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Volume 68, Issue 3 (May, 1968)

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  2. Book Notices

  3. Some Observations on the Fine Structure of Three Genera in the Tetrasporaceae

    Wujek, Daniel E.
    Author Institution: Department of Biology, Wisconsin State University, La Crosse, Wisconsin 54601

  4. Aquatic Flowering Plants New to the Erie Islands

    Stuckey, Ronald L.
    Author Institution: Assistant Professor of Botany and Curator of the Herbarium, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 43210 and The Frans Theodore Stone Laboratory, Put-in-Bay, Ohio 43456

  5. Record Low Dissolved Oxygen in the Island Area of Lake Erie 1, 2

    Britt, N. Wilson; Skoch, Edwin J.; Smith, Kenneth R.
    Author Institution: Faculty of Entomology and College of Biology, The Ohio State University

  6. Studies of the Mexican Deltocephalinae -1, 2 Aligia and Some New Allied Genera and Species (Homoptera: Cicadellidae)

    Kramer, James P.; DeLong, Dwight M.
    Author Institution: Entomology Research Division, Agr. Res. Serv., U. S. Department of Agriculture, Washington, D. C., Professor Emeritus, Department of Zoology and Entomology, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

  7. The History and Flora of Enderlin Forest, A Mixed Coniferous Plantation in Southeastern Ohio

    Butala, James R.; Wistendahl, Warren A.
    Author Institution: Department of Botany, Ohio University, Athens, Ohio

  8. Ascocorticium in Ohio

    Cooke, William Bridge
    Author Institution: Cincinnati Water Research Laboratory, Cincinnati, Ohio

  9. Primary Productivity-Phytoplankton Relationships, Hodgson Lake, Portage County, Ohio

    Olive, John H.; Morrison, John H.; Riley, Charles V.
    Author Institution: Department of Biological Sciences, Kent State University, Kent, Ohio

  10. Studies of the Mexican Deltocephalinae : New Species of Eutettix and Two Allied New Genera (Homoptera: Cicadellidae)

    DeLong, Dwight M.; Harlan, Harold J.
    Author Institution: Department of Zoology, The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 43210

  11. Unusual Songs in Passerine Birds

    Borror, Donald J.
    Author Institution: Faculty of Population and Environmental Biology, The Ohio State University, 1735 Neil Ave., Columbus, Ohio 43210

  12. Front Matter

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