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Volume 69, Issue 3 (May, 1969)

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  1. Back Matter

    (1230795 bytes; application/pdf) - 29-oct-2006

  2. Book Reviews

    (221292 bytes; application/pdf) - 29-oct-2006

  3. Alkaline Phosphatase in the Digestive System of the Desert Locust, Schistocerca Gregaria (Forskal)

    Ashrafi, Shahid H.; Naqvi, S. N. H.; Qadri, M. A. H.
    Alkaline phosphatase activity was determined in the digestive system of the desert locust, Schistocerca gregaria (Forskal), using ^-nitrophenylphosphate disodium as the substrate. The enzyme has an optimum pH of 7.4 and a linear relationship between its concentration and activity. The Michaelis constant was found to be 1.4 x 10~4M. The enzyme showed a zero order of kinetics, with an incubation period of up to 25 minutes at an optimum temperature of 40°C. The temperature coefficient (Qio) was 1.960 between 5-15°C and 10-20°C, 1.900 between 20-30°C and 25-35°C, and 1.850 between 30 and 40°C. Salt solutions of MnCl2, MgCl2, CuCl2, and...
    (562522 bytes; application/pdf) - 29-oct-2006

  4. Studies of the World Gyponinae (Homoptera: Cicadellidae) : A Synopsis of the Genus Clinonaria

    DeLong, Dwight M.; Freytag, Paul H.
    Author Institution: The Ohio State University ; The University of Kentucky
    (4070446 bytes; application/pdf) - 29-oct-2006

  5. Front Matter

    (960818 bytes; application/pdf) - 29-oct-2006

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