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Arias Montano es el repositorio institucional de la Universidad de Huelva, que tiene como finalidad almacenar, preservar y difundir la producción científica, académica e institucional de la Universidad, así como la de aquellas instituciones con las que la Universidad de Huelva haya establecido convenios para tal fin.

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  1. Integración 

    Gallego Durán, María del Mar

  2. El racismo científico del siglo XVIII y las estrategias de auto-representación : la narrativa interesante de Olaudah Equiano

    Gallego Durán, María del Mar
    La narrativa interesante de Olaudah Equiano se presenta como un magnífico referente para las narraciones de esclavitud, porque responde a la controvertida imagen del africano como ser inferior promulgada por la incipiente “ciencia de las razas” del siglo XVIII, a la vez que desarrolla estrategias de auto-representación de gran importancia. Para analizar la narrativa, se centra la atención en tres aspectos fundamentales: en primer lugar, el ataque sistemático a la institución de la esclavitud desmintiendo los mitos o leyendas promovidos por la ideología racista basada en los principios del racismo científico; en segundo lugar, el uso del discurso religioso como uno de los discursos dominantes de...

  3. Escritoras afro-americanas contemporáneas : historia e identidad femeninas

    Gallego Durán, María del Mar
    The recent preeminence of the literary production of contemporary African American women writers due to their growing visibility has led to a questioning and redefinition of the established canon of American literature. However, after almost thirty years of history, a revaluation of the significance and impact of this production is needed. The fact that their work is at the top of woridwide bestsellers lists emphasizes the interest awakened in the reading market by the themes deah with by these women, practically ignored up to then. Such thematic content seems to be structured according to two main concerns: the first one,...

  4. Hacia la Convergencia Europea : estudios de género y ciudadanía en la Universidad de Huelva

    Gallego Durán, María del Mar

  5. Re-crafting the heroic, constructing a female hero: Margaret Cavendish and Aphra Behn

    Cuder Domínguez, Pilar
    The development of women’s writing in English throughout the seventeenth century is quite extraordinary. In the field of drama, women participated not only as spectators or readers, but more and more as patronesses, as playwrights, and later on as actresses and even as managers. Yet some dramatic forms proved more resilient than others to women’s coming to voice. Comedies were more flexible, as their conventions allowed for female characters – heroines – as mates and nearly equals to the young male hero. But tragedies required high-born, authoritative and powerful characters, and such defining traits seemed to be the prerogative of...

  6. Creencias, rendimiento académico y actitudes de alumnos universitarios principiantes en un programa plurilingüe

    Toledo, Isabelle; Rubio Alcalá, Fernando D.; Hermosín Mojeda, Manuel
    La implantación de programas plurilingües en la educación superior en España es novedosa y creciente. En este artículo se aborda la cuestión de cómo el alumno principiante percibe su experiencia, en cuanto al aprendizaje del idioma,rendimiento académico, desarrollo de destrezas, dificultad, dedicación, esfuerzo y motivación se refiere. Los resultados obtenidos mediante cuestionarios, entrevistas y autoinformes apuntan que tras ciertas incertidumbres el alumnado concibe positivamente la experiencia al percibir que su nivel del idioma mejora y no se perjudica su rendimiento académico. Además, sus actitudes y motivaciones no decrecen ante el incremento de esfuerzo y dificultad.

  7. Estudio sobre prácticas docentes en evaluación de la lengua inglesa en la ESO

    Rubio Alcalá, Fernando D.; Tamayo Rodríguez, Leticia
    Se critica la enseñanza del inglés en España y los resultados de aprendizaje. En este artículo se advierte que en parte se debe a la ausencia de evaluación oral en la ESO, y para ello se han analizado las prácticas docentes de evaluación. Se recogieron instrumentos de evaluación utilizados, en nuestro caso exámenes, y se analizaron sus contenidos. Los resultados obtenidos indican que las destrezas orales apenas se evalúan, que los elementos comunicativos son casi inexistentes y que no se siguen algunos criterios de evaluación marcados por la ley.

