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Admiral Richard E. Byrd Audiovisual Archives

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  1. 1930 Lecture Reels, Byrd Antarctic Expedition I

    1930 Lecture Reels: Introduction (00:00:00-00:01:00) -- Richard E. Byrd Papers. Films. No. 8491 / Roll 19851-1-3 (00:01:01-00:09:25) -- Richard E. Byrd Papers. Films. No. 8480 / Roll 19851-46-1-5 (00:09:26-00:18:25) -- Richard E. Byrd Papers. Films. no. 8477 / Roll 19882-3-4 (00:18:26-00:28:13) -- Richard E. Byrd Papers. Films. No. 8496 / Roll 19882-5-6 (00:28:14-00:35:10) -- Richard E. Byrd Papers. Films. No. 8479 / Roll 19882-8-7 (00:35:11-00:41:28)
    (Duration: 00:41:28) - 19-ene-2012

  2. Interview of Richard E. Byrd by Martha Deane, October 26, 1953

    Byrd, Richard Evelyn, 1888-1957
    Martha Deane interviews Byrd, his opinion on socialism, power of government, communism and human relations. Additionally Byrd talks about his stay in Antarctica and how he almost died of carbon monoxide poisoning from the stove in his shack during his second expedition to Antarctica (1933-1935).
    (Audio duration: 00:14:56) - 13-ene-2012

  3. Luncheon given for Admiral Richard E. Byrd, May 29, 1935

    Byrd, Richard Evelyn, 1888-1957
    Thomas J. Watson of IBM discusses the importance of pioneer work and the personality traits required to follow through ideas. Watson thanks Byrd and speaks of the thrill when hearing Byrd broadcast over radio from Little America. Watson assures Byrd of future cooperation of IBM, the importance of Little America, and invites Byrd to speak. Byrd contrasts North and South Poles, discussing animal life and temperature, as well as living under the ice and snow, testing thickness of ice, and concludes speech with comments on how he has enjoyed the luncheon. The recording ends with Watson’s praise of Byrd.
    (Audio duration: 00:25:09) - 13-ene-2012

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