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Este es el repositorio institucional de tres universidades del Reino Unido (York, Leeds y Sheffield), creado con el apoyo de SHERPA. Proporciona acceso a los artículos de investigación de las instituciones.

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1. The Global Dynamics of Regenerative Medicine : A Social Science Critique - Webster, Andrew Joseph

2. From Rails to Roads : Rails and Roads between Competition and Interdependency - Roth, Ralf; Divall, Colin Michael

3. New Aesthetics in Computer Music 1995- - Myatt, Tony
This text describes the evolution and contextual basis for the emergence of new aesthetic approaches to computer music, which were developed outside academic or subsidised art institutions, in the commercial domain, from 1995, coinciding with the widespread use of portable computers in this field. It draws upon materials developed and researched in collaboration with professional practitioners during an AHRC research project about the emergence and operation of this field of work. Artists' methods, practice, philosophical and artistic contexts are described along with frameworks for analysis, critical assessment and understanding this radical and challenging area of sound art/music practice.

4. Oxford Handbook of Historical Archaeology - Symonds, James; Wilkie, Laurie

5. Queer Youth and Self Harm: Psychosocial Perspectives - McDermott, Elizabeth; Roen, K

6. Gender and Child Welfare - Hooper, Carol-Ann; Featherstone, B; Scourfield, J; Taylor, J

7. Kant on Emotions and Value - Cohen, Alix

8. Critical Guide to Kant’s Lectures on Anthropology - Cohen, Alix

9. Penance and Penitentials in Tenth- and Eleventh-Century England - Cubitt, Katy

10. Sin and Society in Tenth- and Eleventh-Century England - Cubitt, Katy

11. Stone axe studies Stone axe studies

12. The Political and Philosophical Economy of Risk : A Critical Intellectual History. - Kewell, Beth; Beck, Matthias

13. The Oxford Handbook of the History of Analytic Philosophy - Beaney, Michael Anthony

14. Real Allusions : Studies in Modern Poetry - Haughton, Hugh Barcroft

15. Public Health Ethics - Holland, Stephen Michael

16. Productive Tensions : Co-creative Practices in Music
This co-edited, peer-reviewed volume includes a chapter of my own ('“I could show you all I know”: Elements of co-creativity in a music theatre context.'), which relates to a practice-based research project at the Orpheus Research Centre in Music and draws on associated performances/presentations (see relational links). The volume includes an introduction that sets out key concepts and gives an overview of the field, and a postface that summarises the discussion, building from this a description of the field of research at present and setting out tasks which seem to follow. It emphasises the research context and questions of methodology...

17. The Legacy of Marxism: Contemporary Developments, Conflicts and Challenges - Johnson, Matthew Thomas

18. A Theory of Cultural Evaluation - Johnson, Matthew Thomas

19. Lifetime Neighbourhoods - Croucher, Karen Lesley; Bevan, Mark Alistair

20. National Evaluation of the Handypersons Programme - Croucher, K; Bevan, M; Lowson, K; Fountain, M

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