  8. Teachers’ concerns and uncertainties about the introduction of CLIL programmes

    Pavón Vázquez, Víctor; Rubio Alcalá, Fernando D.
    The implementation of content and language integrated learning (CLIL) means significant changes in the way in which teaching is planned, sequenced and carried out. The adoption of a new curriculum, which integrates linguistic and nonlinguistic material, as well as the linguistic and methodological needs that come with the introduction of this type of teaching, have generated feelings of concern and uncertainty. This paper reports those concerns and uncertainties in the Andalusian context, and strives for clarifying issues related to the theoretical assumptions, teaching implementation and creation of teaching units in CLIL.

  9. Humanistic education in Spanish context : its value in the secondary classroom

    Fonseca Mora, María del Carmen
    In this paper, we report the findings of a collaborative case study where an English teacher in the Spanish secondary school uses humanistic exercises to enhance motivation. Data collection procedures such as audio-recorded lessons, language tests and motivation questionnaires were used leading to both quantitative and qualitative analyses. The results indicate the usefulness of these humanistic activities as key elements in fostering the type of meaningful contextual interaction that promotes high motivation and selective attention. They also generated a sense of community and the emergence of collaborative relationships. Therefore, more oral contributions in the target language were observed as learners...

  10. Rewriting history : the slave's point of view in the life of Olaudah Equiano

    Gallego Durán, María del Mar

  11. What does it mean to be a man? : codes of black masculinity in Toni Morrison's paradise and love

    Gallego Durán, María del Mar
    Within the debate over the representation of contemporary Black masculinity, Morrison has played a pioneering role, especially in two of her novels –Paradise (1998) and Love (2003)– where her intervention in this debate has become deeply infl uential due to not only her incisive portrayal of the fi gure of the patriarch and the devastating effects of the institution of patriarchy on the African American family and community, but also because she has shaped “alternative masculinities,” or diverse embodiments of what it actually means to be a Black man nowadays. Morrison is bent on changing their representation by providing plural models of masculinity, which necessarily take into account...

  12. On which side? : James Weldon Johson's autobiography of an ex-colored man

    Gallego Durán, María del Mar

  13. Multiple intelligence theory and foreign language learning : a brain-based perspective

    Arnold Morgan, Jane; Fonseca Mora, María del Carmen
    Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences theory is presented as a cognitive perspective on intelligence which has profound implications for education in general. More specifically, it has led to the application of eight of these frames to language teaching and learning. In this chapter, we will argue in favour of the application of MIT to the EFL classroom, using as support some of the major insights for language teaching from brain science.

  14. The use of co-operative work and rubrics to develop competences

    Delgado Canto, Miguel Ángel; Fonseca Mora, María del Carmen
    Some of the most important engineering skills required nowadays, such as the ability to co-operate to find appropriate information, to solve problems through critical and creative thinking, to make decisions and to communicate effectively, are dealt with in this study carried out with chemical engineering students. The study investigates how certain competences needed by students may be developed through co-operative learning. Learners were given clear evaluation rubrics to know what was expected of them. Data were obtained from a survey form, assessment results and meetings with individual groups. The main results indicate that the teacher’s involvement in creating a challenging, integrated teaching unit and students’ effort...

  15. El pensamiento en la clase de inglés : fuente de poder o vulnerabilidad

    Rubio Alcalá, Fernando D.
    The students’ thoughts are a source of power when they are used correctly in the EFL classroom, but, on the contrary, they may be an obstacle to learning and cause emotional instability if the students do not use them well. According to general studies of psychology, thoughts can be classified as relevant and irrelevant. A relevant thought takes place when a person dedicates his thinking to a specific task. For instance, a student is doing a multiple-choice exercise about phrasal verbs, and makes hypothesis and deductions from his knowledge of phrasal verbs in order to do the exercise. Then, as those relevant thoughts take place, other thoughts that...

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