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  1. Tracking Evidence Use in the Policy Process Methodological Summary

    Lawton, R. N.
    This is the outline of a novel method for tracking evidence use in the policy process. The aim of this method is that it be practical for all institutions, both small and large, context relevant, easy to use, and efficient in time and labour resources. The method follows three simple stages: This method: provides statistical data on evidence source preferences; tracks use and defines characteristics of those evidence sources with highest preference score; focuses on the individual preferences of policy actors, aggregated across the policy system; provides classification criteria which can be adjusted to suit the context and concerns of each...

  2. Summary of findings of a survey on cross-disciplinary collaboration behaviour between UK National Ecosystem Assessment authors run in 2011

    Lawton, R. N.
    The UK National Ecosystem Assessment, the largest scale ecosystem valuation project undertaken at national scale, is the result of combined efforts by natural scientists, economists and other social scientists from policy, academic, private sector and non-governmental organization. It is an important case study in understanding the processes, characteristics and barriers at play in interdisciplinary research in the UK. To date, measurement of interdisciplinarity has been restricted to bibiometric analysis. In this dissertation I use web-based survey responses to measure ‘interdisciplinary’ project success through the behaviour of its authors. In addition, I analyse the importance of social capital characteristics arising from...

  3. Harnessing open street map data with R and QGIS

    Lovelace, R
    This tutorial shows how open source tools can be used to harness a huge and rapidly growing open source geodatabase: Open Street Map. It is targeted at people new to Open Street Map, but who already have an understanding of basic GIS concepts. Previous experience with the programs QGIS and R would be beneficial, but not essential, for completing the excercises. There are also a number of resources available on-line for more advanced functions, as described below.

  4. A Metaheuristic Framework for Bi-level Programming Problems with Multi-disciplinary Applications

    Koh, Andrew
    Bi-level programming problems arise in situations when the decision maker has to take into account the responses of the users to his decisions. Several problems arising in engineering and economics can be cast within the bi-level programming framework. The bi-level programming model is also known as a Stackleberg or leader-follower game in which the leader chooses his variables so as to optimise his objective function, taking into account the response of the follower(s) who separately optimise their own objectives, treating the leader’s decisions as exogenous. In this chapter, we present a unified framework fully consistent with the Stackleberg paradigm of...

  5. Methane production and hydrolysis kinetics in the anaerobic degradation of wastewater screenings

    Horan, NJ; Cadavid Rodriguez, LS
    Anaerobic biodegradability and hydrolysis rates of wastewater screenings were determined using the biochemical methane potential test at 37oC. The extent and rate of screenings conversion to methane of this complex and particulate substrate were investigated and since two phases of hydrolysis were identified, corresponding to the different types of materials in screenings, a linear and non-linear model was used. No accumulation of intermediary products was observed in the first phase of hydrolysis and so it was possible to use the methane production rate and a linear model to estimate the hydrolysis rate of this phase. The measured values of 0.061...

  6. The Global Dynamics of Regenerative Medicine : A Social Science Critique

    Webster, Andrew Joseph

  7. From Rails to Roads : Rails and Roads between Competition and Interdependency

    Roth, Ralf; Divall, Colin Michael

  8. New Aesthetics in Computer Music 1995-

    Myatt, Tony
    This text describes the evolution and contextual basis for the emergence of new aesthetic approaches to computer music, which were developed outside academic or subsidised art institutions, in the commercial domain, from 1995, coinciding with the widespread use of portable computers in this field. It draws upon materials developed and researched in collaboration with professional practitioners during an AHRC research project about the emergence and operation of this field of work. Artists' methods, practice, philosophical and artistic contexts are described along with frameworks for analysis, critical assessment and understanding this radical and challenging area of sound art/music practice.

  9. Oxford Handbook of Historical Archaeology

    Symonds, James; Wilkie, Laurie

  10. Queer Youth and Self Harm: Psychosocial Perspectives

    McDermott, Elizabeth; Roen, K

  11. Gender and Child Welfare

    Hooper, Carol-Ann; Featherstone, B; Scourfield, J; Taylor, J

  12. Kant on Emotions and Value

    Cohen, Alix

  13. Critical Guide to Kant’s Lectures on Anthropology

    Cohen, Alix

  14. Penance and Penitentials in Tenth- and Eleventh-Century England

    Cubitt, Katy

  15. Sin and Society in Tenth- and Eleventh-Century England

    Cubitt, Katy

  16. Stone axe studies Stone axe studies

  17. The Political and Philosophical Economy of Risk : A Critical Intellectual History.

    Kewell, Beth; Beck, Matthias

  18. The Oxford Handbook of the History of Analytic Philosophy

    Beaney, Michael Anthony

  19. Real Allusions : Studies in Modern Poetry

    Haughton, Hugh Barcroft

  20. Public Health Ethics

    Holland, Stephen Michael

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