates were predicted in a 5 × 5 km area surrounding the Conesville and JM Stuart coal-fired power plants. In addition, the analysis results of...

  4. Effects of Sex and Age on Winter Diet of American Martens in Michigan

    Hales, Andrea L.; Belant, Jerrold L.; Bird, Jacqueline
    We investigated whether sex or age influenced winter diet in American martens (Martes americana) from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan by analyzing gut content of 151 individuals trapped during 2000–2004. We identified 433 occurrences of 10 prey species and classified them into six groups based on body size. Overall, marten diets were similar to those reported previously. Proportion of prey groups and kilocalories consumed were generally similar between male and female marten diets, as well as between juveniles and adults. Average dietary breadth (0.46) was comparatively high but within the range reported for other North American studies. Dietary overlap (0.99) was high...

  5. Population Structure of Coyote (Canis latrans) in the Urban Landscape of the Cleveland, Ohio Area

    Rashleigh, Rebecca M.; Krebs, Robert A.; Van Keulen, Harry
    To obtain information on the population structure of coyote (Canis latrans) in an urban setting, a non-invasive genetic sampling technique was applied that consisted of DNA isolation from scat collected around the Cleveland metropolitan area. Muscle tissue was provided from two other coyotes. Amplifying the mitochondrial D-loop or control region produced 33 haplotypes from just 57 coyote sequences and two additional dog sequences from putative coyote-dog hybrids. The mitochondrial DNA genetic diversity in the Cleveland area was high, π 0.02, and composed of six distinct haplotype lineages. In addition, Fst values ranged from 0.07 between collections east and west of the Cuyahoga...

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