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Volume 64, Issue 6 (November, 1964)

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  1. Back Matter

  2. Errata

  3. Index to Volume 64

  4. Resignation of Editor-in-Chief

  5. Note on the Extension of the Known Range of the Asiatic Clam Corbicula Fluminea (Muller) in the Ohio River

    Pojeta, John, Jr.
    Author Institution: University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati 21, Ohio

  6. Radiocarbon Date on Pleistocene Peccary Find in Sandusky County, Ohio

    Hoare, Richard D.
    Author Institution: Bowling Green State University

  7. Pleistocene Equus Sp. from Sandusky Co., Ohio

    Steller, Dorothy La Londe
    Author Institution: Department of Geology, Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, Ohio

  8. Opaline Microfossils in Some Michigan Soils

    Jones, Robert L.; McKenzie, L. J.; Beavers, A. H.
    Author Institution: Department of Agronomy, University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois

  9. The Effect of Low Stem Temperatures and Stem Incisions on the Translocation of Water

    Geiger, Donald R.
    Author Institution: Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, The Ohio State University, Columbus 10

  10. Salinity Tolerances of Two Maryland Crayfishes

    Kendall, Arthur; Schwartz, Frank J.
    Author Institution: Chesapeake Biological Laboratory, Solomons, Maryland

  11. Avian Predation on Pheasants Wearing Differently Colored Plastic Markers

    Kessler, Francis W.
    Author Institution: Department of Zoology and Entomology, The Ohio State University, Columbus 10

  12. Metagonimoides Oregonensis Price, 1931 Occurring in Ohio Raccoons (Trematoda: Heterophyidae)

    Williams, Russell R.; Myer, Donal G.
    Author Institution: Science Department, Waynesburg College, Waynesburg, Pa. ; Science Division, Southern Illinois University, Alton

  13. Soils and Their Parent Geologic Materials in Part of the Unglaciated Allegheny Plateau, Upper Ohio Valley, as Interpreted from a Pipeline Excavation

    Lessig, Heber D.
    Author Institution: U.S. Soil Conservation Service

  14. Front Matter

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