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Volume 65, Issue 2 (March, 1965)

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  1. Back Matter

  2. Water-Modified Till of the Lake Plain of North-Western Ohio

    Forsyth, Jane L.
    Author Institution: Ohio Division of Geological Survey, 1207 Grandview Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43212

  3. A Radiocarbon Date from the Hartwell Moraine, Warren County, Ohio

    Garner, Dale; Forsyth, Jane L.
    Author Institution: Division of Lands and Soil, Lebanon, Ohio ; Division of Geological Survey, Columbus, Ohio 43212

  4. The Lower Dolomite Member of the Ordovician Chazy Limestone and the St. Peter Sandstone of North-Central Kentucky and Southwestern Ohio

    Carpenter, Gene C.
    Author Institution: G. C. Carpenter & Associates, Box 41221, Cincinnati 41, Ohio

  5. Lavoisier's Fundamental Contribution to Stratigraphy

    Carozzi, Albert V.
    Author Institution: Department of Geology, University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois

  6. Sex Attraction in the House Fly, Musca Domestica L.

    Murvosh, Chad M.; LaBrecque, G. C.; Smith, Carroll N.
    Author Institution: Entomology Research Division, Agric. Res. Serv., U.S.D.A., Gainesville, Fla.

  7. Observations on Archips Cerasivoranus (Fitch) (Tortricidae: Lepidoptera) and Certain Parasites (Diptera: Hymenoptera)

    Balduf, W. V.
    Author Institution: University of Illinois, Urbana, Illinois

  8. Book Notices

  9. Some Internal and External Parasites of the Redwinged Blackbird, Agelaius Phoeniceus Phoeniceus L., from Central Ohio, Including Descriptions of Three New Feather Mites

    Spory, Gerhard R.
    Author Institution: Department of Zoology and Entomology, The Ohio State University, Columbus 10

  10. Front Matter

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